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  1. New "Guitar Hero" gives sweet emotion to Aerosmith fans (Reuters)
  2. OLPC, IDB to launch pilot project in Haiti (InfoWorld)
  3. House Declines To Vote On Telecom Immunity
  4. Bug-finder gets no credit from Microsoft (InfoWorld)
  5. Is the tug of war over high-def DVD format over? (USATODAY.com)
  6. Want iPhone Apps? Get Ready to Shop in iTunes
  7. Four big U.S. newspaper companies set online ad network (Reuters)
  8. Yahoo Seeking Partnership With News Corp.
  9. Top 10 Wired Countries
  10. New and Promising BitTorrent Sites
  11. 10 Must-Have Plug-ins to Power Up Pidgin
  12. Report claims 16.4% of all Xbox 360 consoles will fail (Macworld.com)
  13. Rush Limbaugh Begs Steve Jobs For Bug Fixes
  14. UK Commissioner Seeks To Ban Ultrasonic Anti-Teen Device
  15. Google Sponsors Wine Improvements
  16. Boingo customers get WiFi at McDonald's
  17. A Guide to Customisable Websites
  18. iPhones, Schematics Stolen From Chinese Factory?
  19. Microsoft Shuffles Online Services, Mobile Execs (TechWeb)
  20. Investors To Take SCO Group Private For $100 Million (TechWeb)
  21. Sun Champions Developers, Disruption Of Big Software Suppliers (TechWeb)
  22. Wii Expected To Take Installed-Base Lead From Xbox (TechWeb)
  23. Google iPhone usage shocks search giant
  24. How to Design Your Dream Office - On a Budget
  25. Comcast's FCC Filing Called Unfair, Not Good Enough
  26. Toshiba gearing up to drop HD DVD?
  27. Toshiba's HD-DVD going the way of Betamax (Reuters)
  28. Porn studio wants Google, Yahoo to protect kids from adult video (AFP)
  29. Speed Racer vs. Batmobile Zoomdown: Entire 2008 Toy Lineup
  30. Seize Control Over iTunes
  31. Yahoo + News Corp. = Lame Ploy to Get Higher Bid
  32. Use of Rogue DNS Servers on Rise
  33. Search for Hidden Treasures With Google's MyMaps Slideshow
  34. Regina Lynn's Sex Drive: Unexpected Sources Drive Progress of Sex Tech
  35. How to Hang a Flatscreen HDTV
  36. Gallery: Scientists Scan Striking Nanoscale Images
  37. Feb. 15, 2005: YouTube and Your 15 Minutes of Fame
  38. Found: Artifacts From the Future
  39. White House Must Answer For Missing Emails
  40. Incredible Robot Sings, Dances and Writes the Entire Bible
  41. Software co. SCO has new partners (AP)
  42. Microsoft shakes up online team ahead of Yahoo (Reuters)
  43. January video game sales hit $1.18 billion (Reuters)
  44. Computer Models Find Patterns In Asymmetric Threats
  45. Michael Bay singlehandedly wins the HD format war
  46. Net Giants & ISPs Fear Canadian DMCA, Seek Copyright Balance
  47. New 'Net Neutrality Bill Surfaces In House (Updated)
  48. Pirated Copies of Aussie 'Sopranos' in High Demand
  49. Computer Models Find Patterns in Asymmetric Threats
  50. Top Microsoft Web executive to depart (AP)
  51. January video game sales hit $1.18 billion (Reuters)
  52. Microsoft Battles Vista Perception With Prizes
  53. Valentine's Day demand slows card sites (AP)
  54. Microsoft shakes up online team ahead of Yahoo (Reuters)
  55. MacBook Air, Say Hello to Lenovo's ThinkPad X300 (NewsFactor)
  56. SCO Group has new partners (AP)
  57. Facebook Says Users Can Leave -- If They Ask (NewsFactor)
  58. New CO2-Capturing Material Could Make Power Plants Cleaner
  59. House Democrats Stand Up to Bush, Refuse to Rubber Stamp Domestic Spying
  60. Humans Screwing Up More Than Half of World's Oceans
  61. A Wired.com Favorite Photo Site in Trouble: TheOnesWeLove.org
  62. Red Hat's JBoss dons BlackTie to target BEA Tuxedo (InfoWorld)
  63. Scientists Find Solar System Like Ours
  64. The 15 Biggest Tech Acquisitions 1998 - 2008
  65. The New Evil Google Bot Logo! (What Google really is!)
  66. Eyelid Stickers Let You Sleep at Work if Your Coworkers...
  67. Hydrogen-Powered cars with Zero-Carbon-Emission?
  68. Pentagon Unveils Rogue Spy Sat Shootdown Plan
  69. Software Industry Group Sues eBay Sellers (PC World)
  70. SCO Goes Private With $100 Million Backing
  71. HARV gives soldiers a robot's-eye view
  72. Review: Media Extender links PC to TV (AP)
  73. Lose My Laptop, Gimme (Or Don't) $54 Million (NewsFactor)
  74. 'Friendly' Worms Could Spread Software Fixes
  75. New Book Raises Beloved Zine From the Photo Underground
  76. Microsoft Veep Moving to Vodafone Amid Shake-Up Rumors (NewsFactor)
  77. The Starbucks/AT&T Deal To Change Perception of Public Wi-Fi?
  78. 7 Lies You'll Hear From Salesmen At Electronics Stores
  79. 9 Practical Uses of Firefox's Web Developer Tool
  80. Evolution Pod Travels Through Land, Water and Air
  81. 10 Gadgets That Are Better Than Valentine's Dates
  82. From zero to hero, online dating pros offer tips (Reuters)
  83. Mobile industry embraces touch-screen; some bet on 'projector glasses' (AFP)
  84. Most analog cellular to fade away on Monday (InfoWorld)
  85. Sony PS3 seen leading hardware growth in 2008 (Reuters)
  86. US To Shoot Down Dying Satellite
  87. Officials: U.S. may shoot down spy satellite
  88. Pentagon to Shoot Down Rogue Satellite
  89. Morgan Goes Back to the Future With 1930s-Style Hydrogen Car
  90. Celebrate Valentine's Day With Some Gastropod Love
  91. Tracking Children of the (Cattle) Clones
  92. SIIA sues eBay-based software sellers (InfoWorld)
  93. Microsoft mobile boss to join Vodafone (Reuters)
  94. Video Dating Clicks With Web-Savvy Lonely Hearts
  95. UK to Deregulate Much of Broadband Market (PC World)
  96. Mobile Operators Encouraged to Think Green (PC World)
  97. Red Hat, Hyperic start open-source project (InfoWorld)
  98. UK ISPs Want Copyright Holders to Pay if Users Sue
  99. Nanowires Allow For Electricity-Generating Clothing
  100. First Video of Elmo Live Singing and Dancing
  101. Things I Learned At The Apple Store--From A Non-Techie,Part2
  102. AP: U.S. to shoot down spy satellite
  103. Astronauts prepare for third spacewalk
  104. Work Continues on New Space Station Lab
  105. Judge orders Oracle's lawsuit againt SAP to mediation (InfoWorld)
  106. New Android Development Kit Released by Google (NewsFactor)
  107. Laser Light Re-creates 'Black Holes' in the Lab
  108. Mobile ads take baby steps to reach consumers (Reuters)
  109. EU Commissioner Proposes 95 year Copyright
  110. BenQ T80 mobile to start field trial next month (InfoWorld)
  111. College Coders Working With IBM's Project Zero (PC World)
  112. Animated Film Set To Kick Off Star Wars TV Show
  113. Bill Would Reinforce Principle of Net Neutrality
  114. GPS spreading from cars to mobile phones (AFP)
  115. Mobile industry sees new security risks (Reuters)
  116. "The Club," a game that shoots for style (Reuters)
  117. New Legislation Could Eventually Lead to ISP Throttling Ban
  118. Polaroid fans deal with heartbreak
  119. Online dating fights over checks
  120. Android and LiMo in open source race (AP)
  121. Orthodox gays in Israel find support in Web site (Reuters)
  122. College coders working with IBM's Project Zero (InfoWorld)
  123. Watch DVDs on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc. with HandBrake
  124. Kaleidoscope
  125. Whatever Happened To The Joystick?
  126. BenQ T80 Mobile to Start Field Trial Next Month (PC World)
  127. Network operators encouraged to 'think green' (InfoWorld)
  128. Electronic Arts and IMG reach branding deal (Reuters)
  129. How Spam Was Done 70 Years Ago
  130. PageOnce to Put All Your Online Accounts in One Place
  131. Microsoft seeing Xbox shortages in U.S. (Reuters)
  132. Nvidia Completes Acquisition Of Gaming Software Maker Ageia (TechWeb)
  133. The ThinkPad Takes On The MacBook Air
  134. Economy splits telcos, hardware makers (Reuters)
  135. University Bows to RIAAs Demands for Student Names
  136. Borders opens bookshelves to digital services (USATODAY.com)
  137. Any EU roaming action would be wholesale: Reding (Reuters)
  138. Inferno Speaker Stops Thieves, Terrorists, Makes them Vomit
  139. Google to enter China online music sector (Reuters)
  140. How deep is your love? Korean passion phones know (Reuters)
  141. Network equipment makers bet on services growth (Reuters)
  142. BT, Carphone and Virgin Media agree ad exchange (Reuters)
  143. Iphone display BUBBLES when mad
  144. Australia's Geekiest Man
  145. Lockheed gets $1 billion FBI contract
  146. Feds to give go-ahead for 28-mile virtual fence
  147. Ubuntu Billboard in SoCal
  148. Bush Admin Shuts Down Website Tracking U.S. Economic Data
  149. Apple TV Take 2: an in-depth review (part 1)
  150. New Android SDK Out
  151. LEGO Monty Python Beats LEGO Star Wars, With a Stick
  152. RIAA gets Does' names after school threatened with contempt
  153. Students Downloading Jihadist Material Acquitted
  154. Yahoo exploring alliance with News Corp. (AP)
  155. Microsoft seeing Xbox shortages in U.S. (Reuters)
  156. Titan's Organics Surpass Oil Reserves on Earth
  157. Bad, Bad, BAD Idea
  158. Obama Campaign Used Spanish-Language Phone Banking, Texting to Get Out the Potomac Vo
  159. New Doctor Who Regenerates Fan Base
  160. Gamers Eye the iPhone, As SDK Approaches
  161. Feb. 14, 1929: Al Capone's .45 Caliber Valentine
  162. Online global terrorism map heads for the MOMA (AFP)
  163. Sprint's Limited WiMAX Launch Imminent (PC World)
  164. HP settles spying scandal claims (AP)
  165. Developers, Users Eagerly Await New Possibilities in iPhone SDK
  166. Is Yahoo Courting News Corp. as Ploy for Higher Microsoft Bid?
  167. Nano-fibers could power your iPod: study (AFP)
  168. Yahoo explores tie-up with Murdoch's News Corp.: report (AFP)
  169. US Set to Use Spy Satellites on US Citizens
  170. Valentine Special: How to Turn Your Flickr Crush Into Real Romance
  171. Phone Industry Plays Catch-Up With Touchscreens, Software
  172. Send a GOP E-Valentine to Someone You Love -- Or Hate
  173. Conflict of Interest? Dell Buys Bro's Co.
  174. Comcast FCC filing shows gap between hype, bandwidth reality
  175. Amazon.com tests retailer ads (AP)
  176. Report: State drug price sites flawed (AP)
  177. Can Sun turn downloads into dollars? (InfoWorld)
  178. Microsoft Pushes Copyright Education Curriculum
  179. Comcast Admits and Defends Network Throttling (NewsFactor)
  180. Yahoo's oneConnect Links Addresses To Social Networks (NewsFactor)
  181. Red Hat aims to make JBoss an enterprise player (InfoWorld)
  182. New 'Net Neutrality' Bill Introduced
  183. Multifunction Printers — The Forgotten Security Risk?
  184. Speedcabling ‐ Untangling For Fun and Profit
  185. Google updates Android software development kit (InfoWorld)
  186. Google's Android Stirs Mobile-Device Industry (NewsFactor)
  187. The $54 Million Laptop
  188. 5 Idiotic Patents You've Probably Never Heard Of
  189. New Net neutrality bill poised to surface in House
  190. Gangs Turn To Social Networking Sites To Recruit
  191. Etched LED Glass Door
  192. First Screens of Google Android's NEW User Interface
  193. Android and LiMo in open source race (AP)
  194. Multifunction Printers — The Forgotten Security Risk?
  195. Use of rogue DNS servers on rise (AP)
  196. Amazon.com tests retailer ads (AP)
  197. Study: Generation gap with Net shopping (AP)
  198. Report: News Corp., Yahoo in talks to fend off Microsoft (InfoWorld)
  199. Attack code posted for Microsoft Works bug (InfoWorld)
  200. Sun Will Buy Innotek, Developer of Virtualbox (NewsFactor)
  201. Surprise Surprise Thinkpad X300 also fits in a Manila Folder
  202. Is it time to consider PDF a threat?
  203. Drupal 6.0 has been RELEASED - download now
  204. Yahoo exploring alliance with News Corp. (AP)
  205. Cue Up the Acne-Fighting, 128-Meg MP3 Player
  206. Fighting the Most Lethal Diseases With 3-D Snapshots of Their Pathogens
  207. 50 Percent Chance Lake Mead Will Be Dry by 2021, Models Show
  208. Kung Fu Pulp Fiction RPG Dads
  209. World's Largest Science Gathering Promises New Discoveries, Global Impacts
  210. Piezoelectric Nanowires Turn Fabric Into Power Source
  211. Proposal: Yes to dot-pdf, no to dot-123 (AP)
  212. Orascom chief sounds warning (FT.com)
  213. The week in video-game news (AP)
  214. Hardware Based OpenID Service Available
  215. Correction: Yahoo acquisition story (AP)
  216. Nanotech research gets power from fabric (AP)
  217. Microsoft to offer subscription-based PCs in Russia (InfoWorld)
  218. DOE Shines $21M on Advanced Lighting Research
  219. 'Friend locator' could become next craze for social networkers (AFP)
  220. Sprint consolidates HQ in Kansas (AP)
  221. X Power Tools
  222. Writers Strike Officially Over
  223. Apple TV's 'Take 2' Update Is Finally Ready
  224. Is the Government Pushing Ethanol Too Aggressively?
  225. Tech-stiles: Clothes that produce power (AP)
  226. Disney Takes Another Stab at the House of the Future
  227. 10 Mistakes in Icon Design
  228. Apple Tv Review: Apple TV 2.0 Review
  229. Danish Pirate Bay Block Breaks EU Law
  230. Disneyland goes back to the future
  231. Monster Patch Tuesday Covers 17 Vulnerabilities (NewsFactor)
  232. Writers Strike Officially Over
  233. 4 YouTube Tools you Probably Donít Know About
  234. Here come the teeny, tiny, mini-projectors
  235. The Best Technologies You Can't Buy
  236. Spore Hands-On Preview
  237. Why Spore Will Be Absolutely Huge
  238. I Was a Sonic Blaster Guinea Pig
  239. Lake Mead Running Dry; Southwest Facing Water Crisis
  240. Yahoo acquires video service for $160M (AP)
  241. Bill bars Web traffic discrimination (AP)
  242. Harvard Faculty Adopts Open-Access Requirement
  243. How to Unlock Your iPhone for Any SIM
  244. 7 Products that Look Like Sex Toys But Aren't (Officially)
  245. Cyberthieves go phishing to rob banks
  246. German astronaut ready to spacewalk
  247. Disney Takes Another Stab at Forecasting the Future
  248. Comcast Defends Its Practice of Disrupting File Sharing
  249. BlackBerries Brought Down by a Routine Upgrade
  250. Danish ISP Will Fight Order to Block Pirate Bay (PC World)