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  1. Eeextremely Eeenticing: a review of the Asus Eee PC
  2. Mac versus Windows vulnerability stats for 2007
  3. Shuttle problem linked to bad connector
  4. Toyota to develop cars for seniors (AP)
  5. French e-voting study highlights hidden costs (InfoWorld)
  6. EU executive receives complaint over gadgets levy (Reuters)
  7. Judge Rules TorrentSpy Destroyed Evidence
  8. How 2 Nerdfighters Took Over YouTube
  9. Privacy Groups Pressure FTC to Scrutinize Google Deal (PC World)
  10. Consumers still spending on gadgets (AP)
  11. Wireless Spectrum Auction Draws Newcomers (PC World)
  12. Wiimote as Multi-Touch Display Controller
  13. Perl 5.10, 20 Year Anniversary
  14. Viacom and Microsoft sign advertising and content deal (Reuters)
  15. Orkut worm demonstrates vulnerability of service (InfoWorld)
  16. HP & Staples Collude On $8,000/Gallon Ink?
  17. For 2008 expect more Linux applications
  18. Shop by phone gets new meaning (USATODAY.com)
  19. Burying a Mainframe In Style
  20. IAC in Web video deal with Brightcove (Reuters)
  21. DoCoMo chief meets Apple's Jobs amid iPhone rumours (AFP)
  22. Tunguska Blast Was a Small Asteroid
  23. New York Decision On ODF Vs. OOXML Approaching
  24. Can't Find a Wii? 10 Alternative Electronic Gifts! [w/pics]
  25. PC World's 30 Most Popular Stories of 2007 (PC World)
  26. Palm reports $9.6 million 2Q loss (AP)
  27. MTV, Bruckheimer to launch game studio (Reuters)
  28. Penetration Testing TV Series Coming
  29. TorrentSpy Loses Case Against MPAA
  30. New Phone Headset Allows You To 'Speak' Through Your Ear
  31. Accenture files patent suit against Guidewire (Reuters)
  32. Paul Allen applies to bid in U.S. wireless auction (Reuters)
  33. Enceladus "Sea" Mystery Deepens
  34. Dec. 19, 1958: Ike's Greeting the First Recorded Message From Space
  35. Alt.Santas Put the X Back in Xmas
  36. China anti-graft Web site felled by "too many hits" (Reuters)
  37. Dell announces Ubuntu 7.10 PCs with DVD playback
  38. Reports: Japan display alliance mulled (AP)
  39. Sonic The Hedgehog iPod Game Released
  40. Chaos at eBay Has Experts Divided on Auction Site's Future
  41. David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars
  42. David Byrne and Thom Yorke on the Real Value of Music
  43. Best Buy Smashes Analysts' Q3 Views, But This Quarter's Outlook Not So Hot (Inve
  44. New York Decision On ODF Vs. OOXML Approaching
  45. Jackson Slated to Make Hobbit Movie, Sequel
  46. Take-Two loss shrinks, but forecast falls short (Reuters)
  47. Save the Planet by Surfing the Web, 'Green' Websites Promise
  48. On-demand video service MovieBeam closes (AP)
  49. Intuit iPhone-friendly Quicken priced at $3/month (Reuters)
  50. Palm shares fall on outlook as rivals gain share (Reuters)
  51. Apple in talks to launch iPhone in Japan (AP)
  52. Artificial Blood Vessels Grow On Nano-Template
  53. Mac automation: Automator for Leopard
  54. Digg's IM Epedemic Turns to Gaming and Corruption
  55. iPod Touch smarter than itís sibling iPhone?
  56. FCC Ignores Public, Relaxes Media Ownership
  57. 'Blade Runner: The Final Cut' Arrives in Multiple DVD Formats
  58. SugarCRM offers biggest upgrade yet (InfoWorld)
  59. Major Australian ISP Pulls OpenOffice
  60. Judge Terminates TorrentSpy Defense, Citing Alleged Evidence Destruction
  61. Facing Backlash, Blackwater Has a New Business Pitch: Peacekeeping
  62. Palm losses widen (AP)
  63. MPAA wins copyright case against TorrentSpy (InfoWorld)
  64. Analysts say the Spring brand 'doesn't stand for anything' (InfoWorld)
  65. Microsoft releases Dynamics CRM 4.0 to manufacturing (InfoWorld)
  66. Take-Two shows smaller quarterly loss (Reuters)
  67. Apple Mulls Options for iPhone Japan (NewsFactor)
  68. Speculation On a Lossless iTunes Store
  69. Ultimate Time-Lapse Photography How-To
  70. Apple Mulls Options for iPhone Japan (NewsFactor)
  71. Colorado Decertifies E-voting Machines
  72. Colorado Decertifies E-voting Machines
  73. http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2007/12/review-prymat-w.html
  74. Brawndo Mutilates Your Thirst (Duh)
  75. Pownce Goes Mobile, Puts the Twist to Twitter
  76. Facebook settles text-messaging suit (AP)
  77. 'Atlas' tools extend Lotus Connections (InfoWorld)
  78. SquirrelMail Repository Poisoned
  79. Where Do the Laws of Nature Come From?
  80. Heathrow gets world's first Personal Rapid Transport system
  81. $8,000-per-gallon printer ink leads to antitrust lawsuit
  82. Gift-giver's guide to free stuff on the Web
  83. Tech's most and least reliable brands
  84. Top tech stocking stuffers
  85. Stocking stuffer cameras
  86. Slide Show: Top HDTVs for the holidays
  87. Hottest celebrity cell phones
  88. How Zoidberg, the Squid-Faced Doc of 'Futurama' Fame, Got His Name From a Game
  89. Anti-Aging Drugs Could Change the Way We Die
  90. New GPS Unit Pulls Data from Hotspots (NewsFactor)
  91. Reform is the route to stability for Kenya (FT.com)
  92. More Mac Vulnerabilities Than Windows In 2007?
  93. Zen and the Art of Guitar Hero
  94. Google Android Prototype In the Wild
  95. Using HTML Forms to pass data to PHP
  96. IQ tester complains about offers on eBay (AP)
  97. Top Scholars Using Facebook to Examine Social Behavior
  98. IRobot gets $286M Army robotics contract (AP)
  99. Week in video-game news: Best of '07 (AP)
  100. Jackson Slated to Make Hobbit Movie, Sequel
  101. Paper: disregard for customers, DMCA led to Sony CD rootkit
  102. Alltel Feature Turns Voicemail to Text
  103. Voicemail-to-Text Comes to Alltel Phones (NewsFactor)
  104. Businesses Generally Ignoring E-Discovery Rules
  105. Startup Ribbit seeks to unite telephony and the Web
  106. Cell phone spending to top land lines
  107. Study Highlights Realites of Reputation 2.0 (NewsFactor)
  108. Telekom and 3's mobile masts marriage (FT.com)
  109. The Future of Google Search and Natural Language Queries
  110. 'Bully' black hole blasts galaxy
  111. One Galaxy's 'Assault' on Another Caught by Telescopes
  112. Alert Archaeologist Foils eBay Auctioning of Iraqi Antiquity
  113. Mobiles Eclipse Landlines As the Voice of the Land
  114. Tradus agrees to be bought by Naspers (AP)
  115. Best Buy posts higher profit (Reuters)
  116. Dell's Linux, IT Re-Invention
  117. Sprint Nextel Names Dan Hesse CEO (PC World)
  118. CS3, Acrobat Push Adobe to Strong Year (PC World)
  119. Penny-Sized Flash Module Holds 16GB
  120. Why the Coming Data Flood Won't Drown the Internet
  121. Doing it with style: bringing more bling to GTK with OpenGL
  122. 2007 Sees Wireless Spending Outstrip Landlines
  123. Internet Access on Airplanes may be a Mixed Blessing
  124. Spacewalkers inspect defective hardware
  125. Best Buy 3Q profit rises, boosts outlook (AP)
  126. Swiss, eBay stop sale of Iraqi treasure (AP)
  127. Bankinter and KPN in mobile, banking services deal (Reuters)
  128. Why the Coming Data Flood Won't Drown the Internet
  129. Sprint names Embarq chief as new CEO (Reuters)
  130. Intel Announces Open Fibre Channel Over Ethernet
  131. Survey says ... Linux desktop is ever more popular
  132. Sprint Nextel names Embarq's Hesse CEO (AP)
  133. NetSuite raises IPO price range, sets auction (Reuters)
  134. Leopard Server: The people's UNIX (InfoWorld)
  135. Adobe Design Achievement Award Winners
  136. US Urged To Keep Space Shuttles Flying Past 2010
  137. BBC Launches iPLayer for MAC and Linux
  138. Pownce Mobile Now Live!
  139. Kite-Powered Ship Launched
  140. Nearly half SKorean Internet users pirate movies: survey (AFP)
  141. Toshiba to join IBM, others on chip development (Reuters)
  142. Gateway CEO Ed Coleman Bows Out
  143. Dec. 18, 1987: Perl Simplifies the Labyrinth That Is Programming Language
  144. Synthetic DNA About To Yield New Life Forms
  145. Vista Named Year's Most Disappointing Product
  146. Zipit Wi-Fi device adds text messaging (AP)
  147. Ticketmaster, NFL ink online ticket deal (AP)
  148. OpenOffice Online Now Available For Beta Testing (TechWeb)
  149. Microsoft Releases CRM 4.0, Code-Named 'Titan' (TechWeb)
  150. For Sale: Used Social Voting Site, Asking Price $300 Million
  151. Ticketmaster, NFL ink ticket resale deal (AP)
  152. Cell phone spending surpasses land lines (AP)
  153. The Great Switch: Vista to Ubuntu (100%)
  154. Vista Named Year's Most Dissapointing Product
  155. Dodd's Filibuster Threat Stalls Wiretap Bill
  156. Wow, YouTube Visualization Blatantly Copy Digg Swarm
  157. Whatever Happened to the Other iPhone?
  158. WTF?! The Positronium Superlaser Is Almost Complete. Muh-ha-ha-ha!
  159. Top 10 Games of 2007
  160. Japanese Schoolgirl Watch: OMG! MMORPG on My Cellphone!
  161. Surveillance Bill Derailed After Chris Dodd Stands Tough Against Telco Immunity
  162. Big Brother Is Listening ... And Listening ... And Listening
  163. The Greener Gadgets Conference!
  164. Jiggy: Roll yer own iPhone apps
  165. Nintendo sees strong DS sales, frowns on Wii bundles (Reuters)
  166. OpenOffice Online Goes Beta
  167. What's Coming Next at Digg ?
  168. Apple launch of Leopard system its best ever: group (Reuters)
  169. The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007
  170. Stunning Photoshop Contest Entries: Winner & Top 15 Gallery!
  171. Everex Green gPC TC2502 The real $191.00 PC IN Stock Now!!!!
  172. Apple's Leopard Leaps to Record Sales
  173. After 10 Years of Blogs, the Future's Brighter Than Ever
  174. Gear Up for Holiday Combat With Danger Room's 2007 Gift Guide
  175. Nintendo says DS handheld demand running strong (Reuters)
  176. Trends & Innovations - Monday (Investor's Business Daily)
  177. Microsoft's Influence On Upcoming ISO Vote
  178. CS3, Acrobat push Adobe to strong finish for fiscal 2007 (InfoWorld)
  179. Internet Hoax - Student WAS NOT Suspended for using Firefox
  180. IFraud: The Very Best iPhone Imitators
  181. Black Hole Blasts Neighbor Galaxy with Deadly Jet
  182. RIAA versus Grandma, Part II: the showdown that wasn't
  183. Clients Clamoring for Upfront Web Sales (AdWeek.com)
  184. Veracode pitches backdoor apps security (InfoWorld)
  185. Do Women Who Eyeball Ferrari Drivers Contribute to Global Warming?
  186. Auction of videogame sparks online debate (Reuters)
  187. Open Source Telephony Gives Customers Control
  188. REEM-B, New Humanoid Robot Announced
  189. The Top 7 Coolest Web Applications of 2007
  190. Lifehacker's 2007 Guide to Free Software and Webapps
  191. Wii Dominates as PS3 Numbers Rise (NewsFactor)
  192. Match.com comes to Facebook (AP)
  193. Full 'Dark Knight' Trailer Reveals New Bat Tech, Explosions
  194. Fun With 'Futurama': Reveling in the Most Gamer-Friendly Episode Ever
  195. Hoax: 11th Grader Gets Detention for Using Firefox
  196. Incredible Pencil Carvings
  197. New Vista Random Numbers to Include NSA Backdoor?
  198. Cognos puts BI on Nokia, Windows Mobile phones (InfoWorld)
  199. Adobe 4Q profit up, buyback continues (AP)
  200. Symantec readies Norton 360 update (InfoWorld)
  201. http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2007/12/11th-grader-giv.html
  202. UC San Francisco Acknowledges It Fired Med School Dean
  203. At 90, Arthur C. Clarke has three wishes
  204. Mozilla Labs: Personas for Firefox
  205. Do You Google Yourself?
  206. Bees Can Optimize Internet Bottlenecks
  207. New Science Editor Skeptical of Open Access
  208. Qualcomm buys noise-reduction company SoftMax (InfoWorld)
  209. Review: 'I Am Legend' Thrills, Then Chills
  210. Ron Paul Is the 6-Million-Dollar Man
  211. BlackBerry maker picks US headquarters (AP)
  212. Amazon Launching Database-as-a-Service (NewsFactor)
  213. Apple launch of Leopard system its best ever-group (Reuters)
  214. A Law to Spy Back on Government Surveillance Cameras?
  215. Student Given Detention For Using Firefox [UPDATED]
  216. Wii Shortages Costing Nintendo 'A Billion' In Sales
  217. Hands on with the new online version of OpenOffice.org
  218. QuickBooks for Mac is eating user Desktop files
  219. Filing reveals that Cognos went to IBM first (InfoWorld)
  220. Student Given Detention For Using Firefox
  221. The Coolest Bridge [and Bar!] Ever
  222. Switchbike: The Best Bike Innovation Since Round Wheels
  223. Joost launches NBA channel (Reuters)
  224. Political Expert Garrett M. Graff Answers Your Questions
  225. The coming exaflood, and why it won't drown the Internet
  226. EU worries about privacy in Google deal (AP)
  227. Faster Chips Are Leaving Programmers in Their Dust
  228. Silicon Valley Startup Ribbit Wants to Take On the Telcos
  229. U.S. makes deals on Internet gambling (Reuters)
  230. Xbox 360's Jamming Wireless Signals?
  231. The definitive Mac mini/Honey Baked Ham smackdown
  232. Palm and Verizon Wireless Announce Treo 755p (NewsFactor)
  233. BBC iPlayer Welcomes Linux (and Macs)
  234. Build A Rocksolid Linux Desktop With RedHat-Based CentOS 5.1
  235. Is the End of the Digital Age Already at Hand?
  236. How Feds are Dropping the Ball on IPv6
  237. Giant rat found in 'lost world'
  238. IBM, ACI Worldwide Team on E-Payment Tools (PC World)
  239. Ask an Expert: Web ads are an amazing marketing tool (USATODAY.com)
  240. Computer-free students find life hard without them (USATODAY.com)
  241. Facebook Sues Porn Company Over Hacking (PC World)
  242. Tech Gifts for the Holidays
  243. [Easy as Pie] Unobtrusive JavaScript
  244. Study: More Americans Googling themselves
  245. Frustrated Saudi youth take a shine to YouTube (Reuters)
  246. Security Software Tracks BlackBerry Communications (PC World)
  247. Telecom Immunity Showdown in the Senate Today
  248. Electricity Over Glass
  249. GStreamer brings HTML5 video support to GTK/WebKit
  250. Facebook sues Canadian porn company over hacking (InfoWorld)