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  1. If a man who says "he loves you"...
  2. Raunchy Latinas!
  3. Yo gay boi!
  4. Love catchin fuk boi lies
  5. Had a great date yesterday that lasted for a while!
  6. When u 2 busy checkin out what slut you can jack off to instead of
  7. The worst turn off in the world is a stupid guy
  8. Have you EVER cheated on someone before?
  9. Ever got a feeling sum1 you care about or love wants it to end?
  10. I find it peculiar how ur collar be all messed up on 1 side
  11. 5 signs of a liar:
  12. U ain't no man
  13. U so clueless like talkin to a damn brick wall
  14. Cos everythang's a game
  15. Would it kill you?
  16. Riding along this bs train.
  17. So according 2 ur stories ur mom is ur exgf...
  18. Funny how u hear the same story a million times...
  19. Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.
  20. Ur name shuld b BULLSHIT
  21. I'm involved with other things. No longer involved with u
  22. I just wanna be alone
  23. U got me bored of you
  24. Eye Haf No Phileengs 4 U
  25. Cummin up wif ways 2 break up wif uoy
  26. Go sell ur dreamz sumwhere els
  27. Thanks 4 pretending u care
  28. Im on these blue diamonds
  29. You so distant tis like we jus friends
  30. I wish I was in love
  31. Your actions just proved how cheap you really are!
  32. Stumbled upon a stranger who's now givin me hella attention...
  33. Amazin how u always get a text around da same tyme when u not around 2gether...
  34. When a man is serious about a woman
  35. If u don know me bi now...
  36. Surprised 2 C u cover urslef since iz been awhile...
  37. Guys say the darnedest thangs 2 make u think they ain't cheeatin
  38. Can't call urself a man when all u do iz stare at a screen 24 7
  39. The worst guy in the world
  40. Your soulmate...
  41. I got MAJOR TRUST issues...wanna believe everything you say
  42. If I can name u aft3r and animal, ud B a "LION CHEETAH"
  43. There's no such thing as a FAITHFUL man...he's a cheater as long as there's porn.
  44. Wanna l@@k at huge D!cKs all day, post em on ur page so u know ur on my mind
  45. Smoke and chill! Life's a thrill. Pardon my will, but you made it weak.
  46. The worst is yet to come. You my next mistake cuz I'm you're nightmare in your dreams
  47. I've been around, seen it all. I go to sex clubs and have a ball...
  48. I go on too many dates, but I can't make them stay...I just wanna play.
  49. You gon' LUST over girls on the web, but you can't admire your significant other?
  50. Funny how your bf says he loves you, but you're not even friends on social sites?
  51. Do you love me Mary Jane?
  52. I want a brand new start! Where's a real man at?
  53. LIAR=Libertine Impolite And Rudimentary
  54. What if I told you I love you just to make you feel better?
  55. What would you consider a relationship based on a lie?
  56. F*@k me like you hate me...
  57. Whatcha gonna do when you have a half-naked woman on your bed???😱
  58. What goes up...must _____________.
  59. Gentlemen: Would you prefer to date a younger or older lady?
  60. Would you tell your significant other if you cheated to save your relationship?
  61. How do you break up with someone without hurting feelings?
  62. Ideal Celebrity Couple
  63. Is it possible to "not believe" in love?
  64. What you mean by bad love?
  65. Dear Fans: Tanya T6 is now Devyn Rose!
  66. Commodity Trading
  67. Itís transparent they wonít be staying clean.
  68. The New York Post that the appearance would be accepting.
  69. Michael is hunting for Anson on the outskirts of Miami.
  70. They should force into crisis to make themselves.
  71. The quality and attention to detail is apparent.
  72. Jaymore Billz - Whatchu Talkin Bout/Ima Give It To You Raw [Music Video]
  73. Realest Girl Ever: Real Talk Girls Watch This!
  74. should i take another risk and go back? or...
  75. Caprice Francesca Double the pleasure X-ART
  76. Drake ditches Rhianna for...
  77. Quick question
  78. I got what you would call a wierd fetish
  79. Why Married Men Cheat...Just Some Insight
  80. Advice for relationship
  81. love is what you make of it
  82. thin line between love n hate right?
  83. 'Blame it on the Ah-ah-ah-Alcohol.'
  84. so what would you do?
  85. questiooon
  86. Mother Knows Best...
  87. Ten Simple Tips for Becoming a Better Parent.
  88. Is she cheating or talkin to some one else .......
  89. Girls who got kids...
  90. Rejection
  91. fuck my life?
  92. what is love??
  93. When The Tables Turn
  94. The straight forward approach to eating pussy
  95. Are you forceful?
  96. Whats the most embarrassing thing you did
  97. WHy?
  98. Fallin out of love...
  99. D.C. - What's it like?
  100. Nothing in Life is Easy
  101. what would you do?
  102. Life advice
  103. In A Cheating Relationship
  104. Anyone screwed over with student loans?
  105. When You Feel Resent
  106. International Macking
  107. First date an afternoon date
  108. How Do Yall Feel About...
  109. ADD the $$$ up
  110. How do you tell someone in a nice way...........
  111. Omg.....
  112. health
  113. How often yall think about suicide?
  114. My girl just dumped me when she saw this picture...
  115. Should I pop this zit or not?
  116. Looked Better With Clothes On...
  117. How To Eat Pussy....
  118. Any1 ever fuck up so bad and wish they had their old girl back???
  119. Any1 still get wet dreams??? I don't know what happened last night but...
  120. I Hate New People (a myspace/real life rant) by e.i
  121. Love Comes With Time. (by e.i)
  122. Give Me Some Feedback
  123. So i been gone for almost 1 year...
  124. whats betta than...
  125. $900 To Live: Question
  126. Reasons Why Normally Faithful Men Cheat
  127. The weirdest place you ever had sex
  128. if i could tell the world 1 thing....
  129. Is internet chatting/flirting considered cheating?
  130. Res޲tor޲ing޲ The޲ Bal޲anc޲e..޲ In A Relationship
  131. The޲޲ Dea޲޲th޲ of the޲޲ Bla޲޲ck޲ Man޲޲!!޲!޲!޲
  132. The 48 Laws Of Power
  133. Wha޲t Mak޲es a Man޲ Mar޲ry?޲ (Jacked)
  134. 80% of marriages, relationships have a cheater, expert says
  135. Infidelity caused by chemical imbalance?
  136. Study: One in four teen girls has STD
  137. how do you break obsessive compulsions?
  138. when nobodys home...
  139. Were All In Ruts
  140. sensitive shellz
  141. lol man i be slippin ... fucked up again...
  142. fuck i look like boo boo da fool? cant trust her!!!
  143. Am i the only one?
  144. why would a bitch
  145. can someone really change?
  146. Dome so goooood.. shawty hol on
  147. How to Relieve Stress.
  148. Sorta Weird but...
  149. when is it appropriate to ask a girl what her credit score is?
  150. anyone else notice this weird dumb shit
  151. When Two Souls Mate
  152. Is It Love or Obsession?
  153. Sex Don't Heal A Damn Thing
  154. How would you feel?
  155. The Law of Attraction.
  156. The office threesome..
  157. *****Picture Thread Comments*****
  158. ****** Post Your Picture ******
  159. Online Booty Calls?
  160. Love,Life and,Drama Rules
  161. So my gf's ex trying to start shit with me....
  162. Fingering Vagina.....
  163. What Women Should Never Apologize For.
  164. Aphrodisiacs!
  165. Orgasm Quiz!
  166. Fellas, break your women in a little better
  167. Okay My hhu Partnas..Gimme advice....
  168. Is She Attracted to Me?[for those who need help]
  169. 30 Truths.
  170. Vagina
  171. Through A Rapist's Eyes
  172. We Have to Learn Our ABC's! Ladies
  173. Short and Long
  174. 5 Steps to Improving Your Self-Esteem.
  175. Stay Motivated: Top 10 Tips
  176. What's the fastest?
  177. damn, theres alot of hoes in the world
  178. Subway Love Affair
  179. SEX-tistics!
  180. confusion ...
  181. Paul Mooney: A Cessation Of Hostilities
  182. Question For The Ladies (fellas you can probly spead some info on this too)
  183. Sex Facts
  184. Porn: Entertainment or Sex 101
  185. "Sexual Magnet"
  186. 22 year old guy having sex with a 16 year old girl
  187. What Kind Of Lover Are You?
  188. 14 Fatal Online Dating Errors For Women
  189. 5 Ways to Keep Your Man From Straying... [][]
  190. crazy ho
  191. y'all ever check someone else's kid?
  192. Trappin' hoes
  193. 4 Words After Sex
  194. Sensitive?
  195. How Many Of You?
  196. are you jealous of your mate?
  197. Have you ever been "THE OTHER DUDE"...?
  198. Pussy 101: According to Men
  199. When u done gettin sum head...
  200. Girl Says Shes Not Physically Attracted To Me, But I feel that she is
  201. this chick.....
  202. The sex quiz...Are you up for it?"
  203. What Turns You On But Shouldn't
  204. Long Distance Relationships<<<<
  205. Men are like
  206. A Man's Guide to Female English
  207. SEXology.
  208. Ladies does he really need to have a job?
  209. Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones
  210. 50 Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex
  211. Favorite position
  212. a little help females
  213. ladies...
  214. Foot Fetish? what the f*ck!?
  215. Confused Need Help[[STD, Pregnancy,Love]]
  216. The Company You Keep
  217. BoReD?!?! TaLk ShYt HeRe
  218. What It Look Like?
  219. how to pleasure ur lady
  220. fefxsdfgvtygvmhfg3
  221. "I'ma Flirt"
  222. yalll some haters
  223. Fine Azz Men!!!!!!!!!! Ladies
  224. Hittin' It Raw....
  225. Free Family Websites
  226. F*ck Valentines Day
  227. Would you have a problem....
  228. I Just Got Hated On Hard Mayne
  229. Hey Ladies
  230. Talk Ya Shit In Here
  231. Single Or Wife'd
  232. any new females?
  233. Legal Rights and Privileges of Marriage
  234. so you and a bitch break up.....
  235. If your teenage daughter got pregnant...
  236. Does marriage change anything
  237. Any ladies never have an ORGASM
  238. O Sh*t Her Puss Is Alive
  239. When your done havin sex...
  240. is it still considered "fingering" a girl....
  241. How soon is TOO soon ?
  242. Ashley_Parker_Angel-Soundtrack_To_Your_Life-2006 [Retail][2006][GroupRip]
  243. [In Email] This Is How You Break Up!
  244. Am I an Asshole?
  245. Your Last Nerves
  246. Joint Bank Account
  247. 30 things every grown woman should kno
  248. Women's History Month
  249. Egos
  250. A Man Who Abuses Verbally, and Mentally