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  1. Anybody reading this is a faggot bitch and i dare you to carry your monkey-like ass
  2. fuck it I'm going In!!
  3. Open
  4. Real Battle?
  5. .OpeN.
  6. Try It
  7. who want it?
  8. open challenge to the world
  9. Open Call Out
  10. Lirycal battle
  11. battle me
  12. open callout
  13. Kastro red and yung swagger
  14. We can do it *PAUSE*
  15. Slim tha Shim give Rim jobs to men, he be "sittin on inches".... bumper gettin bent
  16. Come On Uncle Gayboy!!!
  17. kastros a WAKK HOE
  18. wanna battle?
  19. Open Callout
  20. konetic!!!
  21. callin for battle
  22. Callin Out Cash Or Tremacx
  23. Open Battle Call Out!!
  24. Calling Out Rayyyy
  25. Fuck Crome And Tremac.....
  26. blaze me
  27. my cd is out it will come to da site soon
  28. all of you
  29. killing victories
  30. born in pa ok
  31. mc calls you
  32. friendly battle
  33. Who try'n battle?
  34. Yo, see me and my homies lookin for a big battle..
  35. Okay..Think It's Bout That Time...Who Want It?!
  36. who wants a battle
  37. Battle wanted...
  38. B.Gray vs. Sooner..... lets get it!
  39. Sauce vs TParks II??
  40. Anyone want to battle?
  41. Let's Start It Off.....IIndHand Vs. Krome
  42. Battle Callout Rules