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  1. Researchers Make Tiny Radios from Nanotubes
  2. Bids are Rising in FCC's Auction of 700MHz Wireless Spectrum (NewsFactor)
  3. What's the Best Game Console of All Time?
  4. Bush Praises Skin-to-Stem-Cell Breakthrough in State of Union
  5. VMware shares plunge by more than 30 pct (AP)
  6. Billing technology: Making it easier for customers to pay up (FT.com)
  7. Mobility diary: Businesses are targeted by virtual networks (FT.com)
  8. Update: EBay lowers fees and tightens seller standards (InfoWorld)
  9. Laptops Getting LEDs, Blu-ray This Year (PC World)
  10. Skyfire Demos Free Mobile Browser (PC World)
  11. The Notable Improvements of GNOME 2.22
  12. Engineers Have a Terrorist Mindset?
  13. European Court Decides FileSharers Should Stay Anonymous
  14. EBay cutting listing fees
  15. Future Flu Vaccines May Not Require a Needle
  16. Global Warming Prompts First Antarctic Marine Life Census
  17. Facing Competition, eBay Slashes Its Listing Price in Half
  18. T-Mobile adds nearly 1M U.S. subs in 4Q (AP)
  19. EBay adjusts pricing to encourage low-cost sellers (Reuters)
  20. U2's Manager Calls For Mandatory Disconnects For Music Downloaders
  21. Mythbuster Jamie recommends Ubuntu over Vista's bloat.
  22. Programming As Art — 13 Amazing Code Demos
  23. What the MPAA Still Isn't Telling Us
  24. Music Labels say No Deal with Qtrax
  25. EMC 4Q profit rises 35 percent (AP)
  26. Earthlink founder steps down as Helio CEO (InfoWorld)
  27. Music Labels say No Deal with Qtrax
  28. Trend Micro Sues Barracuda Over Open Source Anti-Virus
  29. EBay lowers listing fees (AP)
  30. Trend Micro Sues Barracuda Over Open Source Anti-Virus
  31. Time Lapse Construction of the Largest LEGO Set Ever
  32. 18 84 58 A6 D1 50 34 DF E3 86 F2 3B 61 D4 37 74 - iPhone Key
  33. Telco Immunity Goes To Full Debate
  34. MSI: LEDs, Blu-ray Disc, Eco big in laptops this year (InfoWorld)
  35. DEMO 08: First look at 10 cool new technologies
  36. Japan's Kyocera to exit China mobile handset market (Reuters)
  37. SpringSource buys Covalent in open-source deal (InfoWorld)
  38. Cost cutting boosts DoCoMo profit amid price war (Reuters)
  39. iPhone Application Key Leaked
  40. EU court says file sharers don't have to be named (Reuters)
  41. NTT DoCoMo profit rises 38 percent in 3Q (AP)
  42. George Lawrence Photography Revisited
  43. Blu-ray Disc--The New VHS? (PC World)
  44. 'Hubdub' website: virtual betting on news (AFP)
  45. JVC and Funai Elec to team up in LCD TVs: source (Reuters)
  46. The True Cost of SMS Messages
  47. China Mobile eyes more overseas acquisitions (AFP)
  48. Man arrested in eBay sale of historic documents (Reuters)
  49. In Open Source Move, Nokia Acquires Trolltech For $153 Million (TechWeb)
  50. US Judge Bars Unauthorized Sales of Phone Records
  51. Diggnation to Be Shown on Virgin America Flights
  52. Iphone Application Key Leaked
  53. Cool Webmaster Tool: What Websites are Hosted on this IP?
  54. Real-World Calvin Builds Snow Machine
  55. Gentoo Linux - Your Video Card When You're Not Playing Games
  56. Jan. 29, 1998: A Warning on Nicotine, Straight From the Horse's Mouth
  57. Time to be thinking outside the box (FT.com)
  58. 23,000 Linux PCs For Filipino Schools
  59. U2 manager takes Internet providers to task (Reuters)
  60. A quarter of Apple iPhones "unlocked": analyst (Reuters)
  61. Must see: Airbus A380 cockpit (incredible interactive view)
  62. The Torch flashlight:why illuminate when you can incinerate?
  63. HD DVD to Buy Superbowl Ad, Prolong Inevitable Loss to Blu-ray
  64. Qtrax First Look: Nice Interface, But Where Are the Tunes?
  65. Sun Hasn't Gone Down Yet On Solar Power Offerings (Investor's Business Daily)
  66. Snopes Pushing Zango Adware
  67. Microsoft partner first with hosted Communications Server (InfoWorld)
  68. Wii homebrew without a mod chip now possible!
  69. Skyfire browser for Windows Mobile is game changing, does Fl
  70. Internet helps doctor get back to basics (Reuters)
  71. A quarter of Apple iPhones "unlocked": analyst (Reuters)
  72. New free music service hits problems following launch (AFP)
  73. Lawyer Puts $10k Bounty on Blogger's Identity
  74. Yahoo Report Could Disappoint, Analysts Say Layoffs Likely
  75. Wired Readers Name Our New Geological Age
  76. Stroke of Genius: Tiny Vacuum Cleaner Clears Brain Clots
  77. Huckabee Endorses Hell-Fearing Christian YouTube Competitor 'GodTube'
  78. PayPal Acquires Israeli Anti-Fraud Company (NewsFactor)
  79. Toshiba's HD DVD Price Cuts May Not Stop Blu-Ray (NewsFactor)
  80. Vodafone clears tax-fight hurdle (FT.com)
  81. World's Most Powerful Rail Gun Delivered to US Navy
  82. The Symantec Guide To Home Internet Security
  83. Helio CEO leaves job to president (AP)
  84. Canadian Songwriters Propose Collective Licensing
  85. Stanford's New Website Converts Your Photos to 3D
  86. OpenOffice 3 has PDF import, native Aqua UI, and Tara Reid
  87. An economy grows around Britney Spears (AP)
  88. MySpace's Leaked Photos More Popular Than Sweeney Todd
  89. Nokia to buy Norway's Trolltech (AP)
  90. LiquidPlanner adds probability to project planning (InfoWorld)
  91. Wired Science Reveals Secret Codes in Craig Venter's Artificial Genome
  92. We're Huge in Finland! Firefox Hits New High as IE7 Lags
  93. Man Nearly Kills Himself With Baking Soda
  94. Hackers Rig Google to Deliver Malware (PC World)
  95. Startup sets full mobile browser free (InfoWorld)
  96. New 4100 Lumen Flashlight Can Set Things On Fire
  97. ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 - AMD's New Dual GPU Gaming Card
  98. New York halts sale of historic documents on eBay (Reuters)
  99. World's Most Powerful Rail Gun Delivered to US Navy
  100. LEGO Brick 50th Anniversary Time Line and Curiosities (PICS)
  101. Harvard's Gates heads new online forum (AP)
  102. The Symantec Guide to Home Internet Security
  103. Examining the Ethical Implications of Robots in War
  104. Site arranged pay for job interviews (AP)
  105. Geologists Claim Earth May Be Softer Around The Middle Than Previously Thought
  106. Ribbit injects phone, voicemail features on to Web (Reuters)
  107. Greece turns Microsoft to boost IT performance (Reuters)
  108. Facebook Apps On Any Website: Clever Move
  109. Gartner: Blu-ray to win in 2008, HD DVD resistance "useless"
  110. PayPal Buys Fraud Sciences for $169M (PC World)
  111. Verizon Revenue Up, Helped by Wireless and Data (PC World)
  112. Data Recovery & Solid State
  113. Chips could put lab rats out of work
  114. Reasons to buy a hybrid -- or not
  115. News Junkie? Put Your (Play) Money Where Your Mouth Is
  116. Qtrax Jumps the Gun on Music Download Boast
  117. Swedish prosecutors close in on The Pirate Bay (InfoWorld)
  118. Embattled Palm will Close All But One Retail Store (NewsFactor)
  119. Nokia to Buy Software Developer Trolltech for $153M (PC World)
  120. Concerns Over Increased 802.11n Power Usage
  121. NYC Wants to Ban Geiger Counters
  122. Software Tool Strips Windows Vista To Bare Bones
  123. PayPal buys Fraud Sciences for $169M (InfoWorld)
  124. Verizon revenue, income up, helped by wireless and data businesses (InfoWorld)
  125. AMD's Dual GPU Monster, The Radeon HD 3870 X2
  126. Free music service hits snag
  127. Tracking a lost camera to its owner
  128. PayPal to buy Fraud Sciences (Reuters)
  129. German state, Nokia seek solution for Bochum plant (Reuters)
  130. Cisco's Nexus Forms Core of Data-Center Drive (PC World)
  131. Amazon to begin international roll-out of MP3 store (Reuters)
  132. RIM jazzes up BlackBerry for broader appeal (Reuters)
  133. Nokia Buys Trolltech
  134. Amazon to add MP3 store to international sites (InfoWorld)
  135. LEGO Brick 50th Anniversary
  136. The Anatomy of Money-Mule Scams
  137. Sweden to charge Pirate Bay in copyright case
  138. Hackers hit Scientology with online attack (InfoWorld)
  139. MSI readying Diamondville low-cost laptop (InfoWorld)
  140. Verizon posts profit, wireless subs beat estimates (Reuters)
  141. HP boosts SOA governance (InfoWorld)
  142. Nexus brings Cisco into new territory (InfoWorld)
  143. Yahoo encounters a fork in the road (USATODAY.com)
  144. Nokia to buy software developer Trolltech for $153M (InfoWorld)
  145. Cisco's Nexus forms core of datacenter drive (InfoWorld)
  146. People don't read books - says Steve Jobs
  147. Dev Team's 1.1.3 jailbreak for iPhone/iPod available
  148. How to get Windows XP after June 30 (InfoWorld)
  149. Speculation On the Doomed Satellite
  150. Sony Ericsson cuts deals with 10 music labels (Reuters)
  151. Mitt Romney Answers Tech Questions
  152. "L Word" gets online peek (Reuters)
  153. Mitt Romney Answers Tech Questions
  154. Tech Sector Likely to Get Roughed Up in Looming Recession
  155. Kazaa User Appeals Feds' Novel Use of Child Porn Law to Supreme Court
  156. Creepy Cyberpunk Fantasies Come to Life in Christopher Conte's Sculptures
  157. Glass Chip May Provide an Alternative to Animal Testing
  158. Startups rush to pave way for Web video (AP)
  159. New site has users wager on news stories (AP)
  160. Study shows eBay buyers save billions of dollars (Reuters)
  161. Cell phone can read documents for blind (AP)
  162. Progress Software views BPM with Actional SOA tool (InfoWorld)
  163. Free music available, legally -- if fans don't mind the ads! (AFP)
  164. Spies In the Phishing Underground
  165. Qtrax aims to offer iPod-friendly tracks (AP)
  166. Yale Lecturer Advises: Flush the Prozac and Hack Your Own Happiness
  167. Staging the Largest Terrorism-Response Drill in U.S. History
  168. Jan. 28, 1807: Flickering Gaslight Illuminates Pall Mall
  169. Disabled satellite falling to Earth
  170. Qtrax — Ad-Supported Music With iPod Compatibility?
  171. The Internet Was a Real Pile of Shit in 1996 - PART II
  172. Multitasking Makes You Stupid and Slow
  173. Subpoena Sought For Browsed News Articles
  174. Impress Your Friends While Watching "Untraceable"
  175. Tech Venture Funding Jumped in 2007 (PC World)
  176. Impress Your Friends While Watching "Untraceable"
  177. Suppresed Video of Japanese Reactor Sodium Leak
  178. Mental Decline in the Aged Linked to Long-Ago Lead Exposure
  179. Amazon says will begin int'l roll-out of its MP3 store (Reuters)
  180. Similar DNA Molecules Able to Recognize Each Other
  181. The Coming Wave of Gadgets That Listen and Obey
  182. Broadband, Cell Service Demand Boost AT&T (PC World)
  183. Sweden to charge Pirate Bay in copyright case (Reuters)
  184. Amazon MP3 Store to Go Global in 2008
  185. Microchips Everywhere: a Future Vision
  186. iJailbreak updated; Jailbreaks 1.1.3 iPhones & iPod Touches
  187. BlackBerry maker jazzes up goods for broader appeal (Reuters)
  188. Military Robots to Gain Advanced Sight
  189. EU Ponders Privacy of Internet Addresses (PC World)
  190. Vista SP1 Release May Be Near
  191. 711Chan gets revenge,
  192. Lotus Notes 8.5 Will Support Ubuntu 7.0
  193. Qtrax aims to offer iPod-friendly tracks (AP)
  194. Google looking at Malaysian base: report (AFP)
  195. The Pirate Bay Tops 10 Million Users
  196. The Pirate Bay Now Tracks 1 Million Torrents, 10 Million Pee
  197. Major Labels Allow P2P Sharing of Their Music on QTrax
  198. Legal file-sharing service touts free music with ads (Reuters)
  199. Google eyeing operations in Malaysia: report (Reuters)
  200. Barack Obama Enjoys Huge Win in South Carolina
  201. Embedded Microchips In Virtually Everything
  202. Uncontrolled, Potentially Dangerous Spy Satellite May Collide With Earth
  203. Defunct Spy Satellite Falling From Orbit
  204. UK High Court Allows Software Patent Claims
  205. Google Battles Domain-Name Tasting
  206. Digg Users Send Message To Elite Whiners
  207. RFID Tags: A Threat to Privacy in the Near Future?
  208. Standard Text Chats Are Not Stored Long Term
  209. Defunct Spy Satellite Falling From Orbit
  210. The First Taser (1935)
  211. Recording Music Without the Recording Industry
  212. Microsoft's Net Rises 79% On Strong Vista, Office Sales
  213. Tech Group Reports Boost to Economy (PC World)
  214. Hackers Hit Scientology With Online Attack (PC World)
  215. Web Hosting For Privacy Activists?
  216. Classified Cyber-Security Directive Puts NSA In Charge
  217. Anonymous.Versus.Scientology.Tool
  218. "Hollywood" Howard Berman To Leave Internet Subcommittee
  219. German Govt. Skype Interception Trojans Revealed
  220. Bluetooth Prosthetics Help US Marine To Walk Again
  221. 10 Examples of the iPhone Making People Crazy
  222. Microchips everywhere: A future vision (AP)
  223. In-Depth Review of the MacBook Air With Photos
  224. Court Says You Can Copyright a Cease-And-Desist Letter
  225. Massive WiMax Network for India
  226. Scientists Build First Man-Made Genome
  227. The Internet Was a Real Pile of Shit in 1996
  228. Deutsche Telekom says has sold 70,000 iPhones (Reuters)
  229. Google Adsense Cracking Down on 'Tasters'
  230. How to Tell If You Are Addicted to Technology
  231. German Govt Skype Interception Trojans Revealed
  232. Verizon mixes up two subscribers private info, wont fix!
  233. In-Depth Review of the MacBook Air With Photos
  234. Court Says You Can Copyright A Cease-And-Desist Letter
  235. Texting still relatively private (AP)
  236. NPD Group Says "Wait! HD-DVD Isn't Dead Yet"
  237. Sanyo to dissolve TV venture with Quanta: Nikkei (Reuters)
  238. Scientists Claim Infrared Helmet Could Reverse Alzheimer's Symptoms
  239. The Wonderful World of Early Computing
  240. Apple's Math Could Point To iPhone Overstock (TechWeb)
  241. IBM Turns To Linux In Desktop Campaign Against Microsoft (TechWeb)
  242. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release Postponed (TechWeb)
  243. Author of ATSC Capture and Edit Tool Tries to Revoke GPL
  244. Wine 0.9.54 Released
  245. Startup Claims to Make $1/Gallon Ethanol
  246. Estonia fines Russian for DoS 'cyber war'
  247. Police puppy makes online debut (Reuters)
  248. HP Introduces Thin Client Disguised as a Laptop (PC World)
  249. Lenovo Enters the Server Business (PC World)
  250. Solid-State Drives May Be Trendy, But Consumers Aren't Buying It