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  1. Facebook software maker Slide gets $50 mln funding (Reuters)
  2. Brazil bans popular video games seen to incite violence (AFP)
  3. Geist's Fair Copyright for Canada Principles
  4. What Bugs Apple Fans About Apple
  5. Microsoft allows developers to examine .Net source code (InfoWorld)
  6. Former Brocade CEO Sentenced in Backdating Case (PC World)
  7. MapReduce — a Major Step Backwards?
  8. Revision3 Launches New Website
  9. Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Scientific Data
  10. Training cited in lethal explosion (AP)
  11. Pentagon Working on "Human Fear" Weapons
  12. New Blu-ray 2.0 spec makes PS3 the most future-proof player
  13. $70,000 Industrial Robot Modded to Fire Flameballs
  14. KDE 4.0, A call for perspective
  15. Texters rejoice! iPhone can store more text messages
  16. Blu-Ray crushing rival DVD format in Japan: study (AFP)
  17. Review: 'Cloverfield' Chills With Major Monster
  18. GPS adds dimension to online photos (AP)
  19. Time Warner Trial Could Stifle Online Movies (NewsFactor)
  20. AOL Adopting Jabber (XMPP)
  21. What is an Open Source Company Really Worth?
  22. A really cool, addicting ..... design thing?
  23. Anti-spammer fined $60K for DNS lookup 'hack'
  24. Music for air travelers in Nashville (AP)
  25. Bobby Fischer, Enfant Terrible of Chess, Dies at 64
  26. Web plagiarism a serious problem: UK teachers (Reuters)
  27. Sprint Nextel Cuts 4,000 Jobs, Closes 125 Stores (NewsFactor)
  28. Video game review: 'Burnout Paradise' (AP)
  29. Thousands flee Colombian volcano
  30. Microsoft hires industry veteran as CIO (AP)
  31. Bizarre Self-Destructing Palm Tree Found
  32. Apple Air versus Asus Eee: A Comparison
  33. Make a choice...[PIC]
  34. German rage over Nokia plant closure grows (Reuters)
  35. State of US Science Report Shows Disturbing Trends
  36. Sean Paul's Music Isn't That Bad; It Was Stacey's Brain
  37. California Scientists Vie for Fancy New Stem Cell Labs
  38. Tools For Understanding Code?
  39. iPod touch users - Free Update, No $20?
  40. ND Judge rules that "host -l" command constitutes hacking
  41. Adobe Flash Tutorials - Best of
  42. FCC resumes testing of Internet devices (AP)
  43. Wipro's quarterly profit rises 11 pct (AP)
  44. Texas Creationist Museum Facing Extinction
  45. Time Warner to Try Tiered Cable Pricing (PC World)
  46. US wireless telecom Sprint Nextel to cut 4,000 jobs (AFP)
  47. China Internet Population Tops 200 Million (PC World)
  48. Sprint Nextel to cut jobs, close shops (AP)
  49. IBM Reports Strong Software, Services Results (PC World)
  50. Bobby Fischer Is Dead At 64
  51. Microsoft accused of patent violation in China (Reuters)
  52. Microsoft Says VBA Is Here To Stay
  53. Study children and cellphones, U.S. experts advise (Reuters)
  54. French Fine Amazon For Free Shipping
  55. 'Rock Band' pumps up music sales (USATODAY.com)
  56. Sprint to cut 4,000 jobs (Reuters)
  57. Social, work lives collide on networking websites (USATODAY.com)
  58. Gaming industry sales grow by 43% in 2007 (USATODAY.com)
  59. Ray Tracing for Gaming Explored
  60. MacBook Air Ad Parody
  61. PS3 Megabox Homebrew Project Is Linux For Commitment-Phobes
  62. China's Internet population tops 200 million (InfoWorld)
  63. Startup hopes to lower cell phone costs within the enterprise (InfoWorld)
  64. Mozilla browser interface to get 'humanized' (InfoWorld)
  65. Flipping the Linux switch: New users guide to the terminal
  66. AOL / ICQ are adopting the open source technology Jabber
  67. Time Warner to try tiered broadband pricing (InfoWorld)
  68. Stocks set to rebound from huge drop (AP)
  69. Internet security: What will work (InfoWorld)
  70. Skype flaw turns videos into weapons (InfoWorld)
  71. 3 Ways To Access Linux Partitions (ext2/ext3) From Windows
  72. The Impatience of the Google Generation
  73. HOWTO: iPhone Webclip Icons
  74. Carphone sales fall short of forecasts (FT.com)
  75. White House Tape Recycling Possibly Erased Emails
  76. IBM's forecasts strong earnings (AP)
  77. Time Warner links Web prices with usage (AP)
  78. Upbeat AMD report pleases investors (AP)
  79. Google gets into philanthropy game (AP)
  80. MTV says "Rock Band" game sells 2.5 million songs (Reuters)
  81. Information Requested for NASA-Based MMORPG
  82. A Hello Kitty assault rifle that actually exists
  83. CE-Oh no he didn't! Part LIV: Jobs calls Robbie Bach a drunk
  84. Google philanthropy targets global warming, poverty, and disease (AFP)
  85. Update: 30,000 Ask Microsoft to Save Windows XP (InfoWorld)
  86. Yahoo Implements OpenID; Massive Win For The Project
  87. Design Inspiration from Vintage Ads
  88. Yahoo Implements OpenID; Massive Win For The Project
  89. Industrial Robot Arm Becomes Giant Catapult
  90. Software Morphs Rapper Prodigy Into Global Cipher
  91. Jan. 18, 1778: Cook Blunders Into Paradise, Which Is Soon Lost
  92. Gallery: Spy Gear and Police Tech at Homeland Security Conference
  93. 'Sensual Intelligence' Gives New SaSi Sex Toy an Erotic Edge
  94. MySpace Bug Leaks 'Private' Teen Photos to Voyeurs
  95. Data lost on 650,000 credit card holders (AP)
  96. Nintendo tops video game sales in 2007 (AP)
  97. U.S. game sales rise 28 pct in Dec. (Reuters)
  98. Mozilla Interfaces to Get 'Humanized,' Developer Says (PC World)
  99. IBM reports strong software, services results for Q4 (InfoWorld)
  100. IBM issues strong 2008 profit outlook (Reuters)
  101. The World Wide Computer, Monopolies and Control
  102. Digg's secret editors
  103. Miro updated to v 1.1, Bit Torrent dramatically improved
  104. Confirmed: Bricked iPhones Rise From the Grave With Firmware
  105. Myspace Still Kicking Facebook's Ass in Traffic
  106. Will Apple Ever Get Serious About Games?
  107. Autopia WTF? Detroit Auto Show Caption Contest, Part 2: You Pick the Winner!
  108. Seagate 2Q profit jumps by $263 million (AP)
  109. Corkscrew Cups Could Keep Space Drinks Flowing
  110. Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Play Poker, Triggit CEO's Example Shows
  111. FBI takes 'Wanted' posters on the road (AP)
  112. Study children and cell phones, experts advise (Reuters)
  113. Attack code released for critical Windows flaw (InfoWorld)
  114. Can Linux finally unite Korea?
  115. It's here! Time Warner moves to "tiered Internet pricing"
  116. New Dell Laptops Give Users a Literal Shock
  117. Macheads Dream of Teleporters, Holographic Sex Toys, Squidgets
  118. Yahoo Paves Way for Web-Wide Logins With OpenID Support
  119. Macworld Confirms Growing Trend of 'Hardware as a Service'
  120. California task force urges broadband bonds (Reuters)
  121. Prosthetic-Limbed Runner Disqualified from Olympic Games
  122. How Apple Rumors Became Reality
  123. US intel chief wants carte blanche to peep all 'Net traffic
  124. Company Clones Embryos; Media Obediently Reports Hype
  125. AMD 4Q loss widens on charge (AP)
  126. IBM's 4Q profit rises 12 pct (AP)
  127. Google.org to disburse more than $26M (AP)
  128. Seagate 2Q profit jumps by $263 million (AP)
  129. Was MySQL Worth $1B to Sun? (NewsFactor)
  130. Researchers turn camera phone into mouse (InfoWorld)
  131. Seagate 2Q profit jumps by $263 million (AP)
  132. IBM growth in Americas slower than overseas (Reuters)
  133. Why Americans Don't Buy DVD Recorders
  134. PlayOnLinux
  135. The Digg Reel launches, featuring the best of Digg videos
  136. Sony's Thoughts On the MacBook Air: They did it First/Better
  137. Get to Know the Optimus Maximus Keyboard
  138. More Charges in MySpace Cyber-Stalking Case
  139. Revision 3 Launches 'The Digg Reel' With Weekly Web-Video Highlights
  140. Report: Surgeons Perform Better After Playing Wii
  141. UK says it wants to tackle Net terror (AP)
  142. EU may cut cost of texting, mobile data (AP)
  143. New cyber-security rules for power cos. (AP)
  144. Cell phones and virtual worlds morphing shopper ways (Reuters)
  145. Green Light for Human/Animal Hybrids
  146. Bionic Contact Lens May Lead to Overlay Displays
  147. Brocade's Reyes gets 21 months in backdating case (InfoWorld)
  148. Will iTunes rentals play on a 5G iPod? Nope.
  149. Survey Finds Apple Users Have Sense of Superiority
  150. Chem Lab: Scientists Are Learning How Weed Causes Paranoia
  151. Yahoo Embraces OpenID 2.0 Spec (NewsFactor)
  152. Japan's Sega says to build mega arcade in Dubai (AFP)
  153. Bionic Contact Lens May Lead to Overlay Displays
  154. White House hopefuls wield potent Internet weapon (AFP)
  155. Class Action Suit Against RIAA Can Proceed
  156. Environmental DVD Wrecks Apple Drives
  157. What you can (and can't do) with iTunes and Apple TV rentals
  158. Exonerated RIAA defendant scores double victory in court
  159. AirMail: the manila folder MacBook Air sleeve gets real!!
  160. Has AT&T Lost Its Mind?
  161. Scrabble Makers Lose Points in Online Fuss (NewsFactor)
  162. News Of SETI Signal Just Bad Reporting
  163. Turner, NBA extend relationship to digital (Reuters)
  164. Spec Will Cut External Drive Power Cords
  165. Yahoo to Support OpenID Single Sign-On (PC World)
  166. German unions urge Nokia boycott over plant closure (Reuters)
  167. Microsoft Releases Specs for Binary Formats
  168. Scientists clone embryos from skin cells
  169. Cashing in on old gadgets
  170. Confirmed: You Can Keep Your iTunes Movie Rentals Forever
  171. For bloggers, the hottest computer at Macworld isn't a Mac
  172. California Stem Cell Claim Gets a Cool Reception
  173. Rise in Privacy Fears Mirrors Jump in Online Theft
  174. Yahoo to support OpenID single sign-on (InfoWorld)
  175. Microsoft Releases Specs for Binary Formats
  176. Netflix and iTunes Rentals Aiming At Different Crowds
  177. Time Warner: The More You Download, the More You'll Pay
  178. Arbor Networks buys Ellacoya (InfoWorld)
  179. Intel's Classmate PC Goes on Sale in India (PC World)
  180. White House Official Pushes for Software as a Service (PC World)
  181. Gameworld: Slashing and smashing kick off 2008 releases (Reuters)
  182. AT&T's Plan to Play Internet Cop
  183. EA plans Mac version of Spore, from Sims creator
  184. High-Tech Supports High-Seas Drama (PC World)
  185. German unions call for Nokia boycott (AFP)
  186. New palm species discovered
  187. Trial Set To Determine What SCO Owes Novell
  188. Scientists Develop Computer That Can "Translate" Dog's Bark
  189. Hitachi Does Microsoft Surface Without the Table
  190. Monkey's Thoughts Make Robot Walk
  191. Some DNS Requests Ruled Illegal in North Dakota
  192. Time Warner links web prices with usage (AP)
  193. Intel's Classmate PC goes on sale to consumers in India (InfoWorld)
  194. Sun targets open source LAMP stack with MySQL acquisition
  195. Number of Internet users in China hits 210 million: govt (AFP)
  196. Olympus Stylus 790 SW takes beating, keeps snapping (USATODAY.com)
  197. Tell Apple "iPod Touch users should get iPhone apps for free
  198. Analysis: Sun?s billion-dollar baby (InfoWorld)
  199. France eyes electronics tax for public TV: report (Reuters)
  200. Microsofts' spy patent can monitor even your heartbeat
  201. China says struggling to control online piracy (Reuters)
  202. Oracle to buy BEA for $7.85 billion (AP)
  203. Nanotubes Form The Darkest Material Yet Created
  204. China asks help over Internet piracy (AFP)
  205. Yahoo, T-Mobile say sign mobile Internet ad deal (Reuters)
  206. China flags crackdown on "undesirable" online games (Reuters)
  207. The Video Game Industry Goes Political
  208. WTF? MacBook Air SuperDrive can only be used w/ MacBook Air
  209. Companies launch gadget buyback services (AP)
  210. Star Trek-like 'Phraselator' Helps Police
  211. Free Advanced DHTML Color Picker
  212. Time Warner to test Internet billing based on usage (Reuters)
  213. Macworld ranks swell as Apple's 'cool factor' spreads (AFP)
  214. Star Trek-like 'Phraselateor' Helps Police
  215. Jan. 17, 1966: H-Bombs Rain Down on a Spanish Fishing Village
  216. Ranch Sells Beef for Dinner, Bones for Surgery
  217. Geekipedia: Disruptive Technology -- Bottling the Difference Between Successful Produ
  218. GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland
  219. Monkeys Thoughts Make Robot Walk
  220. Steve Jobs tells off fan, calls her "rude"
  221. Google's Answer to Wikipedia
  222. Xbox Live Marketplace vs Apple TV: The breakdown
  223. Brocade Ex-CEO Gets 21 Months, $15 Million Fine for Backdating Options
  224. Devo Lends Geek Chic to Microsoft Party at Macworld 2008
  225. SAP, Business Objects announce first joint products (InfoWorld)
  226. Time Warner Cable to Test Tiered Bandwidth Caps
  227. And you thought that laptop fire sucked...
  228. Eye-Popping Demos, Overpriced Accessories on Display at Macworld
  229. Apple's 'Green' Notebook Doesn't Impress Environmentalists
  230. 3-D, Zombies and Secrecy: Geekiest Films at Sundance 2008
  231. Exclusive Interview: California Stem Cell Chief Prepares to Dole Out $300 Million
  232. Praise the Lord online: Major hymn book goes digital (Reuters)
  233. Review: Humans take on search queries (AP)
  234. U.S. OMB pushes for software as a service (InfoWorld)
  235. What is Fair Use in the Digital Age?
  236. The Library of Congress Shares Over 3,000 Photos on Flickr
  237. Digg: Your Feedback on the New Comments System
  238. Hands-on with iTunes movie rentals
  239. Sundance Shrinks From Web as Online Video Explodes
  240. Diesels Are Reborn; Horsepower and Muscle Find New Life
  241. Oracle Writes a $1 Billion Check for MySQL
  242. Intel's Tiny Chip Shows How Much Clout Apple Wields
  243. GeekDads Riff on the Obsessive Qualities of the Mac Head
  244. 'Cloverfield' Manga Offers More Cryptic Clues
  245. PC shipments see double-digit rise in 4Q (AP)
  246. FCC Investigation of Net Neutrality a Good Start (NewsFactor)
  247. Pizza Hut rolls out nationwide mobile ordering (Reuters)
  248. Mozilla Nabs Top UI Developers from Humanized (PC World)
  249. MacBook AIR: Apple Fails to Understand Needs of Laptop Users
  250. Ten Tips for KDE 4.0 Beginners