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  1. Web pioneer quits OpenSolaris project (InfoWorld)
  2. Nintendo and Microsoft unveil indie games services (Reuters)
  3. GDC: Online Gaming Gets Cheaper (PC World)
  4. Airport Security Prize Announced
  5. Ubuntu 8.10 name announced - The Intrepid Ibex!
  6. Games for the Zune!
  7. Microsoft opens game development (AP)
  8. Microsoft cuts Canadian Xbox 360 console prices (Reuters)
  9. 'Gears of War 2,' Gamer Hordes and Keynote Surprises at GDC
  10. Hans Reiser's Father Warns of 'Techno-Geek S&M Crowd'
  11. Brain-reading headset to sell for $299 (AP)
  12. Smart Rubber Promises Self-Mending Products
  13. Opera: Browser market is broken—thanks to Microsoft
  14. Can You Guess Which Categories Make The Digg Home Page Most?
  15. 2/3 of Americans think nanotech is morally unacceptable
  16. Tonight's Lunar Eclipse: Last Chance Until 2010
  17. Transfer Tickets: The Best and Worst in VHS-to-DVD Converters
  18. Rogue Satellite's Rotten, $10 Billion Legacy
  19. Video: Satellite Shoot-Down Preview
  20. Review: Apple TV does movie rentals (AP)
  21. Microsoft cuts Canadian Xbox 360 console prices (Reuters)
  22. Should Addictive Tech Come With a Health Warning?
  23. Nintendo and Microsoft unveil indie games services (Reuters)
  24. Lessig considers running for Congress (InfoWorld)
  25. WizKid Robot Debuts at New York Museum
  26. Norwegian Police Deal Massive Blow to MPAA Lawyer
  27. EU Invests $22 Million in Next-Generation BitTorrent Client
  28. Tesla Gets $40M, Says We'll See Sedan This Year
  29. Evolution Wins as Creationists Inadvertently Switch Sides in Florida
  30. Apple Not Hurrying to Add Blu-ray Drives to MacBook Pro
  31. BBC's iPlayer and Gameloft Games Going Native on the iPhone?
  32. Service taps users to help filter sites (AP)
  33. CNN Fires Producer Over Personal Blog
  34. How to Convert Your HD-DVD Discs to Blu-Ray
  35. Neighbors clash over trees, solar power (AP)
  36. BlackBerry network down again on Wednesday (InfoWorld)
  37. Microsoft Pulls Vista Update To Fix Endless Reboot Glitch (NewsFactor)
  38. Leaked RIAA Vid: Find Pirates, Find Crack-Dealing Terrorists
  39. Free Your Media With DoubleTwist, a DRM-Stripping App Anyone Can Use
  40. Microsoft opens game development (AP)
  41. News Corp. eyes MySpace music service (AP)
  42. AJAX Version of Mathematica Coming
  43. Bill Gates: Here, Kid, Have a Free Microsoft Developer Kit
  44. 'Too Human' Blends Epic Action, RPG Gameplay
  45. Free-Speech Advocates Alarmed by Wikileaks Shutdown (NewsFactor)
  46. Microsoft to release "Gears" sequel in November (Reuters)
  47. Mozilla Plans Significant Enhancements to Thunderbird E-Mail (NewsFactor)
  48. Google Funds Work for Photoshop on Linux
  49. Lawrence Lessig launches Change Congress movement
  50. Professor Larry Lessig Explores Bid for Congress
  51. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
  52. Sharper Image's Bankruptcy Signals Broader Ills for Retailers
  53. Bargains spur strong digital camera shipments (Reuters)
  54. Thunderbird Gets A New Home At Mozilla Messaging (TechWeb)
  55. NIST Working on "Deathalyzer"
  56. State can't regulate Internet tobacco sales
  57. Cringely Looks at the WikiLeaks Debacle
  58. Microsoft Scrambles to Quash 'Friendly' Worm Story (PC World)
  59. New Science Standards Approved in Florida
  60. Use Your Wii as a Media Center
  61. Total lunar eclipse in skies tonight
  62. Citing Security Concerns, 3Com Withdraws Buyout Application
  63. Microsoft May Bypass Yahoo Board, Go Straight to Shareholders
  64. Why Do We Believe in God? Oxford Plans to Find Out
  65. Website Shut Down After Exposing Bank Documents
  66. Richard Feynman, the Challenger, and Engineering
  67. Undersea saboteurs may have been responsible for cable cuts
  68. Sun Partners With Taiwanese Chipmaker (PC World)
  69. Gravity Lamp Grabs Green Prize
  70. Japan's Mixi network site says entering China (AFP)
  71. Sprint expected to undercut rivals' call plans (Reuters)
  72. Microsoft's "Source Fource" Action Figures
  73. 3Com withdraws buyout application (AP)
  74. Internet Censorship Won't Succeed, Gates Says (PC World)
  75. Microsoft: HD DVD demise won't hurt Xbox 360 (InfoWorld)
  76. Lessig Campaign and the Change Congress Movement
  77. Shuttle arrives home ahead of satellite shootdown
  78. Hackers Block Access to WordPress Blogs (PC World)
  79. Amazon to support Blu-ray format (Reuters)
  80. Brain Control Headset for Gamers
  81. Microsoft posts new Windows XP SP3 build, RC2 to the public
  82. Google, others team to invest in India (AP)
  83. iTunes to carry `American Idol' songs (AP)
  84. Microsoft Releases Office Binary Formats
  85. International clock
  86. Navy plans to shoot down satellite Wednesday
  87. Bill Gates: Internet censorship just won't work (InfoWorld)
  88. Son rules roost at SmugMug (USATODAY.com)
  89. TSMC to make Sun's UltraSparc processors, join OpenSparc (InfoWorld)
  90. 'DVD Jon' frees your media with DoubleTwist
  91. recharge your ipod with your shirt
  92. What do thousands of 'internet voices' sound like?
  93. Japan online networking king Mixi to take on China (Reuters)
  94. Obsolete Technical Skills
  95. Cell phone films get their own festival in Japan (Reuters)
  96. MySpace working on music service: reports (Reuters)
  97. Nintendo rolls out fitness product: report (Reuters)
  98. Milky Way Is Twice the Size We Thought
  99. Cable and telcos side with Comcast in FCC BitTorrent dispute
  100. "A-Team" and "Kojak" get new life on NBC sites (Reuters)
  101. Sun Microsystems selects Taiwan's TSMC as contract maker (AFP)
  102. FCC digital TV transition plan under fire
  103. The week in video-game news (AP)
  104. A Comparative Study of Internet Censorship
  105. 16 Incredibly Detailed, Useful (and free) Dingbat Fonts
  106. Samsung-releasing,Google-branded Android phones
  107. Whoever is clicking on the banners...Stop!
  108. Is This the PDF Killer? Scribd Launches iPaper.
  109. Malaysia's opposition mounts campaign in cyberspace (AFP)
  110. TR Picks 10 Emerging Technologies of 08
  111. HP's UMPC 2133 revealed
  112. Stuck With a Stack of HD DVDs? Here's How to Convert Them to Blu-Ray
  113. Feb. 20, 1934: A Huge Step Toward Atomic Energy
  114. Alt Text: Test Your Brain With Trivial Security Questions
  115. Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning
  116. With Fidel Gone, Will Cuba Become a Global Ethanol Player?
  117. SFLC's Legal Guide On Free Software
  118. Trio Creates Rock iBand With Modded iPhones
  119. Indies Take the Cake at Game Developers Conference
  120. HP's 1Q profit rises 38 percent (AP)
  121. Microsoft to authorize Yahoo proxy battle: report (Reuters)
  122. Microsoft Woos Next Gen with Free Software (NewsFactor)
  123. Microsoft readies Yahoo proxy battle (AP)
  124. Miami LB Zach Thomas released (AP)
  125. Theory Posits Early Stars Powered By Dark Matter
  126. Supreme Court Won't Hear ACLU Wiretap Case
  127. Apple taps Linkin Park to perform at "secret" NYC event
  128. Web site 'Wikileaks' shuttered over post (AP)
  129. It's Take Two for Apple on Enterprise Storage with Xsan 2 (NewsFactor)
  130. Hearing Voices? Could Be the Lasers
  131. Experts predict tech for the next 25 years
  132. Movies and tech: When classics go wrong
  133. Click here for justice?
  134. 5 sci-fi scenarios that will come true
  135. Downloads: Hooray for Hollywood!
  136. Zoom in on PMA's coolest cameras
  137. Google intoxicates Linux users with Wine improvements
  138. 730,000 players,recorders, and drives lost to the format war
  139. TourTracker Flash Player Brings California Bike Race to Your Browser
  140. Limelight says writers' strike to cost it $1 million (Reuters)
  141. Blu-ray wins after HD DVD is scuttled (AP)
  142. Mozilla Launches New Messaging Project, Looks Beyond E-Mail
  143. Universal to publish Blu-ray discs (AP)
  144. Yahoo adopts new severance plans (AP)
  145. HP dishes out best online support, survey says (InfoWorld)
  146. FCC must study bird-tower collisions (AP)
  147. Microsoft Will Lure Students With Free Software (NewsFactor)
  148. Supreme Court Won't Hear ACLU Wiretap Case
  149. Mozilla Opens Thunderbird Email Subsidiary
  150. Ultraportable Asus Nova PC Is No Small Wonder
  151. As Lithium Cars Arrive, Lithium Questions Persist
  152. Q&A With Young Gun Behind Hummer's Eco-Friendlier HX
  153. Universal says will now switch to Blu-Ray standard (Reuters)
  154. Microsoft looking for ways to converge Windows Mobile, Zune (InfoWorld)
  155. Microsoft reportedly taking aim at Yahoo's board (AFP)
  156. Supreme Court Denies ACLU Wiretap Appeal
  157. 'World's Largest Record Collection' for Sale on eBay
  158. HP's 1Q profit rises 38 percent (AP)
  159. Some VCs learn to appreciate site that rates them (Reuters)
  160. Analysts flag unusual buying in Adobe upside calls (Reuters)
  161. HP profit advances on PC and server sales (Reuters)
  162. Competitors Ally With Comcast In FCC P2P Filings
  163. DVD Jon Creates DRM Killer
  164. High-Definition Format War Ends as Toshiba Concedes (NewsFactor)
  165. Scientology Given Direct Access To eBay Database
  166. Review: With some work, 'Orb' sound booms
  167. Sat Shoot-Down Thursday Night: Watch Out, Canada
  168. Bungee offers hosted software development (InfoWorld)
  169. Sybase gets into the cluster-database game (InfoWorld)
  170. UK Report Slams EULAs
  171. Demonoid Tracker Is Back, Will the Site be Next?
  172. Paramount and Universal to publish films on Blu-ray
  173. From Windows to Linux - and back again
  174. It's Official: Toshiba Kills Off HD DVD
  175. High costs drive online prescribing push (AP)
  176. Apple Lowers iPod Shuffle Price, Plans New Model (NewsFactor)
  177. AT&T unveils $99.99 unlimited calling plan (Reuters)
  178. 1.8 Million US Court Rulings Now Online
  179. Vodafone and Orange to share mobile mast sites (Reuters)
  180. NASA Plans Lunar Mobile Phone Network
  181. CRASH! The World Explained In Words
  182. 'Turok' a shooter game -- with dinosaurs
  183. http://news.wired.com/dynamic/stories/M/MICROSOFT_DREAMSPARK?SITE=WIRE&SECTION=HOME&T
  184. Timeline: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc (InfoWorld)
  185. 'DVD Jon' offers beta version of content sharing tool (InfoWorld)
  186. Vivendi sees 500,000 Zaoza subscribers by end 2008 (Reuters)
  187. Microsoft to authorize Yahoo proxy battle: report (Reuters)
  188. Mobile broadband heads upstream (InfoWorld)
  189. Sybase Gets Into Cluster Databases (PC World)
  190. Microsoft to Give Away Developer Tools to Students
  191. Hi, I Want To Meet (17.6% of) You!
  192. iPod shuffle, now just $49
  193. 30 Photos That Inspired Me to Learn Photography
  194. Verizon Wireless sells unlimited plan (AP)
  195. Sony Blu-ray Wins Hi-Def DVD Battle as Toshiba Folds
  196. Gates: Microsoft Won't Raise Offer for Yahoo -- 'It's Fair'
  197. Timeline: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc (PC World)
  198. Microsoft DreamSpark offers software to students (InfoWorld)
  199. Hi, I Want to Meet (17.6% of) You!
  200. Chinese search engine censured (AP)
  201. Cross-border blog promotes Israel-Gaza peace (Reuters)
  202. Sun ships management piece of xVM strategy (InfoWorld)
  203. The D&D Designers Answer Your Questions
  204. Apple Depicts Advanced Multitouch Control Panel in Mac OS X
  205. Toshiba quits HD DVD 'format war'
  206. Mozilla opens e-mail subsidiary (InfoWorld)
  207. Microsoft Stays Mum on Blu-ray Disc Support (PC World)
  208. Unisys Shows New Servers, Services (PC World)
  209. Good January for Sony's games business (Reuters)
  210. iPhones Produced in China Smuggled Right Back in
  211. Whistle blower site taken offline
  212. F-22 Supermanouverability
  213. Run Linux inside Windows
  214. Mozilla Opens E-Mail Subsidiary (PC World)
  215. Fidel Castro Resigns
  216. Sun Ships xVM Management Tool (PC World)
  217. Comcast Cheating On Bandwidth Testing?
  218. Be prepared: ActiveX attacks will persist (InfoWorld)
  219. Do video games have a motion picture-like future? (USATODAY.com)
  220. Electronic Arts sees China among top 3 Asia markets (Reuters)
  221. BBC to sell shows through Apple's iTunes UK (Reuters)
  222. The Limits of Quantum Computing
  223. Toshiba says to quit HD DVD, ending format war (Reuters)
  224. It's official: HD DVD is dead, the format war over
  225. Top 10 Free Software for Audiophiles
  226. Toshiba says to quit HD DVD, ending format war (Reuters)
  227. Facebook, Google, and Intellectual Property
  228. Gates: Microsoft isn't raising Yahoo bid (AP)
  229. Microsoft giving away developer software (AP)
  230. Mandy Moore aims to inspire life balance online (Reuters)
  231. Sony to spend $200 mln on advanced panel technology (Reuters)
  232. Cracking a Crypto Hard Drive Case
  233. The Analog Cell Phone Timeline (PIC)
  234. Hacker's firm doubleTwist enables copying of iTunes (Reuters)
  235. Wired.com How-To Wiki: Brew Your Own Ginger Beer
  236. Microsoft to give out development tools to students (Reuters)
  237. The Funniest Microsoft Video Yet
  238. Cayman Islands Bank Gets Wikileaks Taken Offline in U.S.
  239. Raelians Rocket From Clones to Clitorises
  240. Feb. 19, 1986: Mir, the Little Space Station That Could
  241. Microsoft targets Web with Yahoo or alone: Gates (Reuters)
  242. Gates Foundation Vs. Openness In Research
  243. Digg's CEO interviewed by The Times newspaper
  244. Harvard Site Hacked and Then Leaked on BitTorrent
  245. The Worlds Most Inspiring and Creative Hotel Rooms (Pics)
  246. Finnish Censorship Expanding
  247. BlackBerry maker and Motorola duel in lawsuits (Reuters)
  248. USA 193 Shootdown Set For Feb 21, 03:30 UTC
  249. Next-gen Intel notebook chips will exceed 3.0GHz
  250. Officials: Satellite shoot-down try this week