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  1. Genentech 4Q profit rises 6 percent (AP)
  2. Apple Store "MacBook Air" screenshot debunked
  3. 10 Great Flash and Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers
  4. "iPod Tax" smacked down in Canada
  5. Toshiba Cuts Prices and Increases Marketing for HD DVD (NewsFactor)
  6. Sprint to lay off several thousand workers: report (Reuters)
  7. CES 2008 Hall of Shame
  8. Detroit: Fisker Showcases Karma, the Sexiest Plug-In Hybrid Ever
  9. Climate Change, Art and an Ice-Covered Hydrogen-Powered BMW
  10. EU Launches Yet Another Antitrust Probe Into Microsoft
  11. 20 Pieces of Ingenious 'Flat Pack' Urban Furniture [PICS]
  12. Macworld 2008 Stevenote Highlights Leaked on Wikipedia
  13. Autopia Caption Contest: What Up With the Star Trek Dashboard?
  14. First Windows Vista Upgrade Available to Public
  15. Detroit: Diesels Dominate in Economy and Sports Categories
  16. Google Apps Embrace the iPhone With Mobile Makeover
  17. HP fattens midmarket server line (InfoWorld)
  18. Filming an Invasion Without Extras
  19. What Would You Do As President?
  20. Hot cars at Detroit Auto Show
  21. MySpace, states move to block sex offenders
  22. Researchers grow beating rat heart
  23. Wall Street rebounds on earnings hopes (FT.com)
  24. Ford Claims Ownership Of Your Pictures
  25. US drafting plan to allow government access to any email
  26. Netflix Subscribers: Watch As Many Videos As You Want
  27. Turn a Camera Lens into a Close-Up Lens with Binoculars
  28. South Africa's Banned Blade Runner: Engineering Marvel or Great Sprinter?
  29. Microsoft Under the European Microscope Again
  30. MySpace Agrees to Take Measures Blocking Sexual Predators
  31. Supreme Court Won't Rule on Experimental Drugs Case
  32. Northeast Winters Getting Warmer, and Here's the Proof
  33. Apple, China Mobile Break Off iPhone Talks
  34. IBM shares jump after early results (Reuters)
  35. Ford Claims Ownership Of Your Pictures
  36. Coming Soon — Cyborg Farmers
  37. Toshiba cuts HD player prices in Blu-ray fight (Reuters)
  38. What the pundits don't get about Apple
  39. 7 of the Best CSS Resources on the Web
  40. Net Neutrality Summit
  41. Soft Launch of Sprint WiMAX Under Way (NewsFactor)
  42. 33 MegaPixel TV in 2015
  43. Giz Banned for Life from CES and Loving It
  44. HD DVD fires back, slashes hardware & software prices.
  45. Apple designs look like reworkings of 1960s Braun designs
  46. Mininova Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary
  47. Toshiba cuts prices on HD DVD players (AP)
  48. MySpace and U.S. states issue Web safety principles (Reuters)
  49. EU launches new probes against Microsoft (Reuters)
  50. IBM surprise spurs Wall Street rebound (FT.com)
  51. Is Open Source Recession Proof?
  52. Microsoft bringing ads to shopping carts
  53. MySpace agrees to block sexual predators (AP)
  54. European Union opens new Microsoft probe (AP)
  55. EU opens new Microsoft investigation (AP)
  56. EU says new antitrust probes opened against Microsoft (AFP)
  57. 2008, The Year of Solid State Storage
  58. 10 Strange Computer Keyboards
  59. The REAL Bill Gates Retirment Video
  60. Netflix lifts limits for movies watched over Web (Reuters)
  61. Most Home Routers Vulnerable to Flash UPnP Attack
  62. China Mobile, Apple end talks on iPhone (AP)
  63. Video ads are planned for grocery carts (AP)
  64. IBM posts strong 4Q preliminary results (AP)
  65. Stocks poised to rally after IBM results (AP)
  66. Helium Crisis Approaching
  67. Google Sees Surge in iPhone Traffic
  68. Some grocery coupons go digital (AP)
  69. Apple fans hope for subcompact computer at Macworld (USATODAY.com)
  70. China Mobile ends talks with Apple over iPhone (AFP)
  71. Introducing the first Android prototype (USATODAY.com)
  72. ?Save XP? videos sought (InfoWorld)
  73. What to expect at Macworld Expo 2008 (InfoWorld)
  74. InfoWorld launches drive to save Windows XP (InfoWorld)
  75. BEA WebLogic VE brings virtualization to the application server (InfoWorld)
  76. Last Sky Commuter For Sale On eBay
  77. Found: Artifacts From the Future
  78. 15 Years of Wired - Proto Social Network 'The Well' Runneth Over
  79. Mindreef adds to SOA testing (InfoWorld)
  80. Sony Starts a Standards War Over Wireless USB
  81. Jericho Season 2 Leaks on BitTorrent!!
  82. Ubuntu 8.04 Mock Up
  83. Gizmoron Runs Amok At CES - Another Strike Against Bloggers?
  84. iriver prepping handwriting-friendly e-book / tablet?
  85. Macworld San Francisco: Covered Banners, Early Shipments
  86. You decide '08: The best of Crapgadget at CES.
  87. Photographer Taryn Simon Shoots America's Best-Kept Secrets
  88. Jan. 14, 1898: Math Just Didn't Add Up for Mr. Dodgson
  89. How to squeeze the best out of FREE NetNewsWire Ode to Apple
  90. Introducing the MacBook Air?
  91. Netflix To Lift Streaming Limits
  92. New Get a Mac ad: Time Machine
  93. Netfilx To Lift Streaming Limits
  94. Tutorial: Forwarding GNOME over SSH
  95. Researchers Create Beating Heart In Lab
  96. Is Enterprise 2.0 Bad for Business? (PC World)
  97. ZFS For Mac OS X Source Code Available
  98. Christina Aguilera has baby boy (AP)
  99. Web Movement Loosens Sicilian Mob's Stranglehold
  100. Nuclear Energy Revival Raises New Safety Concerns
  101. Interview With Pirate Party Leader Rick Falkvinge
  102. Use your iPhone as a webcam
  103. Netflix Lifts Limits on Instant Net Viewing
  104. Lax TSA Website Exposed Travelers' Information
  105. Netflix expands Internet viewing option (AP)
  106. Wii-Like Game System Works With LCD TVs (PC World)
  107. Earning Money with Open Source Software?
  108. Web, crackdowns weakening Mafia's grip (AP)
  109. Huge Hydrogen Cloud Will Hit Milky Way
  110. Malware Distribution Through Physical Media a Growing Concern
  111. Why Ubuntu 8.04 needs better marketing
  112. Boat designed to give SEALs less pounding
  113. Malware Distribution through Physical Media a Growing Concern
  114. Promoting FOSS to People Who Don't Care
  115. New Rootkit Uses Old Trick to Hide (PC World)
  116. Secrets In Websites II
  117. Proposal for UK Prisoners to be Given RFID Implants
  118. Student Expelled For Facebook Photo Description
  119. Lenovo Delivers SuSE Linux-Based ThinkPads
  120. Fedora Project Hires New Leader
  121. Microsoft Learns Enterprise Search Can Be Pricey (TechWeb)
  122. Vinyl Gets Its Groove Back
  123. Current Blu-ray Players Won't Correctly Play Future Discs
  124. Open Source Code No Less Buggy Than Commercial Apps (TechWeb)
  125. XKCD Inadvertently Causes Googlebomb
  126. iTransmogrify, embedded Flash converter for iPhone
  127. OLPC To Be Distributed To US Students
  128. Why schools should exclusively use free software
  129. Internal changes bolster latest Mac Pro
  130. 2007 Darwin Award Winners
  131. SteveNote Expo game: only you can get Jobs prepped for Macworld keynote
  132. New Smart Bomb Available to the Military.
  133. Microsoft's FAST Bid Signals a Shift in Search (PC World)
  134. EFF Takes On RIAA "Making Available" Theory
  135. Ascii Animated Cat
  136. Gorilla Sanctuary Rangers Blog About Life in a War Zone
  137. Edible Antifreeze For Smoother Ice Cream
  138. Macworld: Last Year's iPhone Announcement Is a Tough Act to Follow
  139. SimCity Source Code Is Now Open
  140. Enormous Helicopter Lifting Enormous Helicopter
  141. Why Space Exploration Is Worth the Cost
  142. Macworld Expo Celebrity Checklist w/ Fake Steve & Kevin Rose
  143. Digital Watermarks to Replace DRM
  144. UK education agency says no to Vista, Office 2007
  145. Design a Logo - The Ultimate Guide
  146. Laptop Project Would Welcome Intel Back (PC World)
  147. US Satellites Dodging Chinese Missile Debris
  148. Intel Employee Caught Running OLPC News Site
  149. Review: Eee laptop PC shreds the rules
  150. Long Term Effects of Gizmodo CES Prank
  151. Body Heat Could Charge Your Cellphone
  152. Intel Employee Caught Running OLPC News Site
  153. Long Term Effects of Gizmodo CES Prank
  154. One Laptop Per Child Project Extends to American Students (PC World)
  155. KDE 4.0: Rough, but Ready For Action
  156. XKCD Inadvertantly Causes Googlebomb
  157. "Cone of Silence" Possible Say Scientists
  158. California Utilities to Control Thermostats?
  159. Gentoo in Crisis, Robbins Offers Solution
  160. Anti-Piracy Voice-Overs to Prevent CDs Leaking
  161. The Forgotten Format War: Toshiba's DVD-Audio vs Sony's SACD
  162. Body Heat Could Charge Your Cellphone
  163. How to recognise a good programmer
  164. Gizmodo officially banned from CES
  165. Windows Vista, Office 2007 Expelled From British Schools (TechWeb)
  166. Intel Offers Partners Modular Server System for Small Businesses (TechWeb)
  167. Hide Facebook Apps: Official Tool Coming Soon
  168. OLPC CTO founds own company, aims at $75 laptop
  169. Can Apple save WiMax?
  170. How to Say Goodbye to Old Hard Drives?
  171. Complete Uncut Gizmodo Bill Gates Interview
  172. GMail Adds Group Mailing List Functions
  173. KDE4 final has been released! Grab a Live CD here to test it
  174. Young IT Workers Disillusioned, Hard to Retain
  175. Why David Jaffe is Wrong on the 'One Console' Future
  176. Trends & Innovations - Friday (Investor's Business Daily)
  177. Ubuntu wireless-adapter glitch resolved
  178. Where to find LIVE coverage of the Macworld 2008 Keynote
  179. The Linux Girlfriend Project - Two Months In The Trenches
  180. Wine 0.9.53 released
  181. All eyes on Apple at Macworld (AP)
  182. Britain Advises Against Vista, Office 2007 for Schools
  183. Lake Erie UFOs Are Stars on YouTube
  184. Progressive Blogger to His Troops: Vote for Mitt!
  185. DRM Is Dead, But Watermarks Rise From Its Ashes
  186. Power Your Gadgets by Sun and Water (PC World)
  187. Mysterious Macworld Banners Surface at Moscone
  188. Win a Nintendo DS Signed by John Carmack
  189. New KDE Makes Linux Look Lovely
  190. Leapin' Leopard! Long List of Apps to Debut at Macworld
  191. All eyes on Apple at Macworld (AP)
  192. How to foil scrapers on your Wordpress blog
  193. Tech stocks give up gains made in 2007 (InfoWorld)
  194. Switchgrass Makes Better Ethanol Than Corn
  195. 12 Florida Schools Pass Anti-Evolution Resolutions
  196. Breach worries online porn industry (AP)
  197. Google denies infringing search patent (InfoWorld)
  198. R2R Mozilla VP John Lilly Becomes CEO (NewsFactor)
  199. Academics butt heads over enterprise 2.0 (InfoWorld)
  200. Coverity Reports Open Source Security Making Great Strides
  201. Digg is hiring LAMP programmers
  202. Apple hoists "There's something in the air" Macworld banners
  203. CSSEdit unlocked and added to the Macheist II Bundle
  204. Correction: Asus Eee review (AP)
  205. Could the RIAA Just Disappear?
  206. Power-sipping TV a hit at CES
  207. Affordable 'Peggle,' 'Phase' make iPod debut
  208. How to Recognize a Good Programmer
  209. 14-Year-Old Turns Tram System Into Personal Train Set
  210. Apple T-Shirts from the 80s
  211. iPhone Starbucks Ordering Screens Look Like the Real Thing
  212. Porn companies challenged by Internet sites (Reuters)
  213. 14 Year Old Turns Tram System Into Personal Train Set
  214. New Apple TV coming in major video offensive?...
  215. NetNewsWire versus Vienna - which Mac RSS reader is better?
  216. Booth Review: Top 10 Booths of CES 2008
  217. Lenovo jumps into consumer market
  218. Report: Chew Too Much Sugar-Free Gum, Maybe Lose Too Much Weight
  219. Astronomers on the Universe: Hey, It's a Jungle Out There
  220. Parallels Virtualization Software Debuts for Xserve (NewsFactor)
  221. McDonald's UK CEO Blames Video Games for Childhood Obesity
  222. CES 2008 Ads: Best of the worst
  223. CES 2008: Wrapping Up Another Year of Gadget Glut
  224. Company's Hoarding of Domain Names Draws Fire
  225. Behind the scenes, tech firms mapping the world (AFP)
  226. National ID Cards Mandated in the US, If You're Under 50
  227. Cellphone obsession leads Japanese children into a 'scary world' (AFP)
  228. Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard
  229. Astroid probably won't hit Mars, scientists say
  230. Cells, texting give predators a path to kids
  231. Popularity of Online Video Doubled in 2007 (NewsFactor)
  232. Largest Black Hole Measured
  233. Best Buy December sales rise 1.5 percent (AP)
  234. Intel releases low-cost Clear Bay server platform (InfoWorld)
  235. Congress To Investigate FCC
  236. Network Solutions defends frontrunning-to stop frontrunners
  237. Review: Eee laptop PC shreds the rules (AP)
  238. Don't Upgrade to Vista, UK Gov't Agency Tells Schools (PC World)
  239. UK gov't agency: Don't upgrade to Vista (InfoWorld)
  240. Toshiba Uses Cell Chip In Consumer Laptop
  241. First Look At the ACID3 Browser Test
  242. Macworld Expo 2008 Keynote Live Coverage: Web, SMS, iPhone
  243. A Look Back at KDE 4 RC2++, A Look Forward to 4.0
  244. Odd but awesome gadgets
  245. FBI Wiretaps Canceled for Non-Payment
  246. Legalize File Sharing, Say Swedish MPs
  247. Amazon to sell Sony BMG songs free of copy curbs (Reuters)
  248. 'Journey of Dreams' is nightmare to play (USATODAY.com)
  249. Nintendo DS makes 'I Spy' extra 'Fun' (USATODAY.com)
  250. Firefox Struggling to Compete as Corporate Browser