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  1. New Purification Plant Answers California's Water Crisis
  2. Anonymous Hackers Shoot for Scientologists, Hit Dutch School Kids
  3. Vision Vaults Best Videogames Beyond Drabville
  4. Video: Seagate CEO Bill Watkins Discusses Blu-Ray, Apple and Recession
  5. Will Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Lift Off?
  6. Warner Sues Search Engine, Tests DMCA Safe Harbor
  7. Wireless auction bids $3.7 bln (Reuters)
  8. The Horror! Tesla Crash Photos!
  9. New Gamma-Ray Observatory Launches This Spring
  10. Samsung YP-U3 Featherweight Media Player Packs Haymaker Sound
  11. Synthetic Biology: It's Not What You Learned, But What You Made
  12. Join the Navy, Kill Some Whales
  13. Smartphones Patented — Just About Everyone Sued 1 Minute Later
  14. Linux kernel 2.6.24 released
  15. KLA to pay $65M in stock option case (AP)
  16. Google combats domain name loophole (AP)
  17. Lenovo enters the server business (InfoWorld)
  18. Gadget Lab Podcast: Nokia E90, Dyson Vacuum and MacBook Air
  19. MacHeist II a Smash Hit, Sets New Record for Shareware Sales
  20. They Shrunk My Firefox! Mozilla Shows Off Touch-Sensitive Mobile Mockups
  21. Review: Psychotic bunnies are back (AP)
  22. New Robot Can Help You Find Your Way
  23. Cop poses as girl, 13, snags mayor online
  24. FCC weighs approving AT&T buy of Aloha spectrum (Reuters)
  25. School Cop In Trouble for Porn Link on Friend's MySpace Profile
  26. Texting still relatively private (AP)
  27. Anti-Piracy Group Violates Swiss Law to Track File Sharing
  28. MacBook Air Draws Praise, But Criticism for Performance (NewsFactor)
  29. Bluetooth Prosthetics Help US Marine to Walk Again
  30. MySpace Private Pictures Leak
  31. Digg CEO Jay Adelson's Take on the So-Called "Revolt"
  32. Palm closing all retail stores & paying out Treo owners
  33. Wisdom and folly: IE8's super standards mode cuts both ways
  34. Microsoft Earnings Surprise Wall Street (NewsFactor)
  35. Myspace Private Pictures Leak
  36. Can photo clues lead to camera's owner? (AP)
  37. Charter Accidentally Wipes 14K Email Accounts
  38. Step-by-Step: Jailbreak the iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware
  39. Google to kill Domain Tasting
  40. FAQ: Inside the FCC's High-Stakes 700-MHz Spectrum Auction
  41. Near-Revolt on Digg Underscores Site's Dependence on Its Users
  42. NYC's Subway Spycam Network Stuck in the Station
  43. Homes for the mobile (FT.com)
  44. Math on iPhones Just Doesn't Add Up?
  45. You Used Perl to Write WHAT?!
  46. "Ask Zawahri" Web forum draws Qaeda-curious (Reuters)
  47. 700MHz auction update: High bids total $3.2 billion (InfoWorld)
  48. New "Endoscope On a Pill"
  49. Anonymous hackers take on the Church of Scientology
  50. New VIA x86 CPU Takes Aim At Intel Silverthorne
  51. Bluetooth helps wounded vet walk
  52. FCC Spectrum Auction Bids Below Expectations on First Day (NewsFactor)
  53. Nokia finds Romania's hidden labor force (Reuters)
  54. HD DVD Player Sales Grind To a Halt
  55. The 700mhz Gorilla - Why Google Wants It & Why It Matters
  56. Top 101 CSS Techniques Of All Time
  57. First MacBook Air Benchmarks
  58. Charter Accidentally Wipes 14K Email Accounts
  59. Joel Hodgson Answers
  60. Researchers study coral threats
  61. Bill Gates new project: Farming
  62. EU Signs off on IBM's Cognos Acquisition (PC World)
  63. Motley Fool Writes Off Microsoft
  64. Kenworth plans cleaner truck power
  65. WSJ's Walt Mossberg Reviews the MacBook Air
  66. 2M New Websites a Year Compromised To Serve Malware
  67. Analysts Cast Doubt on Nokia's Mobile Growth Prediction (PC World)
  68. WSO2 open-source mashup builder leverages JavaScript (InfoWorld)
  69. Pirate Yourself, Become a Best-Seller
  70. Steve Jobs lost $219 million since Macworld.
  71. Big Delays, Small Laptops: OLPC XO Recipients Mad
  72. EU signs off on IBM's Cognos acquisition (InfoWorld)
  73. Cabling As Art
  74. Install OS X on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required!
  75. Anonymous Propaganda
  76. Researchers a step closer to synthetic life (USATODAY.com)
  77. Fun of 'Kingdom Under Fire' flickers out quickly (USATODAY.com)
  78. Nintendo jumps after strong results, outlook (Reuters)
  79. IDC sees single-digit handset market growth in '08 (Reuters)
  80. Top bids $2.78 bln as U.S. wireless auction opens (Reuters)
  81. Control user installs of software (InfoWorld)
  82. Smaller drives nurture green IT (InfoWorld)
  83. Posing as girl, retired cop nabs prey (AP)
  84. Baidu leads China Web search market in Q4 (Reuters)
  85. "Beavis" goes portable on PlayStation format (Reuters)
  86. Cell Phone Radiation Detectors Proposed to Protect Against Nukes
  87. Dugg Analytics: See What's Popular on Digg Now
  88. Apple I Need My Wireless Access
  89. Microsoft exceeds expectations again (AP)
  90. Work Progressing on Army's Future Combat Systems
  91. VIA's Centaur Builds a CPU Before Lunchtime!
  92. DoS Attacks on Estonia Were Launched by Student
  93. iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak now for Mac, that was quick
  94. MacBook Air Review Matrix
  95. Ready to Ware: Clothes That Look Hip and Track Your Vital Signs, Too
  96. Jan. 25, 1945: Fluoridation — Better Teeth, or Commie Plot?
  97. Clive Thompson on Why Sci-Fi Is the Last Bastion of Philosophical Writing
  98. Prosecutors name Broadcom co-founders (AP)
  99. Remote Disc: no movie playback, no HD support
  100. Alchemist Author Pirates His Own Books
  101. First video of MacBook Air Insides-Battery Swapping is Easy!
  102. Engineered Mosquitoes Could Wipe Out Dengue Fever
  103. Hackers brutalize Scientology's security defenses
  104. Newspaper Web sites draw record viewers (Reuters)
  105. Top bids $2.4 bln as wireless auction opens (Reuters)
  106. Microsoft profits soar on record 16.37 billion dlr revenue (AFP)
  107. Sun reports strong profits but little growth (InfoWorld)
  108. Microsoft Beats Second-Quarter Views On The Strength Of Windows And Office (Inve
  109. Sun 2Q profit beats estimates (AP)
  110. U.S. OLPC Recipients Irate Over Tiny Laptop Delays, Headaches (PC World)
  111. Wall St. jumps with tax-rebate deal, Qualcomm (Reuters)
  112. The iPhone Meets the Fourth Amendment
  113. XMPP (a.ka. Jabber) is the future for cloud services
  114. iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak released
  115. Amgen profit up, 2008 outlook steady (AP)
  116. Juniper Networks 4Q profit up 73 percent (AP)
  117. Digg: Comment System Update & Logout Bug
  118. Amgen profit up, 2008 outlook steady (AP)
  119. Software group points to sector's economic importance (InfoWorld)
  120. Sun Micro 2nd-quarter profit doubles (Reuters)
  121. Some People Just Never Learn
  122. Amgen profit up, 2008 outlook steady (AP)
  123. Software group points to sector's economic importance (InfoWorld)
  124. Microsoft beats forecasts for Q2 (InfoWorld)
  125. Some People Just Never Learn
  126. HP introduces thin client disguised as a laptop (InfoWorld)
  127. Wall St. jumps with tax-rebate deal, Qualcomm (Reuters)
  128. Microsoft profits soar on record 16.37 billion dlr revenue (AFP)
  129. Cyberwarfare in International Law
  130. 1.1.3 iPhone Jailbreak is LIVE
  131. anonymous 012408 1800 est expect us
  132. 1.1.3 Jailbreak getting closer
  133. Microsoft: Vista Earns High Marks for Security in Its First Year
  134. 'We Traced the Cyberwar -- It's Coming From Inside the Country!'
  135. New Chip Gives Speed Boost to Ultraportable PCs
  136. Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn
  137. Microsoft 2Q profit tops expectations (AP)
  138. Review: Low-cost laptops for Third-World (AP)
  139. Microsoft posts rise in profit on Windows, Office (Reuters)
  140. Scientists Build Possibly The First Man-Made Genome
  141. Mapping the Most Complex Structure in the Universe: Your Brain
  142. Sun 2Q earnings nearly double (AP)
  143. Edward Tufte Weighs In on Apple's iPhone
  144. Tesla: 'The Cars Are Coming In March. No -- Really.'
  145. Scientists Build First Man-Made Genome; Synthetic Life Comes Next
  146. IBM gets EU OK for Cognos buy (AP)
  147. Newspapers see more online users in '07 (AP)
  148. AT&T momentum (FT.com)
  149. The Curious Histories of Generic Domain Names
  150. MacBook Air recommendation: 10 reasons to wait
  151. Poll: How did HTC mishandle the video driver controversy?
  152. Yahoo May Offer DRM-Free MP3s
  153. Dodd Set to Filibuster Wiretap Immunity for Telecoms, Bush
  154. YouTube Boosts Video Viewing for 3G Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  155. VC tech spending saw surge in 2007 (InfoWorld)
  156. Where is Osama? He's in a cartoon, at Sundance (Reuters)
  157. Mystery Malware Affecting Linux/Apache Web Servers
  158. Cable Co. empties 14,000 e-mail accounts (AP)
  159. What Our Top Spy Doesn't Get: Security and Privacy Aren't Opposites
  160. Economic Forum moves to YouTube (AP)
  161. 10 stunning *ULTRA-GEEKY* home cinemas
  162. Cramer: You Had Your Chance With Apple (stock)
  163. Helvetica - Awesome Full-Length Film About Typography
  164. Murdoch: WSJ.com won't go all free (AP)
  165. Top bids $2.4 bln as U.S. wireless auction opens (Reuters)
  166. Telecom Immunity -- We're Down to the Wire(tap)
  167. Transplant Breakthrough May Curb Need for Anti-Rejection Drugs
  168. EPA Chief: Environmental Protector or Car Industry Stooge?
  169. eBay Policies May Change with New CEO (NewsFactor)
  170. Initial top bids are $2.4 billion in wireless sale (Reuters)
  171. When Are Kids Old Enough to Play Videogames?
  172. Teen Takes On Donor's Immune System
  173. Comcast’s BitTorrent Throttling Acceptable? Not Quite!
  174. Apple Plunges Most in 5 Years as Forecast Disappoints
  175. Estonia fines man for Web hacking during riots (Reuters)
  176. MPAA Botched Study On College Downloading
  177. HP Launches FOSSology Open Source Tracking Tool
  178. ISP Filters & Copyright Extension Defeated In EU
  179. Drive-By Pharming In the Wild
  180. Colleges Being Remade Into "Repress U"?
  181. Apple Crippled Its DTrace Port
  182. The Tree of Life Consolidates
  183. Microsoft Confirms IE8 Has 3 Render Modes
  184. How Do I Become an IT/IS Manager?
  185. Privacy Commissioner Criticizes Canadian DMCA
  186. IBM Patents Pricing Motorists Off Highways
  187. W3C Publishes First Public Working Draft of HTML 5
  188. Bandwidth Caps May Be Critical Error For Broadband Companies
  189. Microsoft Ties $235m IT Aid To Use of Windows
  190. Robotic Fly to Descend on New York
  191. AT&T ends '07 with about 2 million iPhone customers (Reuters)
  192. Schools to Increase Spending on Open-Source Software (PC World)
  193. Take-Two stock jumps on "GTA IV" release date (Reuters)
  194. New IBM Tools Enhance Mashups, Social Networking (NewsFactor)
  195. The 700mhz Spectrum Auction In Perspective
  196. Has the Higgs Boson Particle Field Been Hiding in Plain Sight?
  197. The truth about the iPhone's sales numbers
  198. iPhone Guitar
  199. The Anti-MacBook Air Has All Necessary Ports
  200. Microsoft Says Vista More Secure Than XP, OSX and Linux
  201. Digital Music Sales Up, but Industry Still Lagging
  202. Red Hat to focus on core products and service, says new CEO (InfoWorld)
  203. Has the Higgs Boson Been Hiding in Plain Sight?
  204. AT&T: mobile and broadband strong in Q4 (InfoWorld)
  205. FTC Defends Ethernet From Patent Troll
  206. Student fined for attack against Estonian Web site (InfoWorld)
  207. Japan Mobile Carrier Considering Google Android (PC World)
  208. AT&T reports $3.1 billion in Q4 earnings (AP)
  209. Windows Small Business Server at Risk From Critical Flaw (PC World)
  210. Internet Group Declares War on Scientology
  211. Bill Gates Calls for a 'Kinder Capitalism'
  212. More Federal Workers are Telecommuting
  213. Gigantic 500x White iPod Earbuds Not a Joke
  214. "That is not possible. Microsoft would not allow it."
  215. NTT DoCoMo in talks on Android-based cell phone (InfoWorld)
  216. Sprint says CFO to leave in new executive shakeup (Reuters)
  217. Report: Schools will increase spending on open source (InfoWorld)
  218. ICANN Writes US Government Requesting Independence
  219. So Called Top Digg Users Cry About Digg Changes
  220. VIA's New UMPC CPU Capable of Running Crysis & 64-bit Linux
  221. NTT DoCoMo, Google announce partnership (AP)
  222. Nokia's profits jump, market share grows to 40 percent (Reuters)
  223. JBoss alumni launch open-source startup (InfoWorld)
  224. Nintendo earnings nearly double on Wii (AP)
  225. IBM Responds to Overtime Lawsuits With 15% Salary Cut
  226. Airwaves sale is payoff for digital move (AP)
  227. AT&T quarterly profit rises (Reuters)
  228. Google could cause a stir in FCC's airwaves auction (USATODAY.com)
  229. Windows Small Business Server at risk from critical flaw (InfoWorld)
  230. Australia wild party child turns party pro (Reuters)
  231. Why save XP? Readers speak out (InfoWorld)
  232. EU set to warn Germany over gaming market (Reuters)
  233. 26 Things Freelancers Can Do When Business is Dead
  234. Setting Up A Simple, Ubuntu-Based Home File Server
  235. Digital music sales up worldwide (AP)
  236. Yahoo discussing online music deals: report (Reuters)
  237. Nintendo says profit nearly doubles in first three quarters (AFP)
  238. Mozilla confirms Firefox proof of vulnerability
  239. Nintendo earnings nearly double on Wii (AP)
  240. Google ties up with Japan's DoCoMo to grow abroad (Reuters)
  241. Nokia chief confirms plant to close (AP)
  242. YouTube expands mobile video service (AP)
  243. Yahoo eyeing online music service (AP)
  244. Last.fm provides free tracks on demand (AP)
  245. YouTube to feature on wider range of mobile phones (Reuters)
  246. Ubuntu 7.10 on the Gorgeous DELL XPS M1330
  247. Noca The New Online Payment System - Say Bye to Paypal
  248. Robot Planes to Track Weather and Climate
  249. Ginger: the new Netvibes is Here!!
  250. Virtual games a hit among retired US seniors (AFP)