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  1. Yahoo! Live Video Streaming Service Opens To The Public
  2. Alcatel-Lucent suffers Q4 loss on writedown (InfoWorld)
  3. Mozilla patches critical Firefox flaws (InfoWorld)
  4. Torvalds On Desktop Linux's Slow Uptake
  5. New Authentication Scheme Proposed
  6. 1st-person shooting games win top honors (AP)
  7. Microsoft buys 3D company for Virtual Earth (InfoWorld)
  8. Facebook kicks off international push en Español (InfoWorld)
  9. Samsung shows latest Ultra-edition handset (InfoWorld)
  10. Keep Windows XP until 2009, analysts tell Microsoft (InfoWorld)
  11. TSA Changes Screening Based on Blog Suggestion
  12. First Amendment Ruling Protects Internet Trolls
  13. Last Call: Analog Cell Phone Service Disappearing (PC World)
  14. Microsoft helps nab $900M piracy ring (AP)
  15. Modu to launch tiny phone 'module' (AP)
  16. Birds Give a Lesson to Plane Designers
  17. Feds querying labels over 'Total Music' (AP)
  18. Cuban youths pose tough questions in surprising video (AFP)
  19. Around 40 of the Worlds Strangest Tanks
  20. The Natural History of the Only Child
  21. Startup Plans to Solve Online Identity Theft, But Does Anyone Care?
  22. Feb. 8, 1996: We (Mostly) Celebrate 24 Hours in Cyberspace
  23. Comcast's New Terms of Service Disclose Traffic Management
  24. Windows installer for Amarok 2 tech preview 1 available
  25. 10 great free downloads for your network
  26. Like Apple, Intel Wants to Put the 'Internet in Your Pocket'
  27. Softbank profit surges fourfold (AP)
  28. Technorati CEO sees opportunity in the changing Web (InfoWorld)
  29. Antivirus company's Web site downloads ... a virus (InfoWorld)
  30. "Guitar Hero" makes Activision into profit hero (Reuters)
  31. Apple's Safari 3.1 to support downloadable web fonts, more
  32. Intel sued by Univ of WI for Core 2 Duo patent infringement
  33. Interview: XBox Media Center hits the Macintosh scene
  34. 10 Most Amazing Google Search Tricks
  35. Investor worries hang over Microsoft bid (AP)
  36. Facebook speaks Spanish for first time (AP)
  37. Facebook launches Spanish version of website (AFP)
  38. FBI Sought Approval To Use Spyware Through FISC
  39. Windows to ruin Nokia phones
  40. The Future of XML
  41. Apple Cuts iPhone, iPod Touch Production (NewsFactor)
  42. Free The Pirate Bay, Wear Yellow for Sharing
  43. Tools of the Trade: The Lucrative and Life-Saving Industry of Biophysics
  44. Mitt Romney Drops Out of the Presidential Race
  45. Investor worries hang over Microsoft bid (AP)
  46. Time Warner Will Split Off AOL Dial-Up Business (NewsFactor)
  47. Microsoft responds to "Save XP" petition (InfoWorld)
  48. Mastiff cooking up a video game for gluttons (AFP)
  49. Bruce Schneier Weighs in on IT Lock-in Strategies
  50. Do Not Call Registry Set to Become Permanent
  51. RIAA boss Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs
  52. Potent DNA Vaccines May Be Viable Thanks to the Humble Tattoo Gun
  53. MS, Google and Other Big Names Throw Weight Behind OpenID
  54. Google CEO named chairman of think tank (AP)
  55. CEO Jim Whitehurst pilots Red Hat into future (InfoWorld)
  56. As the End of Analog TV Approaches, Converter Boxes Are Scarce
  57. Google News Goes Local With Neighborhood Headlines
  58. Encrypted laptop poses legal dilemma (AP)
  59. Device-Driver Snafu Delays Vista SP1 Rollout (NewsFactor)
  60. Cell Hits 45nm, PS3 Price Drop Likely to Follow
  61. Cable Cut Fever Grips the Web
  62. Reusable camera pill would be about $300
  63. Gates charity's head an 'accidental' CEO (AP)
  64. Viacom not in talks to buy Take-Two: source (Reuters)
  65. PC World Tests Final Version of Vista SP1
  66. PluggedIn: Foreclosure Web sites expand audience (Reuters)
  67. Install Copyright Filters on PCs, Says RIAA Boss
  68. Modu Unveils Modular, Transformer-style Phone
  69. Technology Gets Chic (PC World)
  70. The Evolution of Tech Companies Logos
  71. LEGO Electric Chair, Too Far? [Pics]
  72. Bad weather threatens to delay Atlantis launch
  73. One Internet cut explained, but four others still a mystery (AFP)
  74. AT&T Catching Up With Expanded 3G Network (NewsFactor)
  75. Cobra language slithering to open source (InfoWorld)
  76. Autonomy Adds Virtualization to E-Discovery (PC World)
  77. Muslim Groups Attempt to Censor Wikipedia
  78. Facebook Sharing Too Much Personal Data With Application Developers
  79. Diagnostic Camera Not Hard to Swallow, Which Is What You Do
  80. Study: Removing Clot Entirely Better Than Simple Angioplasty
  81. Antivirus Inventor Says Security Pros Are Wasting Time
  82. Is Visual Taste Perception Coloring Your Appetite?
  83. Time Warner to ditch AOL dial-up biz... Good luck with that
  84. Guitar Rising for Real Guitar Heroes
  85. Update: Major vendors join OpenID board (InfoWorld)
  86. Cell Phones to Get Widgets (PC World)
  87. Major Vendors Join OpenID Board (PC World)
  88. Gameworld: Virtual market for predicting game sales (Reuters)
  89. Li-Ion Batteries Hit Final R&D Phase for Plug-in Cars
  90. 'Modu' mobile can transform into a new phone (InfoWorld)
  91. OpenID Foundation Embraced by Big Players
  92. Dangerous blow-pipe
  93. Yang Struggles to Keep the Microsoft Wolf From Yahoo's Door
  94. ARM to show Google phone prototype Monday: source (Reuters)
  95. Technology gets chic (InfoWorld)
  96. Google Apps adds work group features for businesses (Reuters)
  97. Are These People Reshaping the Gaming Industry?
  98. U.S. Confiscating Data at the Border
  99. Facebook to Punish Stupid Applications, Reward Good Ones
  100. Facebook Links Up With Vodafone on Mobile Platform (PC World)
  101. eBay to Drop Negative Feedback on Buyers
  102. Canadians Wary of 'Enhanced Drivers Licenses'
  103. Three undersea cables seen fixed by weekend (Reuters)
  104. Access shows browser widgets for cell phones (InfoWorld)
  105. Li-Ion Batteries Hit Final R&D Phase for Plug-in Cars
  106. Does Anonymity In Virtual Worlds Breed Terrorism?
  107. AT&T plans major 3G expansion ahead of second-gen iPhone
  108. Google ramps up Office challenge (USATODAY.com)
  109. Slacker sets you free to listen to customized radio (USATODAY.com)
  110. One Computer to Rule Them All
  111. 'Digital divide' widens between rich and poor countries: UNCTAD (AFP)
  112. Facebook links up with Vodafone on mobile platform (InfoWorld)
  113. Japan's Softbank says nine-month profit up four-fold (AFP)
  114. U.S. stocks head for lower open (AP)
  115. Security by subscription (InfoWorld)
  116. KDE 4.0.1 Release Announcement
  117. Canadians Weary of 'Enhanced Drivers Licenses'
  118. Danish Police Befuddled by 1G iMac
  119. The Pirate Bay Interrogations
  120. Sony's Tinyest TV Ever
  121. Consumers can scan bank deposits at home (AP)
  122. Does Anonymity In Virtual Worlds Breed Terrorism?
  123. Modu to launch tiny phone 'module' (AP)
  124. Mr. Know-It-All: Playing Party Hero, Deflecting Errant E-mail, Avoiding Online Bait-a
  125. Ecotopias Aren't Just for Hippies Anymore -- and They're Sprouting Up Worldwide
  126. With iPhone, 'Security' Is Code for 'Control'
  127. Feb. 7, 1863: An Early Stab at Organizing the Elements
  128. Super Tuesday Gadgets Include Multitouch Screens, ThinkPads, 3-D Displays
  129. Show Me the Money! Dealipedia to Unveil Secretive Business Pacts
  130. Google software makes it easier to share (AP)
  131. Modu unveils flexible phone with "jacket" range (Reuters)
  132. LG Phone Highlights Tactile User Interface (TechWeb)
  133. Ad Infuse Launches Ad-Serving For iPhone (TechWeb)
  134. Yahoo ends usage charges on small business sites (Reuters)
  135. Apple Fixes Critical QuickTime Bug (PC World)
  136. See-Through Fish Help Cancer Research
  137. Sun's Schwartz cites MySQL's growth rate as incentive (InfoWorld)
  138. Yahoo seeking ways to avoid a Microsoft takeover: Yang (AFP)
  139. Microsoft Responds to 'Save XP' Petition
  140. The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD Burner
  141. Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Means Dwindling Options for AOL
  142. Analysts Throw Cold Water On Any IBM-AMD Marriage (Investor's Business Daily)
  143. Game Biz Guns for Mainstream by Going Casual
  144. Send Huge Files to Your Friends with Pando
  145. Mac Hack Contest Redux
  146. Wonderful Tensegrity Structures
  147. TrueCrypt 5.0 Released!!!
  148. Napster posts smaller 3Q deficit (AP)
  149. Apple fixes critical QuickTime bug (InfoWorld)
  150. The week in video-game news (AP)
  151. Does a $2,500 Tata Nano in India Mean Higher Gas Prices, More CO2 Everywhere Else?
  152. Cable-Cutting Fever Grips the Web
  153. The Ultimate Surround Sound Receiver and a Customizable Net Radio PMP
  154. Flickr Still Fired Up About Possible Microsoft Takeover
  155. Humorless Metalheads Shut Down Popular YouTuber
  156. Sci-Fi Tech We Could Have Right Now (For a Price)
  157. Napster posts smaller 3Q deficit (AP)
  158. California court bars unmasking of Web critic (Reuters)
  159. Nvidia Buys Ageia to Boost Gaming Performance (NewsFactor)
  160. Best Laptop for Going Around the World?
  161. This program repeats whatever line you trace w/your mouse...
  162. Sheldon Brown, Web's Cycling Guru, Dies
  163. As Yahoo Mulls Options, Microsoft Demos Ad Technologies (NewsFactor)
  164. Autonomy adds virtualization to e-discovery (InfoWorld)
  165. Global reach helps Cisco post strong Q2 earnings (InfoWorld)
  166. Breakthrough in Holographic Displays
  167. FBI's Custom 'CIPAV' Spyware Taken to Secretive Surveillance Court
  168. Yahoo CEO hoping to thwart Microsoft (AP)
  169. Future unclear as AOL ad growth at low (AP)
  170. Cisco 2Q profit matches expectations (AP)
  171. Pill-sized camera can be swallowed (AP)
  172. LG aims to sell 38 pct more handsets in Europe (Reuters)
  173. Danish ISP Tele2 Challenges Pirate Bay Blockade
  174. Voter-'Verification' Device Triggers Primary Snafus in South
  175. Old Pulp Fiction Never Dies, It Just Finds a New Biz Model
  176. Exasperated eBay Sellers Threaten to Strike
  177. Video chat software introduces recording (AP)
  178. Robotic Telescope Installed on Antarctica Plateau
  179. Music Industry Sics Its Lawyers on Chinese Websites
  180. Guinness to release book of game records (AP)
  181. White Paper Decries RIAA Attempts To Raise Infringement Payouts
  182. How a BitTorrent Tracker Owner Hides from the MPAA/RIAA
  183. No spin: Ars reviews the MacBook Air with solid state drive
  184. Small wonder: inside Intel's Silverthorne ultramobile CPU
  185. Verizon Rejects Hollywood’s Call to Aid Piracy Fight
  186. New cable taking new route after Web cut (AP)
  187. Review: Meade MySky educates, entertains (AP)
  188. Time Warner to split AOL Internet business (InfoWorld)
  189. Users Worldwide Feel Internet Is 'Safer'
  190. Duke Nukem Forever 'Confirmed' For Late 2008
  191. Microsoft tinkers with scary-smart ads
  192. Facebook fraudster 'stole prince's ID'
  193. Music companies sue China's Baidu, Sohu (AP)
  194. Rich-poor "digital divide" still broad, says UNCTAD (Reuters)
  195. FCC's Wireless Spectrum Auction Picks Up Steam (NewsFactor)
  196. Spanish capital becomes home to video game test centre (AFP)
  197. Drupal 5 Themes
  198. So you have a Wifi Hotspot, Utah wants you to Verify Userage
  199. The Pirate Bay Fights Danish ISP Block
  200. Danish ISP may fight order to fence in The Pirate Bay (InfoWorld)
  201. Forbes.com names America's most wired cities
  202. Malware evolving too fast for antivirus apps
  203. Best home-office and small-business printers
  204. Five ways to get over your iPhone envy
  205. Get the most out of your digital camera
  206. Get Valentine's Day downloads
  207. UN: mobile haves to overtake have-nots (AP)
  208. IBM adds fuel to Information on Demand strategy (InfoWorld)
  209. Time-Warner Planning AOL Split
  210. Master Diebold Key Copied From Web Site
  211. Fifth Cable Cut To Middle East
  212. Iron Man Uses Dell Servers, Drinks Too Much (PICs)
  213. 25 Incredible Skins and Tools for the Gmail Power User
  214. Microsoft Bid Underscores Online Advertising's Strength
  215. Master Diebold Key Copied From Web Site
  216. Bigelow, Lockheed Martin in rocket talks
  217. Time Warner wants to split two AOL businesses (Reuters)
  218. Reaction Engines plan Mach 5 Airliner
  219. Blackberry maker pings Hill on patents (AP)
  220. Opera Offers PC-Like Browsing on Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  221. AT&T plans 80 new high-speed mobile markets in '08 (Reuters)
  222. FCC's Spectrum Auction Approaches $20B in Bids
  223. Fifth Cable Cut, Iran Loses Net Connectivity
  224. Google expands business options thanks to buying Postini
  225. Xerox Busts Toner Scam (PC World)
  226. Funambol Unveils Ad-Supported Mobile E-Mail (PC World)
  227. Microsoft Offers Small Business Software Subscriptions (PC World)
  228. Dell Amends Enterprise Support Plan (PC World)
  229. Richard Stallman on OLPC
  230. Time Warner sets lower 2008 profit growth target (Reuters)
  231. TrueCrypt 5.0 Released, Now Encrypts Entire Drive
  232. Attackers zero in on Yahoo Jukebox's ActiveX flaw (InfoWorld)
  233. DHS Official Suggests REAL ID Mission Creep
  234. Better margins boost France Telecom 2007 (AP)
  235. Apple beats Microsoft, Motorola in Q4 phone sales (InfoWorld)
  236. ICANN flips switch on IPv6 DNS root servers
  237. 111 Years Ago, Indiana Almost Legislated Pi
  238. China backs off on new online video rules (AFP)
  239. Map of Fraudulent Clicks, Q4 2007 rate was 16.6 percent
  240. Who Will Control Advertising on the Web?
  241. Affordable Workstation Graphics Card Shoot-Out
  242. Google planning China online music tie-up: report (Reuters)
  243. How To Solve A Rubik's Cube!
  244. IBM explores 67.1m-core computer for running entire Internet
  245. Laser-Firing Physicists Take High-Speed Photography to the Attosecond Range
  246. A Soviet-Era Training Jet Jump-Starts a New Era of Green Flight
  247. More Cell Phones Recycled, But Numbers Are Still Low (TechWeb)
  248. IBM To Open Two More Offshore Development Centers In India (TechWeb)
  249. One Million PlayStation 3 Users Power Disease Research (TechWeb)
  250. China defends new Web video and audio rules (Reuters)