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  1. Pidgin 2.4.0 released
  2. Curved iMac concept bends beyond the realm of plausibility
  3. Wikileaks back on the Web after judge ends injunction (InfoWorld)
  4. MySQL Acquisition Hints of Sun's Priorities (PC World)
  5. Researchers Discover Gene That Blocks HIV
  6. Study: Robot and Dog Comfort Elderly Equally Well
  7. Demiforce Releases "Trism", New Game for iPhone, iPod Touch
  8. 10 trends that will define logo design in 2008
  9. Japan looks to a robot future (AP)
  10. Tellme Founder: Sale to Microsoft Has Worked Out Well
  11. Drudge relishes role as bad boy of US media (AFP)
  12. Swiss bank Baer denies Web site tax scheme claims (Reuters)
  13. WikiLeaks Win as Judge Rescinds U.S. Shutdown Order
  14. Amazon releases MP3 downloader for Linux
  15. Covad Deal Revives Stalled Silicon Valley Wi-Fi Plan (PC World)
  16. Japan Seeking to Govern Top News Web Sites
  17. Trend Micro Buys Encryption Firm (PC World)
  18. Key Step In Programmed Cell Death Discovered
  19. Bush: Stop illegal online drug sales (AP)
  20. Mayor of Florence Sues Wikipedia
  21. D&D 4th Edition Details Released
  22. Bush hosts Danish PM at ranch (AP)
  23. Mayor of Florence Sues Wikipedia
  24. 185 Pages of Microsoft's Dirty Laundry
  25. D&D 4th Edition Details Released
  26. Video preview shows Kingston DDR3 overclocked to 2133 MHz
  27. Tellme's tale as Microsoft subsidiary (AP)
  28. More Americans turning to Web for news (Reuters)
  29. Janus Particles as Body Submarines?
  30. Pirates of the Caribbean Online gets new content (Macworld.com)
  31. Finding a worm in the Apple? Secret APIs in Mac OS X
  32. IBM Optical Chip Zips Huge Files Using Little Power
  33. Final goodbye for Netscape Navigator
  34. EBay Sees Growing Risks In Coming Year (TechWeb)
  35. Time Capsule Tested (Verdict: Smooth Sailing)
  36. Customer Loses Xbox 360 Artwork During Repair
  37. How NOT to secure your website
  38. These 20 HDR Pictures Will Blow Your Mind
  39. Wikileaks Gets Domain Back, Injunction Dissolved
  40. Microsoft Slashes Windows Vista Prices
  41. How To: Make Your Own Flavored Vodka
  42. An Open Letter For Open Drivers To NVIDIA
  43. Supercomputer Adds Credence to Standard Model
  44. First Look: New Dungeons & Dragons Stats Leak to Web
  45. Giugiaro Build's the World's Ugliest Prius, But Boy Is It Quick
  46. Judge allows Wikileaks site to re-open (AP)
  47. Paramount to end HD DVD releases (AP)
  48. Curl linking rich Internet applications, SOA (InfoWorld)
  49. Trends & Innovations - Friday (Investor's Business Daily)
  50. Big Tech Companies Eyeing Acquisitions As Valuations Drop (Investor's Business D
  51. Civil Rights Groups: FCC Should Allow Network Management (PC World)
  52. Leap Year Code Glitch Shutters South Carolina DMV
  53. Prolific Spammer's Conviction Upheld in Virginia
  54. Ask.com not planning to scrap search: source (Reuters)
  55. Judge reverses ruling in Julius Baer leak case (Reuters)
  56. Accessories Start Plugging Into Asus' Eee PC (PC World)
  57. Family Guy Spins off Cleveland
  58. Cashing In on Naive BitTorrent Users
  59. Autonomous Drifter
  60. Airborne Bacteria Make It Rain, Researchers Find
  61. Judge Allows WikiLeaks to Resume U.S. Operations
  62. Facebook Launches Band Pages
  63. Task Force Will Seek Tools to Protect Children Online (NewsFactor)
  64. California Snags Another Half Billion for Stem Cell Labs
  65. Want to Win Google's Love? Pony Up the Cash
  66. Civil rights groups: FCC should allow network management (InfoWorld)
  67. New Radar Maps of Moon
  68. Steve Ballmer on MS Server, Linux, Yahoo & More
  69. Teenage Hacker Is Blind, and in the Crosshairs of the FBI
  70. Tellme's tale as Microsoft subsidiary (AP)
  71. Nokia Retains Lead as Mobile-Phone Sales Soar (NewsFactor)
  72. Facebook Moderator Gets Subpoena in Wikileaks Case
  73. Redwood trees vs solar panels
  74. Air Force 'Big Brother' Blocks Blogs, Content Sites (NewsFactor)
  75. A Good Style Guide Under the Creative Commons?
  76. TED 2008: Scientist Gives Riveting Account of Her Own Stroke
  77. Worth the Wait: Chumby Lands at a Desk Near You
  78. Teen Phone Phreak Targeted by the FBI
  79. Microsoft Wants Sync to Control More Than Gadgets
  80. Rock Star-Turned-Physicist Trades Keyboard for Atom Smasher
  81. Prolific spammer's conviction upheld (AP)
  82. Google housecleaning explains ad drop: comScore (Reuters)
  83. Microsoft Will Slash Retail Prices for Vista With SP1 (NewsFactor)
  84. LinkedIn down an hour after big upgrade (AP)
  85. Ask the Air Force Cyber Command General About War in Cyberspace
  86. How Open Source Has Influenced Windows Server 2008
  87. Feds Seize $78M of Bogus Chinese Cisco Gear
  88. Baidu.com Sued Again, This Time by One of Its Own
  89. Microsoft, After Some Wrangling, Cuts Price of Vista
  90. MIT creates picture of NY communications (AP)
  91. FinderPop 2.1 goes Leopard (Macworld.com)
  92. Apple Ready to Open iPhone to Third-Party Apps (NewsFactor)
  93. Sony Says Eee PC Signals "Race To the Bottom"
  94. The Ray Gun In Action
  95. Technical Problems, Cost Overruns Plague Mars Project
  96. More Americans turning to Web for news (Reuters)
  97. Counterfeit Cisco gear seized by U.S., Canadian agencies (InfoWorld)
  98. More Spacecraft Velocity Anomalies
  99. CEO says Victoria's Secret is too sexy (AP)
  100. EBay Settles Patent Dispute With MercExchange (PC World)
  101. New portable games break traditional molds (Reuters)
  102. Microsoft Cuts Vista Price In 70 Countries
  103. Lava burns abandoned homes in Hawaii
  104. Study: Snowflakes may contain bacteria
  105. Small Bluetooth headset packed with features
  106. Nazi gold hunt ends amid disagreement
  107. Wacom gives digital artists experience
  108. Mozilla Plans Mobile Firefox by Year End (PC World)
  109. Blu-ray In Laptops Could Be Hard On Batteries
  110. Robin Williams Saves the Day at TED when Tech Fails
  111. New York Times January ad revenue down 9.8 percent (Reuters)
  112. US Virtual Border Fence Doesn't Work
  113. Time To Abolish Software Patents?
  114. Apple, Buy Back This Stock
  115. I'm the Idiot Who Bought an HD-DVD Player
  116. Ending software patents: Has the time come?
  117. 'Google Bomb' an Enemy
  118. Mozilla in talks with carriers about mobile Firefox (InfoWorld)
  119. Baidu.com to launch an instant messaging service (Reuters)
  120. Sprint offers unlimited voice, Web surfing, texting for $99.99 (USATODAY.com)
  121. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  122. University of San Francisco Law Clinic Joins Fight Against RIAA
  123. BudCase fits more earbuds (Macworld.com)
  124. Google and EFF trade lawyerly blows: Day 2
  125. What Does the Internet Look Like? [map]
  126. China's top search engine in new music piracy suit: report (AFP)
  127. Vivendi 2007 adjusted net rises above forecast (Reuters)
  128. DARPA Funds Development on Modular Satellite Network
  129. Use of Google for Data Mining Triggers Fears
  130. Microsoft cuts price for boxed Vista (AP)
  131. Microsoft cuts Vista prices to urge upgrades (Reuters)
  132. Microsoft's Ballmer On Windows Server, Yahoo, Linux (TechWeb)
  133. IBM Envisions Clustered Modular Storage (TechWeb)
  134. Baidu sued over music copyrights (AP)
  135. Microsoft cuts price for boxed Vista (AP)
  136. Researchers Transmit Optical Data at 16.4 Tbps Over 1,500mi.
  137. How to Get More From Your iPod: 10 Hacks, Mods, and Tips
  138. New Wave of Fusion and Robot Innovation at MIT
  139. Teenage Hacker Is Blind, Brash and in the Crosshairs of the FBI
  140. Regina Lynn's Sex Drive: Internet Pushes Polyamory to Its 'Tipping Point'
  141. Feb. 29, 45 B.C.: Julius Caesar Takes the Leap
  142. TED 2008: Humans Are Just Machines for Propagating Memes, Susan Blackmore Says
  143. Alt Text Video: Link's Weapons in Zelda
  144. Algebra, Geometry, Functions: At 38, Taking the SAT Is Tough
  145. NASA's Lunar Low-Rider
  146. Mac OS X Secretly Cripples Non-Apple Software
  147. 7 Fun Sites You Can Only Find On The Gopher Internet
  148. Inbuilt Solar Panel Powered Notebook Concept [Pics]
  149. Telecoms firms treated better in Belarus than Brussels: mobile operator (AFP)
  150. 1.1.4 iphone iNdependence for all, for free and unlocked
  151. The Cold War-Era Assault on Comic Book Culture, Revisited
  152. How to 'Google Bomb' an Enemy
  153. Will New Blu-ray Drives Suck Your Laptop Battery Dry?
  154. 'Chicago 10' Animates 'Woodstock of Politics'
  155. Take-Two reports other buyout offers (AP)
  156. Creditor Objects To SCO's Plans
  157. Adobe CEO Chizen earned $8.3M in 2007 (AP)
  158. Viacom profit rises on MTV and "Transformers" (Reuters)
  159. What if the iPhone Stopwatch Hit 1,000 Hours??!!?
  160. Heated Snoozing Suit Boosts Deep Sleep
  161. Dell 4Q profit declines on slower growth (AP)
  162. Oracle unit lobbied on patents, visas (AP)
  163. Proposed Bill in Tennessee Penalizes Schools for Allowing Piracy
  164. Cast of Steppenwolf's 'Dead Man's Cell Phone' Announced; Noonan Answers a Call (P
  165. NASA uses Fedora - a lot!
  166. Stop! Why It Still Isn't Safe to Buy Blu-ray
  167. E-Mail, 'Net Abuse Is Likely to Get You Fired (PC World)
  168. RIAA Not Sharing Settlement Money With Artists
  169. The Environmental Defense Fund's Fred Krupp on the Best Capitalist Climate Solutions
  170. Forget Dark Matter: This Astrophysicist Found the Fastest Way to Board a Plane
  171. Over 50 percent of companies fire workers for e-mail, Net abuse (InfoWorld)
  172. No more breaking up (FT.com)
  173. EU Views Net Censorship As a "Trade Barrier"
  174. MacBook Pro teardown reveals... not much
  175. Top 10 Online Video Conversion Services
  176. Patent reform coalition aims to abolish software patents
  177. Dell 4Q profit declines (AP)
  178. Liberty Media mulls new asset swaps after DirecTV (Reuters)
  179. Microsoft Server Offerings Ready to Bolster Data Center (NewsFactor)
  180. Ubuntu Brainstorm Launched
  181. Sprint bests rivals with $99 unlimited 'everything' plan (InfoWorld)
  182. Researchers Expose New Credit Card Fraud Risk
  183. M$ lowered Vista reqs to help Intel sell incompatible chips
  184. RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue
  185. Ubuntu Brainstorm Launched!
  186. Swedish Record Labels See Filesharing as Virtue
  187. Robin Williams' Impromptu Riff Fills Dead Air at TED Conference
  188. Paint LED Art With Philips' Giant Light Canvas
  189. Ubuntu Brainstorm Takes the Pulse of the Linux Community
  190. MIT creates picture of NY communications (AP)
  191. Military Steps Up War On Blogs
  192. Google Sites, a New App for Building Your Own One-Click Wiki
  193. EBay ends patent suit with MercExchange (AP)
  194. Swiss bank Baer defends Web site shutdown (Reuters)
  195. Minnetonka AudioTools AWE supports Leopard (Macworld.com)
  196. US wireless telecom Sprint Nextel rings up huge losses (AFP)
  197. Virtual Environments Need Protection From Attackers (NewsFactor)
  198. Critical VMware Vulnerability, Exploit Released
  199. Coming Soon From VW: A 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid
  200. EBay and MercExchange settle long legal fight (Reuters)
  201. Sprint's Unlimited Plan Ups the Ante With 'Everything' (NewsFactor)
  202. Bank Julius Baer Issues Statement On WikiLeaks
  203. Ethanol Industry, Bigger Than Ever, Says Its Critics Are Wrong
  204. Ex-Dishwasher Brings 'Dishwasher' to Xbox Live Arcade
  205. How to Get Ahead on LinkedIn
  206. Students slow to embrace text alerts (AP)
  207. Sprint Nextel posts larger $29.5B loss (AP)
  208. Sprint Nextel Bleeds $29.5 billion, Cuts Dividend (PC World)
  209. Microsoft Internal Emails Show Dismay With Vista
  210. Google introduces new tools for Web sites
  211. Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail
  212. Online Health Service Won't Take Ads, Google Promises
  213. Swiss bank defends Wikileaks shutdown (AP)
  214. Adobe To Port AIR To Linux
  215. Where's Our Terabit Ethernet?
  216. Hackers Use SaaS to Auction FTP Passwords, Inject Code (NewsFactor)
  217. Sun CEO Defends Purchase of Open-Source MySQL (NewsFactor)
  218. NetSuite rolls out 'NS-BOS' package of tools (InfoWorld)
  219. Where's our Terabit Ethernet?
  220. 9 Signs You Shouldn't Hire THAT Web Designer
  221. Internets to judge: you suck at the Constitution.
  222. How not to be an asshole or encourage assholism on the net.
  223. Yahoo Investors Suing Embattled Company Over Microsoft Bid
  224. Harvard Net Scholars Spearhead Safety Task Force
  225. Now Google Wants to be Your (Website) Creator, Too
  226. Newest Terrorist Threat: Unmanned, Robotic Drones
  227. Google releases health service details (AP)
  228. Sprint Nextel bleeds $29.5 billion, cuts dividend (InfoWorld)
  229. NASA to Demonstrate Moon Rover
  230. The U.S. Patent Backlog
  231. Wooing women gamers -- and game creators
  232. Bill Gates sets up his own LinkedIn profile
  233. No freedom for 'dean of Saudi bloggers'
  234. Harvard scholars to explore Net safety (AP)
  235. Google tests online system to store health records (Reuters)
  236. Storage vendors line up behind Windows Server 2008 (InfoWorld)
  237. IBM Measures Force Required To Move Atoms
  238. Heavy legal guns ask judge to reverse Wikileaks shutdown
  239. PayPal: Steer Clear of Apple's Safari (PC World)
  240. Apple shares rise on optimism over iPhone demand (Reuters)
  241. Sun Chairman: Telcos Falling Behind in Internet Race (PC World)
  242. Experts warn of robotic terrorism (AP)
  243. McNealy Says Telcos Falling Behind in Net Race
  244. MySpace, Tudou to join CCTV in streaming Olympics (InfoWorld)
  245. Researchers Transmit Optical Data at 16.4 Tbps 2550km
  246. McNealy: Telcos falling behind in Internet race (InfoWorld)
  247. Rhythmic 'Patapon' a must for PSP owners (USATODAY.com)
  248. Corrected: Sprint posts loss, sees customer losses deepening (Reuters)
  249. Wave Powered Boat to Sail From Hawaii to Japan
  250. PayPal warns: Steer clear of Apple's Safari browser (InfoWorld)