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  1. Official KDE 4.0.0 Release Announcement
  2. WSO2 bringing Ruby to SOA (InfoWorld)
  3. Computer Scientists Grow a Better Virtual Tree
  4. Specs for Shuttle's $199 Linux PC
  5. Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 3 released
  6. CentOS 4.6 Server Setup: LAMP, Email, DNS, FTP, ISPConfig..
  7. India's Infosys beats expectations with 25 percent profit jump (AFP)
  8. Sony Announces DRM-Free Music at Amazon
  9. Starbucks iPhone Ordering Concept Design
  10. Offbeat items brighten electronics show (AP)
  11. Origin of the iPhone
  12. Critics Support Wikia Search Founder's Warnings (TechWeb)
  13. Zero-Day Exploit For Apple's QuickTime Posted (TechWeb)
  14. Microsoft President Raikes Retiring, Replacement Comes From Outside (TechWeb)
  15. Semantic Web: What Is The Killer App?
  16. 1 Billion Downloads in 2007, Podcasting Far from Dead
  17. 2504 Steps to Closing Your Facebook Account
  18. Sony BMG Officially Drops DRM, Selling MP3s Through Amazon
  19. Sign Of The Times: Web 2.0 Outsourcing Humor
  20. Sun Plans to Have No In-House Data Centers by 2015
  21. CES 2008 Picks and Pans (PC World)
  22. Gasoline Is Here to Stay, But It's Greener Than Ever
  23. Toshiba Shows Prototype TV Running on PS3 Chip (PC World)
  24. The Hans Reiser Murder Trial So Far — In Pictures
  25. Screenshots: 'Revenant Wings,' 'Mass Effect' and 'Harvey Birdman'
  26. Review: Adventure Games Defrost the Winter Doldrums
  27. Jan. 11, 1911: In the Gathering Shadows, a Sliver of Light
  28. Disenchanted Artist Scott Listfield Lands an Astronaut in Every Painting
  29. Buy Craig Venter's Ultra-Luxurious Lab Yacht Today!
  30. No Dual-Boot XO Laptop, According to Microsoft
  31. Some Really Funny Window Errors
  32. How China Loses the Coming Space War
  33. CES Video Gallery: Neonode, OLED, Mylo 2 and 150-inch Plasma
  34. Amazon.com Will Sell DRM-Free MP3s From Sony BMG
  35. Beautiful and Mysterious Chemical Reactions Create Undulating Brew
  36. Retro Star Wars: Steampunk LEGO TIE Fighter vs X-Wing
  37. Why Microsoft Must Control One Laptop Per Child
  38. California's Hydrogen Highway Teeters Towards Collapse
  39. Hubble Finds Double Einstein Ring
  40. Print Your Food at 20 PPI
  41. N.Y. State Subpoenas Intel in Antitrust Probe
  42. Ten Trends From CES 2008
  43. Orange chief hires trio of ex-colleagues (FT.com)
  44. 10 Steps to Become an Email Ninja
  45. Macenstein Mac Chick of the Month (Jan 2008): Elise Frappier
  46. Personalized Medicine Company Gets Cash to Predict Diabetes
  47. Microsoft unit president to retire (AP)
  48. New York Launches Intel Antitrust Investigation
  49. Attack on Huckabee Moves From YouTube to Boob Tube
  50. Meet the Neonode N2, a Tiny, Supercool Swedish Cellphone
  51. New domain name practice criticized (AP)
  52. Startup Offers Peltier-On-Chip
  53. Mac developer helps out the little guy
  54. Master 'Rock Band' Drumming With Tips From Pros
  55. Offbeat items brighten CES (AP)
  56. Spanish gets new Wikipedia-type tool (AP)
  57. Oracle to ship critical security patches next week (InfoWorld)
  58. Tweaking The Math Behind Political Representation
  59. The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time
  60. High tech porn player makes Vegas debut
  61. Porn arrives on Blu-Ray - another nail in the HD-DVD coffin
  62. Shuttle's $199 Linux PC
  63. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Best Of
  64. Amazon to offer music from Sony BMG without copy curbs (Reuters)
  65. Panasonic Unveils Latest Monster TV (NewsFactor)
  66. ID Tech May Mean an End to Anonymous Drinking
  67. Study: Daily Visits to Video-Sharing Sites Double
  68. Sony BMG to sell MP3s on Amazon.com (AP)
  69. Shuttle's $200 Linux PC Part of a Trend?
  70. Former OLPC CTO Aims to Create $75 Laptop
  71. What To Expect at Macworld 2008 and Why We It Will Be Huge
  72. Tantek Celik Talks about Digg's Data Portability
  73. Linux Kernel Source Code Screensaver
  74. Cancer group asks women to be brazen online (Reuters)
  75. Plans for Public-Safety Wireless System Jeopardized (NewsFactor)
  76. RIM says BlackBerry on track in China (Reuters)
  77. Camera Shy? Pentagon Builds a Portable Lens-Destroying Laser
  78. Autism Gene Findings Raise Questions, Hype
  79. FBI Wiretap Cut Off After Feds Fail To Pay Telecom Spying Bills
  80. Identity Theft Skeptic Ends Up As Fraud Victim
  81. Universal HD DVD exclusivity contract has expired
  82. NetNewsWire For OSX is now free!
  83. Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES
  84. The fugliest laptop you'll see all day
  85. Former OLPC CTO Aims to Create $75 Laptop
  86. Cuomo probes Intel marketing practices (AP)
  87. Windows Coming to Low-Cost XO Laptop (NewsFactor)
  88. Steal this WiFi
  89. USB 3.0 in the flesh [
  90. Review: Eee laptop PC shreds the rules (AP)
  91. Designer of laptop for poor kids starts company (Reuters)
  92. FBI Wiretaps Canceled for Non-Payment
  93. $2500 Tata Nano Car Unveiled in India
  94. iPhone Forcing Open Wireless Networks?
  95. Gene Variation Linked to Autism, Better Treatment
  96. Embryonic Stem Cells Created Without Harming Embryo, for Real This Time
  97. Leeway seen in China Internet rules (AP)
  98. Weeding Out Flaws in Open-Source Apps (NewsFactor)
  99. Diebold Voter Fraud Rumors in New Hampshire Primaries
  100. Will laser TVs be the next big thing?
  101. Guy gets tasered by the new mp3 playing taser
  102. A Bed Hugh Hefner Would Love, if Hefner Was a Geek
  103. OSAF Losing Key Supporter (PC World)
  104. Attention, CES: Your stuff breaks (AP)
  105. Colombian man pleads guilty to computer fraud (InfoWorld)
  106. Is Universal Getting Ready To Go Blu-ray? (NewsFactor)
  107. Mitch Kapor to phase out involvement in OSAF (InfoWorld)
  108. GameStop holiday sales surge (Reuters)
  109. What is the Future of Wireless Power?
  110. Schneier Says 'Steal this Wi-Fi'
  111. iPhone Forcing Open Wireless Networks?
  112. New gadgets take swing at Wii
  113. Readers' life-changing gadget ideas
  114. gelatin gnome theme (not a mock up)
  115. Microsoft Acquisitions Head Bruce Jaffe to Leave (PC World)
  116. Yahoo Tries to Improve Your Inbox
  117. The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time
  118. Network Solutions Stands by Name Policy (PC World)
  119. Microsoft acquisitions head Bruce Jaffe to leave (InfoWorld)
  120. Rock Band Drum Kit Modded
  121. Best Buy to double number of stores selling Apple's Mac line
  122. K3B - The Easy Way to Burn CDs and DVDs
  123. Top 10 Underhyped Webapps
  124. $2500 Tata Nano Car Unveiled in India
  125. Matsushita to change name to Panasonic (AP)
  126. Hope remains for national wireless network (USATODAY.com)
  127. The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time
  128. Company unveils bed with web, iPod, DVR (AP)
  129. UK online ticket touts told to "clean up act" (Reuters)
  130. Network Solutions stands by controversial name policy (InfoWorld)
  131. Slouching toward Convergence 2.0 (InfoWorld)
  132. iPhone Forcing Open Wireless Networks?
  133. AT&T: We May Not Stay Net Neutral
  134. Apple to level the playing field with UK EU prices
  135. Social Blogging Platform Profy Launches in Alpha
  136. US authorities in Iraq probe phone contracts (FT.com)
  137. So, remind me again why we want an Ultraportable from Apple?
  138. Farmers riding the technology wave (AP)
  139. Sony streamlines PlayStation 3 lineup (AP)
  140. Sony to axe original PlayStation 3 models in Japan (AFP)
  141. The Revision3 Gazette Episode 11 - Rev3 Studio Operations
  142. Sony to stop some PS3 shipments to Japan (Reuters)
  143. Sysadmin tries, fails at being l337 hax0r, gets jail time
  144. AT&T and Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter
  145. Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry
  146. Scientists Examine Dinosaur Skin
  147. Linux-Based VoIP Partnership Announced (TechWeb)
  148. The Revision3 Gazette Episode 11 - Rev3 Studio Operations
  149. Happy Blue Year: 2008 Color Trends
  150. NEC has their own 2880x900 curved gaming display
  151. 9 Characteristics of Free Software Users
  152. Simplicity is making waves in PC market
  153. Less wow, more instant gratification at gadget show (Reuters)
  154. FTC Offput by Offsets
  155. Video Gallery: Best Vintage Tech Commercials
  156. The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry
  157. Steal This Wi-Fi
  158. Libertarians Read, Right? Then Read This
  159. Jan. 10, 1949: A Brand-New Format for the Shirelles, Drifters
  160. Best of CES: Optimus Keyboard, 'Absolute Black' Plasma and Porn TiVo
  161. The Internet's Black Holes
  162. Porn gets its own home set-top box (AP)
  163. Apple eyed for slim laptop, online film rentals (Reuters)
  164. Material Turns All Surfaces into Stereo
  165. DivX Partners With Sony Pictures and Takes on Apple With a New D-Link Media Hub
  166. Judge denies motion in Brocade case (AP)
  167. Plasma TV makers surge back after being written off (Reuters)
  168. Sources say Universal and Paramount are both going Blu
  169. Digg: We're Fixing The Annoying Ads
  170. Attention, CES: Your stuff breaks (AP)
  171. Former OLPC CTO aims to create $75 laptop (InfoWorld)
  172. White House Gets Green by Putting Federal Budget Online
  173. Wave to the PC! It's paying attention (AP)
  174. Radiohead's "Rainbows" yields pot of gold (Reuters)
  175. Swiss Army Knife makers branch out (Reuters)
  176. Google Processing Over 20 Petabytes of Data Per Day
  177. Top 10 Things to do with your new Panasonic 150" Plasma TV
  178. How the Next President Can End Our Oil Addiction
  179. Dissident investors boost stake in CNet (AP)
  180. Attention, CES: Your stuff breaks (AP)
  181. Former OLPC CTO Aims to Create $75 Laptop (PC World)
  182. IBM launches Retail Integration Framework (InfoWorld)
  183. Super Soaker Inventor Hopes to Double Solar Efficiency
  184. Facebook Photos Land Eden Prairie Kids in Trouble
  185. CES 2008 full coverage
  186. Terrific TVs at CES
  187. The Web Celeb 25: Hottest stars of the Internet
  188. Opening act for Gibson's self-tuning guitar
  189. Your PC starter kit
  190. Gesture control: The new wave in high tech
  191. Set-Top Box Delivers Unlimited Porn for $10 a Month
  192. The Five Most Wired Companies at JPMorgan's Healthcare Conference
  193. Wave to the PC! It's paying attention (AP)
  194. FCC To Investigate Comcast Customer Complaints (NewsFactor)
  195. Drowns at Panasonic's Waterproof Camera Test Tank
  196. DIY covert spy sunglasses for $40
  197. AT&T openly says it may filter Internet content
  198. Understanding Search Engine Penalties
  199. Images of the iPod Shuffle Inside a Frozen Popsicle
  200. Second Life Bans Traditional Banking
  201. IBM exec: Information on Demand is coming together (InfoWorld)
  202. USB 3.0's New Jacks and Sockets
  203. Photoshop Replacement for Linux Is Dressed to Impress
  204. Will Boeing's 787 be safe from hackers? (AP)
  205. Bed brings tech to bedroom in new way (AP)
  206. Digital music industry challenged to follow fans' lead (InfoWorld)
  207. Hackers Get Android Running on Real Hardware
  208. AT&T and Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter
  209. Holy Crap: Did Bill Gates Just Say Windows Sucks? [VIDEO]
  210. Mary J. Blige Performs for Monster Cable
  211. Opera Browser Headed to the iPhone? Not Yet, Company Says
  212. Helicopter silencers used to turn all surfaces stereo (AFP)
  213. Plastic Fiber Could Make Optical Networking a DIY Project
  214. Study: Video-sharing usage nears half (AP)
  215. Wi-Fi camera card gets a CES prize (AP)
  216. Startup Frontline Wireless Closes Doors (NewsFactor)
  217. Microsoft Bids $1.2B on FAST Search (NewsFactor)
  218. OLPC, Microsoft Working Toward Dual-Boot XO Laptops
  219. Ten Reasons We're Doomed: CES Edition
  220. Android Open Source Phone Shown at CES 2008
  221. Gadgets galore at CES
  222. ValueClick sees FTC probe resolved soon (Reuters)
  223. SecondLife Bans Unregistered In-World Banks
  224. FCC Chairman Kicking Cable and Wireless Ass in 2008
  225. 'Shoes' Walks Away With People's Choice Award
  226. Apple Agrees To Reduce iTunes Prices in UK (NewsFactor)
  227. Apple Intros Eight-Core Mac Pro, Xserve (NewsFactor)
  228. What Skills Should Undergrads Have?
  229. New satellite promises better broadband (AP)
  230. Retailers see high-def DVD format war dragging on (Reuters)
  231. $500,000 Prize for Faster Airport Security Checks
  232. The Pirate’s Dilemma
  233. 3 Easy Steps to Power-Washing Your Laptop [PICS]
  234. Network Solutions steals domain ideas; Confirmed!
  235. 10 reasons why digg needs to not have banner ads
  236. LG Electronics checking laptop explosion (AP)
  237. BUG - "The LEGO of Gadgets"
  238. Microsoft Buys Search Engine, Going After Google?
  239. US DHS Testing FOSS Security
  240. Web authority fights naming loophole (AP)
  241. Entertainer: THE linux Media Center
  242. Pixel: Photoshop for Linux!
  243. Exclusive Video: Sony's HDD Camcorder Blows Us Away
  244. Startup Frontline Wireless shuts down (InfoWorld)
  245. Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code
  246. BUG "The LEGO of gadgets"
  247. Can retailers meet digital TV demand?
  248. Curt Schilling trading glove for gaming
  249. Glowing Pigs May Reveal New Source of Transplant Organs
  250. Coming TV Conversion Raises Fears Among Suppliers