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  1. Pope Denounces Some Biotech as Affront to 'Human Dignity'
  2. The Pirate Bay: The Site is Safe, Even If We Lose in Court
  3. Pirate Bay's Future Uncertain After Operators Charged
  4. China Vows to Stop the Rain
  5. Sweden claims site violates copyrights (AP)
  6. Court rules for TiVo in patent dispute (AP)
  7. Auction bid triggers airwaves open access (Reuters)
  8. The History of the Apple II as a Gaming Platform
  9. Mideast Internet Failure Spreads to India
  10. Gateway's New PCs Pack a Lot of Entertainment Power (NewsFactor)
  11. The Truth About New Jet Pack Hype
  12. FTC Settles With Spammer (PC World)
  13. Smart 'Lego' Set Conjures Up Virtual 3D Twin
  14. Will We One Day Be the Second Planet From the Sun?
  15. 'Cyber Storm' Totes Up Myriad Ways Tech Can Cripple U.S.
  16. Amazon buying Audible.com for $300M (AP)
  17. Google Slams Autonomy Over Search Claims (PC World)
  18. The Great Microkernel Debate Continues
  19. Domain Tasters Can Now Eat Dirt
  20. Evidence for New MacBook Pros
  21. Consumers confused about digital TV transition
  22. Internet failure hits two continents
  23. EBay's feedback tweaks have sellers worried
  24. Google slams Autonomy over enterprise search claims (InfoWorld)
  25. Spectrum bid triggers open access rule (AP)
  26. Spectrum Auction Could Be A Game of Chicken
  27. PC Makers to Adopt Chips Used in MacBook Air (PC World)
  28. Microsoft Rolls Out CRM Update (PC World)
  29. Hardware Vendors Will Follow Money to Open Source
  30. Amazon to buy Audible for $300 million (Reuters)
  31. TSMC's Q4 soars, but chip maker reduces spending (InfoWorld)
  32. Phishers Using DNS Tricks (PC World)
  33. Spectrum Auction Could Be A Game of Chicken
  34. Internet outages hit India, Middle East (AP)
  35. Russia's Comstar to build WiMAX network in Armenia (Reuters)
  36. Four Indicted in Pirate Bay Case
  37. Microsoft Believes IBM Masterminded Anti-OOXML Initiative
  38. Internet outage hits business from Cairo to Colombo (AFP)
  39. Cellphone App Developed that Could Allow For 'Pocket Supercomputers'
  40. Phishers use DNS tricks to direct users to bad sites (InfoWorld)
  41. Time for a Vista Do-Over?
  42. Damaged cables cut Internet in Mideast (AP)
  43. Internet in India slowed by Middle East outage (InfoWorld)
  44. Lenovo sees Q3 profits soar, sells mobile phone business (InfoWorld)
  45. Sony profit up, cuts forecast (Reuters)
  46. Porn on your iPhone? “Adult dates?” They’re coming!
  47. Egypt has only 40 pct Internet after cable fault (Reuters)
  48. Symantec study reframes IT risk management (InfoWorld)
  49. Gameworld: Videogames give actors second chance (Reuters)
  50. Founder says Russian authorities hack critical Web site (Reuters)
  51. Product review: Synology Cube Station breaks the low-end NAS wide open (InfoWorld
  52. See the MacBook Earth, Water and Fire!
  53. Under 30s not happy as oldies invade social media
  54. Russia's heir apparent Medvedev puts up Web site (Reuters)
  55. Sony quarterly profit rises 25 percent (AP)
  56. Egypt asks to stop film, MP3 downloads during Internet outage (AFP)
  57. Orascom to provide wireless in North Korea (FT.com)
  58. Trains, bloggers are threats in US drill (AP)
  59. Millions in Middle East Lose Internet
  60. Amazon expects sales to rise in 2008 (AP)
  61. Indian outsourcing sector hit by Internet disruption (AFP)
  62. Garmin announces the Nuviphone!
  63. 8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make
  64. Egyptian firm says it wins mobile phone licence in NKorea (AFP)
  65. "Chimps" gets game treatment from Brash (Reuters)
  66. Wired Magazine: How Facebook Exposed Us All as Freaks
  67. The Best: Extinct Animals, From an Elephant Bird to a 10-Foot-Long, Four-Eyed Spider
  68. Myanmar arrests blogger, watchdog says (AP)
  69. 'Brain training' Dr Kawashima has no time for games (AFP)
  70. Air your security gripes on TSA blog (AP)
  71. Australian Police Chief Seeks Terror Reporting Ban
  72. Surprise! Garmin's GPS Phone Is Awesome
  73. A tour of Google's new Experimental Search. Verdict: awesome
  74. Jan. 31, 1958: Explorer I Makes It Official — There's a Space Race
  75. NASA's Messenger Probe Shows Hundred-Mile Cliffs on Mercury
  76. DoJ Extends Microsoft Oversight for Two Years
  77. A side of Mercury you've never seen before
  78. Three of the Finest Bike Wheels Money Can Buy
  79. Google's Wireless Spectrum Quest Is Up In Air As FCC Bids Fall Short (Investor's
  80. Asian Nations Battle for Google Data Center
  81. Era of big acquisitions largely over, Forrester says (InfoWorld)
  82. EBay's tweaks to feedback worry sellers (AP)
  83. California Company Introduces New Mobile Linux Platform (PC World)
  84. Microsoft rolls out CRM update in eight languages (InfoWorld)
  85. Scientists Discover Way to Reverse Memory Loss
  86. ASUS preps $500 'iMac killer' Eee PC all-in-one desktop
  87. Top 10 BitTorrent Tools and Tricks
  88. Study: US broadband goal nearly reached (AP)
  89. Critic: Tech companies trying open spectrum too much (InfoWorld)
  90. Researchers Reference Flocking Birds to Improve Swarmbots
  91. Europeans uneasy on online data safety (AP)
  92. EBay Sellers Angry About New Fees, Feedback Rules
  93. Fest boosts entrants with file-sharing (AP)
  94. E-Voting Undermines Public Confidence In Elections
  95. Firefox share up over 20% in Europe, mostly at expense of IE
  96. Bush asks for $6 billion to fight the terrorists online
  97. First Proof Apple Making Zero on AppleTV (And $$$ on iTunes)
  98. Gigantic Mech Animals are Seriously Stylish
  99. Azingo introduces new mobile Linux platform (InfoWorld)
  100. Week in video-game news (AP)
  101. RIAA Wants $1.5 Million Per CD Copied
  102. Forbes.com dubs Madonna "Cash Queen of Music" (Reuters)
  103. Fed Up With MySpace? Join the Club and Delete Your Account
  104. Chem Lab: Heath Ledger Is Fodder for Macabre Science Blogs
  105. Yahoo's stock sinks as turnaround stalls (AP)
  106. Previous 'Grand Theft Auto' games (AP)
  107. Firefox's Market Share Hits 28% in Europe
  108. AppleTV update delayed, but MacBook Air Shipping Now
  109. Autonet Mobile: Your Own Personal Hotspot, Everywhere You Go
  110. Gear Gallery: Laptop-Cellphone Hybrid and Tasty iPod Alternatives
  111. MySpace Readies New Developer Platform For Feb. 5 Launch
  112. Review: Wi-Fi messaging devices improve (AP)
  113. Amazon doubles 4Q profit (AP)
  114. Microsoft Believes IBM Masterminded Anti-OOXML Initiative
  115. What's the Right RPG Tattoo for Your Child?
  116. Mercury Pics Show Spider Formation and Long Cliffs
  117. Fly the Friendly Skies — Nude
  118. The Team Behind Snarky Startup Blog Uncov Reveals Its Own Startup, Persai
  119. Meet me at the Xbox Arcade (AP)
  120. Vint Cerf on Why TCP/IP Was So Long in Coming
  121. New York Proposal Would Restrict Sex Offenders Online (NewsFactor)
  122. High-tech companies collaborate to help fight AIDS in Africa
  123. A tenfold improvement in battery life?
  124. Fantastic freeware
  125. Power your gadgets using sun and water
  126. Insecurity in the digital world
  127. RIAA sees a 99.6% capitulation rate from students at UT
  128. EPA to Automakers: The Horsepower War Is Over
  129. Sprint to continue iDEN network (AP)
  130. Favoring stores, Dell closes mall kiosks (AP)
  131. FTC settles with advertiser for spam campaign (InfoWorld)
  132. Clearwire says made progress on Sprint deal terms (Reuters)
  133. Basis Tech says Amazon appealing court decision (Reuters)
  134. Battle Room from Ender's Game Will Become a Video Game (NewsFactor)
  135. Windows Vista Annoyances
  136. Rumors of Google and Dell iPhone Rival
  137. TechBit: Remote-control robbery foiled (AP)
  138. U.S. No. 1 in communications study (AP)
  139. SAP 4Q slips, but revenue rises (AP)
  140. A Mythbuster's Biggest Tech Headaches (and Solutions)
  141. RIAA Drops Case, Should Have Sued Someone Else
  142. Copy a CD, owe $1.5 million under
  143. China's Web Dilemma: Needs of Business vs. Urge to Censor
  144. TechBit: Japan lacks virus laws (AP)
  145. Google adopts universal search in SKorea (AP)
  146. Porn to spice up cell phones (Reuters)
  147. EnterpriseWizard releases customizable CRM (InfoWorld)
  148. Sprout: The Online WYSIWYG Editor for Flash
  149. Space station astronauts make risky spacewalk
  150. Microsoft oversight extended to 2009 (AP)
  151. Rumors of Google and Dell iPhone Rival
  152. Hacking Asus EEE
  153. Sustainability Scorecard Shows Green Business Has a Long Way to Go
  154. Damaged Undersea Cable Disrupts Net Service Across Mideast
  155. Alert Swedish Bank Employee Foils Digital Heist
  156. Internet disrupted in Egypt and India (Reuters)
  157. Artificial Bases Added to DNA
  158. Damaged cable KOs Internet in Mideast (AP)
  159. IBM Adds Linux Apps Support to Unix Servers (PC World)
  160. The Gray Areas of Search-Engine Law
  161. U.S. plans for falling satellite
  162. U.S. tops new tech usage ranking (Reuters)
  163. N.Y. lawmakers want sex offenders' email addresses (Reuters)
  164. TV White Space & The Future of Wireless Broadband
  165. Amazon Patents Customized 404 Pages
  166. Stanford center turns to Sun Blackbox for extra capacity (InfoWorld)
  167. ICANN Moves To Disable Domain Tasting
  168. Apple.com: A life remembered
  169. China steps up Internet video control (AP)
  170. Reputation managers step in against Internet thugs (AFP)
  171. Intel Becomes Largest Purchaser of Green Power in the U.S.
  172. SAP sees 1,000 Web subscription clients by end '08 (Reuters)
  173. How to Discover Secret Gadgets Through the FCC
  174. Wiretapping Debate: Stop the Spying
  175. Best Practices For Process Documentation?
  176. More eBay Cautionary Tales (PC World)
  177. French police deal blow to Microsoft (AFP)
  178. Business software giant SAP posts 2007 profit of 1.94 bln euros (AFP)
  179. 11 Power Tips for Gmail
  180. MySpace to further open to developers (AP)
  181. WSJ's Web site adds Facebook function (AP)
  182. EBay sellers not happy about fee changes (AP)
  183. AIDS Drug Patent Revoked In US
  184. Popular blogger arrested in Myanmar: opposition (AFP)
  185. MySpace launches developer platform, appoints COO (Reuters)
  186. The Life Cycle of a Blog Post, From Servers to Spiders to Suits -- to You
  187. Reviews: Chicago 10 in Theaters, Hot Chip's Made in the Dark, Dan Kennedy's Rock On
  188. HDTV Buyer's Guide 2008 (TechWeb)
  189. 9 (More) Smartphone Alternatives To Apple's iPhone (TechWeb)
  190. Ditching Vista: How To Downgrade To Windows XP (TechWeb)
  191. Apple seen introducing cheaper, more innovative Wi-Fi iPods
  192. WSJ's Web site adds Facebook function (AP)
  193. Tool Use Is Just a Trick of the Mind
  194. ADB gives 25 million dollars to bring Internet to rural Nepal (AFP)
  195. How-to get Windows XP past the June 30th cutoff (or not)
  196. Norwegian Broadcasting publishes popular TV-series via P2P
  197. Jan. 30, 1790: The Lifeboat, an Idea Whose Time Has Come
  198. Alt Text: More 'Filthy' Games to Drive Fox News Crazy
  199. Anonymous Hackers Track Saboteur, Find and Punish the Wrong Guy
  200. Air Force Says Falling Spy Satellite Could Hit United States
  201. Technical Risks of the US Protect America Act
  202. Schneier's Keynote At Linux.conf.au
  203. Yahoo Profits Slip; To Cut 1,000 Jobs
  204. NY bill regulates sex offenders' Web use (AP)
  205. Google Fixes Gmail IMAP Problem on Windows Mobile (PC World)
  206. Spring, Java platform combos eyed (InfoWorld)
  207. Yahoo to lay off 1,000 workers (AP)
  208. Data: Siberian asteroid smaller than previously thought
  209. Yahoo CAPTCHA Hacked
  210. Disappointed Investors Drive VMware Stock Down 30 Percent
  211. Indie Filmmakers Compete 'Iron Chef'-Style for Prizes
  212. Can Google Survive a Downturn? Experts Are Divided
  213. EU Court Places Online Privacy Above the Outing of Pirates
  214. Yahoo's Q4 sales up, profit down (InfoWorld)
  215. Magistrate Suggests Fining RIAA Lawyers
  216. P2P users blast Comcast in FCC proceeding
  217. NY legislation targets online predators (AP)
  218. IBM adds Linux apps support to Unix servers (InfoWorld)
  219. Juniper switch adds security cred (InfoWorld)
  220. Aboriginal Archive Uses New DRM
  221. Sexy New Russian Military Uniform
  222. N.Y. lawmakers want sex offenders' email addresses (Reuters)
  223. ACLU of Ohio Sues To Block Paper Ballots
  224. Fisker's $80K Plug-In Hybrid to be Made in Detroit?
  225. Apple Prohibits iTunes Movie Rentals on Fifth-Generation and Older iPods
  226. Yahoo 4Q earnings fall over 23 percent (AP)
  227. OpenLogic: HP hogged FOSS limelight (InfoWorld)
  228. Sci-fi novel "Ender's Game" to become video game (Reuters)
  229. BSA's Tactics and Motives Questioned
  230. Digg Joins the DataPortability Project
  231. DIY $1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera
  232. The Best LEGO Sets in History
  233. EBay cuts listing fee for sellers at online auction website (AFP)
  234. P2P Fans Pound Comcast In FCC Comments
  235. Major 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' Shortages Loom for Japan
  236. What Bush Should Have Said About Energy and China
  237. NY AG joined by Facebook and MySpace in pushing e-safety bill (InfoWorld)
  238. Google fixes Gmail IMAP problem on Windows Mobile (InfoWorld)
  239. Craigslist founder talks about open source, banner ads (InfoWorld)
  240. EU Court Says File Sharers Don't Have To Be Named
  241. Cisco's Big Switch
  242. EU court supports privacy of music downloaders (AFP)
  243. Vista's Growing Popularity Draws Hackers' Malice (PC World)
  244. Skyfire Shows iPhone-like Browsing for Windows Mobile (NewsFactor)
  245. Trend Micro stresses 'tested' patent in trade case (InfoWorld)
  246. Current Media Unveils IPO Plans, Dubious Financials
  247. Report: Clearwire, Sprint resume talks (AP)
  248. Call to cut mobile roaming costs in Europe (FT.com)
  249. Technical Risks of the US Protect America Act
  250. We Know Who's Behind Storm Worm