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  1. Scientists: Ancient frog as big as bowling ball
  2. RIM, Motorola battle over patents (AP)
  3. Lawmakers Debate Patent Immunity For Banks
  4. Gen Con Files For Chapter 11
  5. Problems With The Airport's Computer Security
  6. UK ISPs To Start Tracking Your Surfing To Serve You Ads
  7. Study rejects Internet sex predator stereotype (Reuters)
  8. Toshiba to announce HD DVD pullout on Tuesday: report (Reuters)
  9. Make Sure You Know When Someone Hacks Your Email
  10. Opera Screeches at Mozilla Over Security Disclosure
  11. Mysteries Of Computer From 65BC Are Solved
  12. Doctor Urges Creation of 'Science of Healthcare Delivery'
  13. Highlights From the Floor of the AAAS Annual Meeting
  14. Gen Con Files For Chapter 11
  15. Microsoft says end of HD DVD won't hurt Xbox 360 (Reuters)
  16. Pictorial Tour of World's Longest Linear Accelerator
  17. Harvard Site Hacked, Alleged Content Hits BitTorrent (PC World)
  18. RIM, Motorola battle over patents (AP)
  19. Web site posts sex gossip, hate, rumor
  20. Toshiba expected to announce death of HD DVD tomorrow
  21. Latest Google Android SDK: Solid Improvement!
  22. Inventor to Launch Pop Bottle Rocket into Space
  23. Red Hat, Hyperic Team on Open Source Project (PC World)
  24. Robot Interprets, Plays Back Dreams
  25. 7 (More!) Unusually Geeky Approaches to Graffitti (+PICS)
  26. Opera, Firefox Bug Could Reveal Web Travels (PC World)
  27. Research In Motion sues Motorola over patents (Reuters)
  28. Toy makers take on Wii
  29. New Solar Cell Harvests Hydrogen From Water
  30. Verizon to offer unlimited voice, data, messaging packages
  31. Tim Bray on the Birth of XML, 10 Years Later
  32. Great Video: Do-It-Yourself Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  33. Space shuttle undocks, starts journey home
  34. Satellite Spotters Make Government Uneasy
  35. Toshiba Shares Surge on Talk of HD DVD Surrender (PC World)
  36. Courts May Revisit Software Patents
  37. 'Hundreds of Worlds' in Milky Way
  38. Toshiba may ditch HD DVD video
  39. More than 20 Million TV Phones Ship in Japan (PC World)
  40. WikiLeaks Under Fire
  41. Spielberg mocked in China over Olympic pullout (AFP)
  42. Product review: Open source reporting goes corporate (InfoWorld)
  43. Crackpot technologies that could shake up IT (InfoWorld)
  44. Do Not Call Registry saved from mandatory reset
  45. Toshiba To Halt HD-DVD Production
  46. Blu-ray set to be DVD standard after Toshiba white flag (AFP)
  47. Alibaba has say in Yahoo, Microsoft talks: source (Reuters)
  48. Wii to displace Xbox 360 by end of 2008: iSuppli (Macworld.com)
  49. Jargon Watch: Agrichar, Passive Obesity, iBricking
  50. China Plans to Surpass the U.S. in Nanotech Development
  51. Child campaign brings Freetown slum to Internet (Reuters)
  52. 9 Useful Websites You Should Know About, But Probably Don't
  53. Australian Government Considers Copying UK Copyright Law Ideas
  54. Eliot Van Buskirk's Listening Post: Major Label Fights Google-ization of Music With S
  55. Burn, Baby, Burn
  56. Students fight back against gossip site (AP)
  57. World's Longest Accelerator Probes Universe's Tiniest Particles
  58. Negroponte Keynote: Electronics Are 'Obese'
  59. Inside the Bizarre World of Japanese Pickup Schools
  60. Gallery: Students of the Pickup School for Geeks
  61. Feb. 18, 1913: 'Isotope' Goes From Greek to Geek
  62. Market welcomes white flag in DVD format war (AFP)
  63. Why Linux Doesn't Spread - the Curse of Being Free
  64. Toshiba says it may end HD DVD (AP)
  65. Yahoo has removed links to Pirate Bay from search results
  66. Investors cheer as Toshiba nears HD DVD surrender (Reuters)
  67. So, what are you HD DVD early adopters going to do?
  68. Saturn's A-ring Soaks Up Debris Ejected from Nearby Moon
  69. Gay Africans and Arabs come out online (Reuters)
  70. Highlight an Image in HTML Code
  71. Google's Research on Malware Distribution
  72. Space Crews Bid Emotional Adieu
  73. The Chinese Government's Plans for Nanotechnology
  74. Toshiba mulls abandoning HD DVD: industry source (AFP)
  75. Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives
  76. Prince, Village People to Sue The Pirate Bay
  77. The Future of the Global Food System
  78. Scientists Break Down Baseball, Find Jeter Does Suck
  79. The Other Carbon: Reducing Black Carbon's Role in Global Warming
  80. Impressive Eye Candy: 3D OpenGL Transitions for OpenOffice.o
  81. HD-DVD Death Made Official
  82. Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98
  83. Art with a Mathematical Twist
  84. Developers Warned over OOXML Patent Risk
  85. Limits to Moore's Law Launch New Computing Quests
  86. Itís official: Blu-ray wins
  87. Students fight back against gossip site (AP)
  88. A Look at the State of Wireless Security
  89. No more Analog Cell Phone Service as of Monday Feb 18 2008
  90. Best Alternatives to Windows Start Menu
  91. Winners, losers in digital TV transition (AP)
  92. How to Convince Non-IT Friends that Privacy Matters?
  93. Red Hat Crafts JBoss for the Enterprise (PC World)
  94. New Material Can Selectively Capture CO2
  95. Quickorder app to keep iPod touch owners hooked on Starbucks
  96. Microsoft Teams on Subscription PCs in Russia (PC World)
  97. Is This the Future of News?
  98. Patent Troll Attacks Cable, Digital TV Standards
  99. Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war: source (Reuters)
  100. Hacker Could Keep Money from Insider Trading
  101. "Yes, There IS A Better Search Engine" - 10 Years Ago!
  102. Natural Selection Can Act on Human Culture
  103. Time to dump Windows? (InfoWorld)
  104. U of MI Produces Strongest Laser Ever
  105. Wii to displace Xbox 360 by end of 2008: iSuppli (Macworld.com)
  106. The Benefits of 'Vendor-Free' Open Source IT
  107. U-M creates most intense laser in the universe
  108. Australia will not gag Beijing blogs: AOC (AFP)
  109. Satellite downing not a worry for space station crew
  110. HD-DVD Death Is Official; Downloads to Kill Blu-Ray Next
  111. Dell Set to Introduce AMD's Triple-core Phenom CPU
  112. Now you can tag-and-release your child into the yard
  113. The Apple Product Cycle
  114. Ray Kurzweil: Machines Will Match Human Intelligence By 2029
  115. Full Lunar Eclipse for the Americas on Wednesday
  116. Artificial Intelligence at Human Level by 2029?
  117. Precision clock traps atoms in light to keep time
  118. Japan delays high-speed Internet satellite: agency (AFP)
  119. System upgrade caused Blackberry blackout: RIM (AFP)
  120. Geeks camp out at Brazilian tech-fest (AFP)
  121. White House Decides P2P Isn't All Bad?
  122. Full Lunar Eclipse for the Americas on Wednesday
  123. Youtube Crowned World's 2nd Most Popular Website
  124. PRQ Fire Takes Down Several Torrent Sites
  125. Google's Addiction to Cheap Electricity
  126. Digital TV Shift Will Affect Millions of Consumers
  127. Insignia photo frame virus much nastier than first thought
  128. Flu Vaccine Is a Poor Match for Current Strains
  129. Digital TV Shift Will Affect Millions of Consumers
  130. The Problem of Scale in Environmental Solutions
  131. Google Updates Android SDK (PC World)
  132. FBI Accidentally Received Unauthorized E-Mail Access
  133. Delays to Canadian DMCA Could Doom Act
  134. Athletes Can Blog at Olympics - with Restrictions
  135. Some Microsoft Office File Formats Join Open Specs (PC World)
  136. Prototype Software Sniffs Out, Disrupts Botnets
  137. Tired of Paying to Cool Your Food When it's Cold Outside?
  138. Wi-Fi wants to be free
  139. California Lawmaker Seeks Climate Change as part of Public Education
  140. Is Microsoft just Screwing with Yahoo's Mind?
  141. Toshiba Halts HD DVD Production, Mulls Future (PC World)
  142. Yahoo's Entire Design Team Fired
  143. BitTorrent Developers Introduce Comcast Busting Encryption
  144. Steve Fossett Declared Dead
  145. XO Laptops Go Next to Haiti (PC World)
  146. Is iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 imminent?
  147. Free business book is Web sensation (AP)
  148. POV-Ray Short Code Animation Winners
  149. Toshiba pulling the plug on HD DVD already?
  150. Over 400,000 unauthorized iPhones on China Mobile!
  151. 20 toys for girls that don't look like, er, toys for girls
  152. MacBook Pros running dry in the channel ahead of refreshes
  153. Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war: source (Reuters)
  154. Red Hat Unveils JBoss Black Tie for Java Coding (PC World)
  155. Darl McBride Leaving SCO?
  156. Alienware Planning Android iPhone Killer?
  157. The Web is Dangerous, Google Warns (PC World)
  158. Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war: source (Reuters)
  159. White House Decides P2P Isn't All Bad?
  160. Digital Picture Frames Infected by Trojan Viruses
  161. What Makes Something "Better Than Free"?
  162. PSP Phone reference spotted in Sony Magazine
  163. Power Guide: 121 CrackBerry Tips, Hacks and Resources
  164. Cocktail update adds Mac OS X 10.5.2 compatibility (Macworld.com)
  165. Wii to displace Xbox 360 by end of 2008: iSuppli (Macworld.com)
  166. China Bans Horror Movies
  167. Niveus goes Blu-ray exclusive, ditches HD DVD!
  168. Amazon S3 - World's most reliable web service is DOWN
  169. Sun Optimistic On Funding Virtualization, MySQL (TechWeb)
  170. Red Hat Adds Black Tie As Substitute For Tuxedo (TechWeb)
  171. Anti-Spyware Company Accused Of Deception (TechWeb)
  172. Scientists Scan Striking Nanoscale Images
  173. BitTorrent Devs Introduce Comcast-Proof Encryption
  174. Leaked screenshots Yahoo's not-yet-released Digg-clone: Buzz
  175. Crowdsourcing Puts Crucial Superdelegates Under a Microscope
  176. Dorm-Necessity: Cook Two 12-Inch Pizzas in 90 Seconds
  177. Amazon's cloud storage hiccups (AP)
  178. Possibility of Life On Mars Looking More Remote
  179. And the 14 Grand Engineering Challenges of the 21st Century Are ...
  180. Vodafone Targets Emerging Markets (Investor's Business Daily)
  181. Tip the Odds in Your Favor: How to Count Cards
  182. Customers Shrug Off Amazon S3 Service Failure
  183. Digital TV shift may aid cable companies (AP)
  184. SKorea regulator OKs $1.2B telecoms deal (AP)
  185. New L.A. Times editor brushes off critics (Reuters)
  186. Utah offers incentives to Disney arm (AP)
  187. Project Resolution: Four 1080p Projectors Tested and Rated
  188. Activision Plans Aerosmith Version of Guitar Hero (NewsFactor)
  189. ICANN Finds No Wrong Doing in Domain Front Running
  190. Wal-Mart picks Blu-ray over HD DVD (AP)
  191. BitTorrent Developers Introduce Comcast Busting Encryption
  192. Google finds evil all over the Web (InfoWorld)
  193. Wal-Mart adopts Blu-ray, dumps HD DVD format (InfoWorld)
  194. Private Investors Resuscitate The SCO Group (NewsFactor)
  195. Analog Cell Phone Network Shuts Down Monday
  196. Village People Hire Web Sheriff for Assault on The Pirate Ba
  197. HD DVD deathwatch: we're making it official
  198. Videogames Doomed for a 'Comics-like Ghetto'?
  199. Inside America's Satellite-Killing Missile
  200. Winners, losers in digital TV transition (AP)
  201. Number of Rogue DNS Servers on the Rise
  202. How Internet Censorship Works
  203. Hispanics most at risk for losing TV service
  204. UK ISPs Resistant to Monitoring Users
  205. Online Tributes Memorialize Northern Illinois University Shooting Victims
  206. Experts Scoff at Satellite Shoot-Down Rationale
  207. Nokia N81: First U.S. Cellphone With N-GAGE Platform
  208. World's Scientists Converge on Boston for AAAS
  209. Former OLPC CTO predicts a $75 laptop by 2010 (InfoWorld)
  210. Sony's PlayStation 3 is Roaring Up the Video Market (NewsFactor)
  211. 'Porn King' Says Google Should Block Porn Access
  212. SHIFT: Are solid-state drives really better than hard disks?
  213. Malfunctioning Mitochondria May Cause Heart Disease
  214. Gov't: TV coupons are in the mail (AP)
  215. LTE brings fast Web, not gear maker miracles (Reuters)
  216. Microsoft Shakes up Online and Windows With Eye on Yahoo (NewsFactor)
  217. Cell Phone Use Study Sees Increased Cancer Risk
  218. Yahoo big investors may back Microsoft (Reuters)
  219. Wal-Mart to only sell Blu-ray DVDs (Reuters)
  220. Newspaper Ad Network Shuns Google, Yahoo, MS
  221. SCO Gets Up to $100 Million Financing - WTF?
  222. Panel: No evidence of domain snatching (AP)
  223. Non-English domains still unsettled (AP)
  224. eBay Named in Suits Against Pirated Software (NewsFactor)
  225. Wii to displace Xbox 360 by end of 2008: iSuppli (Macworld.com)
  226. Toshiba Making Funeral Plans for HD DVD
  227. ICANN: TLDs could end with .exe Confused? Users may be too
  228. Dell IdeaStorm: Put GNU/Linux in Retail Stores!
  229. Top 5 Digg Tools to Make you a Better Digger
  230. Wal-Mart to officially discontinue HD DVD sales by June
  231. SEC Web site gives new view of company data (Reuters)
  232. Geeks camp out at Brazilian tech-fest (AFP)
  233. The Knol Hypothesis
  234. GeForce 8 cards to gain PhysX support via software dowload
  235. Bill Gates's Real Facebook Profile Revealed
  236. Machine Gun Made from Lego
  237. Oceans Are Vast, but Not Big Enough to Escape Humans
  238. Several Top Execs Leaving Microsoft as Company Shuffles Deck
  239. Defectors May Push Toshiba Out of HD-DVD Format (NewsFactor)
  240. GPS about finding friends, not route (InfoWorld)
  241. Secret Printer ID Codes May Be Illegal In the EU
  242. Vista SP1 Update Locks Out Some Users
  243. MacBook Air vs. Lenovo X300... fight!
  244. Wii to Displace Xbox 360 by End of 2008 (PC World)
  245. MPA Members Sue Chinese File Sharing Network Provider (PC World)
  246. Lessig For Congress?
  247. Astronauts begin busy six-hour spacewalk
  248. IOC gives go-ahead for blogs at Beijing (Reuters)
  249. OLPC and CC Free Content Drive
  250. SGI Acquires Linux Networx Assets, LNXI Dead?