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  1. Apple Adjusts iTunes Pricing Policy to Appease EU, Britain
  2. McCain, Clinton Win New Hampshire
  3. gOS 2.0 Rocket is Now Available
  4. Yes, this is a real screen grab...I just received this error
  5. 100 Excellent Free Wordpress Themes
  6. Microsoft Buys Search Engine, Going After Google?
  7. New Chip For Square Kilometer Radio Telescope
  8. Startup Building Floating Data Centers
  9. Bill Gates: World Entering 'Second Digital Decade'
  10. Official Apple Store Confirmed for Melbourne, Australia PICS
  11. EU Drops Probe as Apple Equalizes iTunes Prices (PC World)
  12. Social networks challenged to remain relevant (InfoWorld)
  13. Man gets record sentence for computer sabotage (Reuters)
  14. Negroponte vs Intel
  15. Prototype 8.9? Asus EeePC Spotted at CES
  16. Nielsen's top 20 prime-time TV shows (Reuters)
  17. OLPC developing dual-boot Windows, Linux OS for laptops (InfoWorld)
  18. 2.5 Years in Jail for Planting 'Logic Bomb'
  19. Yahoo tests support for OpenID (InfoWorld)
  20. Electronics retailers unhappy as shoppers cautious (Reuters)
  21. ISPs To Filter Traffic For Copyright Holders?
  22. Comcast could receive $1.77 Trillion fine
  23. Macheist II Bundle Details Released!!
  24. OLPC would welcome Intel back (InfoWorld)
  25. New rootkit uses old trick to hide itself (InfoWorld)
  26. EU drops anitrust probe against Apple (InfoWorld)
  27. EU reaches iTunes deal with Apple (AP)
  28. Scientists Restore Walking After Spinal Cord Injury
  29. Microsoft won't launch iPhone rival: report (Reuters)
  30. Mobile Phone Projectors "Will Launch This Year"
  31. Flipping the Linux switch: Package management 101
  32. Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?
  33. New Wi-Fi Technology Maturing While Other Networking Options Emerge (PC World)
  34. Microsoft's Xbox Could Consider Blu-Ray Support (TechWeb)
  35. Upgraded Hubble To Be 90 Times As Powerful
  36. Video: Optimus Maximus caught on tape at CES
  37. A Seat Belt Which Can Reduce Accidents By 45%!
  38. Japan 2007 game sales at record high (AP)
  39. China cracks down on sex-drug Web sites (Reuters)
  40. Shuttle launches $199 KPC linux box, $99 barebones kit
  41. WeStream: Streaming Music From A Torrent File
  42. Blu-ray supporters scent victory
  43. Mozilla Gets a New CEO ahead of Firefox 3 - Meet John Lilly
  44. MacWorld Software Highlights: Better Leopard, New Office, HD iTunes
  45. XP/Vista IGMP Buffer Overflow — Explained
  46. Mr. Know-It-All: Smuggling Pirated DVDs, Skirting Spam Filters, Buying Unlocked Cellp
  47. Jan. 9, 1969: Concorde Takes to the Skies; Turbulence Ahead
  48. Cult of Mac: Apple Plotting an Avon Power Play?
  49. Columnist Scott Brown Is Bringing Geeky Back With His Nerd Years Resolutions
  50. Apple MacWorld Highlights to Include Mac Upgrades, iPhone Apps
  51. Alt Text: Crazy CES Revelations That Won't Happen
  52. Sprint shows off WiMax devices (AP)
  53. Retailers anxious over analog TV cut-off (AP)
  54. Microsoft buys another search engine
  55. Do Not Want: A Wordier Take on Darth Vader's "Nooo!"
  56. NSI Registers Every Domain Checked
  57. Radiient Technology Touts Wireless Speakers for Audiophiles
  58. Wireless startup may be out of auction (AP)
  59. Microsoft Patches Flaw That Could Trigger Worm Attack (PC World)
  60. US DHS Testing FOSS Security
  61. Is Yahoo Gearing Up to Embrace OpenID?
  62. FCC chief: Switch to digital TV won't be postponed (InfoWorld)
  63. Sprint says WiMax on track for end-April (Reuters)
  64. Pocket-sized gadgets get picture projection power (AFP)
  65. Qualcomm says may appeal sanctions over evidence (Reuters)
  66. What Bill Gates Worries About [Interview] [VIDEO]
  67. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes
  68. Dashboard of the Future Gives Drivers a Heads-Up Display
  69. Wired Video: Up Close With Panasonic's 150-Inch Plasma TV
  70. Monitoring kids' use of tech is key (AP)
  71. Wireless startup may be out of auction (AP)
  72. Hand-Made Vacuum Tubes
  73. Are You Ready For Cars Driving Themselves?
  74. Microsoft's bid for FAST bolsters enterprise search (InfoWorld)
  75. MP3s Are Still A Crime to RIAA, Despite Post Correction
  76. Comcast CEO Promises 100 Mbps Cable By Next Year
  77. Clinton Chasing Youth Vote: 'We Should Have a Government Blogging Team!'
  78. U.S. man gets record sentence for computer sabotage (Reuters)
  79. Google and Facebook Join DataPortability.org
  80. Samsung Says There's Life After Hollywood for HD DVD
  81. Deliciously Over-Engineered Gadgets on the Horizon
  82. FCC to probe Comcast data discrimination (AP)
  83. Toy joins guitar and 'Guitar Hero' (AP)
  84. Open source entering the mobile computing space (InfoWorld)
  85. Microsoft: Flaw could lead to worm attack (InfoWorld)
  86. Microsoft's Xbox could consider Blu-ray support (Reuters)
  87. Study: Navigation Systems Could Cause Accidents (PC World)
  88. GM Says Driverless Cars Will Be Ready By 2018
  89. New Chip For Square Kilometer Radio Telescope
  90. Chris Mills on "Why Opera?"
  91. Inquisitor raises some questions
  92. California Study Finds No Link Between Vaccines, Autism
  93. Apple's Tower of Power: New Mac Pro Has 8 Processor Cores Standard
  94. New radios would provide text scrolling (AP)
  95. GPS devices balloon with features (AP)
  96. Blu-ray Wins the Battle, But May Lose the War (NewsFactor)
  97. Study: Enterprises Seeing Web 2.0 'Explosion' (PC World)
  98. Skype Comes to PlayStation Portable (NewsFactor)
  99. Evolution Not 'Just a Theory' — Yes, Huckabee It Does Matter
  100. Autos becoming vibrant electronics hub (AP)
  101. NSI Registers Every Domain Checked
  102. Apple stores' Mac sales beat PC stores by 10-to-1
  103. Free Software Foundation Wants YOU!
  104. Why Apple Is Launching New Gear a Week Before Macworld
  105. NASA: Hubble Mission Will Install New Devices, Fix Broken Ones
  106. Enterprises seeing Web 2.0 'explosion' (InfoWorld)
  107. Ancient Roman road gets virtual life (AP)
  108. Comcast Promising Ultra-Fast Internet
  109. Creative Commons License Flaws Claimed
  110. Google and Facebook Join Dataportability.org
  111. Mitsubishi's Laser TV Looks Stunning
  112. Macworld Big News: DVDs to include iTunes Videos?!
  113. Obesity Treatment Gives You the Opposite of the Munchies
  114. Bush administration blogs Mideast trip (AP)
  115. Review: New puzzle games (AP)
  116. Will DRM-Free Movement Bite Apple? (NewsFactor)
  117. The week in video-game news (AP)
  118. Sony Demos Superfast Wireless Data Transfer (PC World)
  119. U.S. Courts Consider Legality of Laptop Inspection
  120. Gaming Google a Gateway To Crime?
  121. CES2008: 1 Inch thin Plasma TV - Beautiful Pics!!!
  122. Is Bill Gates an Underdog?
  123. TVs race to be thin; one is 1/8" thick
  124. Comcast promising ultra-fast Internet
  125. Eat Well, Drink a Bit, Be Merry ... and Live an Extra 14 Years
  126. Coming to a TV Near You: The Internet (NewsFactor)
  127. Microsoft says it will bid for Internet search group (AFP)
  128. Gaming Google a Gateway to Crime?
  129. Ultraviolet Light May Be a Girl's Best Friend
  130. Sony BMG Last Major Label to Drop Music Copy Protection
  131. Red Wine Drug Shows Proof That It Combats Aging
  132. Dutch group loses bid for MP3 player levy (Reuters)
  133. WiMax seen growing fast globally (Reuters)
  134. Torvalds Puts Support Behind GPL2 Linux
  135. Paramount to Drop HD DVD?
  136. New Apple Mac Pro: 8 Cores, Count Em Baby
  137. HD DVD is Really Dead: Paramount also going to Blu-ray-Only
  138. Qualcomm Focuses on 'Pocketable Computers' (PC World)
  139. Via's Mobile ITX board now expected next year (InfoWorld)
  140. Mozilla Gets a New CEO (PC World)
  141. Microsoft bids $1.2B for FS&T engine (AP)
  142. Sony, Skype calling gamers
  143. The 3-D printer that can print a 3-D printer.
  144. OpenVZ joins forces with Ubuntu
  145. Apple Announces Penryn Mac Pros and Xserve
  146. 3M has projector small enough for cell phones, cameras (InfoWorld)
  147. Microsoft: No HD DVD Xbox (PC World)
  148. Cryptographically Hiding TCP Ports
  149. Alienware's Curved Monitor
  150. Otellini sees Internet search coming to users (InfoWorld)
  151. Apple says shipping new Mac Pro, Xserve server (Reuters)
  152. Paramount to Drop HD DVD
  153. Asus Says Eee PC is Most Successful Product Ever
  154. Comcast to ramp up Internet speed, TV tech options (USATODAY.com)
  155. Mozilla gets a new CEO (InfoWorld)
  156. Mass Hack Infects Tens of Thousands of Sites
  157. The Clock of Nines
  158. Jay-Z, HP's star endorser, uses a Mac
  159. Microsoft bids $1.2B for Fast Search and Transfer for (InfoWorld)
  160. Sony's Idea of DRM-Free Music
  161. MTV makes videos available on other services (Reuters)
  162. Microsoft bids $1.2 billion for Norway's Fast (Reuters)
  163. Yahoo mobile services to run on Google-based phones (Reuters)
  164. Professors Slam Java As "Damaging" To Students
  165. Building a .com in 24 hours
  166. New York Times and CNBC in Web deal (Reuters)
  167. Gesture Control: New Wave in CE Products? (PC World)
  168. Pioneer's concept Kuro kicks currents Kuro's ass!
  169. GM to unveil hydrogen-electric Cadillac (AP)
  170. Comcast CEO to show new products (AP)
  171. Vista Shipped On 39% of PCs In 2007
  172. Wikia Search Launches Alpha, Not Ready Yet
  173. Have You Been Punked By TOTC?
  174. Free the algorithm: Wikia launches open-source search engine
  175. Mad TV - Ipod Nano Feist 1234 Spoof
  176. Cool! iPhone can ID song playing on the Radio!!
  177. Vista Shipped On 39% of PCs In 2007
  178. Panasonic says to launch YouTube televisions (AFP)
  179. HDTV makers struggle to stand out (AP)
  180. 3M Shows Projector Small Enough for a Cell Phone (PC World)
  181. Linus Torvalds still sticking with GPL 2 (InfoWorld)
  182. LiMo Foundation Adds Six Members (TechWeb)
  183. Video:Hands-On With the 150-Inch Panasonic Lifescreen Plasma
  184. KDE 4.0.0 - KWin Composite Showcase
  185. Ten Common Objections to Social Media and to Respond
  186. HDDVD: Get a shovel and a Pine box now!
  187. Comcast CEO: innovative new offerings (AP)
  188. GM unveils Cadillac crossover concept (AP)
  189. Group Sues To Stop German E-Voting
  190. China plans its first space walk mission
  191. Sony BMG drops music copy protection (AP)
  192. Sandisk CEO says unfazed by recession concerns (Reuters)
  193. Artilium target price lowered (FT.com)
  194. Wired Video: Flexible PCs, Ultrablack TVs and CES Madness
  195. Comcast Unveils Fancast Video and Film Finder
  196. CES Highlights: Tiny MP3 Players, Massive TVs and Sexy Phones
  197. Economic worries mar tech show's glitz (Reuters)
  198. Boot Record Rootkit Threatens Vista, XP, NT
  199. Microsoft Apologizes To Rival
  200. NASA Spacecraft Set to Shine Spotlight on Mercury
  201. Microsoft 'Open Value Subscription' is None of the Above
  202. Innovative Designs and Devices
  203. Creating A Cool 3D Web Design Effect
  204. Q&A: Author Nicholas Carr on the Terrifying Future of Computing
  205. Jan. 8, 1942: Birthday of a First-Rate Mind, and a Medical Marvel
  206. 'The X-Files' Are Coming Back, But They Never Left
  207. 'Shoes' Star Liam Sullivan Turns His Alter Ego, Kelly, Into Full-Time Gig
  208. $500K Prize for Better Hijacker Trap
  209. How To Jam an Election in a Few Quick, Easy Steps From Someone Who Has Done It
  210. Blu-ray triumphs at gadget show (AP)
  211. Sceners Threaten to Destroy BitTorrent One Step at a Time
  212. 3 Tips for Turning Lack of Resources into Strength
  213. Expo Woos Porn Fans With Touchy-Feely Workshops
  214. Despite Move to MP3s, DRM Will Haunt Record Labels
  215. Intel banks on another wireless gadget (AP)
  216. Line blurs between flash, hard drives (AP)
  217. Mozilla promotes John Lilly to CEO (AP)
  218. Matsushita's Panasonic and Google to launch Internet TVs (Reuters)
  219. Consumer Electronics Companies Are Styling At CES (Investor's Business Daily)
  220. New Fujitsu laptops have built-in HSUPA (InfoWorld)
  221. Intel unveiling new chips for devices (Reuters)
  222. OpenMoko FreeRunner: a win for phone freedom
  223. Bill Gates Explains Difference Between Microsoft and Apple
  224. Panasonic's Enormous 150-Inch Plasma TV Dwarfs Competitors
  225. Economy and DVD sales slip drove Warner to Blu-ray (Reuters)
  226. Biotech That Mines Canadian Genomes Lands $31 Million
  227. Matsushita's Panasonic, Google to work on Internet TVs (Reuters)
  228. CEA Pushes for Free Trade at CES (PC World)
  229. EchoStar to help U.S. go to digital TV (AP)
  230. CEA pushes for free trade at CES (InfoWorld)
  231. IBM digs into security management (InfoWorld)
  232. Making 3D Models from Video Clips
  233. MWSF 2008 keynote bingo
  234. Transmission BitTorrent Software Gets A Leopard Makeover
  235. Blu-ray triumphs at gadget show (AP)
  236. Tasty storage products at gadget show (AP)
  237. Linux-Based PMP Features Head-Up Display
  238. Echostar hasn't decided airwaves auction plan (Reuters)
  239. Angry Shareholders Bust Move on CNET
  240. Wired Geekipedia: Synthetic Biology - Improving Nature's Klugey Designs
  241. Porsche to Add Another Hybrid to Its Future Lineup
  242. Newly Unveiled Wikia Search Leaves Much to Be Desired
  243. Panasonic Shows 150-inch Plasma Screen (PC World)
  244. Shuttle to Release sub-$200 Linux Box
  245. Hit Me! How to Understand Vizio's New TVs in Vegas Terms
  246. Apple Closes in on Movie Rental Deals With Major Hollywood Studios
  247. Wired at CES 2008
  248. EarthLink unit settles NY complaint (AP)
  249. Sears accused of violating consumer fraud law (Reuters)
  250. Matsushita unveils world's biggest TV (Reuters)