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  1. Will cheap ink cost you?
  2. Living the low-tech life
  3. High-tech outdoor gear
  4. Practical Jetpack Available "Soon"
  5. Supply and Demand, Prius Style
  6. GOP Site 'BarackBook' Mocks Obama's Facebook Support
  7. Creators suspend Scrabble knockoff game
  8. Review: 'Siren' Is Scary Fun, but Sony Download Store Is Just Scary
  9. A Step Backward For Voting System Transparency
  10. Adobe's Lightroom 2 Targets Avid Shutterbugs (NewsFactor)
  11. Fifth of TV viewers watching online: survey (Reuters)
  12. The Finish Line for the Next Space Race: Planet Earth
  13. NASA Turns 50
  14. Wikileaks Releases ACTA Negotiations As "0-Day"
  15. Exploit Reveals the Darker Side of Automatic Updates (PC World)
  16. Prenatal cell phone exposure tied to behavior (Reuters)
  17. Why Cuil is No Threat to Google
  18. Google Calendar and iCal can sync for free, with caveats
  19. Software, Tools, Or Techniques For UI Review?
  20. Electronic Arts loss wider than expected (Reuters)
  21. HP, Intel and Yahoo To Research Cloud Computing (NewsFactor)
  22. MPAA Seeks Internet Removal of Two "Infringing" Sites
  23. Mourning the Internet Famous: Randy Pausch's Distributed Funeral
  24. Electronic Arts posts smaller loss, misses targets (AP)
  25. VIA Nano CPU Benchmarked, Beats Intel Atom
  26. Business of Life: Night lights, too bright (AP)
  27. Comcast, NetZero agree to block Internet child porn (Reuters)
  28. Judge ruling on Sprint fees is blow to industry (AP)
  29. Sen. Ted "Tubes" Stevens Is Indicted
  30. Free Multiservice IM App Arrives on iPhone
  31. The Future of Web Fonts Looking Brighter
  32. Popular Scrabble Knockoff Suspended on Facebook
  33. 11 iPhone Apps That Will Clean Out Your Junk Drawer
  34. Endgame: Scrabulous Gets Wiped Off Facebook
  35. Yahoo in 'cloud computing' research with HP-Intel (AFP)
  36. China spying on Olympics hotel guests: U.S. senator (Reuters)
  37. Artists, fans flock to Comic-Con
  38. Safe driver? High-tech monitor can prove it
  39. Most Sensitive Data on Government Laptops Unencrypted (PC World)
  40. Microsoft Adds GPS Support to MSN Direct (PC World)
  41. Pickens rips Yahoo management, sells entire stake (AP)
  42. Popular Scrabble knockoff suspended on Facebook (AP)
  43. Lightroom Upgrade Renders Photoshop Inessential
  44. 15 (More) Creative Steampunk Art and Fashion Designs [PICS]
  45. Collimating Semiconductor Lasers Without Lenses
  46. Mobile computing now an open source driver (InfoWorld)
  47. Facebook Scrambles Scrabulous in U.S. and Canada (NewsFactor)
  48. Mobile Phones and the Digital Divide (PC World)
  49. Tesla Crash!
  50. The last vision of Arthur C. Clarke
  51. KDE 4.1 Released, Reviewed
  52. Cuil Ready for a Long Battle To Match Google in Search (NewsFactor)
  53. HP, Intel, Yahoo join forces on cloud computing research (CNET)
  54. Software Price Gap Between the US and Europe
  55. Scrabulous Is Dead, Hasbro's Version Brain-Dead
  56. Pirate Bay Facing Server Troubles and Downtime
  57. Microsoft Bets Big On Computing For the Car
  58. Siemens, private investor in joint venture (AP)
  59. Sirius, XM Complete Merger to Create Satellite Radio Monolith
  60. Bad Guys Now Exploit Web Security Flaws in Mere Hours
  61. 10 Dumbest Lies of the Micro-hoo-gle-cahn Saga
  62. Your Computer and Cell Phone Are Lying To You
  63. Sunscreen being tested for crops
  64. Worker Accidentally Takes Pictures of iPhone Factory
  65. 10 Games Geeks Play
  66. Your Computer and Cell Phone Are Lying To You
  67. Software Price Gap Between the US and Europe
  68. India Developing US$10 Laptop (PC World)
  69. Sony, Matsushita, Toshiba results mixed (AP)
  70. Sans Spiderman, Sony Slumps
  71. Former Google Employees Prepare Rival Search Engine
  72. RIAA Lawsuit Defense Tactic: Admit Liability, Challenge Law
  73. Rumor: Apple portables get aluminum makeover and custom chip
  74. Animals attack in 'Hail to the Chimp' (AP)
  75. Sirius completes acquisition of XM Satellite (Reuters)
  76. Apple Still Has Not Patched the DNS Hole
  77. Retroactive Telco Immunity Opponents Buying TV Ad
  78. Static continues for Apple's iPhone debut (USATODAY.com)
  79. More than you ever wanted to know about Microsoft
  80. War Games: Army Lures Civilians By Letting Them Play Soldier
  81. U.S. to pilot Internet travel authorization scheme (Reuters)
  82. Excerpt From Arthur C. Clarke's Last Work
  83. Oracle Issues Warning Over Dangerous WebLogic Flaw (PC World)
  84. Sony profit plunges $327 million from year earlier (AP)
  85. Facebook Fends Off Attack Of The Clones
  86. Sony Q1 Profits Halved on Electronics, Cell Phones (PC World)
  87. Nintendo sues 5 Japan firms over game equipment (Reuters)
  88. 'New car smell' becoming less toxic, report says (CNET)
  89. NYPD probes cop in YouTube body-check video (CNET)
  90. Video Surveillance Tech Detects Abnormal Activity
  91. Sony Q1 profit down 39 pct on weak mobile phone sales (Reuters)
  92. IOC to investigate apparent Internet censorship (Reuters)
  93. Anatomy of The Linux Kernel
  94. China Telecom to Pay US$6.41 Billion for CDMA Business (PC World)
  95. Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers (PC World)
  96. Report: Matsushita works on new display (AP)
  97. Virgin Galactic shows off mothership aircraft (AP)
  98. Alaska Looks To Volcanos For Geothermal Energy
  99. Cryptic Announces Star Trek Online, Posts Screenshots (TechWeb)
  100. Competitors React to the Microsoft-DatAllegro Deal (TechWeb)
  101. Facebook Hires Mozilla Engineering VP Mike Schroepfer (TechWeb)
  102. Nokia Axes BlackBerry Connections (TechWeb)
  103. Blogger Gorshkov Will Dish Dirt on Russian Politicians — for a Price
  104. Gallery: Virgin Galactic Unveils 'White Knight Two' Launch Vehicle
  105. July 29, 1958: Ike Inks Space Law, NASA Born in Wake of Russ Moon
  106. New Harley-Davidson Museum Is Heaven for Hells Angels
  107. Modern LaTeX Replacement?
  108. Apple's next-gen Macs have something special under the hood
  109. Online threats materializing faster, study shows (AP)
  110. InfoWorld columnist Ed Foster dies (InfoWorld)
  111. Secure Your Domain Name Server With OpenDNS
  112. Avril Lavigne's $2 Million YouTube Payday: Not Coming Soon
  113. FCC Commissioner Urges, Don't Regulate the Internet
  114. "Sunday Night Football" to be streamed on Web (Reuters)
  115. 'Afroninja' Turns Bungled Stunt Into Big-Screen 'Destiny'
  116. New RIAA Lawsuit Defense Tactic: Admit Liability, Challenge the Law
  117. Verizon Profit Beats, But Q2 Sales Miss As FiOS Disappoints (Investor's Business
  118. Intel outside Apple's pending MacBook launch? (CNET)
  119. Yahoo: We'll Reimburse Users for Terminated Music
  120. Microsoft Dons Sheep Suit, Joins Apache Open Source Foundation
  121. Video: Epic 'Gears of War 2,' Sad Power Glove
  122. Mini-Microscope Could Lead to Cell-Sorting Implants
  123. Opposed to Wiretap Amensty? Run a TV Ad for Six Bucks
  124. CSS Layouts: 40+ Tutorials, Tips, Demos and Best Practices
  125. Apple's new MacBooks will have Glass trackpads
  126. Apple Still Has Not Patched the DNS Hole
  127. Oracle touts proof SAP stole software (AFP)
  128. An Introduction to the Linux Command Line
  129. Women in Linux
  130. Have Modern Gamers Lost the Patience For Puzzles?
  131. How Do You Deal With Sensitive Data?
  132. Online threats materializing faster, study shows (AP)
  133. Passenger Video of Qantas Jet Landing 'With a Big Hole'
  134. General Motors Picks a Bigger Engine for the Volt
  135. How Do You Fix Education?
  136. SAP, Oracle Price Hikes Open Door for License Optimization (PC World)
  137. Mobile Executives Spar Over IPhone (PC World)
  138. Cuil Stumbles out of the Gate (PC World)
  139. The Reporter's Shield Law: Truth or Fear Mongering?
  140. Guy busted asking for answers to a job questionnaire
  141. John Mayer Does Apple Tech Support for His Dad, Fails Misera
  142. $1,000 Spray Makes Electronic Gadgets Completely Waterproof
  143. iPhone App Store Games Hacked - All Apps Hackable!
  144. Have Modern Gamers Lost The Patience for Puzzles?
  145. Google's Wikipedia-Wannabe Knol Names Names (NewsFactor)
  146. How to Do Business With a Blacklisted Russian Weapons Company
  147. Mo' Broadband Blues: Verizon Growth Sputters
  148. Your Next iPod May Have Ability To Change It's Color...
  149. MacBook Updates Rumored To Include Glass Trackpad
  150. MPAA Plans To Launch Movie Links Site
  151. Virgin Galactic Unveils Launch Plane for Upcoming Spacecraft
  152. Virgin Galactic Shows the Finished WhiteKnight Two
  153. "World's Cheapest Laptop" Available in Bulk Only
  154. China Claims World's Largest Internet User Base (NewsFactor)
  155. The T Train: NYC Will Get Its First New Subway Line in 70 Years
  156. Tom Vanderbilt's Why We Drive the Way We Do Unlocks How to Unclog Traffic
  157. 10 Things You Should Have Bought at Comic-Con
  158. Two New Football Helmets Do Battle Against Concussions
  159. U.S., China lead way in tapping wind power
  160. Seeing total solar eclipse difficult, expensive
  161. GPS devices track stalkers, battering spouses
  162. New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google
  163. VMware ESXi Available For Free Starting Today
  164. Researchers Help Define Next-generation Social Networking (PC World)
  165. Oracle expands theft allegations against rival SAP (AP)
  166. Software Patent Sanity on the Way?
  167. Ubuntu on Atom: coming soon to a subnotebook near you
  168. Ex-Google engineers debut 'Cuil' way to search
  169. FCC to Rule Comcast Can't Block Web Videos
  170. New MobileMe status page details return of e-mail
  171. Play With Dr. Horrible's Magnetic Remote-Control iPhone App
  172. Branson's space-tourism mothership unveiled
  173. 10 of the Most Annoying Things about the iPhone
  174. Apple CEO Jobs' life not in danger, NYT reports
  175. Tenise Barker Takes On RIAA Damages Theory
  176. Facebook Poaches Mozilla's Engineering VP (PC World)
  177. Ex-Google workers launch Internet search rival Cuil (AFP)
  178. Comcast Spoiling for Fight With FCC
  179. Mars Soil Frustrates Phoenix Again
  180. WB Took Pains To "Delay" Pirating of Dark Knight
  181. Virgin Galactic Shows the Finished WhiteKnight Two
  182. $1,000 Spray Makes Gadgets Waterproof
  183. New Search Engine Cuil Challenges Google Technology (NewsFactor)
  184. Virgin Galactic shows off mothership aircraft (AP)
  185. Tech Zombies: 6 Technologies That Don't Know They're Dead
  186. Citibank Doesn't Like Linux Users
  187. Virgin Galactic Shows the Finished WhiteKnight Two
  188. FCC to uphold network complaint vs Comcast: source (Reuters)
  189. Leaked Wolverine Origin Trailer Makes the Rounds
  190. Travelers can soon register for online screening (AP)
  191. IBM to acquire ILOG in $340 million deal (CNET)
  192. The problems with flourescent light bulbs
  193. Ex-Googlers launch rival search engine
  194. Upgrade to the Latest Compiz Fusion Release
  195. Read Faster. Way Faster. No, really, I mean WAY faster.
  196. A yearn to kern: ‘Fonts are the clothes that words wear’
  197. High-tech lifestyle takes toll on budget
  198. WB Took Pains To "Delay" Pirating of Dark Knight
  199. The Pragmatic CSO
  200. Verizon's Income Grows on Mobile and Data Services (PC World)
  201. Facebook Fends Off Attack of the Clones
  202. Apple now posting near-daily MobileMe outage updates
  203. Rip Xgl
  204. Facebook fends off attack of the clones (AP)
  205. Zune Tattoo Guy Signs Off: Buh-Bye
  206. Apple After Jobs
  207. IBM to Buy Ilog for $340 Million (PC World)
  208. Yahoo director Kotick to resign after meeting (Reuters)
  209. 25 Internet Startups That Bombed Miserably
  210. Encrypt The System Manually Upon Installation (Ubuntu 8.04)
  211. U.S. to pilot Internet travel authorization scheme (Reuters)
  212. Verizon Q2 Beats; FIOS Starts to Edge Out DSL
  213. China Has Largest On-Line Population
  214. Static continues for Apple's iPhone debut (USATODAY.com)
  215. 5 rules of variable naming
  216. Build a Web spider on Linux
  217. Google's Knol Verifies You're a Real Person
  218. Broadband Said to Hit 77% of US Households by 2012
  219. Verizon quarterly profit gains, led by wireless (Reuters)
  220. Sophos Plans to Acquire German Data Security Company (PC World)
  221. New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google
  222. Test Your Developer IQ (InfoWorld)
  223. RealNetworks Patches Four Critical Bugs in Multimedia Player (PC World)
  224. Yahoo shareholder may pull support: report (Reuters)
  225. Ubuntu on Atom: coming soon to a subnotebook near you
  226. Nike pulls ads on anti-gay concerns: report (Reuters)
  227. Olympic Media Village – Most Expensive Internet In the World?
  228. New PlayStation 3 Console Gains FCC Approval (PC World)
  229. Report: FCC expected to rule against Comcast (CNET)
  230. Atheros makes friends with Linux
  231. How to Install and Run Ubuntu on the Eee PC
  232. Diesel Sweeties Creator Steers Webcomic Back to Its Roots
  233. Professionals find jobs back in rural hometowns (AP)
  234. An un-American feel aids expanding US Web firms (AP)
  235. New Cell Phones Help Keep You Healthy (PC World)
  236. Ex-Google Engineers Debut 'Cuill'
  237. Former Googleers unveil Cuil, a new search engine (Reuters)
  238. Public to get look at space mothership
  239. Rackable to Sell IBM Blades in Modular Data Centers (PC World)
  240. Delicious 2.0 Imminent Again
  241. ImageShack’s Free Torrent Download Service Expands
  242. What Gore Didn't Say About Solar Cells
  243. Motorola to reorganize home and networks unit (Reuters)
  244. July 28, 1858: Fingerprints Go Official
  245. Top 10 Wired.com Reader Blue Photos, Decided by You
  246. Ex-Google engineers debut 'Cuill' way to search (AP)
  247. 'World's Cheapest Laptop' Now Available (PC World)
  248. Customer demand adds Linux to industrial computer line
  249. Mars Soil Frustrates Phoenix Again
  250. Back to the Grind in WoW — and Loving Every Tedious Minute