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  1. Budget PCs and Mobile Devices Due from Acer (PC World)
  2. Comcast Defends Role As Internet Traffic Cop
  3. LG says laptop batteries safe (AP)
  4. Danish ISP prepares to fight Pirate Bay injunction (InfoWorld)
  5. Outer Space has a Smell
  6. Service Outage Gives BlackBerry a Black Eye (PC World)
  7. Speedcabling - Untangling for fun and profit.
  8. Disney revives 'House of the Future' (AP)
  9. Vonage narrows 4Q loss (AP)
  10. The Shadow Space Race
  11. IBM says it will continue large-scale hiring in India (InfoWorld)
  12. Air Force Seeking Geeks For 'Cyber Command'
  13. Confessions of a Caller-ID spoofer
  14. How Google Got Its Colorful Logo
  15. Apple Releases Apple TV 'Take 2' Update
  16. Microsoft Office development platform ups and downs (InfoWorld)
  17. US Group Calls Canada a Top Copyright Violator
  18. Mobile phone viruses are rare, but concern high: survey (AFP)
  19. News Coverage: iPhone Launch (PC World)
  20. Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 3 released today!
  21. Multi-Threaded SSH/SCP
  22. EA to ship Spore this September (Macworld.com)
  23. First look: Firefox 3 beta 3 polishes rough edges
  24. Japan delays high-speed Internet satellite: agency (AFP)
  25. Air Force Seeking Geeks For 'Cyber Command'
  26. Apple TV new "Take 2" features, pics, more
  27. Gallery: Will Wright Walks Us Through 'Spore'
  28. Sun Buys Innotek To Build Out Virtualization Products (TechWeb)
  29. ShareReactor Admin Found Guilty of Copyright Infringement
  30. Firefox 3 Beta 3 Officially Released
  31. Breathtaking Example of Organizing Books by Colour ( Pics )
  32. Budget Cuts Undermine U.S. Role in Atom-Smasher Project
  33. Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Don't Turn Your Back on Your Brain
  34. Feb. 13, 1990: Seeing the Earth as Others See Us
  35. Matsuura and Mizuguchi: Gaming's Innovative Geniuses Speak Out
  36. Comcast defends Internet practices (AP)
  37. Labels Agree On Free Music Downloads To Cell Phones
  38. Matchstick cube
  39. Comcast defends Internet practices (AP)
  40. 'Friend locator' could become next craze for social networkers (AFP)
  41. T-Mobile dumps Google for Yahoo (InfoWorld)
  42. Chipmaker Nvidia Makes A Big Leap Into Smart Phones (Investor's Business Daily)
  43. NYC may ban sex predators from online social sites (Reuters)
  44. EA to ship Spore this September (Macworld.com)
  45. Top 10 Valentine's Day Gadget Gifts for Gals
  46. Canon Files For DSLR Iris Registration Patent
  47. 3D Crystal Grown On a DNA Lattice
  48. 5 Reasons Why Illegal Downloaders Will Not Face a UK Ban
  49. Pirate Bay to IFPI: Danish ban has led to even more traffic
  50. Tagoo.ru Puts Pirated Music at Your Fingertips
  51. Senate Approves Telecom Amnesty, Widens Spying
  52. (Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers
  53. DVD Rip Automates One-Click DVD Ripping
  54. Luge Without Fear in Head-to-Toe Spandex at 90 MPH
  55. System upgrade caused Blackberry blackout: RIM (AFP)
  56. Linux-based Android and LiMo Dominate Mobile-Phone Show (NewsFactor)
  57. Microsoft Standing Firm On OOXML ISO Vote
  58. Latest Leopard Update Fixes Common Mac Headaches
  59. Krugle ships 2.0 version of code search engine (InfoWorld)
  60. First Sight of Google Android
  61. Log on at 30,000 feet
  62. 25 products we can't live without
  63. Why Real ID is a flawed law
  64. Get free digital photography goodies
  65. Give quick fixes for Internet connection hang-ups
  66. Get Presidents Day downloads
  67. Apple releases Apple TV "Take 2" software update
  68. Yahoo buys Maven Networks for $160 million (InfoWorld)
  69. Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 Challenges Apple's iPhone (NewsFactor)
  70. A Look Back At 10 Years of OSI
  71. 15th Anniversary: Gawker's Nick Denton on the State of Blogdom
  72. Ron Paul Fights on, Calls for March on Washington
  73. RIM probing cause of BlackBerry outage (InfoWorld)
  74. China Mobile lends backing to LTE (FT.com)
  75. 6% of Web Users Generate 50% of Ad Clicks
  76. Truck Driver's View on the World
  77. First look: Haiku poetically resurrects BeOS
  78. Yahoo announces integrated phone service (AP)
  79. New French first lady wants to keep her personality: report (AFP)
  80. Yahoo partners with T-Mobile in Europe (AFP)
  81. Microsoft Will Speed Up Vista SP1 Release (NewsFactor)
  82. US Senate Votes Immunity For Telecoms
  83. OpenID announces powerhouse board: MSFT, GOOG, IBM, others
  84. Wipers, Stereo Raise Price of Chevrolet Volt by $5,000
  85. EU Regulators Raid Intel Offices, Retail Outlets
  86. Russia, China Propose Banning Space-Based Weapons
  87. Complexity Theory Takes Evolution to Another Level
  88. HotOrNot Gets Cold Cash, Acquired by Canadian Media Company
  89. Yahoo acquires video service for $160M (AP)
  90. Android prototypes debut in Barcelona (AP)
  91. Microsoft Gets Hip With Danger Purchase (NewsFactor)
  92. Will Wright's Spore To Release Sept. 7th
  93. US Military Seeks Hypersonic Weaponry
  94. Cheapest HDMI Cable We've Seen is $2
  95. How to Start a Viral Political Campaign on YouTube
  96. Amazon.com fights online sales tax in NY (AP)
  97. Web Browsers Under Siege From Organized Crime
  98. In Search of the She-Geek
  99. Android Phone Prototypes Wow the Crowds
  100. Microsoft Gears Up as Yahoo Looks for a Way Out (NewsFactor)
  101. ZiPhone: jailbreak any version iPhone out of the box
  102. VAIO TZ gets a 64GB SDD + 250GB HDD configuration
  103. Modu LEGO-Like Cellphone System Video Hands-On
  104. BlackBerry blackout still unexplained
  105. Vodafone CEO Calls for Mobile OS Consolidation (PC World)
  106. Sun to buy VirtualBox maker Innotek (InfoWorld)
  107. Microsoft Had Doubts About the 'Vista Capable' Label
  108. An Older Demographic May Soon Dominate Gaming
  109. TechNet Users Revolt Over Vista SP1 Unavailability
  110. China Cracking Down on Internet as Part of Crime Sweep
  111. Nokia Adds Google to Mobile-Phone Search Engines (NewsFactor)
  112. 3G iPhone Coming Soon, Analysts Say (PC World)
  113. EU Regulator Raids Intel Offices
  114. HD DVD sad little response to Netflix, Best Buy snubs
  115. A Machine That Can Identify Bad Coffee By Smelling It
  116. U.S.: Arctic Oil Deposits May Be Ours, All Ours
  117. DotMobi database to help mobile developers (InfoWorld)
  118. Columbus Lab Secured to International Space Station
  119. AOL to Launch Mobile Development Platform (PC World)
  120. Vodafone CEO calls for mobile OS consolidation (InfoWorld)
  121. Yahoo shows off oneConnect social address book (InfoWorld)
  122. Haiku OS Resurrects BeOS as Open Source
  123. Scamming the Scammers: 5 Brilliant Reverse 419 Scams [Pics]
  124. Video traffic reshaping the Net
  125. Can Web create market for health care?
  126. First Organic Molecules Found on Alien World
  127. Apple Announces Aperture 2
  128. Microsoft Responds to Yahoo! Announcement
  129. Nokia says it will incorporate Google search engine in cell phones (AFP)
  130. No Messages Lost in BlackBerry Outage (PC World)
  131. China's software industry sees revenue rise more than 20 percent (AFP)
  132. Facebook A Black Hole For Personal Info
  133. Alcatel-Lucent, NEC create mobile technology joint venture (AFP)
  134. Security report claims Net holes hidden (AP)
  135. UK Government To Terminate File Sharers' Net Access
  136. Tolkien Trust Sues New Line, May Kill "Hobbit"
  137. Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update Brings Welcome Fixes
  138. Support grows for Sony's Blu-ray high-def DVDs (USATODAY.com)
  139. Tolkien Trust Sues New Line, May Kill "Hobbit"
  140. Nokia integrates Google into its search application (InfoWorld)
  141. DotMobi launches database for mobile Web developers (Reuters)
  142. Google's U.S. ad share drops for first time in two years (InfoWorld)
  143. No messages lost in BlackBerry outage, RIM says (InfoWorld)
  144. Patches keep coming: Apple fixes OS X security bugs (InfoWorld)
  145. Russia becomes 'spam superpower': survey
  146. Top 40 Photoshopped Images
  147. Nintendo "Super Smash Bros" Japan sales top 1 million (Reuters)
  148. Vodafone testing new mobile Internet technology (Reuters)
  149. Nokia search application to use Google (AP)
  150. Submersible Glider Powered By Thermal Changes
  151. Nokia to add Google search on handsets (Reuters)
  152. China targets Internet in crime sweep (AP)
  153. Nokia to offer Google search on phones (Reuters)
  154. A *lot* of new Compiz Fusion plugins and updates
  155. Windows XP Update Library On a CD
  156. Nokia's Touch UI Hands-On: Officially Way Behind Apple
  157. Inside Darth Vaderís helmet
  158. One Candidate Mastered Online Campaigning. Too Bad It Was Ron Paul
  159. Gallery: How Google Got Its Colorful Logo
  160. 15th Anniversary: Wired Cofounder Brews Up Innovative Chocolate
  161. Microsoft renews bid despite Yahoo rejection (AFP)
  162. Vodafone to launch mobile phone money transfer service in Afghanistan (AFP)
  163. Put to the Test: Nexaweb Enterprise Web Suite 2.0 (TechWeb)
  164. Evidence That The Digg Algorithm is Actually Fair
  165. Bad Form: Companies Still Send Passwords via Email
  166. Flash on iPhone: It's coming
  167. British illegal downloaders face Internet ban: report (AFP)
  168. Starbucks Drops T-Mobile For AT&T
  169. On Darwin's Birthday, Dover Still Isn't Over
  170. BlackBerry hit by major disruption in US, Canada (AFP)
  171. More Options With Tomorrow's Cell Phones (PC World)
  172. Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update Brings Welcome Fixes
  173. Mac OS X (Leopard) 10.5.2 Update Released
  174. Microsoft Updates Office Live Small Business (PC World)
  175. Patches keep coming as Apple fixes OS X security bugs (PC World)
  176. Starbucks Dumps T-Mobile in Favor of AT&T (PC World)
  177. Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid (Reuters)
  178. Finke Photographs Faces of the Friendly Skies
  179. Feb. 12, 1878: A Face-Saving Invention From Harvard
  180. Coming Soon to a Cellphone Near You: Isabella Rossellini Mounting a Housefly
  181. Security report claims Net holes hidden (AP)
  182. YouTube lands on America Movil cell phones (Reuters)
  183. Watch Game|Life's Weekly Vlog, Episode 1
  184. BlackBerry Service Out in North America
  185. Starbucks Drops T-Mobile Hotspots, Brings in AT&T WiFi
  186. 'Misinformed Craze' for Hybrids Delays Greener Technology
  187. Bluetooth to Work With Wi-Fi (PC World)
  188. Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid (Reuters)
  189. TechNet Users Revolt Over Vista SP1 Unavailability
  190. New Mashup Turns Google Maps Into Location-Based Blogging Tool
  191. Microsoft's Next Move Gives Shareholders the Shivers
  192. Backyard Wrestling Meets Live-Action Japanese Monster Movies
  193. BlackBerry service out in N. America (AP)
  194. Outage knocks BlackBerry users offline (InfoWorld)
  195. Samsung Sued Over "Defective" Blu-ray Player
  196. The Authorities Have Your Skeleton On File
  197. Amazing "Cloth Physics" Simulator
  198. Yahoo rejects Microsoft's takeover bid (AP)
  199. More mobile devices can access Web (AP)
  200. Analysts: 3G iPhone may reach users by midyear (InfoWorld)
  201. Starbucks switches to free AT&T Wi-Fi (AP)
  202. Space Shuttle Secrets Stolen For China
  203. Omnifone announces MusicStation Handset (AP)
  204. Protoypes shown of Android phones (AP)
  205. BlackBerry hit by major disruption in US, Canada (AFP)
  206. Trend Micro Draws Boycott Over AV Patent Case
  207. Answering anger, eBay cuts more fees (AP)
  208. Minn. Web site creates health market (AP)
  209. Advertising's lucrative new frontier (FT.com)
  210. "Anonymous" Takes Scientology Protest to the Streets
  211. DARPA Advances AI Program For Air Traffic Control
  212. BlackBerry out of service in North America
  213. Gorgeous CNG-Fueled Porsche Clone Debuts in Geneva
  214. Underwater Robot Test is Practice for Jovian Moon
  215. Start a Nonprofit and Join Election '08 YouTube Free-For-All
  216. BlackBerry service out in N. America (AP)
  217. White-space converter fizzles, again (AP)
  218. Android Comes to Life in Barcelona (PC World)
  219. How Sticky Is Membership on Facebook? Just Try Breaking Free
  220. sudo rm -rf /
  221. MacBook Air face-off: HDD vs SSD (with video)
  222. Leopard 10.5.2 Update is Live, here's what it fixes
  223. Starbucks dumps T-Mobile in favor of AT&T (InfoWorld)
  224. Sony Ericsson Offers Windows Mobile Phone for Business (NewsFactor)
  225. 'Office 14' to Be More Web-Friendly, Gates Says (PC World)
  226. EU Plans to Require Biometrics for Visitors
  227. Starbucks Announces Free WiFi
  228. Microsoft succumbs to Apple envy, buys Danger
  229. Yahoo rejects Microsoft buyout offer as undervalued (AFP)
  230. Microsoft to buy mobile startup Danger (AP)
  231. How Internet video is clogging the pipes (AP)
  232. More mobile devices can access Web (AP)
  233. Netflix Adopts Blu-ray Standard for High-Def Movies (NewsFactor)
  234. Review: `Definitely' crackles then drags (AP)
  235. DARPA Advances AI Program for Air Traffic Control
  236. The Future of Firefox: Chris Blizzard speaks at SCALE
  237. A small city in Israel sues Google for false information
  238. Date Set for Presidential Candidate Debate on Science 2008
  239. Nokia N96 and More Mind-Blowing Smartphones from GSMA
  240. Senior ad exec leaves AOL for startups (AP)
  241. Q&A: Ubisoft CEO Says Games Need More Emotion
  242. Demand for video reshaping Internet (AP)
  243. Only in Japan: The best technologies you can't buy (InfoWorld)
  244. Android comes to life in Barcelona (InfoWorld)
  245. Two companies settle software copyright claims (InfoWorld)
  246. Microsoft Trolling for New Acquisitions
  247. Real 3D interface by Compiz Fusion soon?
  248. EU: Internet roaming fees must drop (AP)
  249. Microsoft buys mobile software company Danger (InfoWorld)
  250. Internet "Creates Pedophiles" According to "Expert"