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  1. Strike sending viewers to Internet, survey finds (Reuters)
  2. Microsoft Says Vista Has the Fewest Flaws
  3. 200 Diggs 1 Voice: Diggers Had Enough
  4. Digg: New Algorithm Changes
  5. Survey: No astronaut drunk on launch day
  6. UFOs? Nope. Fighter jets, Air Force says
  7. iPhone visual voicemail co-defendant settles patent lawsuit
  8. P2P defendant: RIAA identified an IP address, not a person
  9. iPhone 1.1.3 speed dial hack - no jailbreak needed
  10. Weakness at Yahoo Doesn't Bode Well for Google
  11. Rummy Resurfaces, Calls for U.S. Propaganda Agency
  12. E.U. Regulator Says IP Addresses Are Personal Data
  13. Obama: I'm Not a Muslim! Forward This to Everyone You Know
  14. Social News Gets Personal With Customizable 'Reddits'
  15. Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers, the Sociopaths of the
  16. Luddite: Feeling Mellow, Until the Subject of Mona's Eyebrows Is Raised
  17. Learning From Failure: Apple's Most Notorious Flops
  18. Jan. 24, 1984: Birth of the Cool (Computer, That Is)
  19. Best of NAMM: IPod Turntables, Home Studio Spoils and Console Porn
  20. 'Sleep Dealer' Injects Sci-Fi Into Immigration Debate
  21. EBay chief executive to step down in March (AFP)
  22. KDE goes cross-platform with Windows, Mac OS X support
  23. Despite Record Earnings, Investors Trash Apple Stock
  24. EBay CEO Meg Whitman Confirms Rumors, Says She Will Step Down
  25. Virgin Galactic unveils spaceship (AP)
  26. EBay CEO Whitman to step down March 31 (AP)
  27. Beijing airport hits back at "second worst" rating (Reuters)
  28. Phishing Group Caught Stealing From Other Phishers
  29. New HTML Specification Offers Peek at Web's Future
  30. Netflix beats estimates with higher Q4 profit (Reuters)
  31. Symantec quarterly profit up, outlook tops estimates (Reuters)
  32. Speeders, Your Pocket Is a Bad Place for Your Cellphone
  33. WordPress.com Creator Raises $29.5M
  34. Qualcomm 1Q profit jumps 18 percent (AP)
  35. Qualcomm results show strong demand (Reuters)
  36. Closer Look: Beta Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (PC World)
  37. More Federal Workers are Telecommuting
  38. MySpace, BBC reach global video deal (AP)
  39. Netflix 4Q earnings rise 6 percent (AP)
  40. While you’re waiting, don’t save in OOXML format
  41. Summary: eBay profits and Whitman's exit (AP)
  42. Mozilla Says Flaw Could Lead to Data Leak (PC World)
  43. NASA Vets & Administration Clash Over Moon Plans
  44. Pillaged MySpace Photos Show Up in Massive BitTorrent Download
  45. Virgin Galactic unveils spaceship (AP)
  46. Yahoo eyeing online music service (AP)
  47. ClearCube provides color to thin clients (InfoWorld)
  48. FTC bars company from higher royalties (AP)
  49. DRM-Free Music Spells Trouble?
  50. Gizmondo Game Console Not Rising From Its Grave
  51. Netflix 4Q earnings rise 6 percent (AP)
  52. Qualcomm posts quarterly profit (Reuters)
  53. Google Android leaves Sun wondering (InfoWorld)
  54. MIT Student Plans to Take on RIAA
  55. Qualcomm 1Q profits jump 18 percent (AP)
  56. The Digg Algorithm has Changed
  57. aXXo’s Pirated Movies Used to Promote the iMac
  58. eBay CEO Whitman to step down March 31 (AP)
  59. Airwaves Auction Heralds Switch to Digital Era
  60. Web voter registration still bogged down (AP)
  61. Missouri governor funds e-mail archive (AP)
  62. Strong Sales Boost Apple Revenue 35 Percent (NewsFactor)
  63. Mozilla Celebrates Its 10th Birthday
  64. Saving in OOXML Format Now Probably A Bad Idea
  65. Review: Nokia E90 Communicator Acts Like a Laptop, Makes Calls Like a Phone
  66. All Major Labels to Stream Free Music on Last.fm
  67. Apple CEO takes $1 salary in 2007 (AP)
  68. RIM to offer Lotus Connections on BlackBerry (Reuters)
  69. Microsoft Prepares to Push Windows Mobile for Phones (NewsFactor)
  70. Elisa 0.3.3 turns Linux into a movie theater
  71. Gizmondo Is Dead, Dead, Dead. DEAD and Not Coming Back
  72. The week in video-game news (AP)
  73. Major Japanese prize for 3 Americans (AP)
  74. Internet privacy concerns cause very public row in Brussels (AFP)
  75. EMC to offer SaaS backup and recovery service (InfoWorld)
  76. KDE Goes Cross-Platform, Supports Windows and OS X
  77. Drought could force nuclear shutdowns
  78. Engineered Mosquitoes Could Wipe Out Dengue Fever
  79. Live Coverage: Virgin Galactic Unveils SpaceShipTwo
  80. Airwaves sale is payoff for digital move (AP)
  81. PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility
  82. SpaceShipTwo Design and Pics Released
  83. Rumor: Wikipedia's Redesign?
  84. 16 Sensational Poster Designs
  85. Baidu aims to take on Google and Yahoo in Japan (Reuters)
  86. Will the Web Replace TV?
  87. IE8 May Not Pass the Acid2 Test After All
  88. Two Part Timers Beat Engadget and Gizmodo's Keynote Coverage
  89. Sony to delay Japan PSP Skype rollout (AP)
  90. IBM Passes Legal, Overtime Costs on to Its Tech Workers
  91. Canadian students test Nintendo Wii workout (Reuters)
  92. Mozilla says Firefox flaw could lead to data leak (InfoWorld)
  93. Memorial Web sites accused of "romanticizing death" (Reuters)
  94. IBM Buys AptSoft (PC World)
  95. SpaceShipTwo Design and Pics Released
  96. Understanding Art for Geeks
  97. Last.fm frees the music
  98. Microsoft Joining DataPortability.org
  99. MPAA: 'College Kids Not the Thieves We Said They Were'
  100. From Biofuel to Biohazard, Just Like That
  101. Beyond Sundance, Web offers indie film 2nd chance (Reuters)
  102. RIM to offer Lotus Connections on BlackBerry (Reuters)
  103. Will Carriers Deliver on Pledge of Open Access? (PC World)
  104. Mainframes Live on, Say Corporate Users (PC World)
  105. IBM riles employees with base pay cuts (AP)
  106. Scam Wars: Phishing Kits Exploit Customers (PC World)
  107. IBM expands SOA with AptSoft acquisition (InfoWorld)
  108. 700 MHz Auction Begins Tomorrow
  109. Parents crashing online party
  110. Biofuels may threaten environment
  111. AT&T looking at Internet filtering (AP)
  112. Glu offers to buy Superscape for $36M (AP)
  113. Microsoft Pushes Windows Mobile (PC World)
  114. Sony to delay Japan launch of Skype on PSP (Reuters)
  115. IBM buying business software firm AptSoft (Reuters)
  116. Wiimote Turns TV into Touchless MS Surface
  117. HTC Sells Shift Ultramobile in Taiwan (PC World)
  118. Israel Eyes Thinking Machines to Fight 'Doomsday' Missiles
  119. MPAA admits mistake on downloading study (AP)
  120. Motorola forecasts loss on struggling phone biz (Reuters)
  121. Can Sun Make MySQL Pay?
  122. World of Warcraft Hits 10 Million Subscribers
  123. Apple QuickTime DRM Disables Video Editing Apps
  124. Apple reports Q1 2008 best quarter ever
  125. Creating A Fantastic Fantasy Night Sky In Photoshop
  126. China's Baidu starts Japanese search engine (AFP)
  127. Motorola 4Q profit sinks (AP)
  128. Are Google and Facebook Hoarding too much Personal Data?
  129. Jobs, iPhone have Skyhook pointed in right direction (USATODAY.com)
  130. Microsoft steps up Windows Mobile consumer push (InfoWorld)
  131. China shuts down pornographic Web sites (AP)
  132. LIGO Fails To Detect Gravity Waves
  133. N.Y. to offer a conservation magazine (AP)
  134. Google launches YouTube in SKorea (AFP)
  135. The 1000 Genomes Project
  136. Five Most Overlooked Open Source Vulnerabilities Found By Audits (TechWeb)
  137. MPAA Botched Study On College Downloading
  138. Layoffs loom at Yahoo (Reuters)
  139. HP Launches FOSSology Open Source Tracking Tool
  140. Colleges Being Remade Into "Repress U"?
  141. WP plugin "Socialize Me!" connects you with your visitors
  142. Steve Jobs leaks new Time Machine features
  143. Uh-oh, Optimus -- United Keys build keyboard w/OLED Buttons
  144. iPhone 1.1.3 is READY for SDK apps
  145. Jan. 23, 1960: Journey to the Deepest Place on Earth
  146. Alt Text: Tiptoeing Through the Minefield of Movie Spoilers
  147. Apple Drops in After-Hours on 2Q Outlook
  148. China shut 44,000 porn Web sites in 2007: report (Reuters)
  149. Blu-ray players grab 93 percent of market after Warner went
  150. Texas Instruments 4Q profit up 13 pct. (AP)
  151. Apple quarterly profits soar to record 1.58 billion dollars (AFP)
  152. ISP Filters & Copyright Extension Defeated In EU
  153. Review: Dyson DC-24 Vacuum Sucks Like No Other
  154. Apple 2Q outlook spooks investors (AP)
  155. Turner, Nascar extend deal for sport's Web site (Reuters)
  156. Chip in mobile phones can survive fierce fires, says scientists (AFP)
  157. Worm Fears Shut down Skype Video Feature (PC World)
  158. Israel Eyes Thinking Machines to Fight 'Doomsday' Missile Strikes
  159. Mac Sales Propel Apple to Most Profitable Quarter Ever
  160. New Oracle director gets stock options (AP)
  161. Video: Musician, Researchers Create Dark Matter 'Music Box'
  162. Space Visionaries Hope to Save Manned Space Exploration
  163. Texas Instruments 4Q profit up 13 pct. (AP)
  164. Record iPhone, Mac sales boost Apple's earnings (InfoWorld)
  165. Drive-By Pharming In the Wild
  166. What will—and won't—happen in tech in 2008
  167. 10 things your IT Dept. won't tell you
  168. GPS devices: Road-tested and reviewed
  169. Keep tabs on your financial data
  170. Tomorrow's personal robots: man's new best friend?
  171. Make sure you've really dropped an online service
  172. Apple 1Q 2008 Results: Record $1.58 Billion Profit
  173. Pink Slips at Yahoo -- How Long Before Jerry Yang Gets One?
  174. What's 'Wired' This Month: 'The King of Kong', Mark Halperin's PageCast, Nada Surf's
  175. Panda feeds safer transactions (InfoWorld)
  176. Click-to-call, security among RIM software updates (InfoWorld)
  177. Talend, Microsoft align on data integration (InfoWorld)
  178. User-group study: Mainframes live on through SOA (InfoWorld)
  179. Apple Crippled Its DTrace Port
  180. Apple fiscal 1Q profit rises (AP)
  181. Microsoft offers new products for governments (InfoWorld)
  182. The Tree of Life Consolidates
  183. Second Life cracks down on virtual world banking (AFP)
  184. 'Trust but verify' open mobile network pledges (InfoWorld)
  185. Application data management vendors merge (InfoWorld)
  186. Microsoft Confirms IE8 Has 3 Render Modes
  187. Video: Take a Spin Inside a Robot-Driven Car
  188. Clinton-Obama Debate Mudslinging Splatters Onto Web
  189. Piecing Together the Dark Legacy of East Germany's Secret Police
  190. SKorea's Daum, Microsoft to work on IPTV (AP)
  191. Auction of key airwaves begins Thursday (Reuters)
  192. Microsoft expected to post sharp profit rise (Reuters)
  193. How Do I Become an IT/IS Manager?
  194. Youth vs. adults in gadget wars (AP)
  195. New Mobile Phone Has a Foldable Screen (NewsFactor)
  196. Kenya crisis hits fund-raising plans (FT.com)
  197. The real lowdown on XP license deadlines (InfoWorld)
  198. Thousands protest Nokia plant closing (AP)
  199. N. Korean leader extolls local software (AP)
  200. Correction: MySpace Agreement story (AP)
  201. Japan to get cellphone 'sommeliers': official (AFP)
  202. Privacy Commissioner Criticizes Canadian DMCA
  203. Crazy Amarok lead developer gets logo tattooed on his arm!
  204. First MacBook Air Unboxing, Compared to VAIO (loads of pics)
  205. Flipping the Linux switch: Misplace a file? Find it quick!
  206. Hard Drive Domino Rally
  207. 70 Horror, Blood and Gore Photoshop Effects and Brushes
  208. Preview: 'Penny Arcade Adventures' Pitch-Perfect Comedy
  209. IBM Patents Pricing Motorists Off Highways
  210. And the Winner of the Autopia WTF? Caption Contest Is...
  211. HBO to offer shows online to subscribers (AP)
  212. iPhone Gets Ready for Work with New Plans, Possible Lotus Support (NewsFactor)
  213. W3C Publishes First Public Working Draft of HTML 5
  214. World's First Phone With Fold-Away Screen
  215. New iPod nano in the pink!
  216. Longtime eBay Chief Preparing to Step Down
  217. TD Ameritrade online trading system hit by outage (Reuters)
  218. Microsoft entices governments into the Internet Age (AFP)
  219. Another Tax Break for Homeowners (The Motley Fool)
  220. Bandwidth Caps May Be Critical Error For Broadband Companies
  221. IP Address Is Personal Info, Says European Data Chief
  222. EBay CEO Whitman preparing to retire: report (Reuters)
  223. Microsoft Ties $235m IT Aid To Use of Windows
  224. Shooting yourself in the foot: Time Warner's usage caps
  225. The REAL Camera Behind Cloverfield
  226. Author of 'Love and Sex with Robots' on Colbert
  227. Court rejects wireless carriers' appeal (AP)
  228. Robotic Fly to Descend on New York
  229. Windows 7 To Be Released Next Year?
  230. Mysterious reptile deaths puzzle scientists
  231. Report: Struggling Yahoo Set for Substantial Layoffs
  232. The 10 Most Difficult to Read Tokyoflash Watches [PICS]
  233. Polymer Vision Readies Rollable E-Book, Cell Phone (PC World)
  234. Corporate Email Etiquette - Dead or Alive?
  235. 'Safe Ebola' Created for Research
  236. Digg is NOT a User-Generated Content Site
  237. Mac OS X 10.5.2: Optional Translucent Menubar; DVD/CD Share
  238. How to Outsource the Inbox and Never Check Email Again
  239. Lifehackers Exclusive Line of Productivity Software
  240. EBay CEO Meg Whitman to Retire (PC World)
  241. Microsoft pledges cash for IT in developing world (InfoWorld)
  242. Yahoo Patents 'Smart' Drag and Drop
  243. Yahoo! reportedly plans layoffs
  244. WordPress now offers 3 GB of space for Free!
  245. Report: EBay chief preparing to retire (AP)
  246. Websites make it easy to catch a missed TV show (USATODAY.com)
  247. HTC sold 2 million of its iPhone-rival handset last year (InfoWorld)
  248. Windows 7 to Be Released Next Year?
  249. Report: EBay CEO Whitman preparing to retire (InfoWorld)
  250. Groklaw Explains the Cyberlaw "Trademark"