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  1. Stephen Fry's Take on Linux / eeePC
  2. Sri Lanka blocks SMS on independence day (AFP)
  3. Listening Post: Want Better Music? Don't Stiff the Songwriters
  4. Feb. 4, 1915: Improve Your Diet and Live Better, Longer
  5. Life May Have Evolved In Ice
  6. Google criticizes Microsoft-Yahoo deal (AP)
  7. Top 10 Most Memorable Tech Super Bowl Ads
  8. Pluthero removes two C&W managers (FT.com)
  9. Google balks at Microsoft bid for Yahoo (AFP)
  10. Elusive Web site offers NKorean goods (AP)
  11. US Pulls Plug on Low-CO2 Powerplant Project
  12. Automakers take shine to dull finishes (AP)
  13. Microsoft-Yahoo deal poses antitrust issues: Google (Reuters)
  14. Open Source Electronic Voting Progress Limited
  15. Writers Reach Breakthrough in Contract Talks
  16. Afghan Student Sentenced to Death After Downloading Report
  17. Apple Can't Afford iPhone's Carrier Exclusivity
  18. 12 Website FAQs We Suspect Arent Being Asked That Frequently
  19. Could We Find a Door To A Parallel Universe?
  20. Uncle Sam Wants to Buy You a DTV Converter Box!
  21. A Look at The RIAA's War Against College Students
  22. The Physics of Football
  23. Build a Mac for $350
  24. MIT Researchers Fight Gridlock with Linux
  25. Finnish Patient Gets New Jaw from His Own Stem Cells
  26. Yahoo Deal Is Big, but Is It the Next Big Thing?
  27. Here Are Some Amazing Balloon Creations
  28. 100 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Beautiful Art [w/pics]
  29. Google releases Social Graph API
  30. Why Google will remain king of search
  31. Thou Shalt Not View The Super Bowl on a 56" Screen
  32. How to work from the beach
  33. The Effects of the Fibre Outage Throughout the Mediterranean
  34. Cellphones to Monitor Highway Traffic
  35. Time Warner Filtering iTunes Traffic?
  36. RealPlayer Gets Slapped with Badware Label
  37. Pre-20th Century Gadgetery
  38. Bionic Arm Might Go Into Clinical Trials
  39. Hardy Heron Alpha 4 Released
  40. Too Many Tabs? Firefox Add-ons to manage a TAB JAM
  41. India and US to Cooperate in Space Exploration
  42. The AA-12, The World's Deadliest Shotgun
  43. Surfing with Celebrities: Brady Bunch Actor Goes Online (PC World)
  44. Australian state to start online court hearings: minister (AFP)
  45. Yahoo needs Microsoft’s help
  46. Thou Shalt Not View The Super Bowl on a 56" Screen
  47. Hardy Heron Alpha 4 Released
  48. 9 Bizarre Design Marvels [PICS]
  49. Sweden Warns Kids Against The Pirate Bay
  50. "BlackBerry blackouts" aim for life/work balance (Reuters)
  51. Cellphones Leapfrog Poor Infrastructure in Mali
  52. San Francisco Subway Tests Wi-Fi (PC World)
  53. AT&T Has No Idea What Caused 9-Hour Outage
  54. Internet Censorship's First Death Sentence?
  55. Amazon Begins Offering Data Center Services
  56. A Conversation With Writer Brian K. Vaughan
  57. TSA blog smackdown:
  58. First look: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) alpha 4
  59. Microsoft's Yahoo Bid: A Means to Counter Google Threat
  60. San Francisco Mayor Targets MoveOn Members for Clinton Votes
  61. Mega-D Botnet Overtakes Storm, Accounts for 32% of Spam
  62. Best Super Tuesday Candidate for Technology?
  63. Pirate Bay says big revenue claims fabricated by prosecutors
  64. Touch Screen Tech Comes of Age
  65. 5 Innovative Industrial Designs for Ecological Living [PICS]
  66. EFF Fights Radio Host Abusing Copyright to Silence Muslims
  67. How One Clumsy Ship Caused A Major Net Outtage
  68. Yahoo Bid shows Microsoft on the Ropes
  69. EEtimes Speculates on The Initial gPhone
  70. President Bush Releases US Broadband Policy
  71. Whoops—Italy inadvertently legalizes some P2P music
  72. Microsoft's Yahoo bid is really about business apps (InfoWorld)
  73. Sperm Made From Female Bone Marrow, Men Obsolete?
  74. Microsoft and Yahoo: Perfect partners?
  75. Linux Has Better Windows Compatibility Than Vista
  76. Another undersea Internet cable damaged in Mideast: Indian firm (AFP)
  77. Intel, Micron Boost Flash Memory Speed by Five Times
  78. Apple Launches How-To Site For New Mac Users
  79. A Yahoo buyout could cut 2 AOL bidders (AP)
  80. US, EU unlikely to stop Microsoft deal (AP)
  81. Amazon's hot new item: its data center (AP)
  82. Congressional hearing will scrutinize Microsoft bid for Yahoo (AFP)
  83. Google Upgrades On-Premise Web Analytics Software (TechWeb)
  84. IBM Completes $5 Billion Buyout Of Cognos (TechWeb)
  85. TiVO Patent Upheld, Dish May Have to Disable DVR
  86. World's Fastest NAND Developed by Intel and Micron
  87. Nigerian 5-Year-Olds Repair OLPCs in "Hospital"
  88. NASA to Announce New Commercial Space Partner
  89. Super Bowl How-To Special: Set Up Your HDTV, Plan a Party, Throw a Football
  90. Floors That Harvest The Energy From Every Little Step
  91. Next-Gen Point-and-Shoots and Hot Lenses at PMA 2008
  92. FCC Auction Ensures Open Access — If in Name Only
  93. Microsoft makes $42B bid for Yahoo (AP)
  94. Microsoft-Yahoo combo could reshape Web (AP)
  95. Motorola Considers Separating Handsets, But At What Price? (Investor's Business
  96. TSA Opens Blog — You Can Finally Complain
  97. Pirate Bay Says It Can't Be Sunk, Servers Scattered Worldwide
  98. Google clout seen aiding Microsoft antitrust OK (Reuters)
  99. Motorola shares soar on possible breakup (AP)
  100. KDE 4.1 feature plan and release schedule, KDE 4.0.1 tagged
  101. Microsoft Bids for Yahoo: Do Two Losers Make a Winner?
  102. Hulu to Stream Super Bowl Commercials After Game
  103. Key Web moments for the big three (AP)
  104. Warner Dumps HD DVD (PC World)
  105. SF-area subway gets fast Wi-Fi in test (InfoWorld)
  106. Microsoft-Yahoo combo could reshape Web (AP)
  107. Bidding reaches $18.55 bln in U.S. wireless auction (Reuters)
  108. Two Videos of E-Lead's Noahpad in Action
  109. We have a broadband strategy? Bush administration says yes
  110. Skeptics Doubt We'll See ZAP's $30K Electric Sports Car in 2009
  111. Flickr Rebellion Brews at Specter of MS Acquisition
  112. Top 10 tech, media deals since 1995 (AP)
  113. Motorola may have tough time selling mobile unit (Reuters)
  114. PHP 5 deadline approaches (InfoWorld)
  115. Interview with Sebastian Kuegler, KDE Developer
  116. Linux has better Windows compatibility than Vista
  117. Robot Composed of "Catoms" Can Assume Any Form
  118. Amazon.com adds web services to offerings
  119. Delegates: U.S. shifting on climate change
  120. Tax TVs, video games, outdoor group says
  121. NASA to beam Beatles song to North Star
  122. Google clout seen aiding antitrust OK for Microsoft (Reuters)
  123. Search Results Based on Your Social Network
  124. Third Undersea Cable Cut
  125. xkcd: Real Programmers
  126. The Damage Done, Terry Semel Steps Down from Yahoo Board
  127. Jumper Applies Showbiz Science to Teleportation. Beam Us Up!
  128. Microsoft-Yahoo Merger By the Numbers
  129. Camera Vendors Busting Out the Megapixels, HD Video at PMA08
  130. "BlackBerry blackouts" aim for life/work balance (Reuters)
  131. Third Undersea Cable Cut
  132. 'Twisted Metal' Director Talks Car Combat
  133. Berkeley to Host Tribute to Missing Renowned Scientist Jim Gray
  134. A Yahoo buyout could cut 2 AOL bidders (AP)
  135. The Web's Big Three at a glance (AP)
  136. Business Open Source Use Up 26% in One Year
  137. Readers debate Microsoft's Yahoo! bid
  138. US, EU unlikely to stop Microsoft deal (AP)
  139. Leaked Government Doc Reveals UK ID "Coercion" Plans
  140. February 2008 Hardware Roundup
  141. Save the Date: Announcing Digg Town Halls
  142. On London: Brokers enjoy their time in the sun (FT.com)
  143. Online Reputation Management To Keep Your Nose Clean?
  144. Nostalgic NASA Launching Beatles Tune to North Star
  145. India's Net Service About 80 Percent Restored
  146. Shock and Awe: Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion for Yahoo
  147. Earnings In, and Google Isn't Bulletproof After All
  148. Amazon's hot new item: its data center (AP)
  149. Python 3.0 To Be Backwards Incompatible
  150. Femtosecond Lasers Used To Color Metals
  151. Internet Cable Repairs Scheduled (PC World)
  152. Flash Price Drop Spurs Innovation (PC World)
  153. Motorola May Spin Off Mobile Phone Division (PC World)
  154. Italian Parliament To Mistakenly Legalize MP3 P2P
  155. How To Lose $7.2B With Just a Few Basic Skills
  156. Physicist Calculates Trajectory of Tiger At SF Zoo
  157. 101 Design Patterns & Tips for Developers
  158. Microsoft unveils hostile bid for Yahoo at $44.6 bln (AFP)
  159. Update: Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion (InfoWorld)
  160. Micron, Intel speed up flash memory (PC World)
  161. Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion For Yahoo
  162. Messenger Discovers "Spider" Crater on Mercury
  163. Microsoft makes a bid for Yahoo
  164. Microsoft Makes $44.6 Billion Offer for Yahoo (PC World)
  165. Just in case Japan's sun rises again . . . (FT.com)
  166. Micron, Intel speed up flash memory (InfoWorld)
  167. Microsoft to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion
  168. Microsoft bids $44.6 billion for Yahoo (AP)
  169. Flash price drop spurring innovation (InfoWorld)
  170. Open access for all: prime 700MHz Block C hits reserve price
  171. Chinese vent anger online at snow relief efforts (Reuters)
  172. Google's Summer of Code Headed Down Under
  173. Cable break causes wide Internet outage (AP)
  174. CodeGear to supply 1 million dev tool licenses to Russia (InfoWorld)
  175. Egypt Calls for Bandwidth Rationing
  176. India Internet capacity at 80 pct after cables break (Reuters)
  177. Linux To Challenge Symbian, Microsoft In Mobile Phone Market (TechWeb)
  178. Carbon Nanotubes Can Exist Safely Inside the Body, Help Treat Cancer
  179. Build a Cheap Linux Home Media Server in Thre Easy Steps
  180. Motorola mulls breakup, phone unit sale (AP)
  181. Pillow Design Looks Like Rock Avalanche
  182. WiFi-enabled universal remote pulls codes from the web
  183. RIAA chief: We don't see a need for mandatory ISP filtering
  184. Yahoo's Semel steps down as chairman (AP)
  185. Yahoo's dethroned chief executive leaves board of directors (AFP)
  186. O2 bubble burst over comparison adverts (FT.com)
  187. Drop-Catching Domains Is Big Business
  188. The Great Microkernel Debate Continues
  189. Who's the Mystery Man in Epcot's Garage? Neither Woz nor Jobs
  190. Sex Drive: Real Sex Tantalizes as Processed Porn Gets Boring
  191. Feb. 1, 1893: Lights! Kinetograph! Action!
  192. Amazon to buy Audible for $300 million (Reuters)
  193. Linux ready to go green
  194. American Space Age Reaches Fifty Years
  195. Finger-thin cables tie Internet together (AP)
  196. Google Misses Q4 On Weak Ad Sales, Social Networking (Investor's Business Daily)
  197. Imbee.com Settles With FTC Over Child-Privacy Violations
  198. Internet Fiber Cuts Isolate Millions in Middle East and Southeast Asia
  199. Computer shop sales pitch: 'We remove Vista' (PIC)
  200. Details of Cyber Storm War Games Released
  201. Electronic Arts lowers outlook, shares fall (Reuters)
  202. MacBook Air Has Problems; AppleTV Delayed (NewsFactor)
  203. Electronic Arts swings to 3Q loss (AP)
  204. EDGE is down for most of the midwest US
  205. Microsoft Launches IT Superhero Comic
  206. Consumers Not Splurging on HDTVs for the Super Bowl
  207. Vinyl Frontier: Left-for-Dead Music Is Resurrected for the Digital Age
  208. Walking in rhythm is safe, even with earbuds: study (Reuters)
  209. Google 4Q profit misses analyst target (AP)
  210. Of GOP Candidates, Geeks Hate McCain the Least
  211. Top General Says Let Soldiers Blog
  212. Motorola May Spin Off Mobile Phone Division (PC World)
  213. Motorola may spin off mobile phone division (InfoWorld)
  214. Highlights From the New Peer-Reviewed Creation Science Journal
  215. Gallery: Inside the Navy's Armed-Robot Labs
  216. GPS maker sees phone as its future (AP)
  217. Katherine Heigl named "most desirable woman" (Reuters)
  218. ISP Ordered to Reveal Identities of BitTorrent Anime Sharers
  219. A Torrid Tale of Plagiarizing Paleontologists
  220. "Madden" game picks Patriots to win Super Bowl (Reuters)
  221. Netscape, the Browser That Started It All, Dies a Quiet Death
  222. Orascom plans phone service in NKorea (AP)
  223. How Pervasive is ISP Outbound Email Filtering?
  224. Motorola may separate cell phone unit (AP)
  225. Motorola eyes separating mobile divisions (Reuters)
  226. Electronic Arts swings to 3Q loss (AP)
  227. Transmission Becomes Default BitTorrent Client for Ubuntu
  228. St. Petersburg Starts Process of Becoming a Domed City
  229. Time for a Vista Do-Over?
  230. Web offers a marketplace for budding Hemingways (Reuters)
  231. Millions in Middle East Lose Internet
  232. The History of the Apple II as a Gaming Platform
  233. The Next 25 Years in Tech
  234. Finger-thin cables tie Internet together (AP)
  235. AT&T wireless outage probed (AP)
  236. Google 4Q profit misses analyst target (AP)
  237. Young mainframers' group gains momentum (InfoWorld)
  238. Fixing US Broadband Would Cost $100 Billion
  239. Yahoo Opens Up to OpenID
  240. Arizonans Try Craigslist to Cash In on Super Bowl Fever
  241. ZAP Says its $30K Electric Sports Car Is Coming in 2009
  242. Camera Trade Show Promises More Pixels in Your Pocket
  243. Author Delivers Sobering Vision of a Hotter Planet
  244. AT&T data network fails for BlackBerry, iPhone users (InfoWorld)
  245. More Options With Tomorrow's Cell Phones (PC World)
  246. LAN Turns 30, May Not See 40?
  247. Who Dares Call The Garmin Nuviphone an iPhone-Killer?
  248. Study: Climate Change Escalating Severe Western Water Crisis
  249. It's a Phone! A GPS! -- It's nuviphone, Not iPhone! (NewsFactor)
  250. Spint Nextel may have big write-down (AP)