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  1. Give an Old Laptop New Life with Cheap (or Free) Projects
  2. Belgrade looters become You Tube hit (AP)
  3. Vista SP1 Is Even Less Compatible
  4. Ulysses Spacecraft on its Last Legs
  5. RMS Steps Down As Emacs Maintainer
  6. Toshiba Paid Off To Drop HD-DVD?
  7. Are Wikileaks Servers In a Nuclear Bunker?
  8. RMS Steps Down as Emacs Maintainer
  9. How to NOT destroy your iPhone.
  10. The Secrets of Microsoft's Sync
  11. Google Shoots For The Moon
  12. Toshiba Paid Off to Drop HD-DVD?
  13. Are Wikileaks Servers in a Nuclear Bunker?
  14. EU Cautiously Welcomes Microsoft to Open Source (PC World)
  15. Hunting Bad CIOs In Their Natural Environment
  16. NASA Awards Space Cargo Grant
  17. Nanotechnology-Powered Wiper-Less Windshield
  18. Gates sees diminished role for keyboards (AP)
  19. Hunting Bad CIOs in Their Natural Environment
  20. Yahoo Sued for Spurning Microsoft
  21. Jack Thompson Served With Order to Show Cause
  22. Here's a Story For You, Fox: Gamer Risks Life To Save Nephew
  23. Japan launches high-speed Internet satellite (AFP)
  24. Company gets rich on college fight songs (AP)
  25. Red Hat not impressed with Microsoft's interoperability plan
  26. 'Count of Monte Cristo' puzzle game released (Macworld.com)
  27. How-To Share MP3s With Your Facebook Friends Using DoubleTwist
  28. NASA Awards Space Cargo Grant
  29. Wine 0.9.56 Released
  30. Yahoo Sued for Spurning Microsoft
  31. Aussie Researchers Build GiFi, A Tiny Chip With Big Wireless Capabilities (TechWe
  32. Sybase Introduces Cluster Edition With Virtual Database Management (TechWeb)
  33. Geek ChicGallery: Costumes of WonderCon 2008
  34. Can Apple Patent the Pinch? Experts Say It's Possible
  35. Suit against Microsoft over Vista OK'd (AP)
  36. Disk Encryption in notebooks vulnerable
  37. Netscape Finally Put Down
  38. Apple TV Nails It the Second Time Around
  39. SXSW 2008 on BitTorrent: 3.5 GB of Free Music
  40. Microsoft Says It Wouldn't Move All of Yahoo
  41. Exascale Computing Requires Chips, Power and Money
  42. Developers: Google's OpenSocial Needs Tuning (PC World)
  43. Nanotechnology-Powered Wiper-less Windshield
  44. You Suck at Photoshop #7
  45. Judge Dismisses RIAA Racketeering Lawsuit
  46. Microsoft says won't move all of Yahoo (AP)
  47. Bands reach fans through Spanish-language Facebook (Reuters)
  48. Groklaw Examines Microsoft's Promises
  49. Developers: OpenSocial OK, but needs tuning (InfoWorld)
  50. Joan Rivers goes online for Oscar red carpet (Reuters)
  51. Google: OpenSocial party nearing start (InfoWorld)
  52. Nintendo's Wii Fit Creates an Exercise Program (NewsFactor)
  53. EMC Embraces Cloud Computing With Pi Purchase (NewsFactor)
  54. IBM Leaks Details on New Mainframe
  55. When good toys go bad X: Elmo makes death threats to toddler
  56. Use Your iPhone As A Touchpad To Control Your Computer
  57. Wild Ideas for Interspecies Gaming
  58. Bees and the Scientific Method
  59. Yahoo sued for spurning Microsoft (AP)
  60. Nokia Siemens nears Ericsson in mobile networks (Reuters)
  61. Some open sourcers keeping open mind about Microsoft pledges (InfoWorld)
  62. CERN Scientists Looking for the Force
  63. U.S. Spies Want to Find Terrorists in 'World of Warcraft'
  64. Computer memory vulnerable to hacking (AP)
  65. Sim card data extractor gadget
  66. Pentagon: No signs of danger from satellite
  67. Company cashes in on fight songs
  68. Hackers use Google to find website vulnerabilities (AFP)
  69. Symantec Offers Online Backup Solutions (NewsFactor)
  70. Sony Paid Warner Bros. $400 Million to Go Blu-Ray?
  71. Wild Ideas for Interspecies Gaming
  72. Forumwarz: Hilarious NSFW Satire Skewers Web Culture
  73. Review: M-Audio's MixLab Tutors Aspiring Digital DJs
  74. Gallery: The Hard Science Behind Videogame Technologies
  75. Microsoft readies Silverlight 2 beta (InfoWorld)
  76. First 10 Teams in $30M Google Lunar X Prize Announced
  77. Engadget Finally Tests the Optimus Maximus
  78. Many More Girls Blog, Create, And Build Websites Than Boys
  79. Google to sell display ads in Web videos
  80. Nurture Your Newborn Leopard -- Optimize Mac OS X With Free Software
  81. Bridging the Future: Behind the Scenes at the Bay Bridge Construction
  82. Optimus Keyboard Starts Shipping
  83. Japanese stores take HD DVD off shelves: officials (AFP)
  84. New Electron Microscope Shows Atoms in Color
  85. Google's Brin Calls Microsoft Bid a Threat to Innovation
  86. T-Mobile Testing Unlimited Home Phoning for $10 a Month (NewsFactor)
  87. The Future of MMOs
  88. Can you hear me now? Yes, yes I can. (GSM hacked for cheap)
  89. UK ISPs To Face Piracy Deadline
  90. DNA Testing Confirms Mankind's African Origins
  91. Appeal Trial Begins for Disgraced Japanese Net Mogul
  92. EU: search engines under EU rules (AP)
  93. Red Hat Skeptical of Microsoft's Openness Promise (NewsFactor)
  94. Cold Boot Attacks on Windows Vista BitLocker Encryption Keys
  95. Hackers turn Google into vulnerability scanner (InfoWorld)
  96. Relationship CRM software now Leopard-compatible (Macworld.com)
  97. Child-Suitable Alternatives To Passwords?
  98. 100-MPG Air-Powered Car Headed To US Next Year
  99. Gates sees diminished role for keyboards (AP)
  100. BBC iPlayer Bandwidth Explosion Bodes Ill For ISPs
  101. U.S. telecom growth seen slower than global industry (Reuters)
  102. Computers Are Smart, but They Don't Understand Apostrophes
  103. EU Skeptical of Microsoft's Promise to Share Technology
  104. British ISPs Could Be Punished Over File Sharing (PC World)
  105. Arizona the 'Persian Gulf' of solar energy?
  106. 'Virtual fence' OK'd for U.S.-Mexico border
  107. Curse 'o the Irish: Apostrophes
  108. Belgrade smash 'n' grab becomes YouTube smash hit (Reuters)
  109. "GiFi" — Short-Range, 5-Gbps Wireless For $10/Chip
  110. Mega Apple filing details next-gen multi-touch input surface
  111. China asks Web sites to eradicate porn, violence (Reuters)
  112. IPv4 Address Crunch In 2 Years, IPv6 Not Ready
  113. RealNetworks acquires TryMedia from Macrovision (Reuters)
  114. Sandia Wants To Build Exaflop Computer
  115. Europe makes moves towards Internet censorship (InfoWorld)
  116. LG stops sales of laptop over battery (AP)
  117. EMC buys Pi to round out cloud computing unit (InfoWorld)
  118. Google plan for medical info raises privacy issues (USATODAY.com)
  119. 'Wii Fit' exercises serious role (USATODAY.com)
  120. Microsoft says it will share some secrets; EU skeptical (USATODAY.com)
  121. Facebook suffers first drop in British users: data (AFP)
  122. $0.99 Rentals on iTunes; iTunes 7.6.1
  123. EU regulators wary of Microsoft's shift (AP)
  124. Computer security's dubious future (InfoWorld)
  125. Japan Internet mogul appeal trial begins (AP)
  126. Britain threatens legislation over Internet piracy (Reuters)
  127. In-Home Wireless Vs. Mobile Broadband
  128. Powerful CSS-Techniques For Effective Coding
  129. iToner updated for iPhone 1.1.3 (Macworld.com)
  130. Firefox hits 500,000,000 downloads
  131. A Font We Can Believe In
  132. Make a real difference to Ubuntu with 5-A-Day
  133. Microsoft Lets Xbox 360 Users Build And Share Games (TechWeb)
  134. Cell Phone Encryption Exploit Demonstrated
  135. British minister sets deadline for ISPs to crack down on piracy (AFP)
  136. RIAA Expert Witness is Borderline Incompetent Says P2P Exp
  137. LoJack your iPhone
  138. LG Elec says can win market share from Motorola (Reuters)
  139. Google to Begin Storing Patients' Health Records
  140. Feb. 22, 1918: A Really Big Kid From Alton, Illinois
  141. Malaysian bloggers warned being monitored: report (AFP)
  142. Seamlessly Run Linux Apps on Your Windows Desktop
  143. Microsoft opens key software details to rivals (Reuters)
  144. Increased US Broadband Adoption Could Create 2.4 Million Jobs
  145. Fearless War Docs Fight the Good Fight at Oscars
  146. Microsoft opens door to open-source software community (AFP)
  147. In First-Ever Online Primary, Obama Wins the Expatriate Vote
  148. Genetic 'Junk' Could Answer Riddle of Vertebrate Evolution
  149. First 10 Teams Register to Compete for Lunar X Prize
  150. RIM Lifts BlackBerry Subscriber Targets As Wireless Operators Promote Devices (In
  151. Laptop Hard Drive Encryption Has Achilles Heel (PC World)
  152. Microsoft Opens APIs, Protocols as EU Demands (NewsFactor)
  153. Experts hammer Web 2.0 security (InfoWorld)
  154. The Semantics of File Sharing
  155. Google Tests Text-Ad Overlays for Videos
  156. Google's Brin: Microsoft bid 'unnerving' (AP)
  157. Call for Topics: Digg Townhall this coming Monday
  158. Microsoft jumps on the open bandwagon
  159. White spaces group: Device testing on track (InfoWorld)
  160. Radio Telescopes on Moon to Study Cosmic Dark Ages
  161. EFF Names 2008 Pioneer Award Winners
  162. Retailer are renaming HDDVD to HDMI
  163. NVIDIA's New GeForce 9600 GT is a WINNER for Many
  164. How to Optimize a Fresh Windows Installation
  165. Review: Sleek Audio SA6 Headphones Sing to Your Ears
  166. Apostrophes in names stir lot o' trouble (AP)
  167. Blackberry Subscribers Jump, But Not RIM's Revenue (NewsFactor)
  168. Mossberg Reviews the Lenovo X300 Vs. MacBook Air
  169. Google Might server Up Wi-Fi to Rural Areas w Ballons [PIC]
  170. Readers Send Us Their Lunar Eclipse Photos
  171. RIM gains despite outages (InfoWorld)
  172. Did Amazon Induce Vista's Premature Birth?
  173. EU: search engines under EU rules (AP)
  174. Reliance to launch Uganda phone services (FT.com)
  175. E.U. has guarded reaction to Microsoft open-source move (InfoWorld)
  176. Microsoft Unveils its Essential Server Solutions for Small Businesses (NewsFacto
  177. Programmers At Work, 22 Years Later
  178. Lessig wants to build a "creative commons in Congress"
  179. New York Wants A Clean, Green, Iconic 'Taxi of Tomorrow'
  180. Disk-Encryption Security Flaw Revealed: Not 'Minor'
  181. Microsoft opens up, EU is skeptical (AP)
  182. Google, Cleveland Clinic team up on medical data (Reuters)
  183. Politicians and the Cyber-Bully Pulpit
  184. Smart ForTwo Sales Driven by Novelty, Convenience
  185. Spy Sat Shootdown Shown on Navy Tape
  186. Finding a mentor via online social communities (Reuters)
  187. Microsoft Embraces Open Source (PC World)
  188. Microsoft's New Leaf On Interoperability
  189. T-Mobile Goes Old School With Landline Phone Service
  190. Google to sell display ads in Web videos (Reuters)
  191. Microsoft makes boldest move yet embracing open source (InfoWorld)
  192. Microsoft Opens Xbox Live to User-Made Games (NewsFactor)
  193. Ohloh Tracks Open Source Developers
  194. I-Reporters share eclipse shots
  195. Microsoft offers to share some secrets
  196. Rockies' gray wolves off endangered list
  197. Asustek Delays Launch of U2E Laptop (PC World)
  198. Google Interested in Wireless Bandwidth Balloons
  199. Microsoft cozies up to open-source software community (AFP)
  200. 17 Extreme Houseboats and Houseboat Designs [PICS]
  201. Microsoft promoting interoperability (AP)
  202. Microsoft to open up some key software blueprints (Reuters)
  203. Cold Reboot Attacks on Disk Encryption
  204. Microsoft Pulls Vista SP1 Update
  205. Gates Explains Microsoft's Need for Yahoo
  206. Microsoft to share some trade secrets (AP)
  207. Google, the Big Brother of Health Records?
  208. Virus Writers Wanted: Only Fluent Speakers Need Apply
  209. Microsoft Pushes Ahead With Search Plans (PC World)
  210. Microsoft Pulls Vista SP1 Update
  211. Stairs Bookcase Actually Makes Me Want to Move to London
  212. Google to Manage Clinic Health Records (PC World)
  213. Web Pioneer Quits OpenSolaris Project (PC World)
  214. Gates Explain's Microsoft's Need for Yahoo
  215. Largest Hacking Scam in Canadian History
  216. Flame Fractals offer a feast for the eyes
  217. Hackers recruit for local language skill (AP)
  218. T-Mobile to trial landline service (AP)
  219. Chinese youth push political expression online (Reuters)
  220. Game scoring site wields industry clout (Reuters)
  221. US Claims Satellite Shoot-Down Success
  222. Missile shoots down spy satellite
  223. Google, Cleveland Clinic team up on patient records (Reuters)
  224. Microsoft to hold press call, not related to Yahoo (Reuters)
  225. YuMe to use Google InVideo overlay ads in videos (InfoWorld)
  226. Scientists Find Believing Can Be Seeing
  227. Research In Motion ups subscriber view (AP)
  228. McAfee: Virus writers going local (InfoWorld)
  229. Will Yahoo Proxy Fight Be Ballmer's Big Win or His Waterloo?
  230. Social Media Will Change Your Business
  231. Star apologises over Hong Kong sex photos scandal (AFP)
  232. Identical Twins Not Identical After All
  233. Google ventures into health records biz
  234. Google to store patients' health records (AP)
  235. Growth of the Underground Cybercrime Economy
  236. Corvette Z03 Concept by Ugur Sahin Design [PICS]
  237. 'Machinimas' build bridge between film and videogames (AFP)
  238. The Century's Top Engineering Challenges
  239. TVs Pump Brains Full of Poison in 'The Signal'
  240. San Francisco Comic Book Stores Gear Up for WonderCon
  241. Feb. 21, 1947: 'Take a Polaroid' Enters the English Language
  242. Bruce Schneier's Security Matters: When the Internet Is My Hard Drive, Should I Trust
  243. A Futuristic Mobile Device Mockup ... Pretty Cool [PICS]
  244. Leaked RIAA Training Video
  245. Reviewing the RIAA's "Reefer Madness" For The Digital Age
  246. Leaked RIAA Training Video
  247. NIST Working On "Deathalyzer"
  248. Games, Dragons and Geeks: Photos From GDC 2008
  249. Despite Yahoo drama, Microsoft forges ahead with search (InfoWorld)
  250. Trends & Innovations - Wednesday (Investor's Business Daily)