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  1. Annals of Improbable Research Goes Free Online
  2. From Cellphone to Sell Phone: Can the Marketers Be Stopped?
  3. Art Lebedev kills us with Optimus Tactus keyboard concept
  4. Why Broadband TV has got cable companies scared
  5. FBI rolling out digital billboards in 20 cities
  6. Sad Milestone:AOL To Discontinue Netscape Browser Developmen
  7. World Trade Organization says piracy is ok in the Caribbean
  8. 7 Bad Habits of Digital Photographers
  9. Measuring the Impact of the iTunes-Fox Movie Deal (NewsFactor)
  10. Wireless Hitches a Ride on the Subway (NewsFactor)
  11. Family (video) game night (AP)
  12. Saudi blogger arrested, held without charges (InfoWorld)
  13. Wal-Mart Closes Online Movie Download Service
  14. Child gets x-rated MP3 player for Christmas
  15. Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated
  16. Spellify 1.0 - An Automatic Text Field Spell Checker
  17. Privacy delays ad targeting on phones (AP)
  18. Mobile advertising still at tryout stage (AP)
  19. Panasonic To Ship Form Factor-Standard Blu-ray Drive
  20. Online dating brings hope and frustration (Reuters)
  21. Wal-Mart Gives Up Movie Downloads, Keeps CDs, DVDs
  22. Domains May Disappear After Search
  23. Gaming industry capitalizing on writers' strike
  24. Report: Movie rentals coming to iTunes
  25. Why the iPhone ruled 2007 (and the new iPods didn't)
  26. Chinese Government Sued Over Dog Height Censorship
  27. Hollywood's Year Marked by Writers' Strike, iPhone and Very Poor Taste
  28. Facebook Launches Community-Driven Language Project
  29. How To Install Internal 3G Card in the Asus Eee PC (VIDEO)
  30. Vienna launches online flea market (AP)
  31. Scorecard: What Came True, What Didn't in 2007 (PC World)
  32. PC Mag Slams Cheap Wal-Mart Linux Desktop
  33. Nokia delays N-gage gaming service launch (Reuters)
  34. Wal-Mart abandons online movie downloads (AP)
  35. Spicebird a Mozilla-based collaboration Outlook killer
  36. Hospitals Look to a Nuclear Tool to Fight Cancer
  37. Scorecard: what came true, what didn't in 2007 (InfoWorld)
  38. Digital music: 2007 year in review
  39. LimeWire Not as Popular as Recent Reports Suggest
  40. Mission 3 of MacHeist II is live!
  41. How to Install Third-Party Apps on Your New iPhone or iPod
  42. Open source?s new commercial strategy (InfoWorld)
  43. BI is dead; long live BI (InfoWorld)
  44. Sun Microsystems is back in the game (InfoWorld)
  45. Connecticut Governor Seeks to Protect Personal Data Online
  46. Fujitsu, plasma pioneer, says will exit business (AFP)
  47. Passenger Says He Hacked Windows In New York Taxi Display Screen (TechWeb)
  48. SCO Receives Nasdaq Notice Letter
  49. Japanese Government to Regulate Online Communication
  50. Apple to introduce iPhone Cashless Service and Line Jumping
  51. With Help from Digg: David Airey gets his Domain back
  52. Americans more wired, new-media survey finds (Reuters)
  53. Researchers Explore Quantum Dot Based NVRAM
  54. Wired Magazine's 10 Favorite Photos From 2007
  55. What's Inside: Nair Hair Remover, Feel the Burn!
  56. Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2007
  57. The Software That Will Take Digital F/X to the Next Level of Awesome
  58. GPS/Radar Detector Combo to be introduced at CES in January
  59. Mammoth update ahead for Leopard
  60. Ultra-Thin Blu-ray Drive Released (TechWeb)
  61. Apple Seeks Antipiracy Software Patent (TechWeb)
  62. Apple and Fox Set to Announce Movie Rental Deal
  63. Apple and Fox plan movie rental deal: reports (Reuters)
  64. How To Create Web 2.0 Effects With Photoshop
  65. Google Apps Slow to Replace Competition
  66. Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep
  67. Why I Canceled All My Music Subscriptions
  68. Surveillance and Crime Move the Needle in Threat Level's Guide to 2007
  69. Microsoft Opens Its Security Research Cookbooks
  70. How to Install 3rd-Party Apps on Your New iPhone/iPod Touch
  71. Sony Stops Taking it in the Rear
  72. Top of the Swaps: P2P's Most-Traded Movies, TV and Songs of 2007
  73. The Year in Online Video 2007
  74. Dec. 28, 1973: Endangered Species Get a Helping Hand
  75. 5 Things You'll Love About Firefox 3
  76. Best of 2007 And Predictions For 2008 From Ars Technica
  77. Wal-Mart cancels movie download service (Reuters)
  78. Online Sales Saw Growth For Holidays (Investor's Business Daily)
  79. Warner Music Group Drops DRM for Amazon
  80. The Flexibility of Open Source
  81. Wal-Mart cancels movie download service (Reuters)
  82. China telecoms shares rise on 3G talk (FT.com)
  83. First Reflected Light From an Exoplanet Seen
  84. Wacom Cintiq 12WX Video Review. Verdict: Simply Amazing
  85. MySpace Memorials Pay Tribute to Tiger's Victim, Carlos Sousa Jr.
  86. As Caucuses Near, Iowa Bloggers Enjoy Their Day in the Sun
  87. Data Storage Predictions for 2008
  88. EMC to Buy Document Sciences (PC World)
  89. Alternate Reality Games: What Makes or Breaks Them?
  90. $40K to fill an iPod? One third of PCs use LimeWire instead
  91. Group Warns of Sites Offering Unlicensed Music (PC World)
  92. Apple Patents 'Buy Stuff Wirelessly, Skip Lines' Tech
  93. CES Innovations 2008 Awards honorees
  94. The technology coming to a gadget near you
  95. Biggest tech trends of 2007
  96. "I've got a new gadget… now what?"
  97. Are you wasting money buying antispyware software?
  98. Ultimate digital photo toolbox
  99. 36 Startup Tips: From Software Engineering to PR and More!
  100. Is the Dell XPS One Better than the Apple iMac?
  101. Warner Music Group Sells DRM-Free MP3s on Amazon.com
  102. Crocodile Hunter Widow Turns Attention to Whale Research
  103. Group warns of sites offering unlicensed music (InfoWorld)
  104. Report Says 36.4% of World's Computers Infringe on IP
  105. Warner offers DRM-free music on Amazon (AP)
  106. Report: Google, DoCoMo Working on Deal (NewsFactor)
  107. EMC Buys Document Sciences for $85 Million (NewsFactor)
  108. The Economist: Ubuntu is the source of Linux's rise
  109. Digg This: Deal or No Deal?
  110. There's more to Linux than Ubuntu
  111. The coolest animated .GIF tiled background perhaps ever
  112. WTO Awards Caribbean Country Right to Ignore US Copyright
  113. 35 MPG Standard Will Kill the Muscle Car? Uh-huh. Sure
  114. The perfect computer memory: quantum dots?
  115. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC1 vs. Shipping Vista
  116. eBay vs. Romania's Online Scammers
  117. 'Green funerals' feature biodegradable coffins
  118. Mischa Barton arrested for DUI: report (Reuters)
  119. Windows Home Server Corrupts Files
  120. Ring-a-Ding-Ding: Bell Stole Idea for Phone, Book Says
  121. Windows Home Server Corrupts Files
  122. Ed Baig counts down the best tech gadgets for the year (USATODAY.com)
  123. SCO Receives Nasdaq's Delisting Notice
  124. Airlines take another look at inflight Internet
  125. For bloggers, on-line ads beckon
  126. Amazon adds Warner Music to download service (Reuters)
  127. Alexander Graham Bell - Patent Thief?
  128. Howto: Convert A Friend To Linux
  129. First look: Qt 4.4.0 with Phonon and WebKit
  130. Sony Online denies firm for sale (Reuters)
  131. China's SMIC licenses 45nm process technology from IBM (InfoWorld)
  132. Radiohead readies New Year's Eve Webcast (Reuters)
  133. Samsung seeks US probe of rival Sharp (AP)
  134. Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy
  135. FBI to Put Criminals Up in Lights
  136. NYPD To Replace Motor Fleet With Electric Scooters
  137. Australia Scraps National ID Plan
  138. Web Ads Work Better Than TV Ads
  139. IBM's Five Predictions for the Future
  140. Top Solid State Disks and TB Drives Reviewed
  141. Report: Apple to offer Fox movie rentals (InfoWorld)
  142. EMC will buy Document Sciences for $85M (InfoWorld)
  143. NYPD To Replace Motor Fleet With Electric Scooters
  144. Tech Predictions for 2008 (PC World)
  145. NYPD To Replace Motor Fleet With Electric Scooters
  146. Apple, Fox planning movie rental deal: reports (Reuters)
  147. Nokia delays gaming service launch to next year (Reuters)
  148. Google-powered mobile phones to make a February debut?
  149. Apple and 20th Century Fox strike digital movie rental deal
  150. Sony becomes latest to quit rear-projection TVs (Reuters)
  151. Australia Scraps National ID Plan
  152. What's Wired This Month: Cat Powers' Jukebox, JJ Abrams Top-Secret Cloverfield, Y: Th
  153. Vote on The Tech Trends That Will Change Your Business in 2008
  154. Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games
  155. Chinese Chipmaker Licenses IBM Technology (TechWeb)
  156. SWsoft Reborn 'Parallels,' Seeks Broader Virtualization Future (TechWeb)
  157. 150-inch Plasma at CES 2008
  158. Government Makes NIH Research Open Access
  159. Apple Tops $200 Per Share
  160. Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007
  161. The 10 Best Gadget Ads of 2007
  162. Dec. 27, 1831: Beagle Sets Sail With a Very Special Passenger
  163. Bliss in a Box: Professor iPod Tells How IPods Insulate City Dwellers
  164. Wired Picks Its 10 Favorite 2007 Illustrations
  165. Amazing new 3D technology from Japan
  166. Top Five Open-Source Stories Of 2007
  167. Web Ads Work Better Than TV Ads
  168. Social Networking Has Taken Off With Users, Investors Swelling (Investor's Busine
  169. Book Argues That Bell Stole Phone Idea
  170. IBM's Five Predictions for the Future
  171. 'One Laptop Per Child' Program is a hit in Peruvian Village
  172. Biodiesel Boat Uses Human Fat for Circumnavigation
  173. Herd intelligence benefits IT security (InfoWorld)
  174. How Would You Design Your Dream Office?
  175. Mobile Products to Watch in 2008, Part 1 (PC World)
  176. Apple Stock Breaks the $200 Barrier for First Time
  177. Information Overload Predicted Problem of the Year for 2008
  178. iPhone marriage proposal
  179. Why Can't the U.S. Have Cheap Broadband?
  180. Samba makes us proud
  181. Week in video-game news (AP)
  182. Third Party Mac Tablet to Ship at Last?
  183. IFPI: ISPs Should Block BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay
  184. U.S. appeals court hands Google patent case setback (Reuters)
  185. Russian GPS Alternative Near Completion
  186. Amazon posts strongest-ever holiday season (Reuters)
  187. Review: Clearwire offers new Net pipe (AP)
  188. Apple trades at $200 for first time (AP)
  189. Hupo.TV to manage Chinese pop radio site (Reuters)
  190. The Afterlife Is Expensive for Digital Movies
  191. Book argues that Bell stole phone idea (AP)
  192. IBM Buys Solid Information Technology (NewsFactor)
  193. Batcave Home Theater
  194. PopSci: Big telescope to hunt for exoplanets
  195. Casual blogging not just lunch money now (AP)
  196. Online social networking frenzy points to Internet's future (AFP)
  197. Report Predicts Drop in Next-Gen DVD Player Prices (NewsFactor)
  198. NetSuite IPO generates $185 million (InfoWorld)
  199. Microsoft Complains About Google's Monopoly Abuse
  200. Press Release Pledges China to Renewable Energy
  201. Top Solid State Disks and TB Drives Reviewed
  202. 2007 In Numbers: More People Using Yahoo Mail Than Gmail
  203. Storm Worm delivering coal this Christmas
  204. Too Much E-Mail Leaves Workers Disoriented, Inefficient
  205. Military uniforms include tourniquets
  206. NYPD to road test electric scooters
  207. Researcher: Info overload costs economy (AP)
  208. New OPEN SOURCE software archive hits the Web!
  209. The migration of a fussy Windows user to Linux
  210. Russia launches 3 navigation satellites (AP)
  211. Google Mobile Phones Debut in Feb?
  212. Year end: 2007's coolest gadgets (InfoWorld)
  213. Batcave Home Theater
  214. Quoted in Google News? Post a Comment
  215. In Search of the Breakthrough Mobile Network (PC World)
  216. Airborne Internet Might Bring Turbulence
  217. Leap Wireless to restate financial results (Reuters)
  218. MTV: 2007 Borked the Music Industry
  219. Da Vinci's New Ride - The Infinitely Geared Bike
  220. Is the Independent Software Company a Relic? (PC World)
  221. Embedded Linux On a Digital Stethoscope
  222. The Top 10 New Organisms of 2007
  223. Dec. 26, 1982: Time's Top Man? The Personal Computer
  224. Confessions of an Online Scrabble Cheat
  225. Breasts, Violas and Tulips: Alt Predictions for 2008
  226. Aboard the Swedish Icebreaker Oden
  227. Vietnam must regulate blogs, say officials (AFP)
  228. The Year in Tech: Top 2007 News and Trends (PC World)
  229. Digital Vigilantes: Hacking for a Good Cause (PC World)
  230. "Aliens vs. Predator" back in deadly sequel (Reuters)
  231. Asus, your best defense against crossbow attacks.
  232. Mario Christmas Mural Video
  233. Exclusive Internet club attracts the rich and glamorous (AFP)
  234. How to Set Up Your New Computer
  235. Egypt to Copyright Pyramids and Sphynx
  236. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: Still No Clear Winner (NewsFactor)
  237. Merry (1982 Commodore 64) Christmas!
  238. The Pirate Bay: Torrents and Peers Double in 2007
  239. Robots To Control Oil Drilling Platforms
  240. IBM Dishes Five Predictions for Future (PC World)
  241. The LCD Panel vs. The Crossbow
  242. USPTO Reaffirms 1-Click Claims 'Old And Obvious'
  243. Heathkit Reincarnates the Hero Robot
  244. Capitol Hill Quiet on Tech
  245. OLPC Laptop project enlivens Peruvian hamlet
  246. Google’s GMail security failure screws a Blogger/Designer!
  247. How To Tell If It's Really Titanium
  248. 'Mind Doping' Becoming More Common
  249. FBI planning world's largest biometric database
  250. NASA to build next-gen spaceship in NOLA