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  1. Nearly 100 fixes planned for Apple's second Leopard update
  2. Microsoft steps up assault on virtualization (InfoWorld)
  3. Domino, Lotus roadmap revealed (InfoWorld)
  4. Google-funded firm launches DNA test in Europe (Reuters)
  5. Dell launches PowerEdge blade servers (InfoWorld)
  6. Is the iPhone Killing Sprint Wireless?
  7. Dentsu plans Chinese online ad joint venture (Reuters)
  8. Reports: Yahoo! Inc. to layoff hundreds (AP)
  9. Pownce Launches!
  10. Microsoft Unveils Virtualization Strategy
  11. Japan guides to help puzzled mobile phone users (Reuters)
  12. Microsoft agrees on Internet TV joint venture in SKorea (AFP)
  13. Nokia unveils two new handsets (Reuters)
  14. New App lets you "Widgetize" Content from any Website
  15. IBM Won't Open-Source OS/2
  16. 9 Reasons Why "The Digg Story" Sells
  17. Just How Much Greenhouse Gas Is Released When a Cow Burps?
  18. Microsoft Announces Virtual Expansion
  19. Israel Launches New Satellite to Spy on Iran
  20. Zend targets enterprise PHP with app server, IDE (InfoWorld)
  21. Actuate Launches Its First Web-Based Performance Management Software (TechWeb)
  22. BizAutomation.com Targets NetSuite in Small-Busienss CRM, ERP Market (TechWeb)
  23. China couple to sue subway over leaked kiss video (Reuters)
  24. Open Source DRM Solutions?
  25. The iRing for The Apple Fan
  26. Microsoft takes virtual step forward (AP)
  27. Followup On Java As "Damaging" To Students
  28. Microsoft relents: Vista consumer virtualization ban lifted
  29. Canadian Privacy Commissioner: Just say no to intrusive DRM
  30. The 33 Things That Make Us Crazy
  31. Jan. 22, 1980: Sakharov Carries His Dissent Into Exile
  32. Saudi Telecom to pay $2.6bn for Oger stake (FT.com)
  33. Why Privacy & Security Are Not a Zero-Sum Game
  34. Hackers bring down Panama assembly's Web site (Reuters)
  35. Next-gen Apple MacBook Pros to gain multi-touch trackpad
  36. Beijing Olympic Campus Looks Like CGI
  37. The Pirate Bay, Guilty Before Trial!
  38. 1Password announces first iPhone form filler [PIC]
  39. MacBook Air Unboxing Photos and Wireless Booting
  40. Is Tech Bringing Us Closer Together Instead of Allowing Us to Sprawl?
  41. EU Offers Translation Resource to Developers (PC World)
  42. How Would You Make a Distributed Office System?
  43. The new MacBook Pros are coming...with two drives?
  44. Service Supports Cell Phones Inside the Office (PC World)
  45. Geekonomics
  46. Does Google Really Want to Buy Prime Spectrum? (NewsFactor)
  47. Maryland Scraps Diebold Voting System
  48. Kyocera To Buy Sanyo's Mobile-Phone Business (NewsFactor)
  49. Sanyo says selling mobile phone unit to Kyocera (AFP)
  50. IBM Targets Small Businesses (PC World)
  51. EU official says IP address is personal (AP)
  52. Customers Trust MicroStrategy's Independence (PC World)
  53. Geekonomics
  54. iPhone goes corporate: AT&T announces business plan
  55. FCC will Again Test TV 'White Spaces' for Broadband Use (NewsFactor)
  56. New Dell Blades Offer Management Tools (NewsFactor)
  57. Push to save African-American treasures
  58. Microsoft takes virtual step forward (AP)
  59. Hackers Claim Flaw in British DSL Service (PC World)
  60. Phone with fold-away screen launched (Reuters)
  61. Cell Phone Sommeliers on the Way?
  62. CES 2008: The Wootable Awards
  63. Man Files Patent For Taser-Proof Clothing
  64. Data Portability: Reasonable Goal or Impossible Dream? (PC World)
  65. FBI Burying Doc Showing US Officials Stole Nuclear Secrets?
  66. CIA Says Hackers Have Cut Power Grid
  67. Kyocera to buy Sanyo's mobile arm (FT.com)
  68. Turning contacts into cash
  69. Interview with AT&T on BitTorrent Filtering
  70. Copyright Lobbies Threaten Federal College Funding
  71. 5 ways to pimp out your WordPress weblog
  72. The Truth About the Format War and HD DVD's Demise
  73. Some Apple customers irate over Time Capsule
  74. Oracle, Sun Deals Muddle Middleware Market (NewsFactor)
  75. IBM and SAP to develop joint software (Reuters)
  76. Command Line Life Partner Wanted
  77. "Mac mindset" claim is more marketing than science
  78. Talking About AT&T's Internet Filtering on AT&T's Own Show
  79. Origami Plane to Fly From the Int. Space Station
  80. RIAA Website Hacked
  81. Cute Portal Weighted Companion Cube case mod
  82. Non Dripping bottle
  83. Delicious Integrated Into Yahoo Search Results
  84. SimCity Classic GPL’ed - called Micropolis
  85. Collapsed UK Bank Attempts to Censor Wikileaks
  86. Copyright Lobbies Threaten Federal College Funding
  87. NBC's Zucker hints at return to iTunes?
  88. Sanyo Sells its Cell Phone Division to Kyocera (PC World)
  89. Dell Ships New PowerEdge Blade Servers (PC World)
  90. Microsoft to Force IE7 Update on February 12th
  91. Asus Eee PC will ship with 9 inch touchscreen for $15 extra!
  92. Ars Technica reviews KDE 4.0
  93. First Amarok 2 tech preview released
  94. Rabbis play online cupid to help Jews marry Jews (Reuters)
  95. NBC's Zucker Hints At Return to iTunes
  96. Sanyo to sell cell phone unit to Kyocera (AP)
  97. Tech's all-time top 25 flops (InfoWorld)
  98. Thai AIS in talks with Apple on iPhone launch (Reuters)
  99. First Evidence Of Under-Ice Volcanoes In Antarctica
  100. Americans abroad can now vote online (AP)
  101. Japan's Softbank plans discounts for students (Reuters)
  102. Commodore SX-64 vs MacBook Air
  103. DOE Awards 265 Million Processor-Hours To Science Projects
  104. LinkedIn founder has golden touch (AP)
  105. User does not believe Linux can run without Windows
  106. How Email Brings You Closer to the Guy in the Next Cubicle
  107. perl6 and Parrot 0.5.2 Released
  108. Macbook Air and the Usual Suspects
  109. Japan to get cellphone 'sommeliers': official (AFP)
  110. Hiding Dirty Stuff: Windows vs. Linux
  111. Microsoft Insider Details Xbox 360 Red Ring Problems
  112. Listening Post: 'U2 3D' Brings Hyperreal Arena Rock to the Multiplex
  113. Jan. 21, 1979: Neptune Moves Outside Pluto's Wacky Orbit
  114. Foreigners Keep Out! High Tech Mapping Starts to Redefine International Borders
  115. Copyright Lobbies Threaten Federal College Funding
  116. Messenger Probe Sends Back Mercury Photos
  117. Oil Canals May Have Played Key Role in Katrina Disaster
  118. Geotagging Expands Uses of Digital Images
  119. Push Polling in South Carolina -- Who's It Really Helping?
  120. IBM stock looks cheap: Barron's (Reuters)
  121. Thinkpad X300 Specs Leaked
  122. iPod Nano Gets Retro Big Screen (Suck it AppleTV)
  123. Thinkpad X300 Specs Leaked
  124. Mac OS X 10.5.2 update to bring endless list of fixes
  125. Macworld 2008 rumor report card: some hits, mostly misses
  126. Best GIMP brushes: 35 brush sets(1400 brushes) [with pics]
  127. EPA Asserts Executive Privilege In CA Emissions Case
  128. Training From America's Army Game Saved a Life
  129. iPhone Rival Touch Sold Half as Many Handsets (PC World)
  130. Thinkpad X300 Specs Leaked
  131. Personal Weather Stations Helping With Weather Forecasting
  132. A Proposal For Unionizing Bloggers
  133. YouTorrent: Give It A Shot Before It’s Shut Down
  134. Turkey bans YouTube for second time (AP)
  135. Do Any Companies Power Down at Night?
  136. Commit Digest - Why Not Compiz?
  137. KDE 4.0 Release Event Keynote from Google Headquarters
  138. Two AI Pioneers, Two Bizarre Suicides
  139. RIAA Website Wiped Clean by “Hackers”
  140. Failed Avionics a Possible Cause of BA038 Crash
  141. Wal-Mart Pushing Suppliers For RFID
  142. Google Experimental Search
  143. EU could help Germany's Nokia workers: European Commission president (AFP)
  144. Wal-Mart Pushing Suppliers For RFID
  145. Touch our Monkey
  146. Unmanned air vehicles the size of a cigarette
  147. Korea's PlayTomato Takes a Cue from iPod Touch (PC World)
  148. Asteroid Missions May Replace Lunar Base Plans
  149. Hacking the XO Laptop
  150. 'Daydream Believer' songwriter dies (AP)
  151. The iPhone’s long-missing two-pane email client
  152. India software giants wary of US slowdown (AFP)
  153. Novels Composed on Cellphones Topping Japanese Best Seller Lists
  154. FlyBack: a “Time Machine” backup utility for Linux
  155. MySpace Quietly Fixes Bug That Gave Voyeurs Access to Teens' Private Photos
  156. Personal Weather Stations Helping With Weather Forecasting
  157. Leopard's Stacks done right!
  158. Sun's $1B MySQL Buy May Be Its Entree Into Web 2.0 Software (TechWeb)
  159. Researchers Work To Perfect Computerized Lip Reading
  160. Jobs' response to an angry letter about latest video card
  161. Online Crime Seen as Growing Threat to Business, Politics
  162. European Politicians Launch Pro-Filesharing Campaign
  163. EeePC with Every Hack Possible (GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11N,...)
  164. Design of Next-Gen NASA Rocket Showing Flaws
  165. Why Apple is Apple?
  166. Use Your Cellphone as a 3D Mouse
  167. OpenOffice.org 3.0 Release Schedule
  168. Internet's young turks rally for big blogs Crunchies awards (AFP)
  169. Scientology's secret documents hacked by /i/'s Splongcat
  170. Wikipedia goes video
  171. 100yrs ago women used to go to their doctor for an orgasm
  172. EPA Refuses to Turn Over All Greenhouse Gas Documents
  173. NASA Grapples With New Rocket's Shaky Design
  174. Despite Recession Fears, VC Investments Show Confidence in Hot, New Ideas
  175. Google To Offer Free Database Storage for Scientists
  176. A Proposal for Unionizing Bloggers
  177. iPhone 1.1.3 jailbroken, won't be released untill SDK is out
  178. Anti-Nokia anger grows in Germany (AFP)
  179. AI Taught How To Play Ms. Pac-Man
  180. Intel Releases LatencyTop 0.1
  181. FCC Will Test Internet Over TV Airwaves, Again
  182. Brilliant Apple Leopard Ad on NYTimes Site
  183. Trolltech to adopt GPL 3 for Qt
  184. Aftermath of Distant Planetary Collision?
  185. Two AI Pioneers. Two Bizarre Suicides. What Really Happened?
  186. Yahoo OpenID Plan Spotlights Privacy Issues (NewsFactor)
  187. Cloverfield Discussion
  188. [Easy as Pie] Working with a MySQL Database
  189. Video Gaming Industry Shows Strong Growth in 2007 (NewsFactor)
  190. Open Source Speech Recognition
  191. iPhone 1.1.2 OTB UNLOCKED
  192. Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Science Data
  193. The Ubuntu bug reporting culture.
  194. California Broadband Report Offers Model for Other States (PC World)
  195. MacBook Air's Battery is Actually Easy to Replace
  196. Lost Laptop Exposes Nashville Voters to Identity Theft (PC World)
  197. 1.1.3 iPhone Frameworks Docs go live
  198. VC investments rise to six-year high (AP)
  199. CIA Says Hackers Have Cut Power Grid (PC World)
  200. World of Warcraft Gold Limit Reached, Its 2^31
  201. Microsoft Threatens Startups Over Account Info
  202. Time Warner Cable's plan to kill Apple TV
  203. Robots Learn To Lie
  204. Design Your Own Desktop with KDE 4
  205. Lawyer Trademarks "Cyberlaw"
  206. Sprint Nextel to cut jobs, close stores (AP)
  207. CIA Claims Cyber Attackers Blacked Out Cities
  208. Joy of Tech on Macbook Air
  209. USDA Calls For Re-Examination OF Cell Phone Health Risks (TechWeb)
  210. Facebook Software Maker Slide Gets $50 Million In Funding (TechWeb)
  211. IBM Upgrades Tivoli Software For Datacenter Automation (TechWeb)
  212. The Doctor Will See Your Credit Score Now
  213. Russia is a convert
  214. Trolltech Adopts GPL 3 for Qt
  215. Down Time At Work — What Do You Do?
  216. Sources: MacBook Air battery replacements take only minutes
  217. Slide takes $50 mln in funding amid Facebook craze (Reuters)
  218. Ubuntu update break java, wxwidgets and wxpython application
  219. iPhone spurs Web traffic, if not music sales (Reuters)
  220. Teleportation — Fact and Fiction
  221. Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion
  222. Sun SPOT technology set for open source (InfoWorld)
  223. Customers trust MicroStrategy's independent status (InfoWorld)
  224. US video game sales soar to record 17.9 billion dollars (AFP)
  225. Provide us with the email address we should not contact
  226. Uh Oh! Microsoft Already Supports OpenDocument Format?
  227. MySpace Bug Leaks 'Private' Teen Photos to Voyeurs
  228. What's Inside: PowerBar Protein Plus (Laxatives, of Course)
  229. Two AI Pioneers. Two Bizarre Suicides. What Really Happened?
  230. The Wacker BH24 Breaker: Hard on Concrete, Easy on Hands
  231. Data portability: a lofty but challenging goal (InfoWorld)
  232. New HP Tool Tracks Open-Source, Free Apps at Work (PC World)
  233. New Firmware Fixes Previously Bricked iPhones
  234. Bizarre Self-Destructing Palm Tree Found
  235. Gallery: Homemade Bombs, From Richard Reid's Shoe to Kaczinski's Envelope
  236. Carphone sales fall short of forecasts (FT.com)
  237. HP launches FOSS tracking project (InfoWorld)
  238. IBM Buys Small Business Tool Develper (PC World)
  239. Wall Street Beat: Earnings fail to spark confidence (InfoWorld)
  240. New Findings Confirm Darwin's Theory — Evolution Not Random
  241. Man Imitates 'America's Army,' Saves Lives
  242. IBM acquisition targets Microsoft in SMB market (InfoWorld)
  243. US video game sales soar to record 17.9 billion dollars (AFP)
  244. New Firmware Fixes Previously Bricked iPhones
  245. Down Time At Work — What Do You Do?
  246. PackageKit re-invents package management
  247. Chinese Internet users up to 210 million (AP)
  248. FCC Resumes Testing of Internet-by-Airwave Devices
  249. Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals
  250. Sprint shares tumble (Reuters)