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  1. Microsoft could raise Yahoo bid, some analysts say (Reuters)
  2. Toddlers May Learn Language By Data Mining
  3. Analysis: Number of Tech Stories on Digg Is Dropping Rapidly
  4. Bidding stalls again on key U.S. wireless airwaves (Reuters)
  5. Tech Donations: Microsoft Loves Clinton; Google, Yahoo Go for Obama
  6. Lore Sjoberg's Alt Text: A Molecular Gastronomy FAQK
  7. Feb. 6, 1958: Size Matters, Especially in Electronics
  8. Canadian court hands rare Internet hate crime conviction (AFP)
  9. Open Source Code In a Closed Source Company
  10. Mac Hack Contest May Include Linux and Vista (PC World)
  11. Tainted Pills Hit US Mainland
  12. Microsoft shows off Web ad prototypes (AP)
  13. Tainted Pills Hit US Mainland
  14. Microsoft-Yahoo Fuss May Let Google Grab Mobile Ads (NewsFactor)
  15. A $1 Billion Email Gaffe
  16. Microsoft shows off Web ad prototypes (AP)
  17. Remote-worker-security-still-lax (InfoWorld)
  18. New iPhone and iPod Touch models debut with higher prices (AFP)
  19. Bad Ideas: $1.1 million paid for world's stupidest domain
  20. Net ad growth to continue, deal or not (AP)
  21. Intel's Silverthorne Chip Could Power Apple's Future (NewsFactor)
  22. Hands On With Verizon's New HTC Smart Phone (PC World)
  23. Low Voltage Is Key To Energy-Efficient Chip
  24. Repairs to cut Internet cables begin (AP)
  25. One year after Mac hack contest, Linux and Vista may be tested (InfoWorld)
  26. Microsoft offers subscription licensing for small businesses (InfoWorld)
  27. Reform Could Kill EFF "Patent Busting Project"
  28. Microsoft bid has Yahoo cornered
  29. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
  30. NVIDIA snaps up physics processing company Ageia
  31. Super Tuesday: A Voter's Guide to Election Coverage on the Web
  32. Darpa Nabs Big Bucks for Mach 6 Planes, Giant Blimps, Next-Gen Networks
  33. The Bioethics of a Three-Parent Embryo
  34. In an Internet First, Americans Abroad Cast E-Votes in Democratic Primary
  35. FCC's Spectrum Auction Approaches $20 Billion in Bids
  36. Japanese study clears mobiles of brain cancer risk (Reuters)
  37. MySpace opens to software developers (AFP)
  38. Dutch Unveil Robot Gas Station Attendant
  39. Buy Big or Don't Bother: Five Tiny Gadgets That Suck
  40. Review: THX Razer Mako Advanced Desktop Speakers Bring the Sonic Ruckus
  41. Google updates pricing for Postini apps (InfoWorld)
  42. Consultant: How to deal with Oracle licensing (InfoWorld)
  43. Apple Updates iPhone and iPod Touch
  44. Ebay To Ban Negative Feedback Ratings
  45. The Entire US Military is now using Linux
  46. Super Tuesday iPod touch Easter Egg
  47. Google ramps up email defense offerings (AFP)
  48. Dell Suit Reveals Lucrative Domain Name Trade
  49. China cuts online video a little slack
  50. Sun Micro on target to hit 2009 goals (AP)
  51. What Would Microsoft Do with Yahoo's Zimbra? (NewsFactor)
  52. 2009 US Budget Holds Mixed News For Science
  53. MySpace Opens Its Developer Platform as Promised (NewsFactor)
  54. Is the Game Boy the Toughest Product Ever Made?
  55. Top 100 Essential Mac Applications
  56. One Step Closer to IPv6
  57. China eases online video restrictions (AP)
  58. Yahoo's Zimbra ships ZCS 5.0 suite upgrade (InfoWorld)
  59. Funambol offers ad-supported mobile e-mail (InfoWorld)
  60. Space Spotters Track Secret Satellites
  61. Free Web site maps crime reports, calls
  62. PHP versus ASP.net - a Straightforward Comparison
  63. Huge Battles Using Hundreds of LEGO Star Wars Spaceships
  64. Being Fat Is More Cost-Effective, Medically Speaking
  65. FCC approves sale of nationwide spectrum to AT&T (InfoWorld)
  66. Grails 1.0 Web framework ready (InfoWorld)
  67. Microsoft Upgrades Vista Kernel in SP1
  68. Google Experimental Search with Digg Style voting
  69. NVIDIA to Acquire AGEIA
  70. AOL buys online affiliate marketing network buy.at (Reuters)
  71. Study: More Web Surfing Dulls Concern for Environment
  72. DNA Fiddling in Human Embryos Raises Ethical Concerns
  73. Apple Boosts Power, Price of High-End iPhone, iPod Touch
  74. Apple Doubles Storage on iPhone and iPod Touch (NewsFactor)
  75. Ron Paul Campaign Answers Slashdot Reader Questions
  76. IBM Slams Microsoft, Calls OOXML "Inferior"
  77. Communing without nature
  78. MySpace to launch third-party applications
  79. Astronomers vie to make biggest telescope
  80. Google, Yahoo software moves may fuel Microsoft bid (Reuters)
  81. FBI preps award for biometric database (AP)
  82. Three Parents Contribute to Experimental Human Embryo
  83. Intel Doubles Capacity of Phase-Change Memory
  84. Chips Pass Two Billion Milestone
  85. Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: What About Developers? (PC World)
  86. EFF Attacks Online Gaming Patent
  87. Apple boosts iPhone, iPod Touch capacity (AP)
  88. MySpace to Launch Developer Site (PC World)
  89. Apple unveils higher capacity iPod, iPhone models (Reuters)
  90. Time-Warner Considers Per-Gigabyte Service Fee, After iTunes
  91. Official: 16GB iPhone available and 32GB iPod touch, $499
  92. Design Has Spoken - Vote
  93. Repairs start on undersea cable cut near UAE (Reuters)
  94. Apple unveils higher capacity iPod, iPhone models (Reuters)
  95. 10K Filing Suggests Grim Outlook for SCO
  96. eBay sellers are split on changes (InfoWorld)
  97. Blu-ray winning studio war, but needs to sway consumers (USATODAY.com)
  98. MySpace readies developer Web site (InfoWorld)
  99. Consumer group slams RealPlayer as 'badware' (InfoWorld)
  100. IBM Slams Microsoft, Calls OOXML "Inferior"
  101. 75,000 demand Microsoft keep Windows XP going (InfoWorld)
  102. Overhaul of net addresses begins
  103. FBI To Spend $1B Expanding Fingerprint Database
  104. Global music companies in fresh China piracy suit (AFP)
  105. Torvalds: Microsoft is bluffing on patents
  106. China may relax Internet curbs during Olympics, say organisers (AFP)
  107. Bolts From the Blue: The Electric Colors of Lightning
  108. Taiwan Group Responsible For 90% of MSFT Piracy
  109. Warner, Universal take action against Baidu over piracy: IFPI (Reuters)
  110. Nokia starts to roll out gaming, networking sites (Reuters)
  111. Most Dangerous Object in the Office: The CO2-Fueled Twister 325 Air Cannon
  112. Beijing's Skywalk-Linked Megacomplex a City Within a City
  113. Microsoft bid backs Yahoo into a corner (AP)
  114. MySpace third-party apps hold onto users (AP)
  115. Google selling more e-mail security (AP)
  116. LiMo Foundation Launches Its Mobile Linux Platform (TechWeb)
  117. Computer Security Companies Agree To Testing Standards (TechWeb)
  118. Switch To IPv6 On Internet's Root Servers Begins (TechWeb)
  119. Photos from the inside of Apple's HQ - Cupertino Campus
  120. MySpace third-party apps hold onto users (AP)
  121. Online Parent-Child Gap Widens
  122. Windows Vista SP1 Go RTM
  123. 100 Things to do with Google Maps Mashups
  124. RIAA Wants Songwriter Royalty Lowered
  125. Checking In With The Politically Active Social Networking Generation
  126. Microsoft urges Yahoo to accept 'generous' takeover offer (AFP)
  127. It's not safe to just tread water – Joy of Tech comic
  128. Vudu Test Confirms HD Download Worries
  129. Review: The Lotus 2-Eleven Super Sports Car
  130. Feb. 5, 1897: Indiana Pols Forced to Eat Humble Pi (π)
  131. New Super-Efficient Chip Could Run on Body Heat
  132. Microsoft-Yahoo: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, Google Says
  133. Sci-Fi Dreams We Could Build if They Weren't So Damn Expensive
  134. Ban All Cars Getting Less Than 35 MPG?
  135. Mystery Telephone 'Poll' Boosts Clinton, Slams Everyone Else
  136. New Yamaha Surround-Sound Receiver Rules Your Home Entertainment System
  137. Yahoo switches its online music channel to Rhapsody (AFP)
  138. Microsoft Misleads On Canadian Copyright Reform
  139. CSS3 ::selection used to hide any image in text
  140. Upgradable SLRs, Tiny HD Camcorders and Booth Babes
  141. History's Greatest Gadgets, From the Ark to the Turk
  142. Sohu quarterly net soars on games (Reuters)
  143. NVIDIA To Buy AGEIA
  144. Unboxing a brand new Apple //c in 2008 [pics]
  145. Ubuntu for my Mom
  146. Yahoo Music Shutting Down, Users Going to Real
  147. Sohu quarterly net soars on games (Reuters)
  148. Intel Will Announce Server, Mobile-Device Chips (NewsFactor)
  149. Experts Claim HIV Patients Made Non-Infectious
  150. Linux is Part of Asus's Long Term Plan
  151. High-Tech Weaponry at Las Vegas Gun Show
  152. Kodak offers improved camera chip (AP)
  153. Microsoft-Yahoo deal: What about developers? (InfoWorld)
  154. AT&T hikes broadband prices (AP)
  155. Google Releases Tool To Move Social Networks (NewsFactor)
  156. 2008 Turing Award Winners Announced
  157. Police Extend OiNK’s Bail Date Once Again
  158. How Big Is the Web? 155,583,825 Sites - Report
  159. Microsoft: Windows Vista Update Officially Arrives Mid-March
  160. Beer Ads Take a Back Seat on Super Bowl Sunday
  161. Site offers crime alerts and maps (AP)
  162. Microsoft ready with Vista upgrade pack (AP)
  163. Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturing
  164. Shuttle launch planned for this week
  165. PostgreSQL 8.3 Released
  166. Cell-phone directory assistance closing (AP)
  167. New medical device chip uses less power (AP)
  168. The Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition Preview Books
  169. Danish ISP shuts access to file-sharing Pirate Bay (Reuters)
  170. Missing Myanmar blogger seen detained (AP)
  171. Iran Launches Rocket, Claims Seat in Spacefaring-Nations Club
  172. Camaro Enters the 21st Century — With a Hybrid?
  173. Dell "more focused" on computers than phones (Reuters)
  174. How Microsoft-Yahoo Will Affect Open Source
  175. Peruvian Anti-Riot Police Uniforms: Judge Dredd Meets Batman
  176. IFPI Forces Danish ISP to Block The Pirate Bay
  177. Net Neutrality's not anti-property, it's about our property
  178. Google dips below $500 for 1st time (AP)
  179. The Life of a Software Engineer
  180. FBI eyes $1 billion surveillance deal
  181. Digital advances cutting into postal profits
  182. “The Federation” Targets BitTorrent Pirates at Workplace
  183. Geekipedia: Webtwitch -- What Do You Need to Know Now?
  184. Microsoft finalizes Vista SP1 code for mid-March release (InfoWorld)
  185. Microsoft Rolls Out Vista Upgrade, Server 2008 (NewsFactor)
  186. Google faces tough fight with Microsoft (AP)
  187. Microsoft to sell cheaper Xbox in Japan (AP)
  188. Yahoo: A Retrospective of Microsoft's Acquisition Target (PC World)
  189. Reliance subsidiary announces IPO (FT.com)
  190. Intel Doubles Capacity of Likely Flash Successor
  191. Best Presidential Candidate, Republicans
  192. Google implies Microsoft/Yahoo hookup will ruin the Internet
  193. Intel chip boasts 2 billion transistors (AP)
  194. Next Generation of Gyroscopic Controllers on the Horizon
  195. Study Will Measure Crop Planting's Effect on Weather
  196. Courts Force Danish ISP to Block Torrent Tracker
  197. Thin is in: Ars Technica reviews the MacBook Air
  198. Dotcom-era magazine reborn as Web site (Reuters)
  199. Dot-Post Address May Be Restricted to Postal Agencies
  200. Microsoft, Yahoo Corporate Cultures Closer Than They Seem
  201. LOVEFiLM to take over DVD business (AP)
  202. Creative Capitalism Gets Microsoft $528M Tax Break
  203. Yahoo started small and grew fast (InfoWorld)
  204. LiMo's Linux Phone Platform Nears Launch (PC World)
  205. Microsoft urges Yahoo to accept 'generous' takeover offer (AFP)
  206. Poor password management may have led to bank meltdown (InfoWorld)
  207. Torvalds Says Microsoft is Bluffing on Patents
  208. Iran fires rocket from new space center
  209. White House candidates and the environment
  210. Ballmer touts benefit of Yahoo deal (AP)
  211. Microsoft-Yahoo could skip culture clash (AP)
  212. LiMo's Linux phone platform nears launch (InfoWorld)
  213. Intel details upgrade to Itanium processor (InfoWorld)
  214. Best Presidential Candidate, Republicans
  215. Best Presidential Candidate, Democrats
  216. 225 Illustrator Tutorials
  217. Postal agencies respond to mail decline (AP)
  218. Domain name in the works for post office (AP)
  219. Yahoo selling music service to Rhapsody America (USATODAY.com)
  220. Microsoft is Bluffing on Patent Defense, Torvalds Says (PC World)
  221. Microsoft says first Vista update in manufacturing (Reuters)
  222. Is XMPP the 'Next Big Thing'
  223. Kodak says sensor boosts camera power in phones (Reuters)
  224. Google And Microsoft Cross Swords Over Yahoo!
  225. "Lyrics" launching online game (Reuters)
  226. Torvalds: Microsoft is bluffing on patents (InfoWorld)
  227. Yahoo may consider Google alliance over Microsoft
  228. Google, Microsoft trade barbs over Yahoo bid (InfoWorld)
  229. Microsoft, struggling in Japan, to launch cheaper Xbox (AFP)
  230. Napster, Ericsson to launch mobile music service in Chile (Reuters)
  231. The virtual virtualization case study: Intro (InfoWorld)
  232. 'Innovation In a Flash' Is a Myth
  233. Ericsson to provide mobile broadband to Lenovo (Reuters)
  234. Microsoft says has 92.6 pct of Fast, extends bid (Reuters)
  235. Nude pictures copied from HK star's computer: report (Reuters)
  236. Particle Swarm Optimization for Picture Analysis
  237. Fourth Undersea Cable Taken Offline In Less Than a Week
  238. Signal bars - what are they for?
  239. Fourth Undersea Cable Cut In Less Than a Week
  240. Yahoo music users going to RealNetworks (AP)
  241. Elusive Web site offers N. Korean goods (AP)
  242. Yahoo says Rhapsody will handle its digital music (Reuters)
  243. Industry Standard returns, online only (AP)
  244. Mobile phones, coffee found unlikely to cause cancer (Reuters)
  245. Google's Official Statement on the Microsoft Bid for Yahoo
  246. Doing on Linux that you can't do with Windows or on a Mac!
  247. Kevin Rose talks about switching from PC to Mac
  248. Yahoo May Re-Consider Google Alliance, Rebuff Microsoft
  249. Google Says Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Would Stifle Internet Innovation
  250. Abracadabra! Bush Makes Privacy Board Vanish