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  1. Repairs complete on 2 Internet cables (AP)
  2. Netflix dumps HD DVD, opts for Blu-ray (InfoWorld)
  3. Microsoft Steps Up Mobile Consumer Push (PC World)
  4. ISP Block on Pirate Bay Not Having Desired Effect
  5. The Funniest Windows Firewall Spoof Image
  6. EU in new assault on 'rip-off' mobile phone charges (AFP)
  7. Open Android Platform Comes Alive in Barcelona (NewsFactor)
  8. Encryption Could Make You More Vulnerable
  9. Coming Recession Expected to Hit Tech Spending Hard
  10. Starbucks, AT&T in deal for free Wi-Fi in US (AFP)
  11. Carriers Team to Fight Child Porn on Cell Phones (PC World)
  12. Microsoft Office developer conference to get under way (InfoWorld)
  13. Next Year's Laws, Now Out In Beta!
  14. Android Hands-On Video: It's Fast, It's Still Not There
  15. Benchmarking the Benchmarks
  16. The 3G iPhone: Do we have it all wrong?
  17. First Hands On Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1
  18. Nortel and Motorola in talks: report (AP)
  19. LiMo's Linux phone platform picks up 18 phones (InfoWorld)
  20. Red Hat, Ubuntu Win Linux Popularity Poll (PC World)
  21. Smelling a Winner, Netflix Jumps on Blu-ray Bandwagon
  22. As Expected, Yahoo Spurns Microsoft's Marriage Proposal
  23. Samsung develops multimedia chip for smart phones (InfoWorld)
  24. T-Mobile gets OK to buy carrier (AP)
  25. New Software Secures Text Messages (PC World)
  26. Benchmarking the Benchmarks
  27. Domain Key Identified Mail vs Phishing
  28. Celltrust targets banks with encrypted SMS app (InfoWorld)
  29. Microsoft slams the door on Vista pirates
  30. Astronauts prepare for spacewalk
  31. Yahoo formally rejects Microsoft offer (AP)
  32. Starbucks to offer free Wi-Fi with AT&T (AP)
  33. Netflix opts for Blu-ray high-def DVDs (AP)
  34. 'White-label' social networking set for shake-up (InfoWorld)
  35. EA announces first wave of Hasbro video games (Reuters)
  36. Live Blogs From the Hans Reiser Trial
  37. Nokia opens factory in Romania (AP)
  38. Social-networking sites going global (USATODAY.com)
  39. Sprint CEO aims for winning strategy (USATODAY.com)
  40. Tibco adds Eclipse, ESB to SOA platform (InfoWorld)
  41. SP1 Unsuccessful in Preventing Vista Hacks
  42. The Grammy In Mathematics
  43. Bluetooth to piggyback on Wi-Fi (AP)
  44. EU's Reding wants "credible" roaming cuts (Reuters)
  45. Sony Ericsson to make Windows Mobile phone (InfoWorld)
  46. Top Mobile Broadband Notebooks Named (PC World)
  47. World's mobile phone industry gathers in Barcelona (AFP)
  48. Google's Android software debuts in Barcelona (AFP)
  49. Red Hat, Ubuntu top vendor's usage study (InfoWorld)
  50. Economic fears dragging on tech spending (AP)
  51. Random House to sell books by the chapter online: report (Reuters)
  52. Outfitting the iPhone for business (InfoWorld)
  53. Telef├│nica launches EU40m venture fund (FT.com)
  54. Mashups Are Breaking the Mold at Microsoft
  55. Ethics In IT
  56. Yahoo seeks to restart merger talks with AOL: paper (Reuters)
  57. Nokia unveils 4 phones, opens media-sharing site (Reuters)
  58. Samsung hopes to have Google phone early 2009 (Reuters)
  59. TI to demonstrate prototype Google Android phone (Reuters)
  60. LG, Samsung bet on new mobile Linux platform (Reuters)
  61. LiMo Gains Steam as Mobile Linux of Choice (PC World)
  62. Design your own desktop with Xfce 4.4
  63. Ten Principles Of Effective Web Design
  64. New Tools Support Mobile Web 2.0 Apps (PC World)
  65. Nanowires of Unlimited Length
  66. Only in Japan: The Best Technologies You Can't Buy (PC World)
  67. Some breast cancer websites inaccurate study finds (Reuters)
  68. 10 Amazing Tree Houses from Around the World [w/PICS]
  69. The Coffee Cup PC Concept.... Hot!
  70. Security Research and Blackmail
  71. Wireless Conference Opens in Barcelona
  72. Tor Books Is Giving Away E-Books
  73. Video: Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 "Panel Interface"
  74. Wired.com Photo Contest: Show Us Your Holga
  75. Is Virtual Destruction an Art Form?
  76. Inside the Multimillion-Dollar Battle to Host the Air Force's New 'Cyber Command'
  77. Feb. 11, 1847: Look Out, World, Here Comes Tom Edison
  78. 'No More Heroes,' 'Rez HD' Sport Serious Style
  79. Microsoft, Sony Ericsson enter alliance (AP)
  80. Music on mobiles found to be a favorite in China (Reuters)
  81. Semantic Web Getting Real
  82. Apple applies for trademark extension relating to gaming
  83. Microsoft, Sony Ericsson enter alliance (AP)
  84. Sony Ericsson Readies Windows Mobile Phone (PC World)
  85. 0$ Airbrush
  86. Best Open Source License For Hardware?
  87. Bluetooth to Use Wi-Fi for Faster Data Transfers
  88. Three Minutes with Facebook's Privacy Chief (PC World)
  89. Tor Is Giving Away E-Books
  90. Apple seeks staff for new Europe stores (Reuters)
  91. Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 iPhone killing QWERTY
  92. Linux Kernel 2.6 Local Root Exploit
  93. Wireless industry meets in Barcelona (AP)
  94. Minn. Web site creates health market (AP)
  95. Mom starts online toy rental service (AP)
  96. Ginormous 'Blue Screen of Death' Hits Las Vegas
  97. Message to Yahoo: How to Negotiate with Microsoft [Humor]
  98. Studies Say Biofuels Worse Than Gasoline
  99. Nokia's migration shows Brussels' failure (FT.com)
  100. France Suspends Use of GM Corn
  101. Bluetooth to piggyback on Wi-Fi (AP)
  102. Sony Ericsson unveils seven new phones (Reuters)
  103. WGA Under Vista SP1 Is Kinder and Nags More
  104. Pink Floyd Album Box set
  105. Writers Support Studios' Digital Media Deal; Strike Vote Pending
  106. Emerging markets shake up the old order in telecoms (FT.com)
  107. Is Microsoft Office Adware?
  108. Antarctic Expedition To Track Down Extreme Living Creatures
  109. Knee Brace Generates Electricity From Walking
  110. Spanish police detain 76 in major Internet fraud probe (AFP)
  111. Antarctic Expedition to Track Down Extreme Living Creatures
  112. Three Minutes with Red Hat's Chief (PC World)
  113. Knee Brace Generates Electricity from Walking
  114. Web Graphic Design for Small Businesses
  115. Six-Word Memoirs
  116. Dell drops AMD chips from many machines
  117. Examining the Search and Seizure of Electronics at Airports
  118. OpenBSD Will Not Fix PRNG Weakness
  119. Old Mac server survives Digg and just keeps on ticking
  120. Name the New Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
  121. Greener Gadgets Design Competition winners
  122. CanGoogleHearMe is Releasing Idea; Finds Friend in Yahoo.
  123. EU pressures operators to lower data roaming rates (Reuters)
  124. Amazon Erases Orders To Cover Up Pricing Mistake
  125. With Cognos In Its Fold, IBM Gets On With BI Integration (TechWeb)
  126. Should IBM's SOM/DSOM Be Open Sourced?
  127. Science Debate 2008
  128. Update: Microsoft responds to "Save XP" petition (InfoWorld)
  129. Biofuels Make Greenhouse Gases Worse
  130. WGA Deal Points Arrives; Writers Await Debate
  131. Yahoo's Board REJECTS Microsoft takeover Offer!
  132. House Leaders Oppose Immunity for Telecoms
  133. New Knee Device Can Juice Up Your Mobile Gear (NewsFactor)
  134. Serious Vulnerability In Firefox
  135. Writers Consider Studio's Digital Media Deal
  136. The FDA Links Deaths to Botox Use
  137. Atlantis Delivers Space Station's New Science Lab
  138. Wii: Physical Therapy's Popular New Tool
  139. Custom Communities Thrive--But Which Will Survive? (PC World)
  140. Microsoft says "sorry" with free Valentine's Zune 80 players
  141. Has Ron Paul Quit?
  142. New Version of Safari is twice as fast!
  143. A Smart Pillbox To Improve Medication Compliance
  144. Yahoo to reject Microsoft bid: report (AFP)
  145. Timbaland, Verizon making mobile music together (Reuters)
  146. Yahoo To Reject Microsoft Bid
  147. Report: Yahoo to Reject Microsoft Bid
  148. Science Debate 2008
  149. eBay to buy back stolen historical items (AP)
  150. Adobe PDF Exploits In the Wild
  151. Energy From Raindrops
  152. The Pirate Bay and Filesharers Backed by Swedish Politicians
  153. Namco Blames Wii for Arcade Closures
  154. Virtualization in Linux: A Review of Four Software Choices
  155. AMD delaying quad-core Phenom 9700 and 9900 once again?
  156. Nokia turns people into traffic sensors
  157. Microsoft Buys 3D Developer (PC World)
  158. Yet Another Perpetual Motion Device
  159. Microsoft Helps Nab $900M Piracy Ring
  160. RIAA president "simply musing" about filters on your PC
  161. Dell Shifts its AMD Systems to Retail Sales (PC World)
  162. Making Use of Terabytes of Unused Storage
  163. Shuttle closes in on space station
  164. Hacked Antivirus Site Delivers a Virus (PC World)
  165. Energy from raindrops
  166. Star Swallows Companion, Burps Out Planet-Forming Cloud
  167. Weekend Protest to Support Jailed Saudi Blogger (PC World)
  168. WV Assessor Sues to Keep Tax Maps Off the Internet
  169. Doctors use Wii games for rehab therapy (AP)
  170. 69 Linux-Unix cheat sheets - The ultimate collection
  171. 3G iPhone on the Way?
  172. Your MySpace Web Browser Is Coming
  173. Protecting Online Identity Through Cryptography
  174. ComScore Says 'Researchware' Isn't 'Spyware' (TechWeb)
  175. Maligned aircraft finds redemption in Iraq
  176. Star Swallows Companion, Burps Out Planet-Forming Cloud
  177. Yahoo board strategizes on Microsoft bid: report (Reuters)
  178. W3C Gets Excessive DTD Traffic
  179. Wine 0.9.55 Released
  180. For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Parody Guitar Videos Banned By YouTube
  181. Reports: Yahoo board mulls Microsoft bid (AP)
  182. Dell moves most AMD consumer PCs offline to retail (InfoWorld)
  183. Shareholders Want Microsoft-Yahoo Deal — Pronto
  184. Facebook privacy chief: Data portability dangers overlooked (InfoWorld)
  185. ARM Will Show Android Phone at Mobile Conference (NewsFactor)
  186. Several companies to demo Google's Android (Reuters)
  187. Zvents Releases Open Source Cluster Database Based on Google
  188. TorrentFreedom Offers 100% Anon and Unrestricted BitTorrent
  189. Three Smart Things You Should Know About Leap Years
  190. Is Iran Still on the Internet? Find Out With Traceroute
  191. Review: Fujitsu Lifebook S6510 Travels Light, Won't Cheat Power Users
  192. Microsoft 'Field Testing' Windows for OLPC Computers
  193. Microsoft's Bid for Yhoo Loses Value Since Offer (PC World)
  194. Microsoft Under Third EU Investigation for OOXML
  195. OpenID Foundation Adds Internet Heavyweights (NewsFactor)
  196. Facebook Releases Site in Spanish; German & French to Follow
  197. U. Wisconsin sues Intel over chip tech (AP)
  198. Dell drops AMD chips from many machines (AP)
  199. Microsoft's price for Yahoo loses value (InfoWorld)
  200. College Funding Bill Passes House, P2P Provision Intact
  201. Firm: Anchor cut major Internet cable
  202. 'Wiihab' used to help patients heal
  203. Exclusive Preview: Discovery Channel's Earth Live Web App
  204. Wireless fair set to stage mobile Web battle (Reuters)
  205. Knee Device Charges Portable Batteries (NewsFactor)
  206. Intel Sued Over Core 2 Duo Patent Infringement
  207. Yahoo Offers All-You-Can-Eat Storage and Bandwidth
  208. Who Owns What in Web 2.0
  209. EA's CEO Talks About His Screwups, Successes
  210. When It Comes to Wind Power, Who Teaches the Teachers?
  211. WSO2 joining open-source SOA registry field (InfoWorld)
  212. Is Linus Torvalds Speaking for Linux Anymore?
  213. CNNU: Facebook rocks the vote
  214. Microsoft, police fight against counterfeiters
  215. Game Exec Talks About Microsoft's Pivotal Year
  216. Israel Mulls Viagra-Style Drugs to Keep Pilots Up
  217. Pentagon Plots Sim Iraq for Propaganda Tests
  218. Abandoned anchor cut Gulf Internet cable (AP)
  219. Intel Skulltrail Benchmark and Analysis
  220. Magic Cube Heralds the Future of Gaming and Human Interfaces
  221. Controversial college funding bill passed, P2P provision too
  222. Google tries to sneak "Team Edition" suite past IT help desk
  223. World's mobile phone industry heads for Barcelona (AFP)
  224. Tibco adds Eclipse, ESB to SOA platform (InfoWorld)
  225. Chinese Professor Sues Google, Yahoo Over Search Exclusion
  226. Doctors use Wii games for rehab therapy (AP)
  227. Modular Mobile Phone Offers Some Big Benefits (NewsFactor)
  228. Short Range Personal Radar Device
  229. Out of the box 1.1.3 iPhones now software unlockable
  230. 10-Year Anniversary of Open Source
  231. 50 Proprietary Programs We All Hate--and the OS Alternatives
  232. Monster Cables, Monster Ripoff: 80% Markups
  233. Comcast tweaks Terms of Service in wake of throttling uproar
  234. Grim Forecast: 1 Billion Tobacco-Related Deaths by 2100
  235. Hostile ta Vista, Baby
  236. Microsoft Plays Crimebuster to Defend Its Turf
  237. Italy takes Jewish teachers "blacklist" off Internet (Reuters)
  238. RIAA's Attack On NewYorkCountryLawyer Fails
  239. 50 Great Gadgets That No Geek or Nerd Should Live Without
  240. Yahoo board to meet on Microsoft offer: report (Reuters)
  241. SugarCRM eyes a public offering (InfoWorld)
  242. Deal Reportedly Reached In Writers' Strike
  243. Astronauts to check shuttle for damage
  244. Half of UK men would swap sex for 50 inch TV (Reuters)
  245. Samsung Shows Latest Ultra-Edition Handset (PC World)
  246. Facebook Kicks Off International Push en Espa˝ol (PC World)
  247. Hotmail Doesn't Work With Linux Firefox 2.0
  248. How to Travel Through Time in Nine Easy Steps
  249. Analyzing the Internet Collapse
  250. US Intelligence: Second Life is a Potential Terrorist Haven!