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  1. Chance for a Tunguska Sized Impact on Mars
  2. Stem Cell Lines Derived to Avoid Immune Rejection
  3. Anti-Virus Effectiveness Down from Last Year
  4. How to Retrieve a Lost Windows Password
  5. 8 Bold Predictions on Google's Next Moves
  6. IBM buys database software firm Solid Information (Reuters)
  7. Sharp teaming up with Toshiba for LCDs (AP)
  8. Cisco changes management structure (AP)
  9. Japan's KDDI, Willcom win new WiMAX licenses (Reuters)
  10. Stem Cell Lines Derived to Avoid Immune Rejection
  11. Crazy Vintage Inspiration
  12. Blockbuster raising prices for service (AP)
  13. Stirr Soiree Blends Entrepreneurs, VCs, Press
  14. GPS To Boost Cell Phone Sales (TechWeb)
  15. Chicago Sued Over Cell Phone Ban (TechWeb)
  16. Red Hat CEO Stepping Down (TechWeb)
  17. Kubuntu 8.04 will have KDE 4, will NOT be LTS
  18. Group says Yahoo China loses piracy suit (AP)
  19. CEO of Red Hat Steps Down
  20. Yahoo Found Guilty of Mass Copyright Infringement
  21. Klaxxon Starts Where aXXo Left Off
  22. Using iPod & iPhone Video Out: In-Depth Review
  23. The X Prize Ecosystem
  24. Meteorites May Have Fostered Life on Earth
  25. Infoporn: Unwrapping the Miraculous Logistics Behind Operation Christmas
  26. Dec. 21, 1842: Birth of an Anarchist, and Darwin's Detractor
  27. Clive Thompson on the Age of Microcelebrity: Why Everyone's a Little Brad Pitt
  28. Clinton-Obama Feud Moves to Domain Names
  29. Atlas: Airport Delays Are Getting Worse, So Pack Your Patience
  30. IBM Finding Business Uses for Virtual World
  31. The 23 Best iTunes Add-ons
  32. Exploit Found to Brick Most HP and Compaq Laptops
  33. How Detroit Will Reach 35 Miles per Gallon
  34. The Top 10 Heartbreaking Gadgets of 2007
  35. Samba Team Receives Microsoft Protocol Documentation
  36. 25 Popular Desktop Apps and Their Free Online Alternatives
  37. Web's Builders See Too Much Fuss Over Standards, Not Enough Innovation
  38. ComScore: Online sales heat up this week (InfoWorld)
  39. Ellison's NetSuite soars in market debut (Reuters)
  40. Deep Impact Probe to Look for Earth-sized Planets
  41. Awesome Carbon Fiber case mod
  42. New Images Visualization Launches Today
  43. Dell: Ubuntu 7.10 Offering - Technical Details
  44. Buyers Will Pay More — Maybe Much More — for 35-MPG Cars
  45. 1 Gallon of Gas, 100 Miles — $10 Million: The Race to Build the Supergreen Car
  46. Leave the Driving to Smart Cars
  47. Key Cisco leader Giancarlo resigns (PC World)
  48. No Right to Privacy When Your Computer Is Repaired
  49. RIP Think Secret
  50. DefectiveByDesign.org - Action alert: don't buy DRM ebooks
  51. I Has A Olpc! (pictures)
  52. Babies do the driving in Delaware lab (AP)
  53. Gambling companies urge EU probe U.S. prosecutions (Reuters)
  54. Microsoft to hand over Windows secrets to Samba team (InfoWorld)
  55. NetBooks aims at 'S' of SMB (InfoWorld)
  56. Microsoft Agrees to Release Work Group Protocols
  57. Astronaut's Mom Dies in Car Wreck While He's in Space
  58. RIM 3Q earnings more than double (AP)
  59. FTC issues online ad privacy guidelines (AP)
  60. Tiny, Morphing, Electricity-Stealing Spy Planes Developed
  61. Cassette Tape Cellphone Charger
  62. Hydrogen: Using Linux to create slick drum beats
  63. Charles Giancarlo resigns from Cisco (AP)
  64. Red Hat 3Q profit up 12 percent (AP)
  65. Airlines race to provide in-flight Internet access (Reuters)
  66. Which eBook Reader is the Best?
  67. Summary: U.S. regulators OK Google deal (AP)
  68. Microsoft is the Industry's Most Innovative Company?
  69. How to cultivate mad-hot creative flow
  70. The New Economy of Digg Blackmail
  71. Mac OS X 10.5.2 is packing hefty fixes, due January-ish
  72. Google Hires People for Feedback on Search Results
  73. Cloning Companies Promise to Track Their Animals
  74. IBM unveils 'smart' e-mail search engine (InfoWorld)
  75. Air France launches in-flight cell phone trial (InfoWorld)
  76. Mozilla Releases New Firefox 3 Beta (NewsFactor)
  77. 'Amicable Settlement' Kills Popular Apple Rumor Site
  78. Psychedelic Bunnies and Other Treats for the Kids
  79. NCAA Puts Severe Limits On Sport Event Blogging
  80. What Is Your Game of the Year?
  81. Are you a 'cyberchondriac'?
  82. Would you go to space given the chance?
  83. Making a clean break from old gadgets with Second Rotation
  84. Former Sprint CEO is next UM president (AP)
  85. Microsoft Offers IE6 Crash Solution, Preps IE8 (NewsFactor)
  86. Review: Vudu service hampered by studios (AP)
  87. Popular Apple rumor Web site to shut down (Reuters)
  88. Couple Busted For Shining Laser At Helicopter
  89. Japan robot prize goes to mechanical arm (AP)
  90. FTC Clears Google's DoubleClick Buy (NewsFactor)
  91. Comparing Browser JavaScript Performance
  92. Supernova Detonates In Empty Space
  93. Future cars will help seniors drive
  94. Facebook users given grammatical freedom
  95. Fast Forward Again: Amarok 1.4.8 Released!
  96. EU group says Google-DoubleClick deal will harm privacy (InfoWorld)
  97. OLPC Struggles to Realize Ambitious Vision (PC World)
  98. Microsoft signs rare open-source deal, under EU orders (Reuters)
  99. "Hidden object" series hit for holidays (Reuters)
  100. Apple settles lawsuit with Web reporter (AP)
  101. Safety top reason for buying children cell phones (Reuters)
  102. Report: Google's Android Full of Bugs (NewsFactor)
  103. FTC Approves Google-DoubleClick Deal
  104. 15 Powerful Ways to Differentiate Your Blog from the Crowd
  105. Object Oriented JavaScript - Should You use It?
  106. iPhone gets some much needed "business street cred"
  107. Whales' Ancestor May Have Been an Odd-Looking Landlubber
  108. From Thunderbird to Dodo Bird: End of the Muscle Car?
  109. Contrary to Popular Belief, Teens Still Talk to Each Other
  110. Regulators Give Blessings to Google, Doubleclick Deal
  111. Microsoft Offers Work-Around for IE Patch Problems (PC World)
  112. Sony to Sell Special Devil May Cry PS3 (PC World)
  113. Opera CEO sets up new browser war with Microsoft (Reuters)
  114. Wired's 2007 Vaporware Awards
  115. FTC approves Google/DoubleClick deal (InfoWorld)
  116. Think Secret Shutting Down
  117. 'Trek' fans make their own 'Webisodes'
  118. Nation's first carbon-neutral campus is...
  119. Businesses have designs for the poor
  120. Mac Giving Tree Launched... Get free Mac software!
  121. 50+ Open Source/Free Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat & PDF
  122. Intel Capital Invests in Online Storage (PC World)
  123. OLPC Heralds Era of Low-Cost Computing (PC World)
  124. Mecca Gets Free Wi-Fi for Hajj (PC World)
  125. Oracle Earnings Soar (PC World)
  126. Radio May Have To Pay To Play
  127. Regulators clear Google-DoubleClick deal (AP)
  128. Yahoo, America Movil partner on mobile Web search (Reuters)
  129. British drivers could face jail for using mobile (Reuters)
  130. Microsoft to research advanced algorithms in India (InfoWorld)
  131. Official 700MHz Bidder List
  132. Interview with Richard Stallman: Four Essential Freedoms
  133. iPod Touch Comes to iPod Video
  134. Color and Typography in Good Design
  135. Trojan bumps Google ads from Web pages (InfoWorld)
  136. Toshiba Builds Ultra-Small Nuclear Reactor
  137. OS X Leopard 10.5.2 Update 'Fixes Stacks!'
  138. MTV, Bruckheimer to make video games (AP)
  139. Web-savvy teens prefer the old landline phone (USATODAY.com)
  140. Software AG pays $26M for mainframe UI tools (InfoWorld)
  141. The year of the new mobile operating system (InfoWorld)
  142. 8 Coolest green gadgets of 2007
  143. SES to distribute high speed Internet to Poland (Reuters)
  144. Vivendi to raise 1-2 billion euros for Neuf bid (Reuters)
  145. Students Power Supercomputer with Bicycles
  146. In settlement with Apple, Think Secret shuts down
  147. Software maker Oracle churns out profit (AP)
  148. Emerson profitable outside spotlight (AP)
  149. New Ubuntu Hardy Theme Mockup
  150. Pew: Phones, in-person strong with teens (AP)
  151. Dec. 20, 1996: Science Loses Its Most Visible Public Champion
  152. Mac Touch interface coming...
  153. New Google Talk bots bring real-time translation to IM
  154. MTV recruits youths to cover elections (AP)
  155. First Look At Firefox 3.0 Beta 2
  156. TI sees global analog chip sales doubling in 7 yrs (Reuters)
  157. Dell's philosophy of making Linux "just work" on Dell PCs
  158. Is Apple in danger of becoming Microsoft?
  159. Swedish Athletes Back GPS Implants to Combat Drug Use
  160. FBI Agents Skip Court Orders to Spy on Cellphone Users
  161. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo pay fines for Internet gambling (AFP)
  162. BYD maintains high IPO hopes (FT.com)
  163. Sorting the 5,195 Pieces of the LEGO Millennium Falcon Vide
  164. Vaporware 2007: Long Live the King
  165. The Year's 10 Craziest Ways to Hack the Earth
  166. Stranger in a Strange Land of Wretched Holiday Excess
  167. Get Lost in Photographer Palla's Kaleidoscopic Images of Japanese Cityscapes
  168. Dating 2.0 Picks Up Speed
  169. Can You Hear Me Now -- Indoors? (Investor's Business Daily)
  170. Solar System Date of Birth Determined
  171. Finally! Ubuntu Live Snapshots With TimeVault
  172. Is Steve Jobs Planning the Second Coming of Apple TV?
  173. NetSuite IPO prices at $26 per share (AP)
  174. Apache, Sun still in disharmony over Harmony (InfoWorld)
  175. Oracle posts strong quarterly profit and outlook (Reuters)
  176. Ex-CEO vouches for convicted colleague (AP)
  177. Presidential Candidates' Science and Tech Policies
  178. Holidays Cheer Up Virtual Worlds
  179. Wired's 10 Best Galleries of the Year
  180. 'Mind-Reading' Games Just in Time for Christmas — 2008
  181. New Energy Law In; Renewable Energy Left Out
  182. Internet Giants to Pay $31.5 Million Fine for Gambling Ads
  183. Facebook 'is' is no longer (AP)
  184. Wi-Fi mesh lights up Mecca for Hajj (InfoWorld)
  185. IE 8 Passes Acid2 Test
  186. Spy planes to recharge by clinging to power lines
  187. First Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 Update builds due shortly
  188. Senate Passes Science-Slim Budget — Some Fear Funding Crisis
  189. MTV, Bruckheimer to make video games (AP)
  190. Pew: Phones, in-person strong with teens (AP)
  191. Microsoft sees Xbox 360 sales growth in '08 (Reuters)
  192. Oracle's earnings soar (InfoWorld)
  193. Possible Active Glacier Found On Mars
  194. Perl 5.10, 20 Year Anniversary
  195. Internet Explorer 8 passes ACID2 test!
  196. Ubuntu vs Vista Vulnerability Counts: Ubuntu Wins Handsomely
  197. Official Firefox 3 Beta 2
  198. Sony Mylo 2 Cellphone May Combine QWERTY Phone and PSP
  199. Oracle 2Q profit soars 35 percent (AP)
  200. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo settle gambling claims (Reuters)
  201. Wireless airwaves auction gets newcomers (AP)
  202. Creative Commons Launches CC+ License
  203. Nanowires Boost Laptop Battery Life to 20 Hours
  204. More TV viewers turn to Web: poll (Reuters)
  205. Adobe Ships 'Highly Critical' Flash Player Patch (PC Magazine)
  206. Oracle profit, sales beat expectations (Reuters)
  207. Facebook for the enterprise to launch from third party ISV (InfoWorld)
  208. NASA Ares Rocket Specs to Be Open Source
  209. Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Released
  210. MPAA triumphs; judge rules TorrentSpy destroyed evidence
  211. First look: Firefox 3 beta 2 officially released
  212. 60 Logos: What if the Whole World Went Web 2.0?
  213. 'Here Comes Another Bubble' Bounces Back
  214. Behold the 'Duke Nukem Forever' Trailer
  215. Speedy Firefox 3 Beta 2 Arrives With Fewer Bugs
  216. FCC List: Companies to Battle for 700-MHz Spectrum
  217. Here's Our Pick for Car of the Year. What's Yours?
  218. $31.5 million gambling settlement (AP)
  219. More TV viewers turn to Web for entertainment: poll (Reuters)
  220. Microsoft offers workaround for IE security patch problems (InfoWorld)
  221. Third Service Pack for Windows XP in Public Beta (NewsFactor)
  222. Your Worst IT Workshop?
  223. House and Senate Slash Science Budget Increases
  224. Researchers Extend Lithium Ion Battery Life 10X
  225. HP Tells Linux Users to Screw Off
  226. Apple releases update for freezing MacBook keyboards
  227. Projectors Made From Trash Deliver HD Quality Video
  228. Mac users much more likely than PC users to pay for music
  229. Screw Rectangles! - CSS Tool to Wrap Text Into Any Shape
  230. Bush Signs Energy Bill Raising Fuel Economy Standards
  231. IT Security Interviews Exposed
  232. Senate Votes to Keep Cloned Meat Out of Your Burger, for Now
  233. 73% of Americans have never heard of Google Docs
  234. Dell now shipping Gutsy 7.10, DVD playback capable
  235. BitTorrent Launches Ad Supported Streaming
  236. Study uncovers whale-land animal link
  237. PopSci: CO2-free coal power plants
  238. China anti-graft website crashes under public complaints (AFP)
  239. NetBSD 4.0 Has Been Released
  240. Online social networking frenzy points to Internet's future (AFP)
  241. Nanowires Boost Laptop Battery Life to 20 Hours
  242. 5 Features MySpace Desperately Needs
  243. Switching to Linux: Desktop environments vs. Window managers
  244. Furor Over Addicted Doctors Who Practice While in Rehab
  245. NASA Gets Some Bad News From the Mechanic
  246. Turn in a Software Pirate to Collect $500
  247. Toyota Wants to Make Sure You're Never Too Old to Drive
  248. Microsoft to serve ads on Viacom sites (AP)
  249. Antivirus firm says detects Google text ad trojan (Reuters)
  250. 3.2 Billion Dollars Lost to Phishing in 2007