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  1. Pakistan lifts curbs on YouTube (AP)
  2. Map of Social Popularity Around the World
  3. YouTube outage underscores big Internet problem (InfoWorld)
  4. P2P Scammers' Lawyers Attack Open Source Team
  5. Plants use Twitter to tell you to water them
  6. 'Quarterlife' takes 'unlikely voyage' from Web to TV (USATODAY.com)
  7. Lenovo unveils ultrathin ThinkPad X300 laptop (InfoWorld)
  8. Yahoo users to create Buzz with favorite content (Reuters)
  9. VMware signs deal to embed software in HP servers (Reuters)
  10. Building a Green PC
  11. Producer, game firm in rights battle over zombies (Reuters)
  12. TalkShoe community chat service goes to iPhone (Macworld.com)
  13. Siemens to cut 6,800 jobs at SEN telecoms unit (Reuters)
  14. Google, SingTel and others to build submarine cable (Reuters)
  15. Google Buys a Piece of a Cable To Japan
  16. Introducing Ubuntu Mobile - full Internet, no compromise
  17. Pakistan may have caused YouTube outage: official (Reuters)
  18. FCC Hearing: Comcast Uses Hacker Techniques
  19. Light Clock
  20. IBM brings back-to-the-future mainframe to present (Reuters)
  21. High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace
  22. The Economics of Free
  23. Pakistan's YouTube ban briefly affected worldwide access (AFP)
  24. Qwest To Refresh Its Wireless Partnerships (TechWeb)
  25. Sun Reportedly Leaked Info On Intel's Dunnington, Nehalem (TechWeb)
  26. Is a free global WiFi network possible?
  27. Six firms to build undersea cable: SingTel (AFP)
  28. TI expands application chips beyond phones (Reuters)
  29. IBM rolls out new mainframe (AP)
  30. What Will Come of the FCC Comcast Hearing
  31. Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP
  32. Lawyers For Imposter P2P Software Threaten OpenSource Team
  33. Group with Google building Pacific cable (AP)
  34. New Windows Server Will Lead March to 64-Bit OS (PC World)
  35. Linux runs natively on the Wii
  36. Digg Town Hall webcast live soon!
  37. TED Conference to Tackle Origins of Evil, Theories of Everything
  38. Help Define the New 'Free' Economy
  39. Feb. 26, 1935: Radar, the Invention That Saved Britain
  40. Lenovo Unveils Ultrathin ThinkPad X300 Laptop (PC World)
  41. Google Announces Summer of Code 2008
  42. Videos and Photos From the Cougar Ace
  43. Best Cure for Hiccups: Remind Your Brain That You're Not a Fish
  44. Sony tying up with Sharp in TV displays (AP)
  45. FCC Hearing Weighs Net Neutrality (PC World)
  46. Take-Two: EA bid wrong price, wrong time (AP)
  47. ABC to offer shows via video-on-demand (AP)
  48. Open Source, Big Deal: MySQL's $1 Bil Payday (Investor's Business Daily)
  49. EA Tries Sporting, And M-Rated, Play (Investor's Business Daily)
  50. Getting The Public To Listen To Good Science
  51. Widgets and gadgets and bears, oh my!
  52. Pakistan causes worldwide YouTube outage (AP)
  53. GDC Video Wrapup: Guitars, Indie Games, Interviews
  54. And, the Greenest Car in America is ...
  55. Nvidia Opens Door to Mac Developers
  56. MySpace Sued Over 2006 Teen Suicide
  57. Lessig Won't Run For Congress After All
  58. Blackboard Wins Patent Suit Against Desire2Learn
  59. How to Stop a 500-Foot Monster (Think Missiles, Not Bombs)
  60. Virgin Atlantic Biofuel Flight: Breakthrough or Greenwash?
  61. Covad deal revives Silicon Valley wireless plan (InfoWorld)
  62. Trend Micro buys U.K. encryption firm (InfoWorld)
  63. Sneak Peek at Windows Server 2008
  64. Practical PHP Web 2.0 Applications
  65. 10 Weirdest iPod Accessories
  66. Pakistan Blocking Sends YouTube Into 'Black Hole' (NewsFactor)
  67. Microsoft stops HD DVD drives for Xbox 360 (AFP)
  68. Dick Tracy Would Like Nokia's Morph Cell Phone (NewsFactor)
  69. MetaRAM Finds a Way to Quadruple Memory (NewsFactor)
  70. Judge Rejects RIAA 'Making Available' Theory
  71. Fabchannel Scores Major-Label Concert Streaming Deal
  72. FCC ready to curb ISP traffic management (AP)
  73. Wii Homebrew Takes Several Leaps Forward
  74. Lessig Decides Not to Run For Congress
  75. iPhone, Wii guests on stage at this year's Oscars
  76. Weird, Wonderful Toys Amuse the Masses at WonderCon
  77. Blackboard wins round in e-learning case (AP)
  78. Good Looks Ahead: What's Next for HDTV? (PC World)
  79. RightNow launches February 2008 release (InfoWorld)
  80. Lessig Decides Not to Run For Congress
  81. Pakistan causes worldwide YouTube outage (AP)
  82. Adobe CTO: AIR for Linux due later this year (InfoWorld)
  83. Crackpot technologies that could shake up IT
  84. Steal Encrypted Data with Liquid Nitrogen
  85. 7 Jobs That Nokia's Morph Phone Will Be Good For
  86. $400 Cloudbook Laptop Aims to Take On the Eee PC
  87. Take-Two Stock Skyrockets After EA Buyout Offer
  88. Adobe's AIR and Flex Merge Desktop and Web (NewsFactor)
  89. Judge Make Lawyers Pay For Frivolous Patent Suit
  90. Practical PHP Web 2.0 Applications
  91. SEO Shenanigans Pose Clear & Present Danger to Social Media
  92. MetaRAM quadruples DDR2 DIMM capacities, launches 8GB DIMMs
  93. Microsoft Quietly Launches Internet Explorer 8 as Private Beta
  94. Adobe Releases AIR 1.0, Brings Desktop and Web Closer Together
  95. Qwest works on new wireless partnership (Reuters)
  96. Games Without Frontiers: Going Gunning With My Imaginary Friends
  97. Poker group's lobbying raises online law (AP)
  98. AOL Xdrive comes to Mac (Macworld.com)
  99. EA offers $2 billion for Grand Theft Auto publisher (Macworld.com)
  100. Details of New Intel Dunnington and Nehalem Architectures Leaked
  101. Military: Satellite's downing worked
  102. Internet ad revenue exceeds $21B in 2007 (AP)
  103. Qwest to deepen video, Web, wireless partnerships (Reuters)
  104. KDDI founder launches new service (FT.com)
  105. Siemens to cut 7,000 jobs at unit (AP)
  106. Microsoft Says Not All Ad Clicks Are Created Equal
  107. Mission Accomplished Many Times Over, Satellite Is Dying
  108. EA Publicizes Rejection of $2B Offer for Take-Two (NewsFactor)
  109. Researchers Develop Self-Cleaning Clothes
  110. Internet Pranks in Schools
  111. Stage 6 will shut down on Feb 28th 2008
  112. Drastically Speed up your Linux System with Preload
  113. The Camera May Not Lie, but the Software Does
  114. No Game: Electronic Arts Pushing Takeover of Take-Two
  115. Microsoft Unveils Tool to Measure Ads' Effectiveness (PC World)
  116. Do Gamers Enjoy Dying in First-Person-Shooters?
  117. Pentagon: Satellite shootdown worked
  118. Fake photos challenge porn prosecutors
  119. 10 (More) Pieces of Clever Transforming Furniture (+PICS)
  120. Cameras that detect blood will catch lone drivers
  121. Goolag Scanner Checks Web Sites for Vulnerabilities (NewsFactor)
  122. Blu-ray Disc faces fight against downloads (InfoWorld)
  123. SAP Updates ERP Program (PC World)
  124. Kimchi in Space
  125. EBay moves Shopping.com CEO to head Skype (Reuters)
  126. Microsoft to stop making HD DVD players for Xbox (Reuters)
  127. Microsoft, SAP Team on Health Care Tech (PC World)
  128. Microsoft Dumps HD DVD Drive for Xbox 360 (PC World)
  129. internet Pranks in Schools
  130. Website boss detained over Khomeini grandson attack (Reuters)
  131. Fujitsu latest to show 500GB laptop drive (InfoWorld)
  132. Researchers dream up mobile chameleon device (InfoWorld)
  133. Startup bridges memory capacity gap (InfoWorld)
  134. Plants Use Twitter to Tell You to Water Them
  135. Pakistan blocks YouTube
  136. Morocco jails royal Facebook imposter
  137. Super-speed Internet satellite blasts off
  138. 'Doomsday' seed vault to open in Norway
  139. Fujitsu Shows 500GB Laptop Drive (PC World)
  140. Internal Microsoft email prepares workers for Yahoo takeover
  141. Electronic Arts offers $2B for Take-Two (AP)
  142. Photo tech complicates child-porn cases (AP)
  143. Microsoft to test new measure of Web ads (Reuters)
  144. Pakistan YouTube Block Breaks the World
  145. Blu-ray's Victory Could be Short-Lived, Analysts Warn (PC World)
  146. The Blurring Line Between PC and Web
  147. Online auction listings down 13% in boycott of eBay (USATODAY.com)
  148. Microsoft kills off HD DVD drive for Xbox 360 (InfoWorld)
  149. SAP ships 'enhancements' for ERP (InfoWorld)
  150. MacBook Pro Updates... This Tuesday?
  151. Quadruple layer bike improves your balance
  152. Stocks head for higher opening (AP)
  153. Sony head of game software development to resign (Reuters)
  154. Picking the right time to deploy Vista (InfoWorld)
  155. Secrets of Windows Server 2008 (InfoWorld)
  156. 14 Best Ways to Use Your Computerís Spare Time
  157. Apple, Starbucks Sued Over Music Gift Cards
  158. 'Count of Monte Cristo' puzzle game released (Macworld.com)
  159. Researchers Envision Mobile Device That Morphs (PC World)
  160. 2-Step DVD-to-PC or iPod Video Conversion using Free Tools
  161. Is AMD Dead Yet?
  162. Japan's eAccess plans new move in cell phone war (Reuters)
  163. An Epidemic of Snooping
  164. Get "Free" for Free
  165. Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business
  166. Feb. 25, 1723: He Built His City With Rock and Rule
  167. Wired.com Photo Contest: Red
  168. Top 10 Wired Holga Photos, Decided by You
  169. Editor's Picks for Best Wired.com Holga Photos
  170. AT&T, Tenn. create medical info exchange (AP)
  171. Adobe AIR puts companies on desktops (AP)
  172. Adobe melds desktop, Web apps with AIR (InfoWorld)
  173. New Server Chips Quadruple Memory Capacity (PC World)
  174. Geek Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Corporation
  175. YouTube hijacked by Pakistan, caused global outage!
  176. Microsoft Should Acquire SAP, Not Yahoo
  177. Wubi arrives: a look at Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5
  178. Electronic Arts offers $1.9 billion for Take-Two (Reuters)
  179. IBM Wants To Patent Restaurant Waits
  180. KDE 4.1: Visual Changelog (rev 777000)
  181. Pioneer to stop making 42-inch plasma panels: report (Reuters)
  182. Anti-Virus Company Says PeerGuardian is Malware
  183. Matching Up Current Tech News With Oscar-Nominated Films
  184. Pakistan Bans Access to YouTube
  185. Electronic Arts Offers $2B For Take Two
  186. Donahue Tackles Iraq in Body of War
  187. Microsoft Calls It Quits With HD DVD
  188. Telecom Industry Growth Forecast Steady, If Slow (PC World)
  189. Microsoft To Drop HD DVD
  190. Invisible Secret Service Headset for Extreme Communications
  191. Ryanair reopens online booking site after upgrade (Reuters)
  192. Linux At the Point of Sale
  193. Wireless Broadband Test Continues (PC World)
  194. Electronic Arts offers $2B for Take-Two (AP)
  195. Researchers look to spot photo hoaxes (AP)
  196. Library of Congress's $3M Deal With Microsoft
  197. Nokia poised for shake-up in Chinese sector (FT.com)
  198. Electronic Arts offers $2 bln cash for Take-Two (Reuters)
  199. Multitouch Gesture Patents Could Prevent Standardization
  200. Microsoft pulls plug on HD DVD players (AP)
  201. Sarkozy "get lost" video becomes Internet hit (Reuters)
  202. Pakistan Blocks YouTube
  203. The First-Ever iBand Rocks Out!
  204. Banks, Wall St. Feel Pinch from Computer Intrusion
  205. Japanese Store Lets Customers Trade HDDVD players for BluRay
  206. Privacy Fears Send DNA Tests Underground
  207. HP Earns Top Support Rating (PC World)
  208. Bank cashes in on love of mobiles (FT.com)
  209. Very Large Array Gets Expanded Capability
  210. Nokia: Delaware case unlikely to solve Qualcomm row (Reuters)
  211. Open Source Coders Keep Open Mind About Microsoft (PC World)
  212. Pakistan orders Youtube blocked over cartoons (Reuters)
  213. White House Says Phone Wiretaps Will Resume For Now
  214. Pakistan blocks YouTube video access (AP)
  215. Internet Exposure Damages Actor's Career in China (PC World)
  216. Military Grounds Stealth Bomber Fleet
  217. Are Wikileaks Servers In a Nuclear Bunker?
  218. Half-Petaflop Supercomputer Deployed In Austin
  219. Toshiba Paid Off To Drop HD-DVD?
  220. Looting or rebellion? Log on and decide (AP)
  221. Samsung Electronic says a laptop battery melts (Reuters)
  222. iPhone SDK May Be 1-3 Weeks Late
  223. 'Count of Monte Cristo' puzzle game released (Macworld.com)
  224. Will There Be A (Successful) iPhone-Only Social Network?
  225. "Vista Capable" Lawsuit Is Now a Class Action
  226. Smartphone 2010: What Your Future Phone Will Be Packing (TechWeb)
  227. Han Solo in Carbonite desk
  228. Best Technology For Long-Distance Travel?
  229. Half-Petaflop Supercomputer Deployed In Austin
  230. Who has world's fastest Internet?..You won't believe!!
  231. Geek Squad Put To Test
  232. Anatomy Lesson: How to Assemble a Chickensaurus
  233. Pirated Flicks Yield DIY Oscars Screenings
  234. Judge Greenlights Suit Against Microsoft Over Vista OS
  235. Broadband Boost Could Benefit Economy, Report Says (PC World)
  236. Hans Reiser and the "Geek Defense" Strategy
  237. FDA Breast Cancer Drug Approval Prompts Mixed Reaction
  238. Japan Aerospace Agency Launches Communications Satellite
  239. Gates: Speech Software Will Overtake Keyboards
  240. Portal Perfection, Unreal Problems at GDC
  241. Japan Launches "Super-Speed" Internet Satellite
  242. Can Apple Patent the Pinch? Experts Say It's Possible
  243. 6 Submissions Even Kevin Rose Couldn't Get On Front Page
  244. Apple Sends Cease-and-Desist To the Hymn Project
  245. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) Alpha 5 Released
  246. Engadget's Video of the Optimus Maximus in action
  247. Amnesty "shocked" at jail for Moroccan royal Facebook 'joke' (AFP)
  248. Microsoft email prepares workers for Yahoo takeover (AFP)
  249. Criminals Attacking Myspace, Facebook IE Plugins
  250. Pension Funds Sue Yahoo for Rejecting Microsoft's Takeover