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  1. Steve Jobs Macworld 2008 Keynote in 60 Seconds
  2. Blogosphere Buzzes over Romney's Michigan Win
  3. Nintendo Gets Gritty With 'Advance Wars: Days of Ruin'
  4. Girl next door lands on the Internet (AP)
  5. Amazon throws contest for new authors (AP)
  6. Pope Cancels Speech After Scientists Protest
  7. Startup Offers Instant-Boot Windows Alternative
  8. Review: Humans take on search queries (AP)
  9. Hasbro Using DMCA on Facebook Game Apps
  10. First look: MacBook Air a solid addition
  11. Could Apple TV win format war?
  12. Is MacBook Air Worth the Money? Five Slim Laptops Face Off
  13. Fed approves U.S. office for Japanese Internet bank (Reuters)
  14. The week in video-game news (AP)
  15. iPhone Trojan Sign of Things to Come?
  16. SPARQL Graduates to W3C Recommendation
  17. Linux Networking Cookbook
  18. Wired Video: Hands-On With the MacBook Air
  19. First Image Returned of Mercury's Previously Unseen Hemisphere
  20. Genetically Fortified Carrot Could Launch GMO 2.0
  21. Meet the Disintegrator: 24 barrels of rubber band minigun!
  22. Dreamhost Uses Homer Simpson To Deliver Apology
  23. Toymakers scramble after Scrabulous (AP)
  24. MacBook Air Leaps Ultraportable Hurdles (NewsFactor)
  25. Sun, MySQL synergies stressed in merger (InfoWorld)
  26. Smashing dams to save salmon
  27. Panasonic shows long-lived AA battery (AP)
  28. Talking cure achieves vital signs at Sony (FT.com)
  29. The Pirates Can't Be Stopped
  30. Macworld Keynote in 60 seconds
  31. Why iPhone +SDK, Firmware Is Better Than Your Jailbroken One
  32. New Revision 3 Site
  33. MacBook Pro Woes: What Should I Do?
  34. Oracle Buys BEA
  35. Microsoft seeks patent for office 'spy' software
  36. It's Official: Facebook Spamming Becoming Trend
  37. Study: Online privacy concerns increase (AP)
  38. Products and politics mix at Macworld (AP)
  39. MicroStrategy charts its own course amidst BI consolidation (InfoWorld)
  40. New Hampshire Primaries Follow-Up Analysis
  41. Ex-Brocade CEO ordered to pay $15M fine (AP)
  42. XO's VoIP pricing model may save small companies money (InfoWorld)
  43. NASA Wants Fast Moonbuggies and Solid Lunar Lander
  44. How Slim Is the MacBook Air?
  45. Amazon's free shipping costing €1,000 per day in France
  46. Oracle Closes $7.85 Billion Deal for BEA Systems
  47. AT&T replaces fire-prone batteries (AP)
  48. 'Stevenote Plus One' -- How Shiny Are Apple's Latest? (NewsFactor)
  49. BEA accepts Oracle's $8.5 billion bid (Reuters)
  50. IBM to add software for Apple devices (AP)
  51. 10-year-old Microsoft Ticket Resurfaces?
  52. Apple Introduces Manila Case,The World's Thinnest Case
  53. Cloned Meat Safe, FDA Says, but It's Still Expensive
  54. The State of Security in MMORPGs
  55. 1-ton rodent remains discovered
  56. Amdocs launches products for digital ads and retail (Reuters)
  57. UI Designers Hired by Mozilla
  58. Sun buys MySQL
  59. 2008 shaping up to be Year of Internet Filtering
  60. Video: A look at the MacBook Air's SSD drive technology
  61. Walt Mossberg's interview on the Apple MacBook Air
  62. Syntax-Brillian signs LCD deal with Japan's Sharp (Reuters)
  63. Sun to acquire MySQL for US$1 billion (PC World)
  64. Sun to acquire MySQL for $1 billion (InfoWorld)
  65. Microsoft to Spy on Employees
  66. National Do Not Call Registry
  67. How to fix your Windows MBR with an Ubuntu liveCD
  68. Sun to buy MySQL for $1 billion (AP)
  69. Facebook asked to remove "Scrabulous" (Reuters)
  70. Oracle agrees to buy BEA systems for 8.5 bln dlrs (AFP)
  71. FCC Seeks Comment In Comcast P2P Investigation
  72. FCC Earns Kudos for Net Neutrality Inquiry (PC World)
  73. Oracle to buy BEA for $7.85 billion (AP)
  74. Sun Buys MySQL
  75. Sony Ericsson 4Q profit fell 17 pct (AP)
  76. Computer can help your dog communicate: scientist (Reuters)
  77. Apple's skinny MacBook Air laptop is fat with features (USATODAY.com)
  78. Hide Your Data From Others With TrueCrypt On Ubuntu 7.10
  79. High School Sophomores Discover Asteroid
  80. Sony Ericsson beats forecasts (Reuters)
  81. Mac Version of NaturallySpeaking Launched
  82. Apple unveils world's thinnest notebook computer (AFP)
  83. First Video of Macbook Air from Macworld Expo 2008
  84. Coming to the Mac in 2008: 'Spore'
  85. Apple bets on online movie rentals (AP)
  86. Overseas Sales Not As Big A Boon For HP As For IBM (TechWeb)
  87. Acer laptop pre-loaded with Ubuntu 7.10 in New Zealand
  88. Nanotech Anode Promises 10X Battery Life
  89. An interview with the misguided RIAA
  90. Pirate Bay Gets a 4,000-Page Complaint
  91. MacBook Air: Thinning my expectations
  92. Ubuntu releases ten lessons for the desktop
  93. Bring bad design to justice!
  94. Video Gallery: Badass Motorized Skateboards
  95. Jan. 16, 1936: Day at the Races, and Your Nag in a Photo Finish
  96. Gallery: MacBook Air Makes Its Slim, Sexy Debut
  97. Alt Text: A Geek Yearns for Yesteryear's Noisy Gear
  98. Macworld Video Highlights: MacBook Air, iPhone Upgrade and More
  99. Bob Lutz: Volt Is U.S. Car Industry's Moon Shot
  100. Blockbuster shares drop on Apple news (AP)
  101. Apple unveils super-thin "Air" laptop, Web movies (Reuters)
  102. US FDA Deems Cloned Animals Edible
  103. MacBook Air only $129 Battery Replacement FREE INSTALATION
  104. FACEBOOK IS Buying Plaxo
  105. Web site declares al-Qaeda's founding in UK: report (Reuters)
  106. Wall Street pounds Intel on 4Q results (AP)
  107. Apple's first security patches of 2008 fix iPhone, QuickTime (InfoWorld)
  108. Macworld.Ars: iTunes HD movies only for rent on Apple TV
  109. Apple investors not happy with Steve Jobs' keynote
  110. Huckabee's Secret Weapon: Evangelical Twin Teens With Internet
  111. FCC chief says economy could hurt wireless sale (Reuters)
  112. 12,500 sign 'Save XP' petition (InfoWorld)
  113. Enterprise Inns among leading fallers (FT.com)
  114. First Scareware For the Mac
  115. How Casual Gaming Saved Majesco's Bacon
  116. High Court Limits Second-Party Lawsuits by Investors
  117. Comcast can't move local channels (AP)
  118. Study Touting OOXML Over ODF Is Debunked
  119. Sprints shows its new WiMax devices
  120. Google unveils new iPhone interface for Google Apps
  121. IBM to add software for Apple devices (AP)
  122. Apple iPhone sales hit four million mark: Jobs (AFP)
  123. Apple unveils world's thinnest notebook computer (AFP)
  124. News analysis: Cognos wants IT's approval (InfoWorld)
  125. AT&T To Replace 17,000 Batteries
  126. Macworld: The Stevenote by the Numbers
  127. Apple Reinvents Film Biz With iTunes Movie Rentals
  128. Wozniak Backs Captain Crunch in Net Video Startup
  129. Cop: Reiser Performed Counter-Surveillance Moves After Wife's Disappearance
  130. Intel 4Q results disappoint Wall Street (AP)
  131. Applied Materials to cut 1,000 jobs (AP)
  132. Groups praise FCC's inquiries on net neutrality (InfoWorld)
  133. Open Source On the Big Screen
  134. Turn Your $60 Router into a Super-Router with Tomato
  135. Just how thin is the MacBook Air?
  136. Ohloh Ranks The World’s Coders
  137. UK considers role in US terror database (AP)
  138. iPhone Traffic Data Puts Apple at Center of Mobile Web (NewsFactor)
  139. IBM Opens Jazz.net to All Developers (NewsFactor)
  140. Y2K38 Watch Starts Saturday
  141. Swedish prosecutors dump 4,000 legal docs on The Pirate Bay
  142. MacBook Air Hands-On (Huge PICS gallery)
  143. FDA: Don't Ask, Don't Tell on Cloned Meat
  144. NSA Must Examine All Internet Traffic to Prevent Cyber Nine-Eleven, Top Spy Says
  145. Jobs Unveils 'World's Thinnest Notebook'
  146. VBA Going Away, Macs Now, PCs Soon
  147. EU Regulators Open New Microsoft Investigations
  148. Apple Announces MacBook Air
  149. MacBook Air doesn't have a user-replaceable battery
  150. British Group Bans Nanoparticles From Organic Certification
  151. Nine Canadians arrested in child porn case (Reuters)
  152. Apple to rent movies on Web, shows thin notebook (Reuters)
  153. Apple Announces MacBook Air
  154. Future conceptual computer
  155. New Apple MacBook Air Is World's Thinnest
  156. Apple Adds Five Apps To The iPod Touch -- For A Price
  157. Apple unveils the Apple TV Take 2! Admits first try failed..
  158. Apple Announces Time Capsule Home Server for Macs
  159. Dinos sexually mature by 8, research shows
  160. Jobs confirms iTunes movie rentals (AP)
  161. Borders readies to take over Web site (Reuters)
  162. What Was Your First Gaming Experience?
  163. Teenage Sex Goes Back as Far as the Dinosaurs
  164. FCC Wants to Know if Comcast Is Interfering With Net Traffic
  165. Correction: Comcast-Data Discrimination (AP)
  166. MySpace Promises Better Protection of Children (NewsFactor)
  167. Ask the Presidential Candidates
  168. eSATA to shed the power plug
  169. HD DVD Prices Slashed By Toshiba
  170. Betting on Apple
  171. The Real Reason Warner Went Blu-ray
  172. Engadget's Live Macworld 2008 Coverage
  173. Dreamhost mistakenly bills customers for multiple years
  174. Nokia to close German factory, 2,300 jobs affected (AFP)
  175. Researchers Control Robot With Brain Signals (PC World)
  176. Nokia to close German plant, lay off workers (InfoWorld)
  177. HP & Dell Face Lawsuits From Exploding Hardware
  178. Mac sales up over 40 percent year-over-year
  179. FCC officially opens proceeding on Comcast's P2P throttling
  180. Clearwire plans to offer Google applications (Reuters)
  181. Nokia to Close German Plant, Lay Off Workers (PC World)
  182. Is Copy Protection Needed or Futile?
  183. Public Request For Microsoft To Release Deprecated File Formats
  184. Mac security program tries to scare users into buying (InfoWorld)
  185. Will MacBooks Follow iPhone to 3G? (PC World)
  186. Messenger zips by Mercury
  187. Saturn Flextreme aims at 444 miles
  188. BREAKING MacWorld News: Jobs to Wear Black Shirt/Blue Jeans!
  189. RealBasic platform gets introspection and eyes the Web (InfoWorld)
  190. 'War on Terror' Allies Form Information Consortium
  191. Norwegian Air to offer in-flight phone service (Reuters)
  192. Roadmap To the OOXML Process
  193. EFF Hosts Birthday Bash - Free Chocolate
  194. New Gmail for the iPhone
  195. Betting industry urges EU action vs German ban (Reuters)
  196. Will MacBooks follow iPhone to 3G? (InfoWorld)
  197. PBS lets kids 'Play!' online - for a price (USATODAY.com)
  198. Toshiba turns up heat in DVD war with big price cut (USATODAY.com)
  199. Satellite launched from ocean platform (AP)
  200. MediaDefender Hacker Speaks Out
  201. XKCD's amazing solution to chat noise
  202. Rumor: MacBook Air will have AT&T wireless built in
  203. MuleSource readies open source SOA governance (InfoWorld)
  204. Looming US bank earnings spook Asia (FT.com)
  205. 120 members, 17 days: Support user freedom and the FSF
  206. The Economics of Chips With Many Cores
  207. The Absolute Best of CES 2008
  208. Softbank eyes free mobile-Web phone calls: sources (Reuters)
  209. Early Macworld Arrivals Hoping For Ultra-Light MacBook (TechWeb)
  210. Startup Shows Software For Google's Android Smartphone (TechWeb)
  211. IBM Jazz Edges Closer To Open Source
  212. Microsoft Will Stream Ads To Grocery Carts
  213. Customize Your Mac with Leopard Power Tweaks
  214. Net Neutrality summit: San Francisco, Jan 26
  215. Linux PC Models Multiply As Vista Struggles
  216. Microsoft Will Stream Ads To Grocery Carts
  217. Apple's Air REVEALED
  218. Toshiba slashes HD DVD prices after setback (Reuters)
  219. Parents To Block Kids From Joining MySpace
  220. Jan. 15, 2001: Enter Wikipedia, for Better and Worse
  221. Gear Gallery: Hot Gaming Laptop, Wi-Fi SD Card, Dell-ectable Display
  222. Why Linux Users Should Be Furious At BBC
  223. MySpace agrees to new safety measures (AP)
  224. Google can bid in wireless auction: regulators (Reuters)
  225. IBD's Top 10 - Monday (Investor's Business Daily)
  226. Telecommuting Can Be Bad For Those Who Don't
  227. Flickr now limits you to no mistakes per person
  228. Breaking: MacBook Air Design Revealed?
  229. Countdown to the 2008 Stevenote
  230. Sorting Hack Uses Electricity to ID Types of Stem Cells
  231. Convicted Hacker Charged With Extortion After Attack on Model's MySpace Account
  232. Christopher Columbus' Real Discovery: Syphilis
  233. Pepsi to push Amazon's MP3 store (AP)
  234. Packaged-Goods Sites Outpace Web Growth (AdWeek.com)
  235. Google Revs Up Grand Prix for iPhone (NewsFactor)
  236. Google can bid in wireless auction: regulators (Reuters)
  237. Google Maps Now Enhanced with Weather Channel Data
  238. CompUSA sells the worst 10 Dollar Laptop at liquidation Sale
  239. Microsoft Customer Service Calls Back 10 Years Later
  240. Pepsi to push Amazon's MP3 store (AP)
  241. Messenger Flies by Mercury
  242. Games Without Frontiers: Explosion of Indie Games Kills 'Best of' Column
  243. FCC asks Comcast about Internet filter (AP)
  244. Nashville laptop theft may cost $1 million (InfoWorld)
  245. Microsoft Slammed with New EU Antitrust Probes (NewsFactor)
  246. US Policy Would Allow Government Access to Any Email
  247. 33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV) for 2015
  248. 10,000 Web Sites Rigged with Advanced Hack Attack (PC World)
  249. Modeling Urban Panic
  250. Banksy graffiti wall auctioned (Reuters)