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  1. Netgear Intros New Networking Lineup (NewsFactor)
  2. Wikia Search Launches Alpha, Not Ready Yet
  3. Pioneer Plasma TV Will Deliver "Absolute Black"
  4. Videogame Predictions (and Advice) for 2008
  5. Medical Test Can Detect 12 Flu, Cold and Respiratory Viruses
  6. Ruby on Rails IDE geared to Visual Studio 2008 users (InfoWorld)
  7. Cable Industry to Standardize Under Tru2Way
  8. Polaroid goes back to its roots
  9. Intel banks on another wireless gadget (AP)
  10. XM ends marketing pact with Starbucks (AP)
  11. Whirlpool enhances high-tech fridge (AP)
  12. Blockbuster Web site taken down for revamp (Reuters)
  13. Yahoo Intros Mobile Developer Platform (NewsFactor)
  14. Intel to add WiMax to upcoming ultramobile platform (InfoWorld)
  15. BitMicro Takes Wraps Off 832 GB Flash Drive
  16. Microsoft 'Open Value Subscription' iI None of the Above
  17. Xbox Live Woes Prompt Class-Action Suit Against Microsoft
  18. Flamewar! Mac vs. PC in the CES press lounge
  19. Video: Casio EX-F1 shoots in Super Slo-Mo
  20. Coolest Foliage Covered Botanical Building Ever
  21. TiVo to feature Web video (AP)
  22. Trade org sees robust electronics growth (AP)
  23. Gracenote expands to cover video (AP)
  24. Analyst: Wikia Search Fails To Deliver (NewsFactor)
  25. Electronics carnival opens with rallying cry for free trade (AFP)
  26. Microsoft 'Open Value Subscription' is None of the Above
  27. GM plans for driverless cars
  28. The music industry's new lifeline
  29. Taser unveils holster with music player (AP)
  30. New York Times and CNBC in Web deal (Reuters)
  31. It's good to be blue, says Sony's Stringer (InfoWorld)
  32. Samsung plans low-end phones (FT.com)
  33. Trolltech, Huawei join mobile Linux group (InfoWorld)
  34. Using Google Earth to Find Ancient Cities
  35. Holy Crap: First 150-Inch Lifescreen Plasma Photos
  36. Techcrunch 'Crunchies 2007', Vote For Your Favorite Startup!
  37. Gates: Deal-maker, philanthropist, innovator? (InfoWorld)
  38. Netezza will scale its appliance to petabyte range (InfoWorld)
  39. Ask the Designers of D&D Fourth Edition
  40. US holiday Internet sales up 19 percent: survey (AFP)
  41. Wikia search engine to go live on Monday (InfoWorld)
  42. Russia to Search For Life on Europa
  43. Thousands follow soldier's fate in WW1 "blog" (Reuters)
  44. Standardized Cable Technology on the Way at Last
  45. CNBC, NY Times to share news online (AP)
  46. Sony Thanks Blu-ray Fans (PC World)
  47. Is the IT Department Dead?
  48. Check This Amazing Curved Monitor
  49. Yahoo Offers Tools to Build Mobile Widgets (PC World)
  50. Google's Prediction Market
  51. Yahoo expands map deal with Navteq (Reuters)
  52. Comcast, Panasonic launch portable digital video player (Reuters)
  53. Innovative Designs and Devices
  54. Gates: Digital decade 'just the beginning'
  55. Polaroid plans print renewal for digital (AP)
  56. Beer Brewing Bender Completed
  57. Picking Bill Gates' brain at Consumer Electronics Show (USATODAY.com)
  58. Will thin be in, or will Sony be out? (USATODAY.com)
  59. In-car Sync system gets free 911 calls (USATODAY.com)
  60. New Netgear products aim to simplify home networking (InfoWorld)
  61. Nintendo Wii outsells Sony PS3 three-fold in 2007: survey (AFP)
  62. The Final CES Keynote From Bill Gates
  63. Warner's Blu-ray Disc move has industry buzzing (InfoWorld)
  64. Casio's EXILIM Pro: Still Pics at 60 FPS, Video at 1,200 FPS
  65. Sony BMG to drop copy protection for downloads (Reuters)
  66. Nokia Siemens in $935 million Saudi deal (AP)
  67. CES Scales Up While Companies Push Back
  68. Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 3-to-1 in Japan (Reuters)
  69. Motorola unveils new Rokr and Moto Z10 phone (Reuters)
  70. Sony's Hirai eyes gaming profits as costs decline (Reuters)
  71. Nokia Siemens wins $935 million Saudi Arabia deal (Reuters)
  72. The Magic 8-Ball's Take on Tech in 2008
  73. Toshiba says HD DVD has not lost out to Blu-ray (Reuters)
  74. The Internet Refrigerator: Back from the Dead? (PC World)
  75. New York Times Magazine on Electronic Voting Machines
  76. McAfee throws some FUD at the GPL
  77. Bill Gates Drives a Ford Focus 2-Door? Who Knew?
  78. Microsoft and NBC Universal partner on Olympics (Reuters)
  79. Sony says sold 1.2 million PS3s in North America at year-end (AFP)
  80. Mathematician Theorizes a Crystal As Beautiful As A Diamond
  81. Yahoo CEO stakes out mobile phone market strategy (Reuters)
  82. Bill Gates last day at Microsoft from CES 2008
  83. How To Share Torrents With BitTorrent Illiterates
  84. Napster moves to MP3-only music download format (Reuters)
  85. Bill Gates headlines consumer electronics tradeshow (AFP)
  86. GM envisions driverless cars on horizon (AP)
  87. Napster to sell music as MP3 files (AP)
  88. Comcast: Cable to standardize technology (AP)
  89. Yahoo opens up mobile Web platform (AP)
  90. Motorola unveils Moto Z10 (Reuters)
  91. Video Game Growth Seen Slowing (TechWeb)
  92. Sony says Skype coming to PlayStation Portable (AFP)
  93. Bill Gates Envisions Life After Microsoft [PICS]
  94. Virtual Smash Mouth Jam Planned for Intel Keynote
  95. Sure, a Jet's Wings Need Scrubbing, But Its Guts Need a Flush, Too
  96. Basjoos Tells All About His "95 MPG" Aerocivic
  97. Toshiba Execs Declare HD DVD Not Dead Yet
  98. Bill Gates announces SYNC 2.0
  99. LG Watch Phone in action at CES!
  100. Philips partners with Rhapsody music service (Reuters)
  101. North American HD DVD sales hit 1 million: Toshiba (Reuters)
  102. Sony Ericsson phone quiets when waved at (Reuters)
  103. Online Cartoonist Finds Financial Success Offline
  104. Man Jumps Onto NY Subway Track To Save iPhone
  105. LIVE-Microsoft CES 08 Keynote, Bill Gates' Final CES Address
  106. Gates pushes idea of Windows everywhere (AP)
  107. Small and Fabulous: Modular Living as It Should Be
  108. Jan. 7, 1904: A Distress Call for Ships in Danger Upon the Sea
  109. HD DVD backers reeling as Blu-Ray shines at electronics show (AFP)
  110. Sony Announces Skype For PSP, Homebrewers Respond
  111. 100 Things People Are Really Saying About Windows Vista
  112. Sony's Mylo messaging gadget gets update (AP)
  113. Young prefer MySpace to TV (FT.com)
  114. Oklahoma City's New Year's Resolution: Lose One Million Pounds
  115. Sony to sell Organic LED televisions in U.S (Reuters)
  116. Samsung phones saw good Q4 in U.S. (Reuters)
  117. Is this Windows Mobile 7?
  118. Thin MacBook Laptop Concept Images
  119. Anti-Missile Technology To Be Tested on Commercial Jets
  120. Patients Turn to China for Experimental Stem-Cell Treatments
  121. GM researching driverless cars (AP)
  122. Samsung TVs to have built-in games (AP)
  123. New Line confirms it'll follow in Warner's Blu footsteps
  124. Morocco, where bloggers can write about anything...almost (AFP)
  125. Sony says North American PS3 holiday sales hit 1.2 million (Reuters)
  126. Social Sites Offer 'New' Way To Experience Presidential Debates
  127. Oklahoma City's New Year's Resolution: Lose One Million Pounds
  128. Philips partners with Rhapsody for digital music (Reuters)
  129. New UMPC pre-installed with latest Ubuntu
  130. Recording Labels to Offer New Online Music Options
  131. Live Coverage of Bill Gates' Keynote Address
  132. Crowds Converge on 2008 Consumer Electronics Show
  133. Panasonic unveils wireless HD video system (Reuters)
  134. Goodbye Cruel Word
  135. Facebook Voter Registration App Asks for SSN w/o SSL
  136. KDE4.0.0 overview and screenshots
  137. LG's Watch Phone
  138. Toshiba defiant after HD DVD setback (AP)
  139. Pioneer to show ultra-black plasma TV (AP)
  140. Magellan announces Google-enabled GPS (AP)
  141. Toshiba HD DVD sales hit 1 mln in North America (Reuters)
  142. Hot tips to get the best of Linux in 2008
  143. Broadcasters gear up for cell-phone TV (AP)
  144. Scientists Find Key to What Could Make Bird Flu a Human Pandemic
  145. Labels see new online music options (AP)
  146. There's No Such Thing as 'Wireless HDMI'
  147. 7 top advises to program like a master
  148. JVC unveils "thinnest" LCDs, TVs with iPod dock (Reuters)
  149. Boeing's New 787 May Be Vulnerable to Hacker Attack
  150. Improved Ogg Theora coming soon to an Internet near you
  151. Scientists Recycle CO2 with Sunlight to Make Fuel
  152. OLPC responds to Intel breakup
  153. Microsoft Giving Xbox Live Users a Free Game
  154. Solar Cycle 24 Has Started
  155. Solar Cycle 24 Has Started
  156. Adium 1.2 released.
  157. Warner's Blu-ray Endorsement Boosts the Buzz at CES (PC World)
  158. Why Intel and OLPC Parted Ways
  159. Las Vegas consumer show unveils smart cars and robotic massages (AFP)
  160. Snow-Eating Robot Poops Ice Bricks as It Clears Path
  161. Western-Style Voting 'A Loser'
  162. Thailand shuts down political Web site (AP)
  163. Open Source Hardware Gets Public Introduction
  164. China cracks down on 'vulgar' video (AP)
  165. LSU players use video games to prepare (AP)
  166. Sony's Blu-ray seen winning DVD format war: Japanese media (AFP)
  167. DVD Laser Labeling System
  168. The Age of the Airship Returns?
  169. Geek Trends: 15 Cool Website Footers with Great Usability
  170. Wonder Woman Gets a Woman's Point-of-View
  171. iPhone 1.1.3 Prep is a Malicious File! DO NOT INSTALL
  172. MacWorld 2008 Rumor Roundup
  173. High School Robotics Competition Kicks Off
  174. Weave... Mozilla Is Trying To Be More Social
  175. NGO demands details of Saudi blogger's arrest (AFP)
  176. Al-Qaida videos now on cell phones (AP)
  177. 'Video Snacking' New Frontier For Media Creators
  178. Linux phone to Debut upgrade at CES
  179. HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray Battle Over? Where the Studios Stand
  180. MWSF08: Is the Apple MacBook Touch a Realistic Possibility?
  181. When Pirates Pay, They Pay Good
  182. U.S. video game industry growth seen slowing (Reuters)
  183. Macaques Use Grooming as Payment for Sex
  184. Al-Qaida Introduces Cell-Phone Videos
  185. RIAA's 'Misspeaking' May Have Affected Verdict
  186. A Bleak Future For Physical Media Purchases?
  187. David Lynch: "Don't watch movies on a f*#%ing phone!"
  188. KDE 4.0.0 tagged in preparation for release
  189. Interview: Why Warner Went Full Throttle With Blu-ray
  190. Boeing 787 May Be Vulnerable to Hacker Attack
  191. Dell's 'Crystal LCD': The supermodel of monitors
  192. Perpetual motion machine shown on Youtube
  193. High School Robotics Competition Kicks Off
  194. LSU players use video games to prepare (AP)
  195. Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals Released
  196. Weave... Mozilla Is Trying To Be More Social
  197. NYT Notes Flaws In Current Electronic Voting Methods
  198. San Francisco's New Wi-Fi Provider Plays it Safe (PC World)
  199. Apple antitrust suit alleges monopoly over music, players
  200. A Little 'Intel' on Apple's Next Move
  201. Linux Commands Line
  202. Al-Qaida videos now on cell phones (AP)
  203. Facebook Widget Installs Zango Spyware
  204. Weave... Mozilla is Trying to be More Social
  205. David Lynch Hates People Who Watch Movies on the iPhone
  206. Bill Gates and Microsoft Fund Telescope
  207. Sony BMG Lets the Music Play
  208. Nmap for Beginners - Network & Port Scanning made easy
  209. Warner Backs Blu-Ray. End Times For HD-DVD?
  210. Google, Yahoo, Others Sued Over Solitaire Patent
  211. Stop Wine From Beating Your Windows Apps With The Ugly Stick
  212. Intel Quits One Laptop Per Child Program
  213. Saudi detains blogger, rights group urges release (Reuters)
  214. Science Text Attempts to Reconcile Religion and Science
  215. YouTorrent: Great New BitTorrent Search Engine
  216. McAfee Worried Over "Ambiguous" Open Source Licenses
  217. Addressing Some of the Common Memes About KDE 3 and KDE 4
  218. MacHeist Easter Egg Revealed! $50 Worth of Apps Free!
  219. Apple Files for OLED Keyboard Patent
  220. Motorola trying to recapture 'Razr' edge (AP)
  221. You suck at Photoshop tutorial
  222. More Defections At Google
  223. Sears IT Practices Called Into Question (TechWeb)
  224. U.S. Trade Panel Probes IBM-Asustek Patent Complaint (TechWeb)
  225. Frozen Researchers Set Antarctic Ballooning Record
  226. Transmission 1.00 Released!
  227. The Most Hated Company In the PC Industry
  228. Startup to Give San Francisco Second Chance at Free Wi-Fi
  229. Sony to add Skype Web phone function to PSP: Nikkei (Reuters)
  230. HD-DVD - Runs and hides from CES
  231. How to Edit HD Video in Linux
  232. Ubuntu Linux:Apps Rock and Wireless Sucks!
  233. Digg And Others Sued By Patent Holder
  234. General Motors Embraces Open Source for New Community Site
  235. Supporters Mull Internet Candidate Ron Paul's Fifth Place in Iowa
  236. DefectiveByDesign - Action alert: Don't let EU sanction DRM
  237. 2008 could be the year laptop sales eclipse desktops in US
  238. Biotech Conference: New Focus on Politics, Old Focus on Money
  239. Scientists Use Sunlight to Make Fuel From CO2
  240. Microsoft simplifies file format fix (AP)
  241. 2008 CES: More Tech Than You Can Handle (PC World)
  242. PI License May Soon Be Required for Computer Forensics
  243. Barclays says no to Firefox
  244. Napster Raising Prices. Is it Going Out of Business?
  245. Jalopnik Guide To Cell Phone Usage Laws
  246. Rocket Linux To Launch At CES
  247. Death of DRM Could Weaken iTunes, Boost iPod
  248. After criticism, Sears plugs Web site's privacy hole (InfoWorld)
  249. The Mobile Internet, Other Technologies Sing Viva Las Vegas (Investor's Business
  250. FAA: Boeing's New 787 May Be Vulnerable to Hacker Attack