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  1. Clinton, McCain or Paul? New Website Tells You Who to Vote For
  2. Alt Text: Foolproof Online Dating Tips for Desperate Guys
  3. Review: Ibiza Rhapsody cuts cord to PC (AP)
  4. Bain Capital quiet about probe into 3Com acquisition (InfoWorld)
  5. Rumors: Ultraportable Macbook and the Multitouch Trackpad
  6. What's Next on the Web: a ReadWriteWeb Toolkit for 2008
  7. 'Conan,' 'Pirates,' 'Warhammer': Three New MMOs Challenge 'World of Warcraft' in 2008
  8. SanDisk flash drive to offer automatic Web storage (Reuters)
  9. Cell phone users tie up traffic: study (Reuters)
  10. France warns against excessive cell phone use (Reuters)
  11. Sperm Could Power Nanobots
  12. Actor Eddie Murphy weds in Polynesia (AFP)
  13. Sprint sees no delay to QChat (Reuters)
  14. Qualcomm says Broadcom ruling to hurt short-term (Reuters)
  15. The week in video-game news (AP)
  16. Dreams Actually Virtual Reality Threat Simulation?
  17. Microsoft Drops Support for Older Office File Formats
  18. Will Macworld Overshadow CES 2008? (NewsFactor)
  19. Why Linux Distros Are More Secure Than Windows
  20. Researchers: Cocaine Vaccine Could Cure the Urge
  21. Scammers Continue to Wreak Havoc in MMO's
  22. Beautiful Panoramas - New Year Night Around The World 2008
  23. Time Magazine's 50 Best Websites 2007
  24. Who da Thunk It? Romanians Enjoy More Privacy Than Americans
  25. MC Hammer -- Ring a Bell? -- Reemerges as Online Impresario
  26. Nokia Siemens Buys Network Managment Firm Apertio (PC World)
  27. Holiday Electronics Sales Boost Chip Demand (PC World)
  28. Copyright Cutback Proposed As RIAA Solution
  29. 2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without
  30. You Can Be a Published Writer, Even If You Can't Write
  31. Wikipedia founder brings search project (AP)
  32. US near bottom of global privacy index (AP)
  33. Researcher Accuses Sears of Spreading Spyware (PC World)
  34. IBM Buys Network Storage Startup XIV (PC World)
  35. 8 Can't Miss Predictions... for 1998
  36. IBM buys Israeli storage startup (InfoWorld)
  37. The UK's Fastest Supercomputer
  38. Social Network Aggregation, Killer App in 2008?
  39. Got a manuscript? Publishing now a snap (AP)
  40. Generation Y biggest user of libraries: survey (Reuters)
  41. Social Network Aggregation, Killer App in 2008?
  42. Feds share coupons to help TV transition (AP)
  43. Japan's PM greets world on YouTube (AP)
  44. Official DTV Converter Box Coupons for Americans
  45. Q&A: McAfee, Symantec CEOs talk security (InfoWorld)
  46. IBM to hold Israel news conference after XIV reports (Reuters)
  47. Gawker Blasts Into Sci-Fi With New Blog, Io9; a Q&A With Editor Annalee Newitz
  48. Introducing Magnet-Responsive Memory Foam
  49. Gelatin: Ubuntu 8.04 theme proposal
  50. How to Become a Gmail Jedi Master
  51. Q&A: Michael Bloomberg on Free Wi-Fi, Crime and Higher Office
  52. Jan. 2, 1860: 'Gentlemen, I Give You the Planet Vulcan'
  53. CES Preview: Huge LCDs, Wireless Dominate Home Entertainment
  54. CES Preview: Home and Portable Audio To Gain Wireless Features
  55. A New DNA Test Can ID a Suspect's Race, But Police Won't Touch It
  56. ASUS Confirms 8GB EEE PC with a 10 inch Screen
  57. Office 2003 Service Pack Disables Older File Formats
  58. AT&T eyes stake in Malaysia's TM Intl: report (Reuters)
  59. Free Tools to Manage New Year's Resolutions
  60. Top 10 Most Pirated Movies and TV Shows of 2007
  61. Wikia Search Engine to be Launched on January 7th
  62. 1981 IBM Model 5150 Running Full-Motion Color Video
  63. Apple Sub-Notebook Confirmations
  64. How-to build your own wireless, autonomous hovercraft
  65. LANCOR v. OLPC Case Continues In Nigerian Court
  66. iPhone 1.1.3 questions answered by Gear Live
  67. The year’s biggest Mac stories
  68. 27 Billion Gigabytes to be Archived by 2010
  69. Apricot Team Selected For Fully Open Source 3D Game
  70. How to deliver the goods by mobile phone (FT.com)
  71. Apricot Team Selected For Fully Open Source 3D Game
  72. GRAPH: Desire vs Commitment in Social Media
  73. The 5 most annoying programs on your PC
  74. New Years Resolutions - An Engineering Approach
  75. Feds share coupons to help TV transition (AP)
  76. What Did You Change Your Mind About in 2007?
  77. Government offers TV coupons
  78. Gizmodo's most popular stories of 2007
  79. Dvorak Looks Back At 'Another Crappy Tech Year'
  80. OLPC CTO Quits to Commercialize OLPC Technology
  81. Important days in history of universe
  82. Microsoft's Biggest Threat - Google or Open Source?
  83. Computer Glitch Halts Seattle New Year's Fireworks
  84. Microsoft Paid Novell $356 Million in '07
  85. Privacy International Releases 2007 Report
  86. 5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS
  87. DIY : 1$ Popcorn Machine
  88. Gen Y Hits the Library the Most -- But Not For Books
  89. January 1 TCP/IP
  90. Archos 605 WiFi Hacked
  91. NEW! Firefox Live Support Chat!
  92. Jan. 1, 1801: Up in the Sky ... It's a Star ... It's a Planet ... No, Wait
  93. 52-Inch Multi-Touch Display Unveiled (TechWeb)
  94. Windows Home Server Bug Could Lead To Data Loss (TechWeb)
  95. What If The Government Broke Up Google?
  96. Innovative Minds Do Not Think Alike
  97. Privacy International Releases 2007 Report
  98. 100 Years of Tech in the Times Square New Year's Ball
  99. Qualcomm barred from using Broadcom 3G patents (Reuters)
  100. NASA Releases Cryptic Airline Safety Data
  101. A Look Back at One of the Original Phreaks
  102. Eavesdropping on Bluetooth headsets with Linux
  103. Texting delays a given on New Years, celebrate accordingly
  104. Inside Apple Stores, a Certain Aura Enchants the Faithful
  105. Beijing court sides with Baidu in music piracy case (AFP)
  106. The Rising Barcode Security Threat
  107. Ion-Mask Coating Could Make Waterproofing Electronics Easy
  108. Ion-Mask Coating Could Make Waterproofing Electronics Easy
  109. A Look Back at One of the Original Phreaks
  110. Adobe, Omniture in hot water for snooping on CS3 users
  111. New energy uses for asphalt (AP)
  112. Motorola and Metrologic settle patent disputes (Reuters)
  113. Wii Hacked for Better Homebrew Games
  114. Sprint's new customer billed $14,000 instead of $59
  115. What 2008 May Hold In Store for FOSS
  116. TorrentFreak’s Most Memorable Quotes of 2007
  117. 3 Very Cool Color-Changing Household Items (w/pics)
  118. Video game looks into world of wolves (AP)
  119. Pitfalls on the Road to Digital TV (NewsFactor)
  120. Research Finds Effects of GSM Signals on Sleep
  121. Swap site a global recycling phenomenon
  122. Study: Web-gen flock to public libraries
  123. State to offer online high school classes
  124. Vonage, Nortel settle patent dispute (AP)
  125. Mars Asteroid Impact More Likely Than Before
  126. The Ultimate Leopard Tweaking Guide
  127. Philips to Unveil 52-inch Multi-Touch LCD at CES (PC World)
  128. Child's Play Breaks a Million Bucks
  129. Vonage says settles patent dispute with Nortel (Reuters)
  130. Just What is this ASUS Eee Thing Anyway?
  131. Baidu CFO Shawn Wang dies in accident
  132. Most Consumers Sitting Out The High-Def War
  133. Get real: People will want to connect in 2008 (USATODAY.com)
  134. Online Collaboration Creates 'Map-Making For the Masses'
  135. Australian Government To Mandate Internet Filters
  136. Flipping the Linux switch: KDE, the K desktop environment
  137. IBM to buy Israeli startup for $300 million: report (Reuters)
  138. Game Group sees year profit ahead of forecast (Reuters)
  139. Google Products You Forgot All About
  140. The World's Cheapest Car Set To Launch
  141. Worship Your Plastic Heroes in The DC Comics Action Figure Archive
  142. Should Web Giants Let Startups Use the Information They Have About You?
  143. Dec. 31, 1999: Horror or Hype? Y2K Arrives and the World Trembles
  144. Computer Inspired Architecture - Pixel House [Pics]
  145. VIDEO PROOF: iPhone 1.1.3 leak is REAL
  146. From Geek to Gods: Why Have “Social Rock Stars” Emerged?
  147. How To Lose Your Job, Thanks To The Internet
  148. Groups: Record data breaches in 2007 (AP)
  149. Love, others may follow Radiohead's no-label lead (Reuters)
  150. Will CES 2008 Live Up to the iPhone? (PC World)
  151. Data Theft Soars to Unprecedented Levels
  152. Was Digg the best social site of 2007?
  153. Sex with robots? Not so far off, says author
  154. How to Install Wikipedia on Your iPod
  155. The City of the Future
  156. The RIAA Will Die in 2008. . .
  157. Data Theft Soars to Unprecedented Levels
  158. PCWorld Says Firefox is Strong, Vista is Weak
  159. Free Software FPS Games Compared
  160. Generation Y biggest user of libraries: survey (Reuters)
  161. Global Warming Predicted to Alter California's Landscape
  162. Study: Young adults heavy library users (AP)
  163. RIAA Not Suing Over CD Ripping, Still Calling Rips 'Unauthorized'
  164. Groups: Record data breaches in 2007 (AP)
  165. Creative Sculpture With a Twist......
  166. Google's Distrubuted computing
  167. Long Live Closed-Source Software?
  168. American Security Firms Collaborate on Chinese Olympics
  169. i-Snake, a New Robotic Surgeon
  170. Beta Watch: Spokeo, RescueTime, Zoho Show 2 (PC World)
  171. How and Why Knots Spontaneously Form
  172. 8 tech tools every Ghost Hunter needs
  173. Fedora 8 A Serious Threat to Ubuntu
  174. The Curse of Knowledge Bogs Down Innovation
  175. Trekkie Sues Christie's for Fraudulent Props
  176. 10 Reasons Why the Command Line is More Friendly than GUI
  177. RIAA Now Filing Suits Against Consumers Who Rip CDs
  178. Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2007
  179. Future AMD GPUs To Be More 'Open-Source Friendly'
  180. Arguing For Open Electronic Health Records
  181. The Year of the New Mobile Operating System (PC World)
  182. Musicians Have Many Money Options Online, Says Talking Head
  183. China's Baidu says CFO dies in accident (AP)
  184. iPhone 1.1.3 Update Confirmed, Breaks Apps and Unlocks
  185. iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 100% Confirmed, Breaks Unlock Apps
  186. Proof the iPod's White Earbuds Don't Suck...That Much
  187. YouTube Video Stats, Sharing, and 2007 Re-Mixed
  188. Internet opens elite colleges to all (AP)
  189. Kubuntu Demoted Gnome Gets Thumbs Up From Canonical
  190. Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source
  191. Ohio's Alternative to Diebold Machines May Be Equally Bad
  192. Hackers Run Wild Spending BitTorrent Tracker’s Donations
  193. 5 “Disposable” Web Accounts to Keep Your Identity Safe
  194. Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source
  195. KDE's Version Timing Drops It In Ubuntu Support Priority
  196. Adobe Quietly Monitoring Software Use?
  197. Linux And Unix Devices Popular On Amazon's 'Best of '07' List
  198. Essential Mac Apps for the New Switcher
  199. Linux and Mac computers sweep Amazon's 'best of' 2007
  200. Extreme Weather Is the Norm in 2007
  201. Ancient Baby Mammoth Lands in Japan
  202. Ivy League Universities Open Courses to All Online
  203. Communities of Mutants Form as DNA Testing Grows
  204. Trekkie Sues Christie's for Fradulent Props
  205. Free swap network makes trash treasure (AP)
  206. Internet opens elite colleges to all (AP)
  207. Writers Guild Members Look to Internet Distribution
  208. Trojan capitalizes on Bhutto assassination in under 24 hours
  209. i-Snake 'will transform surgery'
  210. Necessity of Dark Energy Questioned
  211. Keeping It Private On Google Reader
  212. Jack Thompson Claiming Games Industry in Collusion with DoD
  213. Technology Consumers Got More Choice in '07
  214. Solar Tree Bears Fruit
  215. Solar Tree Bears Fruit
  216. Florida Election Ballots to be Printed On-Demand
  217. Microsoft: No evidence in states' claim (AP)
  218. New Jersey Bars Sex Offenders From the Internet
  219. 9 Amazing Laser-Etched Laptops You Must See
  220. The Death of High Fidelity
  221. 10 Office Gadgets That Will Get You Fired Before New Year's
  222. 115 Social News and Bookmark Sites Ranked and Rated
  223. Snortable Drug 'Replaces' Sleep For Monkeys In Trials
  224. Cell phones: The next great ad frontier? (AP)
  225. AOL Finally Kills Netscape Browser (NewsFactor)
  226. Hackers exploit Bhutto assassination
  227. List of confirmed iPhone 1.1.3 firmware features
  228. Half Of U.S. Households Have Digital TVs, Trade Group Says (TechWeb)
  229. Report Questions Future Of Qualcomm's 4G Wireless (TechWeb)
  230. Zune, iTunes Sites Get Christmas Day Traffic Boosts (TechWeb)
  231. Intelligent Software Agents - Are We Ready?
  232. Microsoft Deprecating Some OOXML Functionality
  233. RIAA-fighting Maine Law Professor Speaks Out
  234. Fledgling Web sites help indie musicians (Reuters)
  235. Apple Stores Demonstrate That Retail Still Lives
  236. AOL to End Support for Netscape Browser (PC World)
  237. Netscape Browser to Die a Quiet Death in February 2008
  238. Comcast founder to be paid after death (AP)
  239. 'Bioshock' tops best-of video games (AP)
  240. CES Scorecard 2007 - What Came True; What Didn't
  241. The Saddest iPhone We've Ever Seen [Pics]
  242. The Aerocivic: Ugly as Sin, But Hey -- It Gets 95 MPG
  243. Online dating brings hope and frustration (Reuters)
  244. AOL to Shut Down Netscape Support/Development
  245. Cronenberg Drifts From Tech Horror, but Shocks Remain
  246. AOL pulls plug on Netscape Web browser (AP)
  247. Wine 0.9.52 Released
  248. TSA Limits Lithium Batteries on Airplanes
  249. Review: 'Culpa Innata' deep and immersive
  250. Microsoft is getting confused about what to include in OOXML