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  1. IBM partners with ACI Worldwide on e-payment tools (InfoWorld)
  2. IBM expects $1 billion in India revenue this year (InfoWorld)
  3. BBC iPlayer Welcomes Linux (and Macs)
  4. Software tracks BlackBerry messages (InfoWorld)
  5. Google vs. Microsoft
  6. Vista #1 biggest tech disappointment of 2007 -- by PC World
  7. Open source VirtualBox challenges VMware Workstation (InfoWorld)
  8. 9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design
  9. Startrek.com Shutting Down
  10. EU says strikes deal with U.S. in gambling row (Reuters)
  11. Set Up a CCTV Vehicle Surveillance Recording Systems
  12. Life Line - Apple Product History & Its Effect on the Stock
  13. A Legal Analysis of the Sony BMG Rootkit Debacle
  14. Ribbit unveils Web telephone development platform (Reuters)
  15. Dec. 17, 1935: First Flight of the DC-3, Soon to Be an Aviation Legend
  16. Alltel feature turns voicemail to text (AP)
  17. uTorrent Gains Popularity, Azureus Loses Ground
  18. Alltel feature turns voicemail to text (AP)
  19. Ron Paul White House bid raises $4.5 million (Reuters)
  20. "The most complex piece of engineering known to man"
  21. Yahoo Becomes Apache Platinum Sponsor
  22. How to fix AMD
  23. Self-Googling Is on the Rise
  24. Linux-Based Phone System Phones Home
  25. 10 Hot All-In-One Computers on the Market Today
  26. Internet Proves a Tool for Greener, Cleaner Commerce (PC World)
  27. RIAA Backs Down On "Unlicensed Investigator"
  28. Microsoft Gives Scientists Data-Mashing Tips (PC World)
  29. Microsoft and Google Duke It Out For the Future
  30. Study: Googling oneself is more popular (AP)
  31. Economic woes dampen online sales (AP)
  32. DoubleClick Goes MIA At FTC Chief's Old Law Firm
  33. How To Read and Understand a Histogram
  34. Does Open Source Lose its Mission in Corporations? (PC World)
  35. Time Warner Wins Ohio-Wide Cable Franchise
  36. Guantanamo Officers Caught Modifying Wikipedia
  37. Bill Gates Oozes Cool, Chip Fat
  38. White House Critical of Bali Climate Road Map
  39. Guantanamo Officers Caught Modifying Wikipedia
  40. And now we know why the iPhone didn’t ship with GPS…
  41. BBC Adds Linux and Mac Support For iPlayer
  42. HTML V5 and XHTML V2
  43. Iran shuts down 24 cafes in Internet crackdown (Reuters)
  44. Expect Social Nets in Enterprise, Cisco Says (PC World)
  45. Converting Light into Sound
  46. Electronics + BookIT = EbookIT
  47. Kid gets detention for using firefox
  48. Transistor's future uncertain on 60th b-day
  49. The End of the Corporate Lab
  50. Open Source Fans Worry About Interoperability (PC World)
  51. Ye Olde World Charm
  52. JavaScript Game Library - Start Playing Your Games
  53. A Comprehensive List of Possible Linux System Services
  54. Should Wikipedia Allow Mathematical Proofs?
  55. Adobe Opens Up AMF Spec
  56. The Transistor's 60th Birthday
  57. A Little .Mac Security Flaw
  58. msg 2 candidates: u get more votes with txt (AFP)
  59. Stem Cells May Fix Breast Deformities
  60. Bali Negotiators Agree to Adopt a Climate Plan by 2009
  61. Stem Cells May Fix Breast Deformities
  62. Virtual rallies and singing wives beckon South Korea votes (Reuters)
  63. Amazon Offers Paid Web Database Service
  64. The Most Beautiful Supercomputer in the World
  65. Google Profiles
  66. Bali Negotiators Agree to Adopt a Climate Plan by 2009
  67. IBM And Microsoft Have Dueling Visions For Software Modeling (TechWeb)
  68. FireWire to climb to 3.2Gbps in 2008
  69. Science Cafes Tap the Nation's Fascination With Research and Discoveries
  70. Is the Window on the Left or the Right? [optical illusion]
  71. Computer History Museum's YouTube Channel
  72. Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers From Original Blogger Jorn Barger
  73. What to Expect From Google and the 700-MHz Spectrum
  74. More Details Emerge On Domestic Spying Programs
  75. Chip-shrinking may be nearing its limits (AP)
  76. YouTube Attack Ad Dogs Huckabee Campaign
  77. Hans Reiser Murder Trial Zeros in on Odd Behavior
  78. MS targeting iPhone Safari in next Win Mobile?
  79. Cisco To Develop Third-Party APIs For IOS
  80. Add power to 10.5's screen sharing using the Terminal
  81. Nepalese Government site Hacked
  82. The Advantages of Upgrading From Vista To XP
  83. T-Mobile Turns Off Twitter
  84. World's Smallest Advent Calendar
  85. Encryption Passphrase Protected by the 5th Amendment
  86. Steve Jobs at home in 1982
  87. Beamed Sonic Advertising Is Coming
  88. Encryption Passphrase Protected by the 5th Ammendment
  89. Eat, Drink, and be Monitored
  90. Experience with Fighting Domain Farming
  91. Toward On-Chip Quantum Computing
  92. Unbelievable iCrap
  93. Beware of "Backspaceware"
  94. Follow-up on EVE's Boot.ini Issue
  95. US Cops test Israeli Rifle that Shoots Around Corners
  96. What is Bill Gates Learning From Open Source?
  97. Make Your Linux System Leaner with 10 Tweaks
  98. It’s a Macbook - NOT a sub-notebook
  99. Is Shawn Fanning's Snocap melting?
  100. Ohio Study Confirms Voting Systems Vulnerabilities
  101. Alienware Area-51 m15x and m17x - the most powerful notebook
  102. Save your OpenOffice.org docs to Google Docs and vice versa
  103. Auto Mileage Standards Raised to 35 mpg
  104. Execs: Web ad spending should be higher (AP)
  105. DirecTV buys DVR software maker ReplayTV (AP)
  106. Nortel files lawsuit against Vonage (AP)
  107. Sony says global sales of PS3 to top 11 million (AFP)
  108. Follow-up on EVE's Boot.ini Issue
  109. Stock Exchange embraces Linux
  110. Saturn's Rings Are Ancient
  111. RIAA Protests Oregon AG Discovery Request
  112. Google's OpenSocial Too Late To Be a Win?
  113. Will The Next Generation of Spacecraft Land In the Water?
  114. The Fact And Fiction Of Sam Sethi by Michael Arrington
  115. Google to Wikipedia: "Knol" thine enemy
  116. Rednecks Built a Spider Mech!
  117. Music titles boost video game business in 2007 (Reuters)
  118. Happy Birthday, Arthur C. Clarke
  119. Anti-Social College Kids Build Autonomous Foosball Table
  120. Wine 0.9.51 Released
  121. Portrait of a 'Halo 3' Forge Artist
  122. How to Make a 3-D Self-Portrait in Halo 3
  123. Will you let Microsoft represent your country at Geneva?
  124. “Take A Seat” a Chair that Follows You
  125. Knol Launch: Google's 'Units of Knowledge' May Raise Conflict of Interest
  126. Trends & Innovations - Friday (Investor's Business Daily)
  127. NYSE Moves to Linux
  128. Google releases Zeitgeist 2007
  129. Office Live Workspace Is Microsoft's Most Promising Web App Yet, But It's Tied to the
  130. Evidence Mounts for Electromagnetic Earthquake Precursors
  131. Riding the Failure Cascade
  132. This cancer - inducing machine was once commonplace
  133. Netherlands adopts Free Open Source Software
  134. KDE Release event: Open Invitation to Digg
  135. Why Lane Hartwell Popped the 'Here Comes Another Bubble' Video
  136. Beyond iPhone, gadgets led year's mobile developments (Reuters)
  137. Dell reinventing itself, but support issues linger (InfoWorld)
  138. Giving Avatars Real Bodies
  139. Cory Doctorow on DefectiveByDesign - The fight starts here!
  140. New music services reach for slice of digital pie (Reuters)
  141. UC San Francisco Medical School Dean Leaves, Says He Was Fired
  142. E-Commerce Sites Continue to Struggle With Holiday Traffic
  143. Next-Gen Travel Search Sites Find Better Airfare Deals, Faster
  144. Sun will Support OpenOffice.org (PC World)
  145. Google's OpenSocial Too Late To Be A Win?
  146. What You Need To Know About Amazon SimpleDB
  147. 12 Great Geek Gifts for Under $30
  148. Google building its own version of Wikipedia (AFP)
  149. Mars Rover Technology Used to Make Better Maps
  150. iPhone Users Get GarageBand Ringtones
  151. Digg vs. StumbleUpon: The Experiment
  152. About 1 in 5 IBM employees now in India (AP)
  153. Canadian surprised by $85,000 cell bill (AP)
  154. FireWire Spec to Boost Data Speeds to 3.2 Gbps
  155. Cisco's WiMax Focus is International (PC World)
  156. Light-based Quantum Circuit Does Basic Maths
  157. Google Knol might choke Wikipedia, Squidoo
  158. Uncovering the world of 'hidden tech'
  159. Bali Meeting Ends; Mexico Emerges as a Leader on Climate Change
  160. Google Launches Knol, a Potential Wikipedia Competitor
  161. My Outboard Brain Is Your Chance to Shape News
  162. Correction: Wireless tracking story (AP)
  163. Microsoft Fires Back at Opera Software (NewsFactor)
  164. OpenSocial Faces Off with Facebook (NewsFactor)
  165. DOJ Doesn't Like the Idea of A Copyright Czar
  166. 15 Amazing Women in Blogging
  167. Wii Shortage Leads Nintendo to Issue Rainchecks
  168. Utah firm wants to go where GPS doesn't (AP)
  169. Sun will offer back-line support for OpenOffice (InfoWorld)
  170. Opera Tells EU That Microsoft's IE Hurts the Web
  171. Cinema Displays to receive Macworld update? Not so sure
  172. Sprint Gets First Dibs on MySpace Mobile (NewsFactor)
  173. Opera Tells EU That Microsoft's IE Hurts the Web
  174. Google's OpenSocial Too Late To Be A Win?
  175. Execs: Web ad spending should be higher (AP)
  176. Is Microsoft Hyper-V a VMware Killer? (NewsFactor)
  177. New look of Lancelot. New menu for KDE4
  178. WTO ruling in Internet gambling case delayed: U.S. (Reuters)
  179. Will The Next Generation of Spacecraft Land In the Water?
  180. What's Wrong With Windows Mobile and How WM7-8 Will Fix It
  181. Utah Firm Wants to Go Where GPS Doesn't
  182. Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design
  183. Nintendo and Gamestop to guarantee Wiis after holiday (Reuters)
  184. Happy Holidays from Palm: You're Fired
  185. GameStop to sell Wii rain checks (AP)
  186. FTC head won't recuse from Google deal (AP)
  187. Opera seeks tougher remedy in Microsoft case (InfoWorld)
  188. Data Center Study Looks at Global Trends (NewsFactor)
  189. The 'Malware Economy' Evolves
  190. We haven't forgotten Linux in Firefox 3: Mozilla
  191. The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts
  192. 4chan got HACKED!!
  193. E-mails hint at astronaut love triangle
  194. Anderson Cooper: Gorillas in midst of murder
  195. Review: Hunt for treasure with Nathan Drake
  196. Study: iPhone Major 2008 Hack Target (NewsFactor)
  197. Can Blockbuster be Sued Over Facebook/Beacon?
  198. BackTrack 3 Beta is out!
  199. Absolutely Awesome: The Disappearing Car Door!
  200. Kubuntu gears up for KDE 4
  201. Everybody Gives a Little to End Climate Talks in Accord
  202. Cloned, Glow-in-the-Dark Cats May Shed Light on Genetic Disease
  203. Google Develops Wikipedia Rival (PC World)
  204. The Future of Love and Sex - Robots
  205. Does Constant Access Shatter the Home/Work Boundary?
  206. Apple relents, sanctions custom ringtones!
  207. Dutch Government Adopts Open Source Software Initiative
  208. After Attacks, Apple Fixes QuickTime Bug (PC World)
  209. 30 Years of LucasFilm Staff Christmas Cards
  210. Google's "Knol" Reinvents Wikipedia
  211. Digital wanted posters help find fugitives
  212. Google'a "Knol" Reinvents Wikipedia
  213. Opera tries to force IE into W3C compliance
  214. After attacks, Apple fixes QuickTime bug (InfoWorld)
  215. Chinese company takes Google to court (AP)
  216. Amazon.com buys J.K. Rowling tales for $4 million (Reuters)
  217. Ask better password questions (InfoWorld)
  218. Top 10 stories of 2007: Age of realignment (InfoWorld)
  219. Netherlands adopts open-source software (AP)
  220. Source: Struggling Palm lays off workers (AP)
  221. AMD plans to reach profitability in 2008 (AP)
  222. IBM cuts schools a break on $5M debt (AP)
  223. Google Knols Project: User Generated Encyclopedic Pages
  224. AMD's ATI Hybrid CrossFire Sneak Peek Exclusive
  225. Hack Turns iPhone Camera Into HD Camcorder
  226. Listen to Music and Playlists from Gmail
  227. Sneaky Sex, Spooky Scenes: 'Look' Flick Eyes Voyeuristic Surveillance
  228. Amazon Launches New Database Service (TechWeb)
  229. Adobe To Open Source Data-Connection Technology For Rich Internet Apps (TechWeb)
  230. IBM Takes Content Classification Software To ECM (TechWeb)
  231. Chocolate Bar HD with Integrated Touchscreen, Not Edible
  232. Metallic MacBooks Spotted on Apple Campus
  233. Wired's How To Wiki: Manage Holiday Party Hook-Ups
  234. Leave These Lame Kids' Games to the Children
  235. Beyond Monopoly: Great Board Game Gifts for Geeks
  236. Covering Chernobyl's Destroyed Nuke Reactor — For Good This Time
  237. Terry Pratchett Diagnosed with Alzheimer's
  238. Shock at $85k mobile phone bill
  239. Who Wants a Kindle?
  240. A first look at KDE 4.0 release candidate 2
  241. PopSci: Is human evolution accelerating?
  242. 10 reasons IT won’t support the iPhone
  243. Cause of Aurora Borealis Confirmed
  244. Everex's Nanobook becomes the Cloudbook, gets gOS
  245. "w00t" crowned word of year by U.S. dictionary (Reuters)
  246. Apple's New Santa Claus ad pays homage to Rankin-Bass
  247. Congressman Hollywood: it's time to revisit the DMCA
  248. Next-Gen Sex Gets Its Jollies From Web 2.0
  249. Gallery: Fantastic Fixes for Your Sad, Pathetic Cubicle
  250. Dec. 14, 1962: Mariner 2 Reaches Venus, an Interplanetary First